Is st ives good for your skin

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2 723 views | 27 Aug. 2020

My honest review after

My honest review after using ST IVES gentle smoothing oatmeal scrub and mask. This's not a paid promotion, so watch this video to find out the after results on my skin. Whether to bin it or use it!.


1:Apply on damp cleansed skin

2:Massage in a circular motion for about 20-45secs. to avoid over-exfoliation of skin which can cause dryness.

3: Only use a facial scrub at night to avoid your skin becoming sensitive over time and to sunlight(UV).


Congrats for the 1k sub. Thanks for sharing

Being Isaak’s Mommy

Awesome review!!! Keep it up?

Sashelle Samuels

have u ever tried st ives apricot scrub, wat u think about it, great video! i should try to get this oatmeal one, happy to be here

Food is health Kitchen. tv

Very good product. Thanks for sharing

Ariel June

I love st. Ives but I’ve never tried this one! I know that their apricot scrub is too harsh for my face though

Megan okorie

I used to love St Ives when I was a teenager but not anymore. I think it's skincare for teens. it's too harsh for older skin. thank you for reviewing this. so good of you.

Lava House Gaming

Do you enjoy doing the reviews? I was interested. This is great job


Never heard of this product before ..i want to give it try based on your review . also congrats on reaching the 1K milestone

Glory Baby O tv

Wow this is super amazing thanks for sharing

Blooming With THE ROSES

Your skin is glowing I need to take some tips from you!

Hannah Ola

Let me just say YOUR SKIN is goallssss ?!! I’ve never got in with St Ives products generally!! Lol. I’m new to your channel - you have my thumbs up! ??

Diana David TV

Do you do organic cream I want to know sharing

Kerry Carol

Wonderful.i love st Ives products.they are good for facial.

Sanyang Family

It amazing and beautiful

Chris-StyleIt YourWay

Beautiful review! Well explained thank you!

omolola cara

Thanks for being very honest
The name says gentle Burt it isn’t gentle on combination sick lol
Thanks for the review

ivorian boy

Wow amazing review.
I love it

blessingshow fashions

U are so beautiful lady and gentle smoothing in the face nice content keep up thanks for share the video

Didi uncut

We are very fine our wonderful host.... I will get it I see in the stores over here.

PjSaid's Lifestyle Channel

Never used it before, great review ?

Cici Carmel

I never use this scrub or the product from St.Ives, because i have very sensitive skin.
And yes you right that scrub makes your face red and looks dry. Thanks for this information Chika
Congratulation for your 1K ❤️❤️


U have beautiful skin

R&A Legacy

Thank you for sharing your review much love ! New supporter to your channel !

Cozy Relaxation

Thank you for the tips. I will try this. Awesome channel. New friend here.

Fable Lilly

Love your hair...good skin care routine! and congratulations beautiful. St.Ives I usually use this product when I run out of the Proactive things I use for my face.

In Rachael's Place

I like the St Ives oatmeal and apricot scrub both work well

Kartia Velino Beauty & LifeStyle TV

Oatmeal is actually good for sensitive skin, I use to use lots of st Ives apricot scrub,
Looks like this one didn’t work for you

LeTanya's Love of Family&Crafting

Congratulations on 1k Subscribers ??I have used St.Ives before, but I have eczema and other skin problems so it's just too strong for my skin, but it's working for you Sis!!♥️Tfs and many blessings to you!!

The Murphy Family

Amazing review. So thorough and detailed. Amazing!! I’m glad to join the party here.


Yes my sister this scrub and mask is amazing thanks for sharing

Uzzi Marley

very helpful i really enjoy your content

Sundays with Hart

Awesome, thanks.

Nelo's Real TV

Is a good product, thanks for reviewing it

Magdalene Izu

This's really good. Thanks for doing this. I'll surely take your advice. So should I bin the moisturiser then

Nanyonjo margaret

Weldone dear and thank u for being honest as always.
This is not your glowy skin that I always see. Can't use that.


Great tips here! Thanks for sharing! Brad your newest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Its my first time hearing of tihis product, you are very good at reviewing it as afetr that review, i feel like i knew what i needed in order to make a descision to buy it or not :3


Great video ?glad i ran across your channel in tuberchat live ♥️

Life’s concepts

that's lovely, thanks for your honest review it really helps

KeKe Soul Fitness

Your skin looks fabulous! Thanks for this video!

Sabi Queen Kitchen

Wow this is super amazing thanks for sharing

Ogbuju world support

Lovely ❤️

Sashelle's Journal

have u ever tried st ives apricot scrub, wat u think about it, great video! i should try to get this oatmeal one, happy to be here (P.S) i used the wrong log in at first, Sashelle Samuels is me too, so too hugs for you)

Neisha James TV

I love it. St. Ives works well on my skin, I use the apricots one every weekend. I follow the manufacturer instructions and it helps me well, I don't leave it on for long and I wet my face 1st. I really love it. Thank you for sharing.

Moms and Mamas

Love St.Ives ?. Great review.

VE Kids Channel

Thank for sharing

Bright Kreations

Oat meal is great if you make ur own fresh scrub at home using kitchen products..

Neisha James TV

I use it in the shower hush mum. Send it to me.

Rita Metu

I haven't used this product before and after watching this I'll definitely not be using it soon ?. Thank you

scarlet johnson

I don't like st Ives, it's too harsh for my face especial the coffee scrub. thanks for confirming that

Deidre & Pebbles

Love this its the best product to me keeps your face looking cool n nice

Graga wa Drama

never tried this before . i will try it and see

Yve Belize

Congrats on 1k!!!!

Natalie mclean cook with me

I like the products that you use i like the on your foce

Imuet j

Your face is so clean. I can tell you look after yourself a lot.

Gladeis BLOG

My sister uses it and it's been working for her. It's a great product

Neisha James TV

It helps with blackheads too and minimize pimples. I love St. Ives?

The Hoopes Family Network

hey love!! new here. im so glad to be apart of your channel even got the bell on


How was the texture of the product runny as compared to others ?

Chikelly Beauty

I hope you enjoy watching this video? What do you like about it?

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Living Life With Lisa Lisa

I really need skin care tips. Thanks for sharing

Ogbuju World

Wow sis I definitely need to try these products ,your skin is really glowing nice one I will make this my routine

Aye Q

This scrub and mask is amazing. Love the end result

Black Nuru Diaries

I need to try this.. ?

Rose Nyanganyi

Wow thanks sharing this sis ...I can see it's amazing

Financial TheraPeace By Magdala

I used to like St Yves in the past when I was much younger. I love scrubs because I flaky skin. What do you recommend?


this looks easy and nice. does change your skin colour. it looks good

Pamax NaturalBeauty

Congratulations sis! ??❤

Patricia O'Neill

I just got that today I'm giving it a go and see how it feels at the end

Is st ives good for your skin

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All About SheetMask!Basics,benefits,how to use|The Simplest Skincare Routine For Men Women#Sheetmask

166 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Hi Everyone!

I hope

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone is doing great :)

Today I am gonna talk about sheet mask!

I hope you guys will like it :)

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St. Ives Soothing Sheet Mask, Oatmeal (Pack of 2)


MY INSTAGRAM :https://www.instagram.com/sayedsanafarheen/

MY FACEBOOK:https://m.facebook.com/

Pranali Chavan

Very helpful. Keep it up with the hard work sana ??

zulfeqar sayed

Going great?keep it up ?

Munmun Dey

Change you intro it's soo cliche #feedback

minal chavan

So that's a toughie to Shreya Jain.?

Priyanka Pol

Such a helpful video. Thanks sana ❤️

Is st ives good for your skin

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90 263 views | 19 Jul. 2018

St. Ives now comes with a

St. Ives now comes with a new look and they want you to #TurnUpTheGlow. However, scrubs can sometimes be a little too harsh for the skin, if you don't pick the right one for your specific skin type. So, are these too scrub-y for my dry skin?

Hope you enjoy!

Keep Connected:

Instagram & Twitter: @jqleejq

Blog: www.jqtalks.com

Email: [email protected]

*This video is not paid. I’m not affiliated to any links above.

Trisha Collado

Hello, i have some bumps in my face, what scrub can u recommend? Thanks tho ???

n.n nard

Hi, which one is the best for acne also breakout ? (Plz answer me? , i need ur help)

Patricia O'Neill

I just got that oatmeal scrub &mask I'll let you know how it turns out on my skin as some people say your skin gose dry

Karina Martinez

Hi! I loved your video but English it’s not my first language so it wasn’t all clear for me what to use for dry skin? I don’t have most dry one but it’s definitely kind of dry :(

Couch Potato

I have dry skin with pigmentation and a few pimple scars,bumps
Which one do you recommend?

Pia Banquil

Can i ask question? I have oily skin and open pores in my cheeks and blemishes, what scrub can u suggest?

Faith Maralli

Another question again for my blackheads in my noise? haha what can u recommend to me???

Maecie Legaspi

Felt glad i found this video to give me an initial preview of the product. Eversince, I used to exfoliate my face with the apricot scrub one and at first it was effective to help to combat blemishes but somehow as time goes it seems like it does not work anymore to my skin? so i have to try another variant which i just bought today the pink one (pink pomelo) hope it will work since the ingridients itself suits for what my skin needs right now? i will update u if this works!

Barbie Doll

I have really dry skin which one do you recommend


Love the review very professional ?

zhie jhay

I have oily sensitive skin and I have acne. which do you think is the best for me?!
Im not good at english if my grammar is wrong don't mind it.

Nimra Khan

I have oily skin can i use oatmeal scrub

kenn TV

Pwd ba sya everyday gamitin

Ma. Bernadette Castro

I just ordered a The Fresh Face One because of its reviews! I have dry skin filled with blemishes, would it be good for me?



Tori C

I have combination skin (oily sometimes on my whole face, but then it starts to get flaky and dry) so should I use the oatmeal scrub or apricot one? I don't want something too harsh, but I also don't want something that isn't going to do its job. Plez get back to me when u can, it would be much appreciated ?


i love how u speak

Manisha Singh

My skin very dry n makes me feels like winter throughtout the year so really want to know which will work best which will be hydraring n smooth

Elli Boi

I have combination skin and minimal acne? Is the orig good or the green tea

Swedy's Vlog

What will you suggest for sensitive skin?

naz Naz

u are lier thats tha badest scrub and bas effect on fase fack

moshi moshi

After i use that pink one thingy i notice my face that it getting more bumps or like dry smth that ready to peel and im afraidd of the result should i stop it?

Mehak Sultana

I have oily skin and blackhead on my nose area....and pimples too(but not severe pimples)so which scrub will u suggest for my skin??

Unhxppy Meal

Does this work for textured skin?

Peyton Lee

i have dry skin with tiny bumps all over my nose and milia. which scrub would be the best to get rid of that?

Clauden Aljas

Sometimes I'm having a pimple and my face is oily what kind of saint Ives you recommend?

Mharjohn Delossantos

Hi how many days in a week can i use the oatmeal scrub? Thank youu❤️



Vergil Melton

Hello i have blemishes in my cheek area what scrub will works for me? I have oily acne prone skin

unnie khin

What is good for oily skin?

Divina Barros

Pwede po ba sa 12 yrs old ang St. Ives?

Loh Xin

Do we still need cleanser after using a face scrub?

G_Siason, Princess Millicent

i have oily skin especially in my t zone and also i have blackheads. what can you recommend to me?
im 16yrs old btw

Adriana Luna

I have tiny bumps on my forehead and some tiny red bumps on my cheeks ? can you suggest any st ives scrub that would help me solve my problems ??

Angelica Sagum Silvestre

I am using St.Ives Apricot now for my pimples, Is it okay if i will use the St. Ives Blackhead Clearing Scrub too after using the Apricot Scrub?


I developed dry sensitive skin and fine lines since turning 31 and found I couldn’t use any product or exfoliator for a good year besides Nivea cream. Couldn’t even use micellar water without my face burning up.
It started when I used an electric cleansing brush and some other exfoliating product, came up in a big rash under one eye and next thing I knew I had lines under my eyes.
So last week I bought the st ives fresh face scrub and collagen cream. And it’s been a life changer.
My skin is now smooth as a baby’s butt and no lines!
Best part is my foundation now looks so much better and doesn’t settle in the lines or dry up in patches.
I’ve missed feeling good in my makeup and I’m so happy that now In just a week my skin has been transformed back to normal.

BP15 Mahsurie

Which one is better for me?? I hve bad acne and blackheads ???

Sarah Tricia

I have oily and acne prone skin what St. Ives products should I use?

Eliza Antonio

New subscriber here! ? Can I ask what type of St. Ives scrub is best for my skin? Mines combination type. Sometimes it's dry but most of the time it is oily. I hope you notice this! I love you review. ? Godbless!


Does the oatmeal scrub give you a really fresh and clean feeling?

Is it really hard to wash it of??

Nasira fathima fathima

Which one is very mild and help to skin whitening?

Jaimie Belle Lavarias

I have a tiny bumps/fungal acne (?) On my forehead,what scrub can I Use?

niko nikoru

I have oily and dry skin with blackheads, what type of st ives scruh should i use?


I have a family member who works with skin and masks and she said that some st. Ive items aren’t good for your skin like the lemon radiant stuff the apricot scrub and the other scrubs some are good like the green tea scrub but some aren’t... so keep that in mind when you buy st.ives

Ridge Coleen Marquez

I'm planning to buy one and I'm torn between the oaymeal and the green tea. :( I have blackheads but also a dry to sensitive skin.

Paul lawrence Tamayo

I'm a acne prone skin what St. Ives should I take

abu ali

My skin is so dry and have also acne. Which one can i use?

Jonalyn Bustamante

Good for acne prone and oily skin?

Litzy Rivera

What do you recommend for oily skin and pimples and lot of black heads and white heads what would be better green tea or acne control


Hi I have a normal skin with some pimples so wich scrub do you recommend? ?

Im the one

pahug din ako idol

Saranya Palukuri

Plz suggest me st ives which suits my skin my face is filled with full of white heads
Give me reply as early as possible

La Huesuda

Would a moderate or deep exfoliating scrub work better during the winter? If so, which St.Ives scrub would you recommend for colder seasons?

Rima Mondal

Hey.. Thank you for the video. I have Oily skin mostly sometimes combination too, and have little bit of acne problems. I live in India.. Here only 3 of these scrubs are available.. The Apricot one, Oatmeal one, and the Coffee - coconut one...
We don't have here the other ones ? so can you please recommend me one out of the 3 we have here?


Is the coffee and coconut good, I just ordered it??


girllll i just got back from Malaysa with 2 tubes of St. Ives scrub! i cant wait to try them

Aruna Sundaram

Hey I got the coffee and coconut one with deep exfloliation.. But people keep telling me it'll be too harsh on my skin. I'm basically a coffee lover.. And I use the remaining filter coffee pwder (actual one used for drinking) to scrub my fave and body sometimes..it doesn't hurt of damage my skin.. It's pretty soft after it. Would you recommend this to me?
Also, if it's too harsh on my skin.. Can I use it on my body? ??


I use the oatmeal one already for my dry skin. Is there any one of them that you might recommend for red skin from acne?

Bro Bar

Which one is good for acne and also whitening ?

Nica Cansico

which variant can u suggest for people that have whiteheads but wants to remove dead skin cells for glowing skin?

Litzy Rivera

Hi I just saw your video I have very oily skin and I have acne but not the worst Type of acne and a lot of black and white heads on my nose do I use the green tea and the acne control? or what do you recommend

reysheil labating

Hi! Thanks for the review! What is good for oily skin?


Is it ok if i used the acne one day and the oatmeal another??(like i used the acne scrub today tmr i will use the oatmeal) ?

Christelle Dadang

I have a pimple plus oily face myabe because of my pimples and lot of blackheads in my nose, what St. Ives product should I use?

Aᴅʀɪᴀɴᴀ Vᴇɴᴇᴍᴀ

Guys please don’t use the apricot scrub because the primary ingredient is crushed walnut shell which has jagged edges and can make tiny tears in the skin. I watch Hyram and he has many helpful tips if you struggle, but don’t use some of St. Ives’ products because it will not benefit your skin. This was not meant to hate its only to help educate??


Hi, I do have pimples, what scrub can I use??

sisi ttie

Is it ok to try 2 products in one week? I mean i will use the oat one and the next day is the pink one

Kuya Jay Co

Hi!I have a question. The oatmeal will you use the srub and mask or you can combine?


I use the pink lemon scrub and it works sooo good I use that along with the body wash. Very exfoliating and makes your skin glow but it won’t work for everyone

Faith Maralli

I have a dry skin, acne and blackheads. What can you recommend to me. I'm 17 yrs old...

Dejanique Knaff

You have beautiful skin ?


i have combination skin and tiny bumps on my cheek and forehead, i also have blackheads. what can you recommend for me?

MyMy Sanchez

Ever since I started using their oatmeal scrub my skin hasn't looked any better

Sarah UwU

I used their green tea scrub on my nose because of my black heads, the stuff Litterally caused ABRASIONSnad TEARS!! Then I went to wash it off (it doesn’t wash off well) and it got into my eyes and made me BLIND for a few hours. Yep. Days later my nose was still red and teared - up

Yasmin Hossain

My skin type is dry to combination which scrub I can use?

Jun Valdriz

I'm 15 years old what scrub best for me??, I have combination skin

Yasinta F

Hi...is it ok if i use the coffe or the pink one as SCRUB then i use the oatmeal one as MASK after scrubbing??


which one would you use for textured skin?

Shechinah Dee

I have a dry skin which product should I use?

Nur Farah

Which one should I get if I have some pimples,blackheads and combination skin?

WinkyDinky 06

Ok my oatmeal mask is way different. It is super thick with a bunch of those little oatmeal bits. It is not milky at all. :( But I still love it and it’s working on my skin well. Since I have sensitive skin my mom would only let me get gentle rather than moderate or deep.

Me Labbz

J have some pimples, pimple marks and some blackheads too. What is good to use for it?

Kaye Azuero

I have a combination skin and i'm also acne-prone. Which one can you recommend??

Tataling Labo

Does the green tea scrub eliminate whiteheads?

Jaimie Belle Lavarias

What scrub can you recommend for sensitive skin? Thanks in Advance !

rosxy bubbles

Hi :) I have combo skin, and get pimples in my t zone, and I have a few tiny blackheads and other blemishes and dark circles? What would you recommend? ?

A Girl

My skin combination and acne. Which one better? And also whitehead

Hood baby Sheet

I used the st. Ives face scrub and I woke up the next day and my whole face was swollen why?

Carlos Chavez

For what skin do you recommend the coconut and coffee scrub energizer? (brown st ives bottle) and how should I use? Morning or night time use?

Espie Aguhar

I have combination skin and don't have any acne or pimple marks, I just want to improve my skin condition and reduce some of my redness. What do you recommend for me? And is it ok for me to use a face scrub even if I'm only 14 yrs .old?

P.S I'm not really good at English

Tuba Erum

I don't have acne or pimples but I have little bumps on my face and my skin is normal to oily can someone please tell me which scrub is good for my skin among them.. ? ? ❤️

• n i q u e •

I have a sensitive and oily skin i also have some whiteheads in my and some small bumps on face ...what scrub can you recommend to me?

justbourge thegreat

I have tiny dark spots on my face, seems like freckles, what can you recommend

Najmi Wahdaniah

I have normal skin with pimples, what st. Ives product should i use?

Mary Ann Mary Ann

I started using the St. Ives Apricot Scrub last week and I noticed some little bumps, pimple-like bumps on my face. Should I stop it already?

Seema yasmeen

Which one do u suggest for extremely dry skin

Narolin Peña

hello I want to know what is the difference between "st.ives acne control" AND "St.ives fresh skin"(apricot). I have spots and black marks on my face and I would like to know which of the St.ives products could work for me face. I would also like to know if I could use "St.ives blackhead clearing and st.ives acne control".I am15 years old

Kathkai Benitez

i have millia and normal skin what can i use?

kameni precious

Since you don't advice those with acne go scrub? What do you use

Vivian Lu

No one! Should be using the apricot scrub!!! It causes micro tear in your skin. And please watch real dermatologists’ review