Scrubs tattoo

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5 721 329 views | 18 Apr. 2015

Grandpa goes crazy in a

Grandpa goes crazy in a tattoo parlor after finding out Pickleboy pranked him, leaving a guitar in pieces and the shop owners contemplating calling the police...

AFTERMATH - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTluLgj0Ttk

Grandpa on Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheAngryGrandpa

Grandpa on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Angry-Grandpa/245300055495363?ref=hl

Pickleboy on Twitter - https://twitter.com/Lyricoldrap

Bridgette on Twitter - https://twitter.com/BridgetteWest


Charles Green

PO Box 51734

Summerville, SC 29485

ProGold 760

AGP looks like a minion

Railfan Andrew

Angry Grandpa's reaction was totally justified. I would've reacted the same way if I got a tattoo I didn't ask for. They're PERMANENT. They stay with you forever.

Ethyn Rodriguez


Temptations TV

I got a Gold Chain And It Has A Angry Grandpa Pendant

Kameron Coulombe

That prank end up do be backfire

Montavious Bergman

My dad wosrer then that

Crazy Anyone?

When you can come back to life from heaven 1:01

nick Trujillo

Your a fucked up person dude.




Rest In Peace AGP. I miss seeing you in new videos. I’m grateful for the fact that I can always watch the old ones. I hope you are somewhere you can watch over the boys. By the way I’m sorry you had to deal with Brigitte too and I hope you’re able to haunt her.

Dead rat 77 Gaming

2:35 Comedy at a new level

Jim Bur

I forgot r i p Grandpa

Landry Coy

Should have got a 55

Bitlife Gxmeplay

Lmao ????


He sounds so gay when he talks from 0:00-0:06

ApolloIsAirborne [Old Channel]

This is awful. Not only did you permanently put a tattoo of something really stupid on agp, but you also cause a beautiful Electric Guitar to get murked. Shame on you Michael.

Mathew Dean

You a fuckin cat old man lol RIP agp

Elalacran Martinez

I love this video RIP AGP

Crazy Anyone?

Cries when you can come from heaven 1:27


It says my ass States hahaha

WeegMeme 11

I can imagine him young again, riding a bike with the tattoo he wanted.
RIP angry grandpa

FreshGrills XmazingStudioFan

That's no prank he deserve his guitar


Tattoo artist should not agree to stuff like this

Mia San Mia

1:41 farted in his face lolololol

Dusty BRKR

3:40 well somebody gotta pay for his laser removal of the tattoo too.

Nolan M

3:33 what?


This is the only agp prank where I think agp was totally in the right

Nick DiGeronimo

Anybody else notice when he dumped the garbage the cup landed right

frances fletcher

????????? Thanking crampa

Hayden Pfau

This prank was too far as it was permanent I personally wouldn't agree to this if I were a tattoo artist no hate to Mike tho but this one was too far

roel_ ._

Miss you everyday

Sean Trevino


Trevor Rumfelt

Shoulda know he was gonna flip out like that haha damn

Gary Parker

I feel bad for you AGP. He deserved better ??

Wyatt Murray

5uguhxsjdjcsjcjcsjd and

Savannah Williams

Since when you go do your tattoo it shouldn’t hurt at all?

Jeremiah Walton



? ??????????????????????????

StickManbattle Studios

Damn imagine if grandpa rage like this destroy things at mall and R.I.P AGP THO

Browser Jay

The tattoo guy honestly deserves to have his guitar split in half for giving agp a tattoo that he didn't even want.

Dick Richardson

Grandpa’s revenge is going for Michael eyebrows to be gone


michael u ain shi for this one bro??‍♂️?

Susan O'Neill-cooper

Oh no


When i first watched this at 12, i thought it was fucking hilarious. Then i rediscovered it 5 years later and realized this is cruel and fucked up. The man only wanted a motorcycle tattoo.

Tulip W

Not funny at all. Micheal looks like his ass stinks especially Bridgette... he doesnt even brush his teeth.

The Very Last One

Not to mention those guys at the tattoo place were assholes

Drew Clemens drummer


Jim Bur

This was awesome he deserves that

Austin Tyler The Creator

The AVGN was there 3:30

Howler Wolfnight

It’s sad how Grandpa ended up going through all that pain just to get something embarrassing on his back before he died. R.I.P AGP, you will be missed.

Dominic Rios

God every robbery we need to eat a Snickers he's being a diva


Sad that grandpa didnt take the guitar and slammed it in his face

Nancy Pelosi

To think that he died with this fucking tattoo. Holy shit man LMAO


idk why thats so funny to me

Kysha Orchart

Grandpa screams at the tattoo artist Like a warrior 3:12 ??????

Edgar king

That was so funny

frances fletcher


Erichan forever lala sucks


Mohand M

Why does briggte always wears long pants ?

Arturo Garcia 2021

He Filps the table! At 3:02

ProGold 760

I feel bad because He got a biohazard tattoo for a fake vid

charmo tower

1:00 that face

Tyriq Reid

fuck Angry Grandpa

Jeremiah Walton


Colbert Kaimiola

Bro you know how he is going to react why would you put something like that


This was the dumbest thing Michael could ever do. AGP didn’t deserve this. REST IN PARADISE GRANDPA

vibe Jr

He had every right to trash there store

shane hodges

Y'all realize this was fake right??? The guitar is literally a Lyon .... a $50 korean budget guitar... You don't hang those up unironically in a Tattoo parlor shop thats beyond embarrassing.
But I don't really need to provide evidence as Michael as categorically stated the show was fake (interview with boogie / confrontation with Doug)

But dammm yall in the comments were gullible as fuck lol... it's a $50 practice guitar LOL

Dominic Rios

No guitar no music


0:58 Angry Grandpa.Exe not responding

Precious Anne Trivino

Oh My God! I'm Not Going Go To Tattoo Shop Its So Hurt Bad!?

the siZZel

At 1:33 best catch phrase of 2015

A Bentz



What a dick son

Oliver Fresh GAMING

Wait... so they're calling the cops over some old person getting mad at some assholes who tattooed him calling him a fucking stinky ass? What shit heads. I'm glad agp wrecked their place, they fucking deserve it...




Can’t believe the tattoo place didn’t try to sue them after uploading this.

Heroicspring 34

R.I.P. Angry Grandpa.

Franklyn Chacha

1:40 why does his arm look like that

kurd gamers.2021


IloveAriana Grande

That guy in the chair Shuck's

Angelo Clark

I hope you feel better

Makayla Gipson

This was mean all he wanted was a motorcycle and they pranked him I honestly don’t blame him for freaking out like that

BenPenguin Phillips


Kyle Schnakenberg

2:16 should be a gif, agp says it a lot in this video(2:35 2:41 2:44 2:55 3:16 3:17 3:24 3:33)

The Very Last One

All he wanted was the motorcycle. No prank that he ever pulled on pickleboy is as bad as this one

Gergő Izsó

2:33, 2:44, 2:50, 2:58, 3:02 ??????????????


Best most accurate prank ever. He deserved it!

Reda Jamaluddin

I really don’t like micheals voice when he talks to the camera

Bada B1ng

Watching Angry Grandpa in 2021 I miss you Grandpa

Howler Wolfnight

He went through all that pain that just to get that cruel tattoo. Poor Grandpa! We love you! RIP.

Peyton Leblanc

WOWOWOWOWOWO dude in the back round

ynw chase gaming

0:57 when my mom takes my ps4 while I’m in a tournament

Jahseh Onfroy


Evan Rapp

2:33 “what?! My ass sticks!!!” lol ?

Andrew Schrader

1:41 AGP’s distress signal

Andres Gutierrez

Amma get tattoo of him when he died

Brayden’s Book Reviews

Poor guitar...


2:48 whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoooa woooooooo wooo woooooo wowowowowo what the fuck

N̷o̷A̷i̷m̷N̷e̷e̷d̷e̷d̷ 6̷9̷

0:58 when I can’t clear my search history ?

Scrubs tattoo

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358 954 views | 29 Jan. 2019

So yeah, this is the

So yeah, this is the storytime of the time he got this tattoo



If you guys like these storytime/life story videos let me know in the comment section down below. I have a lot more high school stories, if you guys want them to happen. I know this is like the Luna clone of the century and I honestly love making life stories. Have a good one, I have a good break up storytime if this video hits 1k likes.. Be sure to subscribe for more story time videos.

Be sure to press the like button ?, comment ?, subscribe ?, and turn on notifications ? from more of these in the future! Also follow all my social medias below! Scrubby out ✌! Join the A.C.T for more videos and fight cringe ⛔.

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Discord ⭐?: https://discord.gg/eaCJqFP

Outro Song ⭐?: https://soundcloud.com/pc86/openupyou...

lol if ur reading this comment "Dr. Phil Is Jesus"

Triner Family

As a girl I can 100% confirm that after a girl beaks up with you this is going to make you look like a creepy possessive freak.

JoEllynn Crowthers

Tattoos can be removed now



Braden Herren

Scrubby once said “she would love it if I got my name tattooed on her” aaahhhh ssooo inspirational

Josh Gaming 100

Scrubby//Luna//Raccooneggs crossover?? #MakeMeFamous #imbeggingyou


2:23 "she'd love it if she had my name tattooed on her" was this a mistake? did you mean "She'd love it if i got her name tattooed on me"

ass clapper

But can i get a tattoo that says oh yeah yeah on my nuckels?

Oh yeah yeah

luis castro

Did you actually open a door


im white

anh ha

Dr Phil is Jesus


I already watched this story a few times, but when Ryan said “I’m gonna tattoo her name on my knuckles” I thought he was going to say “tattoo her name on my nuts”

John C

The ad before my vid was a ad for xxxtentacion lol

Mia Radovanovic



my favorite color is orange and when i see this butterfly knife it is nice

Jasonman dood

2:22 lol u said she’d love it if he got his name tattooed on her ?

k .

the gameplay made me really claustrophobic

Zac The biker

What’s the game in the background?

Monkey Industries

my name tattooed on her

Gavin Vaughn

The new LeafyIshere XD

firetruck senpai

You life be so interesting

Logan Ondo

This kid is a mega simp

Gabriel Wagner

So funny story um me and my friend made a bet and he lost and the loser had to get a body part tattooed on that body part and there were some exceptions (THE AREA). So he lost right so now he has a tattoo on his chest that says CHEST in the biggest font possible ?

chad gamer

Racoon eggs?

Andrey Heinrich

2:22 "my name tattooed on her" Are you sure thats what you meant to say?

anime king

There are 69 dislikes HAahhahaAHHAAHahAHAHAAHAhahahAhaaHAhahaa


Short and Sweet! Your vids that is! Perfect!

Cluxy 2

Hi scrubby

Dopey Doughnut

What game is that

Ganner Hoffman

i watched a documentary like that too

Legends Never Die

•_• PaTiEnCe


?He stupid

Tavan Meyer

Scrubs at 1:11 https://youtu.be/ICEPXhZeEMU

friendly neighbourhood idiot



My dad got his first fiancés name tattood on his shoulder and her name is Ashlynn


What’s your friends name???

Tomaž Pirš

It isnt permanent. Probaly it was so infected that it didnt hold for a whole week

Tornado Hair

so for your old friend no means yes and yes also means yes


2:24 my name tattoed on her?!?!?!?

Luke McAllister

A guy at the barber shop that I got to got a tattoo of the male reproductive parts of a raccoon on his foot

Plot twist scrubbies a furry

U kw me

I am the most loyal member of the .....
Take that b' ' ' '


Plot twist he uses the real names

Chirard Gupta Se

Was this ninja

X Greelo

Dr Phil is jeSus

Epic The Argonian 12 years ago

I Wrote this comment for no reason

Alterior Pr

lol you do know that you could like remove tattoos? Its painful but its better than having it for your whole life



dark river 123

I feel ur friendship pain the older ya grow the more ya move away form ya friends?

Tadhg Duffy

Get my name tattooed on her knuckles

Farmer John 255

Scooby got waves

Cock and Ball Torture

I fucking called the name I thought Ashley seems like a name Xd

Ruby Fox

Actually you can remove ink tattoos now! They use this machine thing that takes a lazar like thing and just evaporated the ink or something.


2:22 She'd Love If I Tattooed My Name On Her?

random gamer

If he tattooed the face it woud work


can you imagine coming home to your parents one day and tell them it’s your ex’s name engraved into your knuckles forever. that must be fun. they don’t even like my getting a c in math class.


so if he gets a nother girl she’d be like who is ashly


2:23 “she would love it if i got my name tattooed on her”??? Excuse me what?!

Brody O0587

omfg when you said 4000 likes my computer skipped ahead and so it sounded like 4 likes and i was like wow setting the bar really low lol

Dank Dazzlers

Dont get a tattoo get a titoo

Zac The biker



Wait Ashley is six letters were you only have five fingers..

John Logan

tat rat

justin whittaker


Ducky Squad

Did u know u can get red of tattoos lol

Fake Green Shadow has risen

my name tattooed on her?

Blaze furry 22

Wait is scrubby a furry?


Racooneggs is my 2nd favorite racooner

Bloo Bloo

“He got in a wrong crowd and I got in a....Different..Wrong Crowd.”

Braxton Hill

Dr. Phil is Jesus

Stephanie Roberts

Dr. Phill is Jesus

Aly Elabd

2:23 did anyone else realize he said my name tattooed on her instead of her name tattooed on me.

Just Beanz

The Ashley from Chuck E. Cheese ?

Aiden Pixel

2:20: She would love it if I got my name tattooed on her ?


Cant wait till you get gucci gang in comic sans tattooed on your arm at 1.5 mil

jello bello


boiled boy

2:26 did you hear that

Michael Gibson

When I looked at my recommended it said for an ad. "*Laser tattoo removal* "


Lasagna Person

lol these stories are so great. I hope you never stop


Wait......ur name is Scruby Ryan Raccoon

AKZ6 Chuckie

I caught that Juice Wrld mention ??"GoodBye GoodRiddance"


when i was watching this i got a tattoo pop up on the video

alexa :0

all that gucci gang stuff

Dog Guy

Dude its 9k in a day scrubs today is your lucky day

Big Jimmy

Funny scrubs name ryan my names ryan the lol


NIce tattoo

Trenton Gober

'my name tattood on her" 2:22


so her name is patience!


is it bad that i use scrubs’ videos as sleep noise? like his voice is pretty therapeutic to me ?

Nicole Shanahan

Are you frannds luna


Scrubby so wise

Weise Otto

I love your content!


One two tickle my shoe i am now a canoe


"My name tattooed on her"


69 dislikes.

lol i might ruin it

Arturo Cardenas Jr

What game is that

yee unidentified

It's like that lady who tattooed Drake on her forehead. It's not inpressing anyone and you just look crazy.

Sean McCann

What is that game called Scrub team

Tipix Reflex

if you look up luna clone you can find this video


"My name tattooed on her"

Rylan. baker

Hey I've subscribed to both of your channels

Scrubs tattoo

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Scrubs J.D.'s "Tattoo"

122 477 views | 4 Jun. 2008

From episode 302, My

From episode 302, My Journey

Requested by: DJMonkey562


Why do you think Cox calls him Ghandi?

Laith Kawar

@Bartman954 does*


they are cool together!!


@Bartman954 Because he is Ghandi.

James Plays

Haha true!


wait, didn't Turk only hang out with J.D. BECAUSE he had a car...?


Turk makes a good Indian accent

Matthew Smith

Does anyone have the part where Turk talks to patient and is like the guy is probably racist and the guy is like I am dating a black man and turk is like honestly how pissed off are your parents lol

Nathan Cain

I was a COUGAR!!!


Love how JD just leaves as if everything is completely normal. Ar rawr rawr!

Nicole Krawczyk

he looks like tom xD




See ya later.. *walks off like a baws*

James Plays

"We didn't have a car..." Ahaha!

The Heightened Hobbit!

we didnt have a car... XD


Lol, I think what he meant by not having a car is the fact that people were always asking "when were they getting here?", seeing as they would take longer than the average joe with one :) JD and Turk not being friends!??!! Preposterous!


"Rarr! See ya later." LMFAO. It's so fantastic...SO fantastic.


That's because his father is indian.

Ariel Edmond

What episode was this?


@swimteamizzle1114 It's bad when you know these sort of things, but I had the exact same thought.


Turk an je dee


*insert quote here*


tracys a dude

Yusi Shukur

Enjaidee LOL.

Matthew Smith

Does anyone have the clip where Turk is talking to the guy about his boyfriend and that hes black asking about how pissed his parents must be at him.


FAIL, cuz Turk says to JD that he was only hanging out with JD because he had a car! He was joking ofcourse.(season 1)

The Heightened Hobbit!

he was probably joking lolz

Jamie iguess

this episode taught me that being gay is normal, so thanks for that

The Heightened Hobbit!

hey...... thats right! maybe their car broke or something...



Oscar Hallabro

Turk Andjd


this scene is so awesoem when it comes up that the patient is gay and he and his partner jusrt looks absolut like jd and turk ^^

Oscar Elliot

The patient looks like Joel Olsteen- scary

Adam Sukenick

J.D. is so cute.


I was a cougar. Ararar! See you later.


By admitting there wasnt a car, he is sayint that he actually hung out with J.D. because they are freinds


It was a very good day for me! Get's me every time and not much can make me laugh.