Over the counter stye medicine

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Eye Stye | UVHOPE Videos | Guheri

75 views | 12 Sep. 2018

Eye Stye is self curable,

Eye Stye is self curable, with simple care it gets cured. Know the causes, home remedies, treatment and prevention for it...

Shiyab Coorg

Better to put in voice, every one not able to read

Shiyab Coorg

It takes lot of time

Over the counter stye medicine

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What is Hypochlorous Acid? (How to Clean Your Eyelids)

32 636 views | 1 May. 2019

Learn about hypochlorous

Learn about hypochlorous acid and how to use it to clean your eyelashes! /////// Check out Ocusoft Hypochlor here: https://amzn.to/2DyT07V

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Ocusoft Hypochlor


Good articles about hypochlorous acid




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About This Video:

Are you researching hypochlorous acid uses? In this video, Joseph Allen, OD, FAAO reviews the hypochlorous acid formula and how to clean your eyes naturally. Hypochlorous acid with Ocusoft Hypochlor can be an great way to perform blepharitis treatment at home. If your learning how to treat blepharitis naturally, than consider a hypochlorous acid eyelid cleanser to clean your eyes.

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Aly Cra

I see four eye Doctors non of them were able to know what I have, eye pressure up to 55 with no reasons!

Revat Singla

Sir PLZZ recommend hypochlorous acid or other cleaning spray for eye lids in india

Salamander M.

Hi-what do you think of OcuSoft eye lid individually packed eyelid wipes? And can you tip under the lower lid too?

Zack Shawn

Is it harmful, if it goes into eye?


Is it effective for mgd or just blepharitis?

Rachel Hearn

Very thorough and informative. Thank you for your explanation that I could understand ;). I am using a hypochlorous acid spray for acne and for disinfectant.

John Shanks

Hi you say on the video to spray on then wipe of . The optase protect hypochlorous acid I am starting using says on bottle spray on closed eyes and let it dry natural do not wipe of can you advise little confusing thank you for your videos

Tracy Hansen

I use it for rosacea as the ivermectin cream 1% is too harsh for the prescribed daily use.

Michelle R Jackson

Doctor you have helped ( I think).. my blepharitis issues. My lashes are sparse. I have been using Organic Castor oil day and evening..I m paying CLOSE attention here..God bles you during this Holiday Season season..I am going to purchase the eyelid scrub Occusoft..??

Michael Davis

Another great video, please spell check your captioning toward the end of the presentation.

Teenager Diaries

Hello doc how many times in a day should we use it

Jim Fetter

I developed an eye problem while in the military back in the mid 1970's. After I got out I use to go to the VA hospital for treatment of my eye problem that's similar to conjunctivitis, dry eyes and a white or clearish goop that forms that i today use q tips to clear out several times a day. My VA doctor once told me my eye lids are allergic to my eyeballs back in the 1980's, and then the VA stopped seeing me and I've had this for over 40 years now, and I cope, but it's a major hassle in my life.
This Hypochlorous Acid thing is something I've just discovered, and going to try it, as I've been using Hydrogen peroxide, and that has worked to slow it down but not stop my eye problem, so I'm going to try this Hypochlorous Acid starting next month when I get my social security check. Thanks for being here on You Tube!

Terry Terry

Where are you located? U seem very knowledgeable and I been too some many drs who can't figure out what's going on with my eyes.


This channel is incredible. Keep it up.

David Mutterer

hypochlorous acid is inherently unstable, so how are they bottling for sale? It would normally degrade over a week or two.

Ferris Berlin

Would u recommend using eyelid cleansers first, then moving on to hypochlorous acid? Or using both simultaneously?

The Heuristic Hygienist

It’s new to me! Exciting!!

Carol Minnie

I use this product for blepharitis. I use a cotton swab to apply it. Is that okay? I was using baby shampoo but I think the hypochlor is better. Do you agree? Thank you for these videos.

Joanne Choo

Hypochlorous acid, a bacteria fighter prevails over the other chemicals but smells like bleach. 89th like 24k+1.


so do you rinse after application or no?

j parks

So this is FDA approved? Because this is exactly like MMS2 invented by Jim Humble and many people have gone to jail for selling this product. How are you selling this?

Sherry V

I've been using "Thera Tears" - foaming cleanser for eyelids n eyelashes. It's my 1st time using it. I like it, use it in the shower...it states to leave on for 60 seconds.

Gail Andrews



My ophthalmologist told me to get HypoChlor to treat blepharitis that I seemed to get a few times a year. He also diagnosed me with rosacea -- which I never knew could affect the eyes. (My dermatologist confirmed the diagnosis.) Thank you for this demo, I wasn't sure from the package instructions whether to do my entire eyelids, it just says the roots of the eyelashes and the lashes themselves. So I was using cotton swabs and being less liberal with the distribution. My doctor told me to use it on the effected eye every day for seven days, then on both eyes once a week, not every day.

Mustafa Alnajar

If I have blepharitis, should I use it every day or for a specified period?

Johnny Black

Doctor wants me to do prescription acid but it is very expensive like $300 is over the calendar just as powerful or

Jérôme 43

Hi,do you think it could help with seborreic blepharitis?

jay capp

Thank you for your video.

Broken Pencil

I can't believe that OCuSOFT HypoChlor Solution costs $22/oz on Amazon! I bought the device that makes 30 oz of exactly the same solution for 1 cent/oz. Just search for Hypochlorous acid on amazon and you'll see several devices. Same 'ingredient' and of course it's sterile.


Is Ocusoft Hypochlor spray safe to use daily..for healthy eyelid maintenance?

Mohammad Abufarah

Great useful youtube channel


It really does smell like bleach. Also, I feel like wiping my eyelids either with a well-moistened cotton ball/wrapped moistened cloth always leaves me with a sensation of irritation of the skin, which makes the symptoms worse for days... Like, I feel like its not even the eyes that are irritated or itchy (they never look red) but always the skin aroud my eyes... It sometimes even look veiny/purple-ish...

It feels like everything began In November when temperature dropped and climate got colder and dry, and now its been consistently annoying me and ruining my life for nearly 3 months now and doesnt seem to go away no matter which treatment I try... Honestly cant wait for winter to go away and see if my symptoms get better...


Such a great video, very informative! Thank you!!!

Lisa Fellhauer

can I use this on my dog?


was looking at some reviews for Occusoft Hypochlor and several peoplle raised concerns that it contains a small amount of sodium hypochlorite as a byproduct of how its manufactured. What's your take on that?

I think Avenova called them out for it, in point of fact.

Elizabeth Flow In Massage

What about organic witch hazel to clean eyelids?

Prem Bapna

Hi Doctor,
What is the difference between using Ocusoft Hypochlorous acid and a normal eyelid scrub/foaming cleanser from Ocusoft? Do they do the same thing? Which one is better for Blepharitis and recurring styes?

Salamander M.

Also-do you wipe the top lid and bottom lid separately?


Is systane ultra eye drops okey?

kathy k

Is this available OTC? Sorry, you answered that question!

Michael Gutkin

Hi, I learned different methods of applying Avenova. Some doctors suggest to spay avenova directly on eye lids, massage with a finger and let it dry. You suggest to clean the eye lids using cotton balls (or similar) and wipe it out.
Is either method OK? Thank you, Michael G


I have 2 huge bumps on my eyelid they appears almost over night they aren't getting any bigger they are stagement,what's a good way to treat this,neither is at the lashes more like middle of eyelid. It's like what a big style looks like not infected. It dont hurt just anything a disfiguring

Garet Becknell

Will this help in treating chalazions?

Mrs. Christine Johnson

Hi there! My ophthalmologist expressed concern over this product. He said it could cause damage to the cornea? I suppose if it is placed directly in the eye rather than the way you demonstrated? Thank you in advance

Jordan Bronson

Make sure to test it around 50 to 200 ppm after making it since 50 to 100 ppm are effective against bacteria and viruses. Too much PPM can caused respiratory issues in some sensitive individual during usage.

NOTE: Some water already have the added bleach (chlorine) in them. Test strips are important.

NOTE 2: I would like to add something important in-case anyone is reading this. Some machines add Sodium Hydroxide (LYE) is known to caused respiratory issues including: Nausea, Fatigue, Weakness, Respiratory Issues, Sleepy, Etc...

Johnny Black

i have extremely painful eyes that has ruiend my life for the past 10 years. i cant read a book or watch tv very long. gave up on everything in life. i do have atrophied meibomian glands and have had probing. glands work a lot better but still extreme sensitivity and pain. im desperate for a dr that will help me with this pain. its possible if i cant find help i will be killing myself because ive seen my best years waste away and i have nothing to live for with this much pain all the time. my current doc (that only wants to treat my eyelids and not look into why my eyeballs are killing me) just prescribed some acid spray by prescription. its 300$ and i cant afford it and was wondering if i could just buy the over the counter kind and it wil be just as good



Is Ocusoft Hypochlor spray safe for intraocular lenses after cataract surgery? Had surgery a year ago. Wondered if ongoing use of this spray is safe. Thanks!

azure kite

I have scars on my cornea from wearing circle lens in 2010, and have cornea issues , redness and dry eyes since. Is there any medicine to heal my eyes?

That Dude

Do you wash it off after

Salamander M.

What about Baby shampoo?

Anthony Vitarelli

I have the Ecolox water electrolyzer and can make my own hypochlorous acid. What concentration would you recommend in PPM?

Piankhi Ingram

This is made fresh from my kangen water machine! Have you tried it? Kidkangen.com

Jenn Sher

Glad I found you. So far, you're the only one I've found that explains things clearly, fully, so it's understandable !.... thank you ! I have angle closure glaucoma w/ cataracts (both removed).. and recently developed dry eye in both eyes. I'm searching for comfort solutions and your info is a great help !

Aida Bond

Can I use hypochlorous acid when using tea tree oil based eyelid scrub?

Adam Davis

i had a bad cold. then got posterior blepharitus. 7 weeks ago. i've just started using optimel manuka honey drops 3 days ago and have been using the acid spray for a month several times a day. yet to have improvement. the manuka honey hopefully should start to reduce the bacteria inside glands. my oil quality is fine, is the lack of expression from inflammation. any advice on you have for me to decreasing inflammation and get rid of this forever?


Will this help with dry eyes? (I do use drops btw)

SAnDee SAnDee

just got my 2 bottles yesterday...i've been cleaning my eyelids 3x a day before applying eyedrops. i also tried it in my nostrils bc i have severe chronic nasal rhinitis.

Nani Tavares

What’s the difference (besides price) between Ocusoft Hypochlor and Avenova?

Barbara Goldfuss

Is this good for someone whos very sensitive as iam have a sesitivity to alot of products prescription and non prescription meds amd need advice .

Sister Warrior

My eye doctors have NEVER told me about this!! I have been to 6+ and no relief, I have been suffering for years. Thank you! I have been diagnosed for various eye problems. What can I do about rosacea on eyelids bc that’s what I think I have and not eczema on eyelids.

Rich Northrop

Does HA actually kill mites? Or does it just open up the pores so they are cleared out easier? Thought tea tree or ivermectin was the only real things that killed them. Plus, what about posterior bleph with the Demodex brevis in the oil glands, you cant get tea tree oil inside the eye, so how can we kill those? Oral ivermectin? or you think warm compress, and clearing out the glands can control the demodex?

JoAnn Maddalena

Yes, bleach smell. Thank yoi

Joe Palarca

How do you decide between this or a tea-tree based product? How would one use them in tandem? Is that recommended?


I suffered for almost 4 days I can't open my eyes because it so painful when i try to open my eyes. Is that effective for me?


I got the gel version of this in my actual eye, what will happen to my vision please

Emmy Dream

QUESTION: I like to spray HOCl on my eyelids and also on my whole face. I have some acne and rosacea, and I figured it might help. The question is - can I apply other skincare after using HOCl? Does it matter if the skincare is acidic vs. basic? Like is vitamin C, niacinamide, sulfur, zinc PCA, salicylic acid etc. OK?

Sergio Merino

Can this be sprayed directly onto the eye

Lokesh Prajapat

I have blocked meibomian glands which appear like small toothpaste secretion deposited on the glands,i do warm compress daily and massage. Then clean the glands with a cotton top dipped in diluted baby shampoo.
Can i clean the inner margins of the lid with this cleanser where actually the glands are located?

Ted Pruitt

Using Microcyn(AH) from TSC HOCL .002%

Linda Eaton

Is this the same product as Avenova?


do you have any other recommendations that i may already own?

The Nighty Knight

Glad I found a professional medical review on this stuff. I've been using a hypochlorous acid spray. Would like to know if you have tried this brand? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/283900873181
I found that it's relatively cheaper than the one in your video. I've heard it also treats acne and other skin conditions.

r w stevens

Hi, What's the difference between HypoChlor spray and HypoChlor gel?
Why have 2 forms of this product?

SAnDee SAnDee

Hey from California Dr, i found you a couple weekls ago...and then today, on a completely DIFFERENT Topic on disinfecting i got you again. LOL. what do you think about the elctroyzed water to disinfect? https://www.ecoloxtech.com/ecoone/index#advantages what do you think of these units ? as you know we have a serious outbreak here w the c. virus, and some of us are looking for less toxic chemicals to deep clean our homes ...is this somethign we can make ourselves or would it be just easier to get the unit?

Darcy Pech

I used foam version and always I got foam inside my eye, I don’t know if that can damage my eye because it said avoid use inside your eye, I am worry I don’t want to get a blind eye.

Carla Jones

Hi there. Can we get this in the uk? I can’t see any that are available? Any recommendations welcome

Shazia Qureshi

Hi doctor i suffer from very dry & sore eyelids due to recurrent dermatitis attack which somehow only occurs on my eyelid & mouth area i looked up on this product you are promoting here & apart from not having great reviews on Amazon it also seems that it could try it out further could you please recommend something to use on my eyelid & eye area as its always sore & has turned dark i don't use any eye makeup or anything on face apart from kiddie Sunscreen by Nivea. please help me as its getting worse day by day. i have given up dairy , carbs in this quest but still no improvement .???

Chakka Yashwanth

Hi Dr, I regularly use water on eyelids when I feel dry eyes. Do u think I have anterior blepharitis in addition to mgd? Also water works effectively for me. Should I replace it with hypochlorous acid?

Misheley Laguna

Do you have to rinse your eye after the spray application?

Taun Jameson

What if you get this stuff in your eyes ?

Rob Davidson

People use tea tree oils how ?And is peppermint oil a good thing to use seeing it deals with bacteria just wondering?.


I didn't even know eyelid care was a thing. I was researching HOCL because we have it at work in the first aid kit for cuts and what not. It seems to help healing and wanted to get some for home.

Eddie Aguallo

Hello Doctor - I have a stye on my eyelid, I purchased the Hypochlorous Acid spray, how many time a day can I spray the affected area? Thank you

Brenda Jackson

do you have to rinse it?

Mimosa Mimosa

Thank you so much for your site. I have always had problem with my eyes, especially, the right side. Sometimes I wake-up with painful eye I was told that I have dry eye. I was looking for some relief and found this site. I just ordered some products listed here which were not mentioned by my eye doctors during my visits. Appreciate it!

Gwent Deck Master Isaac Schopenhauer

have you heard of visual snow?

Silver Fish

How does this work if you wear eye makeup ??

Diane Cook

What do you think of Lipiflow treatment for MGD?

Doctor Eye Health

QOTD: Do you have any questions about hypochlorous acid? Are you using any other eyelid hygiene products?

Bene Butterbean

Recommended to prevent corneal staph infections.

Enagic ID# 8721462

Awesome! And the wonderful thing is, My water machine make this Hypochlorous acid. I get it for pennies. And it’s only one of the seven waters my machine makes. ?

Eunice Rhee

hi. thank you. for someone with chronic dry eyes, would you recommend lid hygiene with tea tree oil lid cleanser or hypochlorous acid? thanks!

Laura Cordoba

I'm from Argentina and I don't find Ocusoft here ? could u suggest other brands too?

KUMAR Kallepalli

my doctor said super oxidized hypoclin eye lid eye lash cleaner spray directly into the eyes is it safe in manual it says Dont spray directly into eyes pls reply

xz why



I need an advice, I bought s small Hypochlorous acid making bottle, in manual is written to put 7g salt in 300ml water, I think this is really too much. So where to get info of how much salt do I need? I read somewhere like 1g/500ml water... Thank you for your help!

Mark Cheney

Thanks doc my eyes aren’t aging gracefully so I’m deep into these forums that you provide. I now know more about my eyes in the last year than in the previous 50

Julie H.

Is it possible or common to be sensitive to hypochlorus acid? I used it today for the first time and it seems to be exacerbating my dry eyes and kinda made my upper eyelids sting when applied. Ocusoft lid scrub plus also made my eyelids sting ☹️

Easy Recipes With Sarah

Hi doctor , please can you answer my question, can this product help me to get rid of a hardened small chalazion in my eyelid , it’s been a year that I have it and it won’t go away . I don’t want to do a surgery