Make your own face moisturizer

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How to Make Your Own Facial Moisturizer

187 views | 21 Feb. 2018

Learn how to make your own

Learn how to make your own facial moisturizer from all natural ingredients, enjoy great skin and save money too!

There are natural ways to fight the signs of aging that don't involve Botox and other risky procedures. This rosehip oil facial mosturizer is a wrinkle-fighter that will leave your face feeling smooth and hydrated. I use it as a night cream and my skin feels great.

Unlike other oils, rosehip seed oil is astringent and sometimes called a "dry oil". This means it sinks into your skin quickly. It really penetrates and soothes dry skin. Great for mature skin if you are trying to prevent wrinkles.


I watched this particular video and didn't say anything but should have whispered...."The things U Eat should be used on your face" lol....It's true ! many fear going for natural products in place of store bought products. I watched it from beginning to end & thought that we need more
Mom & Pop stores which includes products being put together by hand in place of machines because yes often times u don't know what's been placed within manufactured products because most of those things contain concealer ingredients which can often times be damaging to the skin and/or even cause Cancers. U have to be aware just what it is u're using on your face is all I'm saying and I loved this vid because what it Teaches is how to be fully creative in the area of what u CAN invent. Thumbs up !


Hey Susan.. Nice informative video
Make and use good thumbnails for your videos.. It will attract viewers and reach more people


We making it too..

crafty living

This is a great idea. You are right about not knowing what is in store bought moisturizers.

Crafty Creators

Shared this one on our Twitter. Love it!

Crafty Creators

I only just recently started using some of my essential oils for body type items. I made some shower steamers for a craft fair. I started safe because the steamers don't rest on the body the way a bath bomb does. I was too chicken for that. It was so fun to do those. I don't even use moisturizer (I know I should). So, I'll have to give this a shot. This is a fabulous gift idea for all the women in our lives, too. And thoughtful!

Annie Wieckowski

Good job, looking forward to more videos (LovelyMiracle)