How to hydrate under eyes

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How to Solve Dry Under Eyes & Get FLAWLESS Concealer

8 010 views | 10 May. 2018

Dry Under Eyes and

Dry Under Eyes and Flawless Concealer// Hey friends! Today I’m talking about my dry under eyes and how my makeup routine has changed over the last few months. If you struggle with the same issue, hopefully this will help!


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*Products mentioned:

Drunk Elephant C-Tango

The Ordinary Marula Oil

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer

Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Concealer

Flower Beauty Concealer

Becca Under Eye Brightening Concealer

Laura Mercier Transparent Setting Powder


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Hema S

Love your accent!!

Miss Poppinsss

Thank you for this video! I'm 24 and suffering from dry undereyes ? I'm so unlucky.

Cozette M

If my undereyes looked like yours I wouldn’t even need/use concealer you don’t even have dark circles! I would leave no makeup under my eyes so that my wrinkles don’t stand out because any makeup under my eyes emphasizes wrinkles. But since I have dark purple circles I have to use concealer. I’ll try the oil before applying concealer see if that helps.


I just turned 23 and I have so much extra skin around my eyes and I have wrinkles on my under eyes PLUS the driest skin ever so literally nothing I do will ever work ?

Libier Reynolds

You are so precious. Thank you. I love that you call it “creepy” hahaha definitely looked creepy this weekend and thus me finding your video ! Excited to try your tips.


I love this video!! I am 25 and I have dry under eyes... So I just started mixing cakey concealer to eye mosturizer so it doesn't looks like a desert

murcia ramirez

I would have rather watched you do the process, this is just so much blabbing.

Courtney Thompson

please how do you do this eyeshadow and eyebrow look


I came across your channel after typing dry under eye, you have a very cheerful face, wonderful way of talking and overall nice background and environment to the video, I wish you have continued because you were off to a great start! come back ^_^

Wendy F

I love both the ladies you mentioned. I’ve been playing with different concealers, creams and powders. I haven’t reached a verdict on the Tatcha Pearl yet. Not super hydrating - my peeve is it says the shelf life is 6 months, but you need the tiniest amount. I will never use it all in 6 months! I decided to try Laura Mercier Secret brightening powder and it makes me wrinkly right away. Pretty disappointed. Hopefully I can take it back and not be blacklisted from returning stuff. If I don’t love it I take it back. Sometimes I can’t get help to get samples so I just buy it. Wasteful and too bad but had I had a sample it probably would have lasted 6 months anyway!!


At nyte tyme...i love country tlk haha


Just found my new favourite YouTuber ?

advika singh

I am 24 and i have dry and dark circles under eye when i conceal it become grey nd looks horrible plz suggest what to do

How to hydrate under eyes

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The BEST Concealers For Dry Under Eyes with Fine Lines & Dark Circles

151 978 views | 16 Feb. 2020

These are 10 of the best

These are 10 of the best concealers (and 2 correctors) for mature, aging eyes with fine lines and texture. I have drugstore and high end recommendations that are perfect if you have mature or dry

under eyes. Please click the Like button if you enjoyed this video! Thanks for watching! :)

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Magic Vanish

- at Charlotte Tilbury http://bit.ly/3205SPe

- at Sephora http://bit.ly/31LaPtM

- at Beautylish http://bit.ly/31dZP7L

Colorescience **they now have FOUR shades!**

- shade universal medium (my shade) at Dermstore http://bit.ly/2ojy1RW

- all 4 shades at Colorescience: http://bit.ly/37Cm6PM


- at Sephora http://bit.ly/2vGsUi3

- at Ulta http://bit.ly/2vFi77L



Magic Away

- at Charlotte Tilbury http://bit.ly/37zZeAp

- at Sephora http://bit.ly/2SvwTaj

- at Beautylish http://bit.ly/2vxECeZ




- at Sephora http://bit.ly/31tXzuk

- at Ulta http://bit.ly/37A0P9n

Marc Jacobs


Too Faced

- at Sephora http://bit.ly/2MxIoeA

- at Ulta http://bit.ly/38wifFb

Jeffree Star







?? ON ME ??

Earrings http://bit.ly/2Hr3Yh7

Necklace http://bit.ly/2vuINbo

Top https://go.magik.ly/ml/s8a6/

Eyelids: Starry Night https://sydneygraceco.com/starry-night/ topped with Glass Bull http://bit.ly/31Pm5qs

Eye Transition Prairie http://bit.ly/37fQ5Nz

Eye Highlight Hear Me Out http://bit.ly/38kEuhr

Blush: Fresco http://bit.ly/2SFAaTu

Lipliner (Pillow Talk) http://bit.ly/2HuvOcB

Lipstick (Kinda Sexy) http://bit.ly/2StLOls

Lip Gloss (Peach) http://bit.ly/2vANGzS

Nails (Let's Be Friends) http://bit.ly/3a0GY5V



10 Amazing Dupes That Beat High End Products https://youtu.be/si3qzEOrNx8

Dry Under Eyes? Cakey Concealer Issues? 8 Concealer Tips & Tricks https://youtu.be/7a5WjFAWl_0

Playlist: All About Foundation & Primer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8Bf8bZMOi8&list=PLGwrd71aJL_KqW9qp20RiPiIg2BjL3oIC&index=3


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Broken Wench

I want to try some of the high-end concealers but my main concern is fragrances that seem to be in many cosmetics these days.

Izzy _S_

Thanks for making this video as I suffer from all of these problems even though I’m only 15 almost 16

Kyle Telles

KKW concealer is amazing!!! Hydrating and looks like skin! Blends great!

Amy Grann

I really enjoy the JStar. And the too faced. I’m at that age too, 40 this year. Fine lines, dry dry skin. Great information!

Sophia Herley

Never tried any of these and I’m so excited to give them a test run! I’ve been using the Tarte shape tape but it isn’t the best for dry under eyes. Great video, tysm!!

AnaLeigh Oldeworlde

I have been waiting for this!!! Thank you so much. Seriously.

Takisha's Age-Free Beauty Zone

You know I love a good concealer video ?. There are so many concealers, and yet I keep finding ones that I want to try. One of my favorites is the Cover Fx Power Play Concealer. I can always count on it. I too enjoy the Two Faced one. One from the drugstore that surprised me was the Maybelline Super Stay Concealer. It smooths over my wrinkles nicely and doesn't sink in or separate. I hate when my concealer separates. I didn't care for the Charlotte Tilbury concealer. Which is annoying because I purchased 2 shades. But since she is back in my good graces (I finally got around to trying her pressed powder ?), that color corrector you talked about is going in my Sephora cart right now! Thanks for the recommendations ??.

Happiness ali

Absolutely amazing they way you have explained each product, thank you appreciate it ?

Danielle True


Choo Lee Ng

I am 54.?
I do not use foundation at all.
My skincare, loose powder and lip tint. I like natural look.?
I do not have many lines under my eyes areas.
Yes dark circles partly I wear glasses. ?️?️
Still searching best concealer to use.?
I was told salmon colour best to cover up dark eye circles.

Lili Ortiz

Try Crunchi concealer it's cruelty free

Criss Nosnibor

Where can I get the necklace? I love it!

Blanca Davila

May I offer my tips I am 51 yrs old and I discovered Becca undereye primer and it’s been a game changer in regards to preventing creasing .. I use one tiny drop of squalane serum under my eyes, allow it to penetrate then gently pat away any excess then apply a thin layer of the Becca undereye primer less is more with this product then apply corrector and/or concealer patting it on with a finger as the warmth melts the concealer into the skin.. Allow your concealer to set then take a damp beauty sponge and roll it onto your setting powder and gently apply with rolling motions under your eyes and WOW you get flawless, creaseless undereyes .. I use the Tarte shape tape concealer but only place like 4 tiny dots .. I hope you all try my technique and hope you get good results like I do ?

Dj Boo

what about 18....ive had this type of under eye all my life

Elaine Duddy

Your make-up looks stunning in this video!

Irina Pop

try the kkw concealer! I really like it


that southern accent intensifying through the video :D

Jasmine D

Thank GOD I found a reviewer over 40!!! Your skin tone and issues are very similar to mine, and at 41 now, its HARD to find products that truly work! Love the videos and thanks again :)

Danielle True

EVERYONE SHOULD TRY THE DIOR ( IN MY OPINION IS FULL COVERAGE ) AND MAINLY THE POWER FABRIC...ITS MY HOLLY GRAIL...I tried to go without it a few times to use my others, and I just cant its PERFECTION...I got all my friends and sisters HOOKED


Extreme dark circles on medium light (40s) skin, super dry with fine texture and fine lines: tried most of the concealers you mention, either bought or tried with a Sephora artist, and none of them works . At Nordstrom I tried two of the Charlotte Tillbury as applied by one of their associates and both caked. Then the Armani and a newer Laura Mercier over their color corrector.Total fails. (Older Laura Mercier much better.) Then the La Mere, another fail although their foundation was excellent and I bought it and love it. Recycled the $70+ Cle De Peau. The YSL High Coverage Concealer caked the least and I bought it and am using it with extensive hydration prior and only applied with a moist sponge. Recently I purchased online the YSL Touche Eclat with a hint of color and it helps quite a bit if carefully applied with a moist sponge on top of the concealer after it dries. Still on the hunt for a good concealer and the Dior you mention and a couple of other s are new to me so I will give them a try. I hope this helps someone.


CT concealer is great!

Tamara W

Thank you for including cruelty free ?

Emma Chase

I like the NYX undereye corrector. There are several shades.


Thanks for the cruelty free suggestions. I have been wanting to try Colorescience for a while, but they don't ship to Canada. By the way, your hair looks so pretty!

Danielle True

YES JEFREE STAR IS A DISGUSTING SCAB OF A PERSON...BUT...BUT Its a cosmetic, if it works it works...Its not like we are inviting him into our house for a visit HA !!


Stephanie I love your videos! You need a zillion more subscribers. You do such a thorough, honest and entertaining job!

Jody Diou


Dawn Buscho

Love the pretty, beachy waves!!! Thanks for this info, concealer is typically my enemy!!! ?

Κρινουλα Δημοπουλου

Perfect video, you are always so helpful!! I have fine lines under my eyes and I double moisturize . Another perfect concealer is the one of chanel and of course lancome anti effacerness

Tirado Maribel

A little late to the party but I'm wondering how compares the Revlon and Milani? I have very good dry under eye 51 years old mature skin.

Christi Mayes

Very helpful!

Israr Khan

Yes please try maybelline one i heard alot of good things


Do you put eye cream on before the color correction??

Star Gazer Barb

Tarte creaseless concealer. A little goes a long way. Moisturizing and long lasting. I use a minimal amount of powder under my eyes with this otherwise it will crease a bit. I am 63.

Dawn Milligan

Do you have a trick for some of the full coverage ones not looking cakey on the skin?

Cher Silveira

Jeffrey Star's concealer is CRUELTY FREE, TOO BAD Jeffrey Star ISN'T.

Jodi H

U look a lot like HotandFlashy... thanks for all the work u put into this video ??????

Lisa Monique Beauty

My favorite is the Coloupop Hyluronic Concealer...I normally would never have even tried this brand but I saw a YT video, lol. And I use all the time! It's inexpensive and covers like shape tape without the dryness.

Kristina Paulson

Do you have recs for drugstore/affordable hydrating under eye primers as well as recs for under eye bags? Thanks!

andrea tozzi

I just want to pet your baby ?
Great info on the concealers , I didn’t like the Jeffree star concealer that’s the one I tried so far

Skating Canuck

I bought that Bare Minerals concealer when it first came out - you just reminded me to pick it up again. Before it came out Sephora employees often recommended the serum concealer. It's funny how we are so inundated with new makeup releases that it is so easy to forget about great oldies.


I tried the L'Oreal Infallible concealer and it was so so dry on me. Anywhere I put it, it would just become a flaky, patchy mess. I tried it with different foundations, different applications. Didn't matter at all, it was always dry. I have good skincare, I don't have any visible dryness, flaking, itching. But I had such a huge problem with this concealer and I'm pretty surprised to see that it behaves nicely for other people.

Glynis Leon

What Charlotte Tilbury Color Corrector shade did you chose and is featured in this video? the Light option or the Medium? I was worried the light wouldn't be pink enough to counteract the undereye circles. Thanks!

Rae Sandberg

What is the best sponge?

Laura Libner

I liked the CT concealer but that sponge, ... it was so bothersome and seemed so unsanitary.. and messy...so I didn’t repurchase... just give me a doe foot!

mechy nieves

I just started watching your video and I like that you do not use so much on your face, I am 47 and feel that I have underline dark spot and feel that I look old. I am going to start trying your tips, do you have any advice for a 47 first timer makeup user that ant to use light makeup and see a difference?

Danielle True

The CT concealer enhances every line under my eye..and is so very thick !! My absoulte favorite is the Georgio Armani power fabric !! The Dior forever skin correct concealer is amazing as well, but leans on the thick side for my prefrence *) I cant go without my GA concealer, my fav under eye skin cream is the Orgins gin zing to de puff and brighten *) That CT corrector is AMAZING !!

Seneatha Gay

My problem is bags fine lines and crepiness under my eye! Its horrible!

E Bertani

Have you tried the Cle de Peau concealer?

Skating Canuck

I am surprised you didn't recommend the Hourglass vanish concealer. It's my newest favourite.

Teresa McKeown

I love the background puppy!!

vero gutierrez

Hi, have you ever tried TARTE???


Check the juvias concealer


I love the close ups over Luke’s cute little head! ❤️?
I have been really liking the Neutrogena hydro boost stick concealer for every day.

Nikki Raven

I'm 44 and the two Concealers I'm using are both from Catrice. The 1 Drop weightless coverage is a light thin consistency but full coverage and the instant awake concealer is a medium coverage but I don't have to set that one if I don't want to see. Definitely worth checking out!??

Seneatha Gay

I cant find anything that works for me

Jozefa Hernon

Clue me in- what’s the issue with Shiseido?

Megadyne QueenWoolwine

Just finding your videos and lordy I needed this info ! Have you tried MILK Flex Concealer ?

Leslie Gambetta

Just found your video as I am looking to switch up my Nars concealer! Lots of valuable information ... thank you!

Carol Geissinger

How about puffiness

Sandra Moon

II m 73 and have very dry skin. What foundation would you recommend?

Lori Talbot

Have you ever tried the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD

Ana Hernandez

Thank you so much for the concealer tips I’m going to try the Charlotte tilbury.What a cute doggie in the back?❤️

Makeup with Mariela

I suffer from dark circles and have been eyeing that ct corrector will have to pick it up! Love js concealer but they just seem light need to go to a morphe store to be able to swatch it to get my best match!

Nia Maria

What you're 44?! Noooo way

Beauty Works

That's me runny eyes and I am 55 and do not like under the eyes looking dry.

Alison Carlson

Thank you for turning me on to an instant favorite. You definitely did not steer me wrong with Too Faced concealer. Absolutely LOVE this product. Thanks for the research and effort you put into the video. I’m subscribed now and look forward to watching more of your videos and finding more great products.

Carolyn Horton

The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Concealer is the best I ever tried with the absolute worst packaging, I took heed about taking the sponge off but in the end took it off and decanted the contents into a small airtight pot. Much easier to get at and a lot less mess, I had the worst time trying to get the top off if there was the slightest bit of moisturiser or product on my hands. For that reason I won't repurchase until she sorts the packaging out - I think they use a new one every video she makes !

Catherina Wojtowicz

How.does Dior and Armani line up against Laura Mercier? I like hers! I'm 52. Ha! I like how you mentioned LM. She's soooo not talked about. Idk why?? She was my first love in cosmetics! But hourglass does beat her translucent powder.

Constanza errázuriz

?? me trying to see the dog behind the concealer ?

Jane Archer

Stephanie, have you tried the Dior Forever foundation? I'm just wondering if it is anything like the concealer. Thanks.

Evelyn Rivera

Excellent video.thanks for your recommendations.


Love all your vids, but esp. Concieler vids!! So super helpful ? And love, that you mentioned if product is cruelty free ? CT Magic Corrector is my fave too, as well as First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy. Have you tried Jeffree Star Corrector already? And you look super pretty, love your Gorjana goodies ?

Sabrina Wyse

Hi Stephanie! I do have the same problems with my under eyes as you.... dark circles... fine lines...creasing make up.... the works! I am picky about what products I use under my eyes... so far I found this concealer to work the best for me, Make Up For Ever Ultra HD light capturing self setting concealer. Yup, that right... that's the name of the product. I found this to be the least creasing concealer after setting it with powder under the eyes. I set it with Urban Decay's Velvetizer translucent powder. I was wondering if you had tried this Make Up For Ever concealer..and if you have, how does it compare to your Armani one.. The Armani concealer is in my list of concealers to try! so far I found mine from Make up for ever to be the best from the ones I've tried... which includes tarte shape tape, tarte maracuja creaseless concealer, Loreal infallible, huda beauty overachiever concealer, fenty beauty concealer, smash box skin flawless concealer, IT cosmetics bye bye under eye, Sephora bright future concealer, Benefit boi-ing cakeless concealer and Estee lauder's double wear radiant concealer. I've tried a lot! Maybe you would like to do a review on the Make Up For Ever one? i would love to see how it compares to your top 3! p/s: I'm a new subscriber to your channel and I'm loving your videos already!❤️

Ayan Hassan

video starts at: idk cuz she keeps talking

i_bleed_ makeup

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Revlon Candid Concealer!!! I'm 35 years old, so I have a bunch of under eye wrinkles ? and also dry skin/under eye area and the Revlon concealer looks beautiful on my undereyes. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the BareMinerals stick concealer. I was surprised that it worked for my dry skin but it looks lovely ??
Edit: The Cover FX Power Play Concealer is my Holy Grail. I don't know what kind of magic is in there, but it's incredible. I also love the MAC Studio Finish Concealer. And last but not least, you HAVE to try the Iconic London Seamless Concealer. It is perfection!!!!

Terri Tarver

Oh honey I'm over 50, pushing 60! Help me out please, thanks for sharing. Happy Mardi Gras ???

Erica Ashley

Puppyyyyy ????? what a cutie!! Found your channel through Samantha March

Rye Toast

The Armani is my favorite concealer, it's going to take something extra-special to dethrone it. The first time I tried a sample I started giggling because it reminded me of how easy it used to be to apply concealer back when I was in my teens. And this broad just turned (gulp) 49. I'm intrigued by the CT color corrector though, I'm using the Tatcha pearl right now but wondering how it compares. I've had my pearl for over a year now and I still enjoy it, I probably have enough for the rest of this year, it's definitely given me my money's worth. I just wish it had spf.

Mitch S

Have you tried lancome concealers? I have just purchased one and it seams to be going great... more medium coverage on me but I only use the smallest amount .


What setting powder do you use, please?

Brandi Turney

My favorite used to be Tarte Creaseless, but was recently replaced with Boing Cakeless - love it!

Maria Pinzon

Just subscribed to your channel loooved the video... wich under eye cream you use to hydrate. I’m from Panama so there is a lot of humidity.

CJ Rose

I love the Dior concealer. I purchased a warm tone, and it’s brightening, not yellow (which I like). I’m dying to try the Jeffree Star concealer; however, I wish I could see it in person. I’ve watched so many YouTube videos, & they seem to run light.

Kristine Burgdorff

Thanks for the information
I'm looking for a concealer and want too try Dior in your top 3
Is 2 N a Mach on your face too?

Darla Porter

I love the Jeffery Star concealer, so soft & blendable! One of my faves!

Kasey Ducloux

Omg, this is exactly what I needed! We have the same skin issues, eyes & face


The shape of the Elf Camo (Concealer) sponge ($4-$6) works perfectly for me for applying other concealers, better than the small Beauty Blenders designed specifically for under eyes. However the concealer itself caked a lot and I returned it. Bought a couple of these sponges and intend to buy more.

Honey BlossomAU

I love my Lancôme waterproof concealer. I put it on with a flat synthetic brush and it stays all day, you don't even need to set it with powder!
I also love my Tarte Shapetape but I use the smallest amount and spread it into position using a fluffy concealer brush such as the Zoeva Concealer Brush.
I don't have a lot of darkness under my eyes and I find the Becca Brightening Corrector is enough for me...I apply it prior to applying my concealer.
I'm going to try the Bare Minerals stick concealer mentioned here, it would be so handy for travelling. XXX

Michele Garbowski

Great video!! I love your doggie!!

Kendra Lutz

Love your hair in this video. Did you use a wand to curl or an iron??

Ramona Fereştean

"I'm 44..."whaaat? You look AMAZING!!

T SteinyRN

GORGEOUS!!! and that necklace is a MUST HAVE. I this necklace on my "Hubby Buy Me This Stuff" list!

Camila C

This is the first time ever I watch your videos. I can’t believe you are 44! You look really like 30, 31 Max. Margot Robbie is not even 30 and she looks older than you! Lmao

Anicame 2

Oh I just watched ur older video, so happy u made another

Sonya Counts

Why don’t you do tutorials???

Jessica Nguyen

Thanks for your great video , it’s help me a lot . Btw can you tell me where your pendant from please? I loved it . Thanks so much xx


Love these vids! Can you please do a try on for all these concealers?

Women of God

You look amazing thank you so much for the tips

Pam Hall

Stephanie what under eye cream do you use? My under eye area is dry with fine lines. I have been looking for something that works!

How to hydrate under eyes

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Under Eye Care | Hydrate + Moisture Lock In | DIY Eye Mask

2 212 views | 20 Mar. 2018

Under eye care is

Under eye care is definitely the most easily forgotten skin care routine. In order to look more youthful, your eyes need to be well taken care of. Today I am going to show you my under eye care ritual that can be done 2-3 times a week. It is a simple eye pack that will give your under eyes the moisture and nourishment it needs.

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Snapchat: lookelooks

Hiral Shah

Thx for sharing


Do we remove oil with water or soap and water


Great video thank you so much !