How to remove neck from turkey

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How to clean and wash your turkey neck

28 733 views | 25 Nov. 2017

Tishana McDonald

Wow I learned something new

Brandon Schmitz

I learned something new thank u I am always up to try new foods

Kenneth May

I'll have to try cooking with a machete some time.

Tina Adams

Thank you. Best technique I’ve seen for cleaning turkey necks. I hate the vein being in the neck. Thx

Jorelle Dawes

Yes ham hey hokay

Jen F

Debbie girl, I was never ever a fan of turkey neck ...but, I cleaned and prepared it just as you showed....and it was awesome.... thanks for the lesson, the whole family ate and enjoyed it. Once again, you are a wonderful cook and teacher. Big up uself ????


Thanks Debbie

Magdalene Thomas

Hey Debbie , I have cleaned and seasoned as per your instructions . Omg its amazing , its time to cook it now

Tina Graham

Thank you mam!

Aleta Melendrez

Thanks for the great tips.

Sugar Malcolm

Miss debbie u have taught me alot?

shari dale

You’re amazing I appreciate you sharing this .... now I’m going to try some stew... ???❣️

Nadalyn Tomlinson

Me ago buy some now I never. Like it too raw

Alecia Webber

Miss debs wat the baking soda for

brittana kenlock

Yes Debbie i shall try it this way

Jen F

Deb's, the white stuff in the turkey neck is the spinal cord.

henry haywood

Thank you very much that was very helpful God bless

Lakeidra Carson

Thanks ❗❗


She has a whole machete knife ??

Ajani Foster

Can you give me more steps to cutting up Turkey neck

Karen Drummond

Very clean

Beverley Williams

Thanks Miz Debbs.

Simone Cole

Thank you so much for this. I was thinking of buying some to try. Could you please explain why you use this baking soda to wash it as well?

Lovelie Joseph

Love my island people because we take time to make sure our meat is clean thoroughly.We don’t do like people here take the meat out the package and onto the stove .

Liddy 6

Ty ?????
You saved my life ???

Patricia Spence

That appear to be smoke turkey neck. Do you wash and clean the fresh turkey neck the same?

J. H.

Thank you so much for sharing your technique!!

Frances Collins

Thank you for this video!

Queen A


Chorna Allen

Debbie you deserve a medal l tought l was the best cook but l learn m
ore from you

Kimberly Cox


Profess LCH

Oh, see; you TAUGHT the children. Bless up, Queen.

Table Book


How to remove neck from turkey

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How to clean your Thanksgiving turkey

60 561 views | 24 Nov. 2019

How to clean your

How to clean your turkey

wer rew

1:26 I saw that you broke a dead turkeys leg..lmao cccrrrrack.

Alicia Green

I just subscribed!!

Noah Hengoed

My first thanksgiving cooking and your a godsend thank you!!!


Poor turkey.

Imani Conner-cato

I’m 15 and my parents aren’t here for thanksgiving, so I had to learn on my own, and this really helped, THANKSS

Charlie Irvin

Well when i was 13 years old my mom let me wash the Turkey She said soak it in Salt water how she always did but I put Ivory Soap in the water and started washing the Turkey all these bubbles came out . well she wasn't to happy and my daddy was very Mad cause he had to buy another One . That's why i never cook

Whitnea Wonka

Dad always took care of this for us bc mom and I were intimidated by it, but he died and now it's down to us this year.

Thanks for taking the fear factor out of it with this vid. I'm not even sure what we were so scared of anymore lol

Nadia Sinner

What is the popper for?

Marsh Reviews

Thank you for showing me how to clean my first Thanksgiving turkey ?

Stephanie Augustin

Is that how you cleaned your turkey. With just water. Oh wowww...


What does vinegar do?

Joann Gomez

Thank you for yalls help ?? making my first turkey today ??


One narrarator


Very helpful

Ditching The Grind 3

Did he let the bird rest for at least 20 minutes?

Rizzo 660

You saved the day with this one

TT On The Mic ?

First thanksgiving alone

Loch Ness Monster

My grandpa doesn't clean his Turkey. He also throws out the neck, and giblets and doesn't season his Turkey. He sucks at cooking

Trump One

Washing actually makes things worse because it spreads bacteria. The heat from cooking kills bacteria so there is no need to do all of this.

Gloria Cabrera

Thank you, you are the best ❤️

Youth Revolution

15 had to do it was disturbed



Alicia Green

Thanks sooo much my turkeys So clean !!!! Thanks sooo much my turkeys Wing was so juicy when I took the foil off the wing popped off

How to remove neck from turkey

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How to Clean a Turkey

76 354 views | 21 Nov. 2016

Roasting a turkey for

Roasting a turkey for Thanksgiving or any other day is simple. The hardest part Roasting Pan http://amzn.to/2d3hafw to roasting a turkey is remembering to allow several days for the turkey to thaw in the refrigerator. Once your turkey has thawed, you are ready to prepare it for roasting. First step to clean and prepare your turkey before you stuff, salt, oil, or roast is to remove the wrapper, pull out any gravy packets, neck, liver, heart, giblets, things packaged inside the cavity of your turkey. Rinse and remove remaining feathers. Set your turkey on a clean surface and pat it dry. Now the turkey is ready to season, stuff, and roast as you wish. Clean all surfaces completely before preparing any other foods. First Turkey easy roasting for beginners




Blog: http://www.alaskagranny.com/recipes-outdoor-cooking/


Roasting Pan http://amzn.to/2d3hafw

AlaskaGranny is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Robert Winkler

Ya mean ya don't hafta use a toilet brush and Ajax? Well, I'll try it your way and maybe folks will stay a bit longer... LOL BTW, love your videos.


Perfect!! Thank you.. :-)

Va Va

Thank you. I like how you went straight to the point!


Washing a turkey is 100% wrong according to the USDA


Andrea Mendez

Thanks Alaska very helpful and easy



Rajae Fields

This video helped me so well but I died when I pulled out the turkey penis

Eugene Nyunt

It needs to be cleaned because the creature/pet is already putrefying and is basting with bacteria, the Whole Foods Market kind, i.e. repulsive and illness-causing.