Hypoallergenic facial wash

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Hypoallergenic Face Wash? Start with the World's 1st Antimicrobial Face Brush!

31 views | 30 May. 2014

Hypoallergenic Face Wash -

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Karen Sepulveda

Hypoallergenic facial wash

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Do You Need Facial Cleansing Devices? | BFF Review

16 373 views | 30 Aug. 2018

You have seen them all

You have seen them all over the place, facial cleansing devices. They claim to give you a superior clean and help prevent clogged pores and blackheads. But do you really need this in your routine, are they a holy grail cleansing tool?

More K-Beauty Reviews https://bit.ly/2PdzmSt

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James Longmore

I love mine iv had it for over 7 years still goin strong. Allso use it with my retin a ??

Kelly Driscoll

What do you think of facial cleansing devices?

Ganavi N


E. Cruz

Yes!! I also believe only chemical exfoliants cause true purging.

Zebella Taukamo

Where can u get the charger for it from

Agha Barho

I believe that we have to use such device once a week for deep cleansing and messaging

Hypoallergenic facial wash

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The TEA on Clean & Clear MORNING BURST Facial Cleanser

46 050 views | 4 Feb. 2019



Disclaimer: I'm NOT bashing the entire line of Clean & Clear, just this specific product.

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Daye TD

Thank you for this video I thought I was loosing my mind

I've been using it for almost two years and its been a huge blessing in regards to controlling my acne it works so well that its the only thing I use on my face every day.

I use the duo pack morning and night cleanser and nothing use to happen
But for the last 3 days I couldn't figure out why my face was buring and itching
Today the spots by my mouth is peeling and I'm not even using it any more ?
It feels like an allergic reaction and nothing I put on it is soothing the itching ????


I use the blue morning burst,A blackhead scrub(Walgreens brand),and black soap...everyday and my skin be glowing no cap

Kendra Cirksena

"the tea on clean and clear morning burst'
me:slowly looks at my morning burst"

Rel&DyDy Gang

That’s what happened to me I thought it was because the weather

Lucy Abgaryan

It cleared my face but dried it the hell out.

deborah charaug

σмg ι ʝυѕт gσт, ι ∂σи'т тнιик αм gσииα вє υѕιиg ιт υни υни иσρє αм иσт αвσυт тσ gєт му ѕкιи ωσяѕт тнαи ιт ιѕ. ¢αυѕє иσ иσ иσ иσ σмg тнιикιиg αвσυт ιт ιѕ ʝυѕт σσσσf. тнχ fσя ѕнσωιиg тнιѕ яєνιєωω ι ωαѕ вσυт тσ ρυт тнιѕ σи му fα¢є ❤❤

Holley Wilson

yea i bought it and it was just sooo bad gurl like school is starting and it’s gotta goo

Idk Yet

How did you get rid of the dry patch ? I’m having the same problem right now

Ahjae Johnson

This product works soo good for me!! I use this product every single morning & 4 days at night the other 3 days I use African black soap and I moisturize with coco butter.This routine is the only thing that works for me & I’ve been struggling trying everything for the past 3 years.everything doesn’t work for everybody.

Graser's and Stacy's Daughter, Gracy

Iv'e started using the morning burst/night relaxing about a week ago and was fine but noticed a couple days in using it that I get red patches on my face which I never had before and my face gets itchy. Never using it again

Aaliyah Davis

This Clean & Clear product works great for my skin. I made the same mistake of trying to use other products, such as Cetaphil and Neutrogena, but they didnt work for me. I learned to stick with what works!! :)


Same thing happened to my face

BriAsia Mardis

This same exact thing happened to me and I don’t recommend it either my skin is dry out

Cella S

I used it once, and my face got super red, you could feel the heat from my face without even touching it. And it stayed for a week straight. I just found it again in my cabinet and I’m definitely throwing it away


I got the same thing on my face I think it’s because I washed my face to hard


That happened to me and I had to go to school with that, it didn’t go away. Only after 4 months. Those were the worst 4 months.

Neha kumari 54

I dont know why after using it my skin looksdark and oily??

Griinely Osorio

Maybe it’s just your skin type cause It works just fine for me that does not happen to me and every time I use it my skin becomes clearer and it’s like my pimples disappear for like 1 hour ?


It burns my nose

Ashley Presas

It’s different for everyone??‍♀️ I use it but I put face lotion that has almond oil and it is a good product

Tripped Fxe

I just used it and it feels like my face is really dry now

Alicia Agyemang

The same thing has been happening to me

Reann Sargeant

Yesss and it's seems like it only shows up around the mouth and nose area and it's really dry for real and itchy idk but I'm stopping

Jurnei Martin

It burnt the hell out of my face omg it looked like I had herpes my face started peeling badly it was eating up my eyebrows when I put makeup over it , it looked like I put a lot on ! My face was itching and burning also .


This same thing happened to me . Thts why im here because i was curious.


You should test your allergies before you try to hate on their product. Their cleanser is really good. Check your old face wash with new face wash and check the different ingredients, you could be allergic. The same thing happened to me but with a different brand and I was probably allergic.

Teresa Sanchez

It cleared my skin. i was realived. maybe ur allergic to it.

Zmarie Lippy’s

Thank you I'm happy this is not just happening to me

Queen Mizia

Her face so clear and cute


My skin would peel dry in my chin area (and I never had skin problems before) and I never knew the cause of it but now I know it was this face wash all along

Erica Knighton

This happened to my son; however, I haven’t had any problems with the product myself. His skin cleared after he discontinued use-he’s 14. Aveeno lotion for dry skin helped restore his skin.


I’ve been using this for a few months now and nothing has happened and I have sensitive skin

Emily Panic!

I had the same reaction around the corners of my mouth and up by my nose , it freaking sucked

Jalissaahhh C

I used this for years and is all good.

TaNiya Lanae

At first I used it , my skin did the same I stopped use ong it for a while n it begin to work do not use a cloth when washing it offf

Kpop Tingzz

The skin around my nose was really itchy :(

Anna Broome

i use the Dark Blue night relaxing face wash before bed and the morning burst in the morning and then i use a clean and clear pimple medication and then i use the clean and clear moisturizer. it works good for me but i use it only in the morning & the night relaxer one at nigjt

Rayna Kim

Your right girl

Amara Nwuneli

Maybe its your sensitive skin

S a t u r n Lightss

And how did u still know it was the face wash?

Melina Bravo

Did u use it for three days straight ? it specifically says not to use it daily

Nene W

That’s what happened to me to my face

Lily Wilborn

I bought this a few days ago. I had the same reaction. My skin is getting all dry and peeling almost.

Bubble Gum Girl

It makes my skin feel tight I just bought it. Is this a good thing?

Adobe Artist

Itching and burning...reminds me of lovelypeaches lol

It’s your girl Nella

Well everyone have different skin type and it works for me soo?❤️




My face did the same with the exfoliating one, but one that works really good for me is the blackhead eraser it is amazing!


I’ve been using that and yeah now I gotta rash

Non Non

This happened to me

Exotic Cats

I’m seeing so many mixed reviews and I have the blue bottle at home I guess it’s the skin type
Edit: it says to gentle rub it on not to scrub it in idk how you guys did it


I just bought this yesterday


do you use a moisturizer?

Prebella Prebella

skin so pretty

Dayarlin Chavez

I hate it my face feels dry and it feels so ashy


Itching and burning 1:34

D'Asia Fashion

Omg I'm crying right now it dryed out my skin so much what should i do?


I’ve been using clean and clear for a long time I have no bad rashes and all from using the products maybe try cetaphil instead

Reann Sargeant

Yes ,yes omfg this is the same dammm thing that's happening to my face I swear that's why I am here now cause I did not research on it either ,Idk why this is happening to my face and bringing up blacks spots like wtf And red things on my skin ughhh

RiRi Peláez

This actually helped my skin a lot. My skin has been glowing and it helps with acne. I have heard that it messes up some people skin but it has never happened to me.

Naia Naia

Wow this happened to me too. That face wash burnt my face right after using it. I took pictures and called them and told the representative that it had burned me. Smh I definitely don't recommend this product.

Everything, Eshhh

SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME???? this stuff is awful!!!!! face burning as we speak!

Diego Hernandez

My review on The clean and clear morning burst is that when I used it it made my skin very dry and made it peel. Especially around my nose area and when I would use it after I would use a moisturizer and it would burn because my skin was peeling and I love the moisturizer I was using but the clean and clear morning burst made it burn. So I don’t recommend a clean and clear morning burst!

1million Subscribers without videos

This happened to me I broke out like crazy under my lip and jaw line I was depressed for a who 2 weeks

j bean

i literally jus bought this like 3 days ago nd my skin has a dry patch that runs down the side of my face im mad asf-


The flaking dry skin also happens to me to! I use a different skin care line tho. Now after I put on my moisturizer I put shea butter on my face. It stays longer on my face because my moisturizer is good, but it only leaves on for afew hours. which is why I put the Shea butter, it stays longer on my face and it really helps

Dirty- Sprite

The same thing happened to me

Queen Mizia

It broke mine out in brown spots

Sequra A

People have sensitive skin and can’t use just anything lol trust me I know lol but ofc this product is going to dry your skin out..they all do


Your skin type is different then others. It might not work for you but it’ll work for others

Amy Santiago

Gurl u complaining abt a product tht u didn’t even do research on to see if it was for yr skin type u always gotta do yo research first not jus cuz u seen ppl using it in their skin routine u jus abt to buy it n not see if it’s for yr skin type

Tom Marvolo Riddle

The same things is happening to me in the exact same spot.

pickled _oxygen

You probably had a late allergic reaction


Yeah i tried the same product and it killed my skin

laura Ortiz

I can relate to this my skin started burning and i also got more acne using this product. I wasted money and myskin was having irritation

Tabitha August

I used the clean and clear exfoliating daily wssh and I have rashes in the corners of my nose and chin and its getting black


Thanks for the info. I didn't know that this could happen to your skin. New subscriber and I love your channel so much. ?

Blessed Princessa

Is it that you have dry skin and you use this product that’s oil free ??? Hence why that’ll probably happened. Also instructions are on the product not many of us read keenly

Natalie h.

the same thing happened to me

Brittanie Nieves

This also happened to me but with the one that is yellow. Citrus and another fruit?

Chloe Marlise

I’ve had the same effect happen to me! Have you found a replacement product?

Yungliz17 Yungchoppa

does this work

Jairo Hernandez

I started using this and the 3rd day it broke me out and started giving me pimples

Nsjk Snnxn

Omg i just put it on my face

Brianna Cao

That happend to me :(

bee marie

How long did it take for your skin to clear up after you stopped using this? I had the exact same reaction you did, I’m getting a rash on my face and I really hope it goes away soon.

Shallow Shai

Gurl ngl I just used it and my face is soooo redddd thnx god I have my moisturizing cream

Teeanna Hill

Yea after 3 days my face started to dry up on my cheeks ,flaky like what is a good product to use and keep it moisturized?


It did the same thing to me??‍♀️ my face was burning so bad, it’s a waste.

Roma Khan

Bruhhh that happend to me but the night one that one made me break out I had a baddd rash and dry skin patch

Yula Lovely

I’ve used this on my self I never got a rash or got red spots lol ?


im so happy I found this before I used it. I used the night relaxing one so Im still kind of concerned. I have eczema so the morning one would have affected my skin a lot. thank you :)

Kash DaBrat

Is it good to use it with coco butter because my face is clearing up from it but so dry

Deb N

Same thing happened to me ?


For some reason, when I used the night and morning cleanser , it made me look like a guy... dunno but I like the lemon scub better


I bought this oh no

Mackenzie Lones

This product is great for combination skin/ oily skin (I have this type of skin) if you have dry skin this not such a great product for you because it does ten to make your skin dry if you don’t have a great face lotion that hydrates very well then your face will be very dry.

Nsjk Snnxn

U got to put Vaseline on ur face

Tt A

Thank you for this. I was literally about to get it now I'll just get the cerave foam face wash