Ingrown hair or bug bite

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Ingrown hair turns into an enormous tumor; Guide on how to survive a dog attack - 02/06/2017

104 635 views | 7 Feb. 2017

1. A Mississippi man is

1. A Mississippi man is recovering in hospital this week after having a benign but terrifyingly huge tumor removed from his lower stomach.

2. We hope you never have to deal with this sort of situation. But if case you do, we have produced this animation based on an article in GQ.

3. A 14-year-old girl in south west China has died after an amusement park ride suddenly spun out of control and sent her flying. A 10-second video clip of the accident filmed by a bystander has since gone viral.

4. Roseanne Smith from Plano, Texas, was 18 when her foot and ankle began to swell. She turned to doctors, but they had never seen anything like it, and were just as baffled as she was.

5. Police report a woman charged with battery after a random attack on an elderly Korean woman was not a hate crime, but believe she was either heavily intoxicated or suffering from mental illness.

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Please watch: "Crying dog breaks the internet’s heart — but this sad dog story has a happy ending"



Fifa Ninja

I got bit by a dog at 4 years old on the face

Ardis Wutt

the baby without a nose looks so cute ?


I was eating..

Roach Daddy


Elle Mitchell

For people who don't know, Benine tumors mean that the tumor isn't cancerous. He doesn't have cancer just has a tumor.


American health care is a joke.

jonathan rood

ah thx a lot bad memories is coming back my 4 year old brother got bit by a saint Bernard he was 2 at the time we had to call 911 and everything it was not are dog it was my friends dog they say the kids next door hit the dog and the dog thought it was the kid that hit him so he got bit but he only bit once then he realized it was not the kid that hit the dog :(

Aidan Barnes

The real question is what did his stomach look like?

Devrek Wassupi

140 lbs. at 80lbs did he think it was cool. Did he enjoy having it. Did he finally remove it cause the airline wanted to charge his tumor for a set. How the fuck does anyone wait till a tumor is 140lbs before getting it removed. If it was me maybe I procrastinate till the 2lbs weight. I truly believe it was cause he was lazy.

H. A.

It's a shame US politicians, specifically republicans limit the stem cell research doctors & scientists becuase of their preconceived notions & or backwards religious beliefs. We could be well on our way to curing all types of diseases hadn't it been for these socially inept & morally bankrupt politicians.

Konnichi wassupp

but baby how does it look like

Valeria Garcia

I literally just got in bed after eatin....f my life

payton burke

im glad that guy killed the dog

‫Random Viewers

Can't watch baby like that. .it's broke my heart to see them in that conditions

Kirbysaas Paul

That is one giant piece of shit.


i was eating a taco

Kathy's Vlog

( /o.o)/ too the window! \(o.o\) too the wall! holy SHIT so many dogs!
( ) ( )
/ \ / \

Princess Sangivambrefoodle b

Already had to deal with 2.

Radioactive waste

that poor baby

Ashley King

I'm on the weird said of YouTube again..........

monica harrington

the obees kid plays clash of clans like I do XD what a auinstdence! I'm realy good at it. it looked like he just started.


i got bit in the eye by a dog i still have a scar ;;;;;;;

Zhinjie Music

God bless this guy?


The third one WTF


why do all these ppl with fucked up conditions live in the general area of east Asia?

DJ Winston

19:18 Come to the US and you won't be a god anymore, especially with trump...

Kylebirch - FSP

If you have tumors all over your body and it runs through your genes, you shouldn't even have kids


2:07 oh yeah a corgi is such a threat

Expert Arc

I got the picture of that girl with the thing in her foot on Facebook

Sarah s

Why the hell does he talk like thattt? The helllll fffuuuccckklkbbboooiii aalllleerrrttt

Daniela Hernandez

My teacher got attacked a couple of weeks ago, lost part of his finger . It was also a pit bull and I wish he could have known these thing :(

Tracie Okhiku

Pitt pulls climb trees


Proceeds to sing you ain't seen my balls

Faith S.

My dog bites me all the time but she is a puppy so it won't hurt

Xaria K.

The same dog thing happened to my cousin


23:04 What plugs look like that?

Pyr0Maniac 05

Yo that tubs was playing CLASH OF CLANS WELL
Sorry for saying tubs idk what to call that boy so i picked tubs?


SO SAD my small dog got hurt by a pitbull. Did anybody knew it?

Ryan Monsibd

If a dog bites me,i will bite it back

Strawberry Chill

I don’t like how the girl has a lot of bumps on her :/


The baby with progeria though. Like his little whimpers. He's too much of a cute little roll of happy. Too pure. So small.
So sad :(

Mike Tyson





16:05 he is so scared D:

Matt McHenry

Rice and noodles is like the worst diet for a fat kid who can't move, if you don't move, carbs turn into sugar then fat. That kid needs to eat vegetables and move around a bit. We really need to educate people

lol its a me

If I was chased I'd get a blanket and make the dog a bull so when he runs after me he would miss

Don't try this

Art Twins

Poor guys

Diamond Evans

I was eating

The rich one

Did they need to show that

Private One

and he was proud of his ingrown hair. that hair broke universal records. it got happy and big.

Mark Azamar español y inglés

Huge balls in the world

unexperienced green thumb

Why the hell would you stab a dog! ofcourse, I inderstand you want to protect yourself but you don't need to stab it!

Kayla Penny

the tumor thing.....yeah thanks, you put me off my skittles tomo news

Mary Ward

wonder if the kid that's massively obese has pattern willie syndrome


Rodger got a Buffalo Soldier


diet alone isn't enough for that large 10 year old boy he needs exercise. he should start off with a very simple excersise routine just enough to get him sweating for a bit. he doesn't even need to lift weights just simply moving around lots will work imagine regular weight lifting movements but with out the weights at least untill he loses some weight.then get him lifting what he has lost and it will feel the same untill he puts the weight down after excersise and then he will notice the difference and hopefully inspire him to continue the excersise.

little baby and David j d

do not do that




OMG her leg looks unreal

H. A.

Let's get the lady @ 7:22 at or over her go fund me goal. The info is below.


Sarah Epper

Get the kid off the Ipad and on a treadmill do not mean to be rude


12:02 so sad .


not a lot traumatises me but this video may have been the one

Kayla Penny

now I'm finding it hard to swallow some


7:04 deadpool


do not stab a dog

Thomas Muller 7-1

dogs can't climb?

Then explain how my dog got stuck on my roof

shit it wasn't my dog. It was actually a giant spider

Nightmare Infernus

Wow that's A big trauma Though.



Zoes Dada

That thing must have been full of hair and pus.

Sarah Epper

This is what all the chem trails GMO food and vaccines do to us

RestiveShark587 444

Am not eating no more


2:59 There is a ride similar to that at Canada's Wonderland. It is called Riptide...... I LOVE IT

The Space Emperor

8 years old and eating!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah s

I was eating a pizza during this video, fuck u guys

Chapman Family

I was just eating a fruit roll up

Sylvia Lankai

i must say that Indian baby boy who look like an alien really seared me and the first video too

Diamond Evans

iv seen that grafeedi on the news

Travis Robertson

Let's go Miami hurricanes this year oh yeah who yeah who yeah


Of course he was from Mississippi.

Art blender

wow, I feel the utmost sympathy for the woman covered in little tumors..
I cant imagine what that would be like.. she must be so strong to deal with not only living with the condition but people must stare and say things.. people are horrible.

Margarita Carlos


Operator Degi

3:01 made in china


Some nasty shit

Lpsmnm's 101

why was there a corgi chasing the part of the vid and a doberman

Ioan Hughes

Randy Marsh huge balls ??

Romario Frazer

deez nuts

Martin Boss

Funny how I was walking past my neighbors house that had a dog "had" because he chased me and bit my leg, I just had enough of running so I grabbed it by the neck and placed on the ground and stepped on its head. No one noticed it was me

Morgan Lok’tar

Thumbnail reminds me of South Park

NoLove Jones

gross bro gross


16:22 That baby is cute

Memory of Nibbles show love to all

When my dogs be bad and jump on me i lift there leg and they think im boss ?


Clash Royale

Son of What

Just a pimple.

Yasmin Hernandez

I will not stab a dog

Alexa nation

fucking dumb channel

Luis Miguel Lopez

Yeah here there's many tacos to eat


I'd a dog chases you, pull out your ruger and fire away...just me eh?


I feel so bad for these people

Lpsmnm's 101

maybe dr pimple popper could help that girl with the tumors

Ingrown hair or bug bite

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Jona Briggs

Gumby , I'm proud of you !! You FINALLY , got the Stick Sting and a Burn right !! LOL Good Job :)


Wow who's the skeletal lady on here after the pimple video?? She doesn't look healthy, she looks like a crack addict

Dyterrian Rainey

Bro I just got bit in the same spot????


I did not know before about applying a dry dressing. When I had bites in the past, the doctors always applied or told me to apply Neosporin

Malinda jil barnes

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Natsibelle Jay

Can anyone help me, as I get these bites regular and I live in Scotland, so what could be biting me?

Jervis-Jehan Laurent

Oof :0 wow he actually got bitten by a snake that will real stuned you omg :0

lars andersson

What kind of spider do that?

Lorna Johnson

Thank you for the show..


Doesn't look too bad I've definitely seen worse

Amazing J

I have been bitten by a spider on the right check of my bottom. One day it burst & a bunch of brown took came out. I went in to my PCP & she put me on an Antibiotic * gave me some ointment to put on the bump. Within a week, the bump was pretty much gone. Once in maybe 6 months the bump comes back & I apply the ointment.

Boney Plater

Rolling, rolling, keep those doggies rolling. ~ rawhide

Ingrown hair or bug bite

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Ingrown hair Infection on Calf - Huge White Head HD

2 392 views | 4 Nov. 2018

Infected ingrown hair on

Infected ingrown hair on my leg, big white head on top.. almost looks like a bug bite too.