Styled natural hair

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Wash, Blow Dry and Flat Iron Routine for Short Natural Hair (TWA/Pixie Cut)! ▸ VICKYLOGAN

484 578 views | 31 Jan. 2017

I used Carol's

I used Carol's Daughter Almond Milk line to ensure the quality of my hair was soft and easy to straighten. #NoHairRules! Get it here! → http://bit.ly/VICKYxALMOND

Never be afraid to straighten your natural hair! If you use the right products and safe techniques you too can achieve a straight style without adding damage.

Heat protectant (optional) http://www.carolsdaughter.com/monoi-oil-sacred-strengthening-serum/820645219144.html?cgid=hair-collection-monoi#start=5&cgid=hair-collection-monoi

Tangleteezer http://go.magik.ly/ml/3kyf/

Blow Dryer http://go.magik.ly/ml/3kyg/

Mini Flat iron http://go.magik.ly/ml/3kyh/

Flat iron http://go.magik.ly/ml/3kyi/



Twitter → victoriouslogan

Instagram → victoriouslogan

Snapchat → vickylogan

Periscope → victoriouslogan



PO Box 2432




(please NO personal/advice emails!) ↓

[email protected]

CC: [email protected]



Camera → Canon 60D http://amzn.to/29Rz2Uh

w/ 50 mm lens

Lighting → http://amzn.to/29SlwD9

Software → Final Cut Pro X http://go.magik.ly/r/vickylogan/d9a6/

Music → Kedam: Shy girl


FTC: Sponsored by Carol's Daughter.


Psalms 91:1

Sebastian's not Ordinary Life

Does it hurt you when you flat iron your short hair?

Tia Blue Burrell

I just colored my hair blue and didn’t realize the heat from flat ironing will change the color. How do you flat iron your red hair with out loosing your color. My color is semi permanent blue after bleaching and toning. Love the color but hate the fade. How did u not loose your color.

The Jamaican Girl Sings

Loving your hair!!


I thought pixie was shorter than your hair mines is two times shorter that’s a pixie and I thought I found someone who have the same length to show me how to style this short thang however I loved your hair can’t wait to get that length again.

Ashley Renee

Where u get that scarf ?

Erica H

AMAZING tutorial!
I love it. You did a great job, and very detailed. Gave me style inspo


Your hair turned out beautiful! Mine is at this same stage and i been wondering how to do this at home thank u

Tamar Kalokalo Rabosea

Thanks for the video dear!

Mama Bird

I absolutely love your hair it's so similar to mine and this video is extremely helpful for me thank you thank you thank you❤❤❤

F Green

Your the only video that helped me with my new cut hair!!!! OMG thank you.

Whittney Anderson

Cute ?


This is cuuuuute sis!?

Laser 132

I love your pixie cut?


I miss short hair on you ???

Sam Issakid

I love this you did tht sus?

Mary J Flanagan

Thanks for making this video.

Tijuana Cheeks

Beautiful! This is EXACTLY what I needed to watch in order to get my thick hair how I want it to look. Thank you!

Sharnece Thomas

Love,love,love. Thanks for thr tips!

Tijuana Cheeks

Super cute hairstyle and that color looks great on you!

Jay Jaegseun

You look like Janelle Monate omg


I like your hair colour

Sebastian's not Ordinary Life

You look magnificent.

Pauline Manning

Where did u gt that hair dryer i would like to gt one

Rachel Warner

Watching this is just showing me that I've been doing everything wrong lmaooo

Deja Weyrough

Vicky cut your hair again!

Nagla Adam

i am NEVER going to strighten my hair ever cuz one of my friends she starightens her hair alot and her ends kinda fell off i dont know how is that even possible but it is so yeah ? btw she is a natural

Joey’s Asscheeks

I wanna cut hair like that! It’s so cute!

Saniah Janaé

Did you get your back tapered ?

Ms. Jazzy


Lynda Shepherd

That color is hitting girly. Really cute

Jordyn Smith

will this be permenatly straight or just for now

Takaela Brown

Flawless! ?

Reema Naturaltoo


Taylor Shantell

This looks great wth

My_Slice Of_The_Pie

How long does it take to do your hair?

Ell’e Mei

You are doing too much talking ?


I LOOOOOOOVE! I'm pass the stage of wanting to do my own hair lol. During this quarantine, I'm itching to cut my hair into a pixie bowl look.

Kia Scott

Omg this is gorgeous! I wanna try this with my pink hair ?

Alecia Billups

So cute!

Casherel Thirdkill

Hey! Did you have your hair trimmed a certain way prior to flat ironing? It turned out really cute. I like that look. I'm just wondering if it was trimmed prior to the flat iron stage?

Angie Meshel

She reminds me of the girl off of that movie house party the boy sister

WYD store reviews

Very nice.

Rose-Ashleigh Johnson


Cathryn Penn

You look pretty with and without makeup and you SLAY this hairstyle ?

journey Bond

i am so glad i found this video because my hair is the same way yours is its short on the sides and back but long on top and i always have such a hard time straightening it but you really helped?

Afred Frensky

Omg sooo nice!! ??

Frankie Clo


Missphotogenic Baby

you are so pretty! red looks amazing on you!

Mack Cherry Jr


Ana Perez

Finally I find the video I needed to find what can I do with my hair. My hair is exactly the same length like on this video. Thank you so much for posting. ❤

Dee Doherty

Absolutely love this! Thank you so much - really helpful

Charlene Gaiters

What color did you use to dye your hair? I love it


Such an adorable style. Do you have a video of when you cut you’re hair in the actual style? What curling iron did you use to complete the look?


What color is the red you have in your hair?

Sabrina Harris

You sound like t boz

Keesha Maitland-Barreau

Gorgeous! Nicely done!

Gina Lee, RN

Where did you get your head scarf? I’ve been looking for something that lays really flat.

Babydoll Giggles

Omg super cute

Tameka Blair

You so pretty ? , love the color and style it’s grown into ?

Shadow Play in the Woods

Great hair!

April H. M.

Great video. Thank you 4 sharing. It came out soooo pretty. How long does your hair stay straight in this style and what do u do at night?

Léa da silva

Pensei que apenas as brasileiras colocavam sacos plásticos na cabeça kkkk

Kanon Dillard

Your so pretty!!

CoCo_ PoppinJewels

Carols Daughter tangled my hair so bad it was ridic??

Breezy Godiva

You are very pretty. You remind me of Lil Mama.

Lachan Gill



You are the only person on YouTube who I've seen use the blow dryer with the comb the way it was meant to be used. Everyone else hold the blow dryer in one hand and a regular comb in the other. I was wondering why they don't just use the comb that attaches to the blow dryer? I was beginning to think I was the only one lol

Cash Chaser

What hair color did u use


this is soooooo nice omgggg

Queen Adeshola Ajetumobi

Lovely ?

pSd Peters

OMgosh!!! Never thought having best of both worlds was possible. Thankyou!!!! For posting this

Paula Martinas

Soo pretty nice video

Kerece Stewart

you gave me hope for my hair. i am trying to grow out my tapered cut but it is the most awkward thing to style when 'dress up' events come around and i don't wanna cut it again. Thank you!

Abrianna Katan

Your voice is so soothing to the ears your hair is so nice

Jay Lee

Man I saw that plastic bag and I was like yessss ??

T Buchanan

I appreciated how you did your hair old skool...over the sink, tshirt dry, bag condition. I really loved how you shown the hair dryer you used. Many video skip that part.

Kat Perez

That explains why my purple color washed out so fast!! I always been washing wit warm water now I now wash with cold water and color safe products

Rosalind Whittaker

I just love your hair; and you're so gorgeous; love your make-up too!

Mln MZ87

Gorgeous ❤



Felicia Szczepanski

BEAUTIFUL! You AND your hair! Thanks for sharing your technique!

mildly mortified

soooo... after flatironing, my hair looks like how yours did after blowdrying..... ??‍♀️

Dannie Brazile

This IS A Look Honey ‼️❤️


I just had my hair cut and your video has helped me learn how to style my new look. Thank you ?

Baby Doll

What did u use to get that nice red

Life Tv

been following u for a while didn't realize i wasn't subscribed i should be# 300k congrats


I so miss your haircut!!! It fits you well!! I’m natural and had this cut when I was relaxed. I’ve been natural for two years now and considering cutting it again.


What do you use to protect against humidity?

Jasmine Scott

Where can i find these products

Zhariya Davis


Ebony Walker

do i have to have a perm to do this hairstyle?

Renee Price

This looks so pretty

Averri Sings

Very Pretty. Kind of look like Kelly Rowland.

Latto Mummi

Omggg I thought I was the only one that could the water down for the last rinse my dad taught me that when I was little and I've done it ever since


Beautiful ?

Natalie Anne

SUPER CUTE color and cut!

Kamisha Westmoreland

I wish my hair would lay like that

Vm M

Anyone know where I can find that hair scarf?

Tasheena Burrell

I have been natural for 3 months is it safe to add heat to my hair I'm kind of scared to add heat to my hair


Is it bad that i wanna do this and i'm a guy?

Styled natural hair

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Quick and Easy Go-To Natural Protective Style | Braided Pony

447 958 views | 16 Feb. 2018

Continous Spray Water

Continous Spray Water Bottle: http://amzn.to/2EHgLgD

BEST Online Natural Hair Store: http://bit.ly/2LVPy9Q

Check out my favorite go-to natural hair protective style!! If you can braid, try twists it's just as cute!


Products Used:

- Shea Moisture JBCO Leave-In (http://amzn.to/2DZXAei)

- Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie (http://bit.ly/2JsThO0)

- ECO Styler Black Castor and Flaxseed oil Gel




NAO - Bad Blood (Remix)


Follow me on Social Media!!!

IG: @diamondcandytv

Twitter: @diamondcandytv

SC: diamondcandy_1



Canon t6i Rebel

Adobe Premiere Pro

Diva Ring Light


FTC: This video is not sponsored, however, some of the links provided may be affiliate links. The use of these links is in no way reflective of coercion by the brand etc. It simply means that if my personal use of a product leads to a sale, I will be commissioned a percentage of that sale, rightfully so.

Panda Vines

Hey please do the most and subscribe to my YouTube channelhttps://youtu.be/LT2h8gLRE84

Korah Lennon

i lay my edges with the same toothbrush ?

lisa darlene

i´have tried it.Every person appreciate it


I'm probably late but I received so many compliments from this style &&it was quick, easy and lasted for a few days. Thank you so much for the great tutorial!

ali giriunas

okay ummmm why are you so cute lol. this is the first video I've watched of yours, I loved this video! The hairstyle was so cute too! I'm definitely trying this on my hair, thanks (:

The 3D Famili

Excellent song choice! Love that song ?. This video is so helpful I will be buying all these products that you used. Your hair is so long and curly. # blessed

Diamond S

That spray bottle tho????

Linda Elira

It looks amazing!!

Francene Rose

It's cute love it

Natalie Franklin

this was so cute! where can you get hair jewelry at?

Mia'samazing Sims creating

I like how she got straight to the point like I'm not here to waste time


ok so first of all :: she uses similar products as me ,, second of all :: she has a v v similar hair texture as me ( 3c//4a ) & so that made me subscribe as soon as i watched the vidd ??

Bàmbí :x

Omg love that u used NAO song ?

Oti Motii

I used this style and it was perfect and easy to do


Where can I purchase those hair jewelries?



swavey chisom

Just gotta clean up the back of neck hun

Alexia Infinity

Are you going to pangea?

Be Shambre

I really loved this but i can't braid !

latoya Wesson

Perfection I gotta try that.....

Magaly Stephanie

Quick & to the point !! Deff gotta try this I can’t do the heat on my hair this summer is HAWTTTT ok ???

Symone Perry

You are so beautiful omg?

Mia Johnson

what kind of spray bottle is that ??

Mariana DeSilva

So cute

Arria Janece

my hair never stays laid down?‼️ i’ve tried ebin, eco styler, 48 hour hold and another kind and they haven’t worked. Help?!


This was so cute! Im doing mine like this now


When you can't braid ?

Isis J.

What if you can’t braid ...

Renee T

Love it!


Did you take hair from both sides?

Shikhastruth life

I just need to use a hairstyle that is more loose since I noticed my hair has been thinning and falling out so much.

Gematria 91

Cool video , you rock

Tiana Oliver

omg this soooo cute i love it!!!!


You look like Nadirah Ali in the thumbnail

Takeshia M Griffin

Girl you pretty and got some long hair

Jey Show

this is cute and simple, love it


She makes it look soo easy ????

Gaby K

What is the type of hair spray bottle you are using?

Archie Beckworth

Hi there Good looking, I am in love with her I am a new subscribed to your YouTube channel she are very beautiful real

Desirae Johanna

Why I use the same toothbrush for my edges... I like it better than my edge comb/brush

Susannah naik

You’re super pretty

Empathandy __

But how long does this look last, I do this style and I have to keep redoing it every morning so it can look fresh. So is it really protecting my hair??? This look is beautiful on you by the way.

Aprillove Aprillove

I can never grad all the hair while I cornrow it’s like my hand to small

Create Your Best Version

very cute!!!


ordered that spray bottle literally as soon as i saw it!


This is cute. Now if I can only learn how to cornrow. And funny thing is I learned how to two strand flat twist from corn rowing.


thank youu i really love that hairstyle so i'm gonna do the same ?

Princess Amara

Important Question:
If I do hairstyles like this,when taking them out will my curls be ruined?Been worried for days?Plz reply...Thanks!

Kyra Martin

Did you cut your hair please reply to me

Thereal_ Va3hh

Yasssss WHATS this song


So cute! ??

Empathandy __

This is so cute but I’m terrible with cornrows, I can do a bomb flat twist though lol

Lajah Gooding


Moonlight Bae

7 months late but i did the style


Cute video

Goddess Noele

Super simple, super cute and I love your dimples!!?

Mard Cosplay

Girl, damn!!! ???


The hairspray bottle is called a salon 360 most sprayer. You can purchase it on amazon or at Sally’s.

Lee Marie

Got a lot of compliments on this style ❤️


music is ugh

Desiree Moore

I wanted to know what water bottle was that you used to spray water on your hair? ???☺️☺️☺️ your so pretty!!!! ✨✨✨✨✨✨

itsjustcarrie _

This is my goto styleeeee

Bailey & Keke

I got hair! And clean underwear! Look at my hang time! Look at my hang time! And I can put it in a bun? 3:00

Taylor Morris

Would this look good on a widows peak

Tyra Rice

This is very cute and simple...thank you...I'm definitely trying this one?

Keyana G.

Loved this video. Your hair came out nice. Is your hair type 4c?

azaria hill

Finally someone with my hair length type & color! Yes girl

Felicia Aldridge

So cute...I did this style today! Yeees I was cute!!!

Sahra Ahmed

Song name plz


Love it!?


I love this style. But I can’t do a braid like that?. I can barely do a flat twist.

L Smith

Wish I can cornrow tho???

S Wendell

Looked like Keysha Cole at the end

Violet Blue

It's a beautiful hair style will it also work with with weave?

Latacia Ross

This style + nao's bad blood(remix)= new sub??

Madison X

If u like bad blood by Nao you might like adore you by her too!

Michelle Lassiter

Luv it!!!

Janiya Jones

She kinda look like funny Mike girl jaliyah

Syerra Forrest

I love this hairstyle ? I have to try

Kamea _Squad

You are very pretty I love your videos

Mischa Campbell

You have my hair!! ❤️❤️

Valencia D.

Simple and cute right up my ally


you’re so beautiful ??


when she sprayed the water it looked like she was spraying fabreeze or w/e

Lyric Epps

welp, another style i can’t use, bc i can’t cornrow ?

bonnie blanco

Where can i buy the edge control??


When I put product in my hair some spots are really greasy later in the day, any tips?

Payton Tunstall

You look like Jaliyah ❤️ but good video

KaylaW 123

Love Love Love this hairstyle thank you so much hun??

Meta- Lifestyle

I love this video, and song.?

Damani Williams

Sis you just saved me from a bad hair day?? new subscriber ?❤️

Kelci Jenkins

Yessss I love it ?


* cries in 4c *

Nancy Hamilton

That's a really cute style, have you used Design Essential stretching creme and edge control products? #diversityin naturalhairstyles, #braidedponytail, #quick&easy

Candace Jones

Keyshia Cole vibes?

Woah Zoeyy

i wanna try this but im scared of how my hair is gonna come out

Kaia Goode

What type of brush do you use?

Sequoia Babyyy

I can’t 4c my hair doing this?

BabyFace Eunice

Idk if its rude or not but i feel like black girls hair is WAY prettier than other girls hair❤

Sandy Ware

She is just too cute with any hairstyle she wears!!!!!

Styled natural hair

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193 479 views | 23 Jan. 2020


I’M SAYING NO TO HEAT ALL 2020! The 5 step healthy hair routine I’ll be following is:

1- absolutely no heat

2- daily moisturizing

3- deep condition at least once a month

4- low manipulation / less handling

5- protective styling


MY DEEP CONDITIONING ROUTINE - https://youtu.be/k32iLaVlK9s


• No-Heat Blow Out Routine - https://youtu.be/ztjcAiajD8Q

• Wash ’n Go Routine - https://youtu.be/x9v5411rL7k

• No-Heat Perfect Curls - https://youtu.be/bnwW_q7lXtY

• 8 Quick Styles - https://youtu.be/6gxDwY-tCOc



INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/thechicnatural

WEBSITE: http://www.thechicisnatural.com

Mia Carter

I would like to know what moisturizer you'll be using on your ends every day!


I cut my hair off back in October after noticing the heat damage, it’s grown a lot since then and feels and looks so much better. I’m never putting heat on my hair again

Ronni rtheorigi

Already started!!

beau knows88

Deep conditioning 2-3x per year? Thats crazy. Once a month should be better. I dc when i wash which is weekly. Ppl complicate wash days and make it longer than it should..

Dream Smith1

I am sooooo down for this...sign me up! Ready for the vegan lifestyle as well. Let's sooooo this!

LaLaLa Santana

I’ve never gone completely NO heat but I only get my hair ironed out twice a year, it’s longer every time it’s almost to my behind and I know it’s because I don’t apply a lot of heat to it...good luck on your journey ?

L. Patrick

I'm doing the reverse - as much heat as my hair deems necessary this 2020. My low porosity hair really needs it... Been on too much restriction for the last 3 years ?.

Good luck! I hope it works out for you ?..


what is ur hair type girl? looks so pretty n full..

Don’t live in fear.

Is bunning a good protective style to grow hair? (Low bun with no gel used) it’s the easiest one for me to do ?


I'm 6 months in with no heat trying to make it to June 20 bc that was when I got the big chop. But good luck

Shad Marie

Your hair needs more deep conditioning.

Kemesha G

Before I came across your video I was thinking to myself I need to take better care of my hair because I wasn’t taking the time out to really treat my hair properly. It’s been a month I haven’t put any heat to my hair so I know I’m a little late for your challenge but I’m on board 2020 #noheat. @ ThechicNatural thank you for this video I feel more confident & better that I’m not alone with the no heat.

Chris Opium

Nicky Menaj ???

Jasmine Balfour

I deep condition once a week, is that weird? Most of the youtubers I watch say they do it once or twice a month. So I’ve been wondering is four times a month too much?

Eclectic Soul

I’m gonna do this! Wish me luck ??

Ibelieve LLL


Melody Cadenza

I need to get back to moisturizing my hair on a regular basis. I’ve definitely been slacking on that smh. I work from home so I rarely even touch my hair since I have nowhere to be. ?

Ncanyiwe Henge

Hooping on?

The Ross Family

I’m with you #noheat2020

Dani theQueen

Love your hair !


I will definitely be following this journey! ?? @zjavaun

Kimberley Kreations

A video on how your moisturize your hair would be great. Thanks for asking. Looking forward to you sharing. :o)

Charlette Jackson

O.k I am in ❤❤❤❤???????

Neenie Fassett

what do u use 2 moisture ur ends wit

Dee Ruff

I would love for you to make a video on how you moisturize your ends each night


So, whoever will join the challenge, you might want to start small, like. Unless you're a VERY focused person or whatever, try 1 month no heat... then go 2 months, then 6 and so on. Because if you start out with no heat for 1 year, you'll most likely fail.

Chelishia Daniel

I definitely want to know the products you use and how you moisturize your hair.

Kay Muziya

Yay!! no heat challenge

Latoija Jones Stewart

Dry hair is the ENEMY. My favorite products are The Curl Smiler and Eco Styler Gel w/ Olive Oil.

Erica G

I did this last year no heat to my hair. My hair grew so much. I'm going for year #2?

Noel Boswell

I'm down...does that include blow drying my wash and go's? Low porosity and cold weather don't mix...just saying


can you share your nighttime routine please?

KristiaL Powell

How can I get fuller looking hair cause my hair feels as if it’s thinning out which scares me so how do I work on getting my hair back to how it was?


Starting today ?


I will be 8 years natural in May. Didn't use heat for the first five years. Flat ironed once in '17, once in '18 and twice in '19. Blowdryed my hair in July, last time using heat. I have some heat damage in the front, it looks like I'm transitioning still in areas from the growth I've had since July. Im thinking about never using heat again

Lavhonda Lee

Ask my teenage Junior High daughter to do the no heat challenge with you and she's up for the challenge

Danetra Henderson

I haven’t done heat on my hair for the last 4 years and after the first year I noticed the difference! I don’t feel like i would go back either! It takes time but I love the difference

Innovative Syd

This is going to be sooooooooo HARD for me.I use heat all the time??‍♀️,it’s so addicting

e love

So I’ve been doing this thing where I put my hair real hair in 2 strand twist when I do box braids. Do you think that method is actually keeping my hair more protected than if I were to just use the ponytail method? It’s really time consuming so if it’s not adding protection I’d definitely quit ?


What do you use as a daily moisturizer?

Jasmine Sincerely

Heat ain’t the devil ladies. You have to use it the right way and prep your hair..


I just blow dried to clip my ends ? but I guess I could join for the remainder of the year.


Trim regularly too

Karen Cumberbatch

Just did a big chop due to heat damage. No more!


I did no heat all of 2019, I plan to do another year

Earthful Uma

love it!!

Breana Hayes

I won't be putting heat in my hair either. I'm on a healthy hair growth challenge. 2019 I put heat in my hair and the lady who did it gave me heat damage. I lost chunks of hair, up to 4 inches worth

Fallon Peters-Protain

I don't straighten my hair out but I do blow dry to get some water out.

Chloe Akoh-Arrey

Can you do a video on how to get straight parts

Kay kay Smalls

I am struggling tryna find a way to wear my hair to work everyday being natural & its to hot at my job for wigs. Idk wht to do

Mo FitLyfe

I'm in no heat 2020, hope i'm not too late

Amanda Simone

How do you trim your hair with no heat? How often do you trim?

Mya Destini

I Haven’t Used Heated The 4 Years I’ve Been Natural, Nothing New To Me


Already did all of 2019 but I planned to do another year so let's goooo

Naturally U Neik

I had minor heat damage in the front part of my hair. I only clipped 3-4 pieces in the front it wasn't too serious. No more heat for 2020 both to blow dryer and flat iron. I've been protective styling every 2 weeks since September 2019 and washing bi-weekly has been working perfect for me. I lightly re-moisturize once or twice a week with rose water and my oil mixture this way my hair does get old to quickly. My go-to is semi flat twists. The only time my hair is out which is once to 2 times a weeks in a curlformer set.

Jasmine English

Thank youuuu! You're truly a blessing to me because I'm beyond lost with my natural hair and breakage. Do you do protein treatments

Tanisha Brown

Can you do a products video? Especially what you use for deep conditioning. Thanks!

Simply Shenequa!

Definitely no heat for me in 2020! Great hair care tips. ??

Ramah H

I missed this last year, but right on time for 2021! I don’t know how I missed you all of 2021? but I have notifications turned on now. Your hair is Glorious!


I deep condition once a week... is that too much?

Delores Burns

My hair was ear length but I left my hair alone for a hole year now I’m waist length


Do you have a deep conditioning video to show what you use and your routine?

Queria La'Shay

I'm actually going to do this with you because I've been complain about my hair for the past 2 weeks LOL

Deborah Rigby

I did that last year?? just once a year????????

jaden Edwards- Barron

I just made a promise to myself not to straighten my hair for a year and then I saw this video!!! I need the motivation, can’t wait to see your progress!


I love your hair ?

Tina B

I would also like to know what you’re moisturizing with. I’m ready for this challenge!!

Kemi .A.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us. My hair thrives and fries more and faster with protective styles. I also try to moisturizer my hair more even in my protective styles. People forget to do that. Thanks again.

Jamila Abdulsalam

Please definitely give us a video of your products. Thinking of changing but im a bit anxious.

Mutsa Machiha

I am on a healthy hair journey as well. I just trimmed my hair and want to take better care of it. Will definitely try this with you. Looking forward to seeing or hearing from you on how to moisturise hair every day and how you will be protective styling with minimum manipulation.

Ronni rtheorigi

Deep conditioning routine video?

Tswarelo Tswa

Why are you not moisturizering your hair when doing blowout


No heat 2020 just joined you!!

Robin Booker

Im down! No heat 2020!!

Anne Brown

How do you moisturize every night? Video please

Kamaria Hatten

Hey Kim what kind of hair products do you use?


How are you going to trim your hair than of you don’t straighten it?


Me too and im not putting glue on my hair anymore straight cornrows and wigs period

Trethegamer 2020

What is your hair porosity? ?

Enn Vee

Ive decided to finally transition to natural hair in 2020! ?#healthyhair2020

Naturally U Neik

I had minor heat damage in the front part of my hair. I only clipped 3-4 pieces in the front it wasn't too serious. No more heat for 2020 both to blow dryer and flat iron. I've been protective styling every 2 weeks since September 2019 and washing bi-weekly has been working perfect for me. I lightly re-moisturize once or twice a week with rose water and my oil mixture this way my hair does get old to quickly. My go-to is semi flat twists. The only time my hair is out which is once to 2 times a weeks in a curlformer set.

Michelle Rodgers

Ive been on a minimal heat journey for the last year and my hair loves it. I like to blow out or rollerset my hair to install mini twists or knotless box braids...I also like to straighten my hair at least once a year to ensure a good technical trim...I plan to do the same plan this year....it results in about 4-6 blow outs...and one blow out + flat iron annually. I use rice water to pre-poo every wash...I deep condition every style change with heat (sit under drier)...when my hair is in mini twist I spray (scalp and hair) with aloe vera daily and put shea butter on my ends daily...when my hair is in braids I mist my hair/scalp with aloe and a light oil. Enjoy your journey! I hope you have lots of growth! What i DONT DO...is any type of twist/braid out or wash n go...it ruins my hair.

Anna Nkosi

I tried giving up heat but its hard. Thank you for your inspiring me to fight through it even though I used it in my last video but I locked the blow dryer away ???

Erika London

I’m in !!!!


You're gorgeous!

Lurae Bailey

I've heat free since 2015. I wanted to do it only this year.

Leila Cook

Hello my name is Leila and I was wondering if you have used this "Hollywood hair serum". What is your take on it and do you think it work's. Thank you have a great day!

Celeste Allen

I am doing the challenge as well. My hair has definitely thinned so much from when I used to get it blown out.

Lushera Harris

I usually use curl formers to get the most stretch without heat to trim my hair. I will be with you on this no heat challenge though I will have my hair in smallish braids for the majority as I can wash, deep condition, moisturise and re-braid as needed. ?❤️

Sydea RaShae

I haven't had heat of any kind in about 4.5 years ?

Nature Duran-Smith

my goals for 2020 is protective styling and rice water!

regina hardin

2020 no heat for me.


Have you considered getting a trim? That can really help with getting your hair back healthy. Cutting off all the dead ends would really be beneficial otherwise the split-ends will travel up the hair shaft

Tasha G

My hair challenge this year is using grease and leaving my hair alone. I started last month and I’m already seeing great results. I want to reach my goal of armpit length. That’s all I want bc im lazy and any longer than that for me will be neglect.

Rose Red

My hair has been naturally since I was born but it doesn't grow at all
Can you all help?

Nakira Tiara

I love a glamorous ass blowout, I can’t let those go lol

Dani theQueen

Love your hair !

Victoria O

Video on daily moisturizing the hair PLEASE

Tiffany Brevard

Please do an updated video about your favorite hair products and wash/stretch regimen.

Adina April

Girl after I had my baby my hair was crazy. Post partum hair loss kicked my butt. Your hair looks good