Not using shampoo

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5 MONTHS WITHOUT SHAMPOO! | Why I stopped using shampoo

16 295 views | 4 Sep. 2019

Switching gears a bit

Switching gears a bit today and talking about why I stopped using shampoo and how I take care of my natural waves now!


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dsnake457 sch

Look into "MOTHER DIRT"

b Zman

Just gorgeous

Ken Lemanski

I wish I could blame click bait. Now this clip is certainly out of the character of what we have come to expect from Stav. I admit to watching it in it’s entirety thinking she has found a way to carry in her hair! Well in the end I most certainly was wrong.

Cecil Clyde

Beautiful hair

Mike Stencel

I have a friend lori jean smith. She uses something on her hair and it looks great. You might want to check it out. Her hair is curly too

brandon medow

you are gorgeous

Joy Peck

Check out the “Curley Girl” method.

Galina Must

I use a microfiber pillowcase because my hair is long.


Look into the Curly Girl Method. Teaches you how to take care of & style wavy / curly hair, as well as how to keep it healthy and prevent frizz.

Check out Swavy Curly Courtney's YouTube channel!!!

I started on this journey in April of this year. You'll be amazed at what your hair can do <3


Real men appreciate what hard work a woman does to be so beautiful.

Frank G

Sorry i.just suscribed lol
Geeze a greek godess who.packs heat and is a sweetheart ...whaaatttt??? Am i dead ? LOL thnx for helping alot if people


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I have a question completely unrelated to this video, sorry lol. So I finally talked my mom into getting and carrying the pom pepper spray! If I use your link in your video, do u get a kick back for it?

Gerald F

I love ur hair love it love it love it

Emily Pott

This is such a great idea!! Seriously you are my favorite you tuber now!! I’ve been binge watching all your videos ? in addition to the guns content I would love to see more videos like this!

Ms. Und3rst00d

She sounds like she has been watching natural hair videos. What she just described is what we in the natural hair community call “co washing”. I really wanted to see what it looked like once it dried. I bet it looked nice! ?


I have almost the exact same type of hair! Unfortunately, I also have dandruff so I pretty much have to use anti-dandruff shampoo daily or I start getting flakes. My hair also tends to get kinda oily, but that may be because of the constant shampoo use.

Ranee Haywood

I would also like to know what conditioner you use!?


Why are 2A / conservative womenfolk far more beautiful, intelligent and interesting than the SJW beasts?

Someone in church asked my daughter (an Armenian beauty ?? // kinda similar to the awesome beauties that Greece produces ??)
why she is a such a staunch firearms enthusiast —->>
She replied “it’s my RIGHT and a firearm is the true Equalizer”.
How much prouder could I be? ❤️

Of course, after the recent St. Louis mob eradication incident (the McCloskey couple w/an AR and pistol ? and a bit of safety protocol violation) she has now seen what the potential ramifications are if you exercise your 2A RIGHTS. If you are not a POS/POC , you will most certainly break the bank with legal fees. But..., you remain alive to tell the story to Tucker. ?

Well. anyway.. I sent my kid a link to this video because, as a firefighter, I have always detested the “burning hair” odor present when she uses some kind of hair burner apparatus to straighten hers. Hopefully, she’ll pay heed to your beauty guidance.

Thanks for your video content.... even the beauty tips videos ??.


Your hair looks great. I use conditioner only in my hair for the week and shampoo once a week. But I add a drop or two of peppermint oil in my conditioner. It's a refreshing feeling for my scalp and helps grow hair. :)

America Washington

What conditioner do you use?

Irish Rose

I was told to only use shampoo if my head gets sweaty. Otherwise i only wash 1 day a week and use conditoner every other day. I have shorter natural curly hair.


Beautiful....So how does your hair now compare to the lady’s hair who inspired you?

Ranee Haywood

Are you still using this method?

Bob Skinner

Stunning. ??


I had very curly hair when I was younger. I used to straighten my hair too. Over time, I found that not using shampoo mad
e it easier to deal with my hair, Shampoo dried it out and made it frizzy. That's when I also discovered that the pretty girls really liked my curly hair! Over time, I perfected a method for styling my hair. My wife has very curly hair. I told her about my ordeals with curly hair. She finally tried it for herself after years of cajoling from me. She discovered the Curly Girl Youtube pages. She has finally found her LOOK! She looks AMAZING at age 61!

David B

Do you comb or brush your hair at all during this process?


Way, way, way better curly!!!!

Cyd Actyl

Long haired male here, I've just recently stopped using traditional shampoo in favor of Peppermint Castile Soap, & Lime Juice rinse for conditioning. It has been working great and my hair isn't super oily! Even with strenuous labor and activity. I may start using lime juice conditioning for in between "deep cleans".

I'm really enjoying the channel so far, I am trying to get my girlfriend into self defense, actually just ended up getting us both POM Pepper Spray dispensers due in part to this channel and John over @ Active Self Protection. I love the content & how knowledgeable you are, it isn't at all shallow "omg I'm pretty and I can defend myself, watch me" promotional garbage. You cover topics of genuine concern and really bring something to the table for the Pro 2A side of Youtube. I think my first video was the "SUMMERTIME CONCEALED CARRY" in different outfits as it's something I've wondered about for my girlfriend, and other Pro 2A friends after seriously thinking about the implications of purse carry, and I walked away learning about how to better conceal carry MYSELF, as opposed to dressing around my gun. Outstanding quality, please keep Patreon in mind, because I really hope your channel takes off and sustains further production!

Seth K

the waves are even more beautiful than straight hair.


I need to try this! Do you reccomend a conditioner? I only have a deep mask and I think that will be too much

Sharon Noah

I cant hear you. Volume is to low.


I see an extreeemly pretty girl that likes guns .... Faint - - - - Plop !

cdLady54 _

I switched to Free and Clear shampoo that removed all chemicals that strip the hair And like you, used a combination of oils, lavendar, almond oil and argan. My hair grew like crazy! Keep up the great work.


Yes, irresistible ?

Patricia Beetschen

You are so pretty and so sweet. Love all your videos!

Casey Kelso

:50 seconds into this and We got sick to our stomachs. You beat yourself up for years..over looks. Looks really ?.... all for nothing . Poor kid. Its your personally that makes us watch ... not your beauty.....You'd still be HOT AS HELL bald , with traumatic head wounds! You crazy kid ("crazy kid" means "dumbass" in a nicest way Possible. )??? MY GOD....?

kiersten hull

your natural waves look so gorgeous!

karla frost

ill try that with my hair

wade rivers

I quit shampooing a few years ago, well sorta. I go about four days and then use a very tiny amount and immediately wash throughly. Now I’m 65, and a man. My hair is almost as thick as when I was a young man. I also take cold shower and I stopped using deodorant. My girlfriend, who is 35, says I smell great and my hair looks great because it is not washed out, very thick and wavy. Incidentally I quit using toothpaste, I use pure baking soda and rinse with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and mouthwash. My teeth are very white. Now, if I could just eating chocolate...uh, no way. Ain’t happening.

James Moore

Well whatever You do Your hair is Beautiful. Simply gorgeous. ?

Katie Hill

How does your hair stay clean?

Bami Fun

We natural 4b and 4c girls call that "Cowashing"! Love your natural waves! Embrace <3!


Did you notice your hair was not as clean feeling before it adjusted to the conditioner only method?

b Zman


Not using shampoo

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Not using shampoo for a month during quarantine || wtf happened

1 362 views | 12 Apr. 2020

PSA: my hair drove me

PSA: my hair drove me insane for the past month. Lol Enjoy the video!

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Max AG

Wash yo hair

Felicia Meng

I dk what brings me here but I do find u super cute! I can tell that u've made efforts to record/edit this video! Probably you aren't that famous for now but just keep going girl~
Love and support from China❤

Ryha Anglade Larose

Where’d you get the goat milk face scrub thing