Oil bump on nose

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HOW TO Get Rid of A Keloid (Nose Ring Bump)

14 560 views | 17 Apr. 2017

Hey guys! I know most

Hey guys! I know most people suffer from keloids when they get a piercing and end up taking it off due to it; this helped me soooo much! Hopefully it helps one of you guys who get one


I don’t have tea tree oil but I have tea tree oil soap. Would that work ?

Becca bean

I'm going to do this tonight just changed to a nose ring after 6 weeks and it just came up when you make the paste do you just put the paste straight on there on it own with Cotten bud and that's it? Just over night


I did this on my Tragus keloid and my bump got bigger overnight ?? but now Im just using tea tree oil by itself and it’s getting smaller. These nasty ass keloid things are so annoying ???

roxana ortiz



I have a keloid inside my nose on the hole of the nose ring..will it be good to put it inside my nose?

Stephany Oneill

My keloid is bad ! Thank god I found this video ?


I hope this works because I had my bump go away and come back and now it's rlly big and i want it gone so bad omg


What type of salt ? Regular or sea salt

BAM Martin

I have one on my ear for about five years will it help me☹️?


My nose ring fell out because of my keloid!!! Now I have this big ass red bump inside of my nose & my piercing hole is closed ? what do I do ???!


I'm gonna try this. . do you still clean it regularly during the day thoo ..

The infamous redd

It truly did work!! I did it for two days and it just fell completely off my nose

rena luvs2hoop

i hope this works cause im going to try it :)

Channy Guy

What’s the brand of the tea tree oil ?

LUV Sweets

Does it really work ....!? I’m stressing over my keliod it’s been getting nastier

Patty Garcia

I was trying a keloid removal method but it stopped working. I am so trying this I have sea salt tho


Ima try it tomorrow follow up with me...

Jeyma Romero

Is the bump supposed to turn dark ? Cuz mine did idk if that’s normal.

The Briz

What's the brand of the Tea Tree Oil?

Steffany Colleran

Oh I'm going to try this! I use the collagen serum from that same brand! Xx ?

Maria Garcia

Does it have to be 100% tea tree oil?

Destiny Roberts

I'm trying this later on what salt?? And I only had my piercing for four weeks now and it showed up like 2 days ago I'm really scared cause idk what to do I tried piping it came back again

Alexa Marin

Would you sleep with on your nose then the next morning wash it off ?

Pauline A.

How many times per day can you do this? Just at night time? Thank you so much for this video!! Xo

Britney Cruz

This video helped me so much!! It took a good week and a couple of days to go completely away so don’t get frustrated if it’s not going away as planned. Everyone is different! I used a bit of warm water, tea tree oil and sea salt and got the same consistency! Also I did it twice a day and it does make ur nose a bit dry.. Hope this helps!

angelice gonzalez

Im trying this during the day and it stings and itchy should i just leave it on through out the night to cure it faster?

Damiee Chalmers

can I use regular salt ?

Mel Angelice

is it supposed to turn a dark color?

Sony West

Is the stinging normal? Lol

Shar-Dae Sward

I put some on my keloid and it's stinging a little. Is that normal?

Noraleen Diaz

Is that see salt your using or regular salt

India J.

Hey I have been doing this method for almost a week and have def noticed a change in this annoying ass bump I’ve had for months. I have been adding alittle bit of water to the sea salt and tea tree oil mix. Do you think it would be better to just try it without adding the water?

Shamar Ellis

This video should get more views. This video was short & fucking helpful ! .... love the enthusiasm.?

leena victoria

Is this being used as a spot treatment or as a scrub

tiara White

I’m going to try and use it

Kaitlyn Daun creations! Nelson

I'm using it tonight because my nose piercing has a keoild its so bad

Blanca & Manuel

Alright imma use this lets see if it works for me bc sea salt soaks have not worked at all

Chey Gloria

What salt did you use?

Ba S

paste: made
nose: slathered
results: to be seen

Kaitlyn Daun creations! Nelson

Is it suppose to sting a bit?

Jenny Dinh

I TRIED EVERYTHING AND NOTHING WORKED BUT THIS DID!!!!!!!! omgggg thank you! but this was making my nose so dry! is there anything i can do?


PLEASE HELP. What kind of salt do I use ???

My lovely Played

I will try i hope getting a good thing

Shruty Sakpal

Hi! Buddy does this solution makes the bump more thick the next morning. Because I used this and it thickened. Does it means it is drying out?

rena luvs2hoop

three weeks later and i still have a keloid there

Kayy r

What kind of salt

Alicia Aleman

I’m gonna try and use this to see if it gets rid of my keloids on my shoulders

Emilia Camacho

did you do the paste thing every night or just for 1 night?


When he pulled out the shot glass I was dead lol

Oil bump on nose

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How To Get Rid Of Nose Piercing Bump, Mini Haul, + GIVEAWAY! | JuicyJas

54 536 views | 7 May. 2019

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Jasmine | JuicyJas ♡

Ashley Hansen

Idk how I didn't see this vidoe??! Normally ur vidoes always pop up!? But I jus love yr vlogs!!!

marina mak

Marinamakkk is my insta ! ❤️ love this video just got my nose pierced

Cheyenne Westry


IG: xoxocwestry


Would love to have a nose piercing but I'm a coward and scared of pain? ig:marie_ann1485

Jackie Ortega

@jackieeduhh_ ❤️

Bridgett Melendez

hey girl! i consistently had a bump for about 2 years that never went away until about 3 months ago! I would mix the saline solution, non iodized salt and tea tree oil into a paste and would leave it on over night. And then in the morning i would wash it off, clean it with the saline and apply tea tree oil. It took about 2-3 weeks for it to completely go away but it’s the only thing that’s worked for me. It started to form again since i was picking at it lol and did the paste and in two days it was gone! hopefully this helps!


Hi! I just got my nose pierced and I have a little pimple too :/ I'm going to try this paste! Hope it works.
P.S. Bernard is the cutest pup ???
Ig: ohhsostacey

kit smith

The times with Bernard are so adorable! ? I love your mama voice, it's so cute?

Steadily Starkey

Love a good vlog! Thanks for sharing?
IG: thebayoubrunette

Tiffany Moss

Omg Bernard in the backyard doing zoomies is SO PRECIOUS ? he was so happy to be out there. Love your vlogging content btw!

Twitter is @spiffykiffy16

Alexis Villote

I love watching your videos!!! IG: alexisvillote

Celena Gallegos

love every vlog ❤ @simplycelena IG

Dulce Pandelo

Love watching all your videos ?

Cigi Alexander

@Cigi_alexander love yaaa!


Cute outfit! I’m going to go to TJ Maxx & Ross for some affordable new clothes. I’ve recently lost some weight and I need some new summer clothes. IG: curlysam24

Monique Duran

I love your fence and your new fence is good to because it doesn’t look small and you plan good things for the make up channel and the vlog channel ❤️??


Omg. You will love the addidas. Super comfortable. I bought the white one and then maroon ones as well bc i love them and then black ones for my momma.

Megan Snyder

I love that wound wash. We used it when we all got our ears pierced and it was awesome!

Yessica Ceja-Paniagua

Nose piercings can take lo her to heal for somone people. Wish I had this video when I had mine. I took mine out because my baby would hurt it so much ?and I felt like it was taking for ever to heal. Love you!! [email protected]gmail.com

Saradipity Do

I love piercings but they’re also soooo annoying. I feel your struggle boo ?? cute vlog ? my IG is stylesonsarita


you should've pierced it with a stud, a hoop won't let it heal because it's moving & the bump will keep coming back


Your so pretty?

Shariss Monrose

Girl I've been subscribed to your beauty channel and never realized i haven't been subscribed to your vlog channel. Lol im so slow lol

Victoria Curry

Les had this same issue! She tried putting in a real hoop to help her but it didn’t work! I hope it gets better soon! ❤️

Ig: Victoria.curry12

Jordan Wells

I want my nose pierced and now ur making me want it done asap lol IG makeupaddict42020


My favorite YouTuber ?
Keep up the great work!! ??

Arianna Peña

Bernard is such a little baby, I love when my dogs get the zoomies too, it's hilarious and adorable ??❤

IG: ariannalujan

Mistie A

I love you so much, you are one of those fewest ones I watch!!❤❤
[email protected]gmail.com

Elizabeth Trejo

Jas I have eczema too ? have you tried Vanicream? They sell it at Walmart. It tames my eczema more than any other over the counter cream/lotion I've tried ... and I've tried a lot lol also African black soap has helped the eczema on my thighs ... also available at Walmart ?
[email protected]yahoo.com

Cornelia S

I use tea tree oil on my scalp for a massage ? it’s so soothing

Marie I Vega-Jose

Villana ?‍♀️ aquí ?? ? [email protected] or makeup_togo_by_marie ?

Zuleica De Leon

Hey jas! I wish you would have checked out UrbanBody Jewelry YouTube before you took your piercing out. I had a bump on my nose and his information has helped so much. Everything he says makes total sense with nose piercings. He has three very informational videos on how to to properly heal your piercing, clean and how to use the tea tree oil if you get that bump. Thought I would let you know just in case you were to ever want your piercing back ❤️

Mia Reneé

Thank you for the Awesome Tips - also Love ❤️ Love Your Pancakes ?!! IG = @uptownmom47

My 3GuineaPigs

I got my nose piercing omg 4/3 and I pulled it by mistake and got a nose bump. Mine went away with the sea salt within 3 days. Tea tree oil did nothing for me.

Bianca Cantu

I love all your videos ???
Instagram bcantu87

Melissa Rivera

I’d feel the same way asking them to move! My insta is xomelissa205 love you!!!


tea tree oil is the best !

nina derosa

Do you still have the nose ring??

Meghan Birkinbine

I have a big bump on my nose ring that hurts like crazy.. I’ve tried to do a few things but nothing seems to be working. Someone told me to pop it with a needle that’s been cleaned. But I’d rather try tea tree oil pastes. ^^

Olivia Houston

Kiss lashes are amazing ? I hadn't tried them until you recommended them and I'm definitely glad I gave them a whirl
IG: olivia.houston_

Naomi Guerra

Lol when you said eww I need to gets my nails done I literally has replayed the part of the video because If you wouldn’t say anything girl trust me I wouldn’t even knowers lol ?

Amber Whatley

I know this video was a while ago, but my first nose piercing was with a hoop and I had a keloid for a while.... I heard tea tree oil just irritates, I just used super hot salt water soaks and it went away eventually. And after I got my other nostril pierced, I was told not to get a piercing done with a hoop, it can cause trauma from turning and moving.. and I got a stud in my other nostril and never had an issue! :-)

Jasmine Cotto

girl i pierced my nose and that got infected and every piercing after that including my nipples those took nine months to heal then i got pregnant with the twins lol but yours looks great girl

serena hernandez

I love you're videos. You're like a big sister! Im going on 3 years watching you. I stumbled apon your 2016 morning routine as I'd just finished HS. And wanted to have more routine mornings. I remember you going on the apple cider vinegar diet with your mom and it didn't go very well! IG: XO.SH.XO [email protected]gmail.com

Lauren Cogle

Thank you for the tips on getting rid of nose piercing bump! I’ll have to do this myself!

IG: cogle_lauren12

Nicole Hart

Aww Bernard is the cutest!! ?Love ya jas?? ig: @yosoynicki

Cristal Pineda

Your nose piercing looks good on you , now I want to get one ? but I actually want to get the conch piercing ? ! Always love your videos ❤️?
IG: _crxstaal

Maria Cabral

Hey Jas, I had a keloid on my tragus for a while. I tried EVERYTHING! Saline spray, tea tree oil, the salt mixture and nothing worked. The only thing that got rid of it was Chamomile tea. I made the tea like usual, then put a cotton pad on the keloid. It went away in less than 5 days! And it hasn’t returned!Hope this helps you or anyone else?
[email protected]gmail.com


I’ve been dying to play with the villain collection!! If I buy it myself I’ll feel guilty but if it’s a gift then...? ima makeup addict ?? IG: l0ndra_

Queen Kassandraa11

When getting pizza do you just ask for vegan cheese or do you eat regular pizza ?

Megan Vo

after seeing your piercing, i rly wanna get more ?

insta: megaann_x3

Leah Marie

I am soooooo happy you rescued Bernard!! He is the perfect dog!!! ig: leahhhmua

Kristine Flamez

Ig: ugly_mutt
Love love love your videos !


I completely agree, I got a pimple also right by my piercing and everyone kept telling me stuff but I take care of it way too much so I knew it wasn't something so bad. Anyways thanks for this video and thank you for being you!!!
Instagram; iikariinaa

Lavondre Van Eden

Dayam u laughing is soo sexy hahah but yeah. .,.

Doggy running around makes me wants a pitty As well hahah my love's nick is Pitty cause he is so muscular and petite lol. .but yeah nice vid hey. .. sorry if I'm so irritating but I'm just catching up on ur vids hey

Mayeli Denise

I swear by this stuff for piercings! ? IG: glambymayeli


Watching your videos while feeding/burping my baby is so therapeutic (to me )?

Email: [email protected]gmail.com

Danae Vidal

I absolutely love tea tree oil it’s amazing !

instagram: deev.i

Jennifer Velasquez

Bernard is a cutie:)
Ig: velasquezz_jenniferr

Genesis Vazquez

I love the tips!? @miasmommie0822

Shayna B

I want a nose piercing but the bump scares me! Btw I need that color pop collection! @punkandraysmama on Instagram ???

Carolynn Elizabeth

I just got my tongue pierced for the third time. Talk about pain ??
I got my nose pierced twice and the first time SUCKED. Second time was so much better. My piercer was amazing the second time!!

Jasmine Palea

Getting my nose pierced tomorrow!!!

IG: prettyhawaiianthang

Jo-ann Stanusch

I really enjoy watching your makeup videos..you are very genuine and your videos are great... JoAnn from Vancouver Canada

Skye Burrage

Bernard is the cutest I cannnott??? I love your vlogs , I feel like we’re friends having a convo ‼️???


Emily Kate is the winner!

Hannah Wade

I love watching your videos. I’m new to makeup and trying to learn. ?
Insta: (_hannah_wade_)

Camia Page

A piercer told me along time ago if u Change the stud u was pierced with to fast to a hoop you’ll develop a bump cause it’s causing irritation

Life As Kiri

Yay ? missed your vlog vids


Warning about tea tree oil. It's incredibly potent, strong, and shouldn't really be used directly on the skin. Depending on your skin type, it could absolutely burn you and make things worse. Always test it out on your skin first before putting on a piercing


I never watched vlogs until I found yours through your beauty channel! love how much you put into them! #perfection IG: livlyy88

Kiana Rosbrook

Love your channel! @princesakiana

Dayse Lopez

IG: aad2808
Never miss any of your videos , please don’t change ?

michelle sanchez

love your videos???, i also just got a nose piercing and it’s recovering really well?? instagram- michellesbeauty97

Julia Marin

When I got my nose periced... They said to get bactine... And my nose didn't get red at all... See if that helps... I bought mines at Walgreens...

IG: julias_vida

sahiba a.

Been eating healthy and that pizza looks delicious rn haha ig: @sa.hibaa

Brittany Ventura

Hey Jasmine, how tall are you?


i always watch your videos as soon as you upload ? you’re so pretty and never stop uploading !! @geneleeeeee


I love you and I love Disney

Jessica Torres

Email Jesssi11627.com
Girl your my favorite youtuber cause I been watching you for years and you haven't change at all. Like all the youtube girl's now getting there boobs and a bbl done..your so kind and sweet and hope you never change.. Love you

Melissa Julie

Ig: Trustmissy6155
Love your vlogs


I love lashes too. But I went on eBay and Amazon and found the biggest glam lashes 25mm.

Klarissa Lerma

I looveee you! ❤️❤️ @glamgirlkay

Nussh S

Love your vlogs!!! Instagram: nusshaas

stephanie v

did you get your shoes ? (adidas) are they comfortable?

Pineapple Jalapeno

Jasmine, how has your piercing healed with the tea tree, so you continue to use oil in it? Please give me an update?? I got my nose pierced and I developed the bump but I’ve been using witch hazel and aloe vera to treat mine

Lindsey Robinson

Love you girl!! You’re videos are my fave!! IG: lindsss222

C Sullivan

I literally watch your vlogs bc you always have the best food!!! And very healthy most of the time. I love when you say the recipes I always go get the ingredients

Laura Torres

Can you do a makeup look with glasses? Thanks @torrlau01

Destiny Rodriguez

I love all your videos ?? ig: _destinny13

Maria Galvan

Try crushed up aspirin with a little water so it makes a paste and leave it overnight on your bump for a couple days and the bump goes away quick , worked for me ?

Genevieve Nuon

Love you so much! My IG is xoxo_geni ?

Niokia Johnson

For some reason? I like watching u there's not that many youtuber's i watch the only ones I watch
Jazz & tae
But mostly you & jazz & tae i don't watch no one else

Chelsea Hunt Strickland

[email protected] I'd leave my ig but I don't feel like looking to see what my name is on there lol. LOVE YOOOOOUUUUU!


Sea salt and water have helped my piercing! It was painless and worked like a charm

Larissa Mendieta

You are so beautiful inside & out? Instagram issa_boo2

Jazmyn Soto

Ig: _jazmyn.s


I pierced my own nose. I pulled a piece of cartilage off right after. Applied pressure on the whole thing. Inside and out. Never had a problem. I have the straight one. Will be looking for a ring soon. Love your videos.

Callie Moulton

Bernard is so adorable, omgggg!!!!! ig: cmoulton

Mattt Hittaaa

Love your videos :))
Ig :hitaaah_

Oil bump on nose

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498 views | 13 Nov. 2020

Having a piercing can be

Having a piercing can be all shade of amazing until a bump sets in, in this video I have carefully explained how to get over this roller coaster in just a week


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Chidinma Anifowoshe

"I don't want to show my boyfriend" ????

Onyi Beebee

This is nice and helpful

Favour Osaigbovo

Can cooking salt be used?

tobi samuel

?... Nice ♥

Ifeoma Ulasi

I love your videos!!!! They always make my day♥️♥️ I always look forward to your updates

Catherine Emiliana

This is insightful Sylvia ❤

Can the nose ring be removed and put back on like we do with earrings?

Wisdom Chibuike

Lol ?, I know you are still pissed at that person