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Extreme VALUE Keto Finds at Trader Joe’s Haul - What’s New and HOT!

52 273 views | 7 Nov. 2020

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Today we're headed to Trader Joe's in search of some new keto items! With each new find that I make, I'll explain the benefits of it back at the studio in order for you to arm yourself with knowledge so that you know what to look for the next time you're out shopping. Enjoy, and I'll see you in the comments!

Kathleen James

I love these keto find videos! Please keep them coming. Going to Trader Joe’s now!


Really appreciate store tours; otherwise can be confusing sometimes.
We get fresh usually best, but convenience plays a role too, especially when just can't or don't feel like cooking.
This vid helps; thanks.

Linda Popovic

Hi I just started on the Keto journey and it’s been very hard but I’m 3 weeks in so I have to give myself grace. The challenge is finding subs for stuff I use to eat. Are there any Keto crackers (no cauliflower please) that I can eat with the tahini you mention? Any suggestions would be so helpful! Thanks in advance.

Catalina Rivas

Thank you vary much for your hard work for help us ondesten different topic ! I have some problems Thomas, I started IF in Jun, and to today, I los 12 pounds, but los all my muscle, I don't think I lost fat, I feel like I orly lost muscle. What I can do to fix it? Thank you very much !

Maritza Rodriguez

What do you mean by the cholesterol getting oxide? :) and how does that happen?? today is my 40 day on keto???

Roozy 85

What do you look for when buying eggs?

Thomas Webb

"ALDI"i was ALWAYS known as the "poor person grocery store" since I was at least 8 yrs old. I'm going on 39 yrs old. There are no "Whole Foods" or "Trader Joe's" around me. Please do more "ALDI". Kepp up the good work brother!

Angie Ackman

I’d like to see a keto review Fresh Thyme. My Trader Joe’s is so tiny and always super busy. Difficult to navigate around.

carmen ross

As always thanks for lots of info.


I'm new to low carb and keto and like hearing what items are available and why.

Maureen Gannaway

Awwwh the baby is soooo adorable.. I'm going to TraderJoes this weekend. They have organic chicken for cheap prices.

A gazdagság útján - Herman Judit

Thomas if you just made a small loop on your mask behind your ears, the darn thing would not be falling off your nose all the time and you didn't have to touch your mask on your nose every 20 seconds, which is kind of counterproductive. Just saying.

M Carst

Stevia is better than erythrenol and monk fruit?


I am on your 30 days Jan challenge moving into week 2 now with results already. I need to know what happens after the 30 days what do I do next and how to make it easy enough to stay accountable.

Christina Judge

I love this one. Happy to have seen this going grocery shopping there tonight. ?


Hey can someone explain why Thomas chooses cashews over pine nuts, kinda wanna try pine nuts but scared by the price and Thomas critics in previous vids but I can’t remember his exact reasons

Misty Winter

TDL “A threesome is good but a foursome is better”...... everyone with a sick mind (including me) “As long as feelings don’t get involved..... mah man! ???? ????

April Verbatim

bend the wire to fit the mask properly over your nose... its making this retail store manager nuts that you are touching your mask and then touching products and not buying them

Natalie Luskin

Have you come across the ghee spray yet?

Laura Garelick

awesome finds ! so excited thanks much!


I am with another poster, different drinks. I'm bored with the same stuff. Don't like mineral waters. Maybe some meal replacement concoctions that are not protein powder based and some drinks that are just refreshing and hydrating?

Veronica B

Please do a Sprouts shopping video.

John F

I always grab a couple of the Montezuma chocolate bars when I go to TJ's. Too bad there isn't a Wegmans on the west coast for you to review.


I got some smoked salmon before and I wasn't sure what to do with it. Since it's smoked you can eat it 'raw' right?

Celeste Inman

I would love to see you and your precious little family celebrate your Thanksgiving meal. Keto or not or even some of your choices.


I would love to see a video done on how a person that had a gastric bypass 18 years ago can do keto successfully. It is tough to drink all the water that is suggested and the amount of food that we’re supposed to eat.

Jeanne Geiger

Those eggs are NOT pasture raised!!! It says right on them free range which is not the same thing in fact that means nothing! Just google the difference between pasture raised and free range! Yes they are organic and you could debate which to buy organic verses pasture raised but stop ? misleading people please! I don’t know why you do that!

Jennifer Weston

I love your disclaimer gave me a good laugh :)

Alana Jean-Louis

Request: video on pea protein... explain benefits, times to use or not use, and how to make it taste good !!!! It's disgusting!! But now i gave a huge container due to your recommendations and no idea what to do with it! Plz help! Especially for purposes of breaking a fast, what to mix it with that will taste good but still meet the purpose!

Nelly Lopez

Thank u ?


“Threesomes are nice” lol

lawrence moran

All 2.4M subscribers will now raid Trader Joe’s at the same time

john mirbach

?✌?? ??

Spencer McEwen

packaging tho is fucked

Miguel mejia

I think that guy's you're number 1 fan thomas.


Can u go over the ready to eat section in more detail for those of us who need some quick meal solutions.

Sean Palmese

I'm still sticking with Sprouts for staples like eggs / four sig coffee and kettle fire...but actually stopped by Trader Joe's for the first time today because of this video and man...the cost and selection on veggies is where it's at! Got the 10oz ribeyes with those roasted broccoli bags and it was the perfect lunch! Also picked up those seaweed snacks cuz you get 6 there for the price of 2 at sprouts! Thanks ?

Arlene S

Hey Thomas, can you do a grocery store run with an emphasis on low histamine selections. It would be fun to see what you would choose. Be well;)

Michael Feddeler

Thomas, you are zipping today BRUDDA. You must have hit that BULLETPROOF coffee before this video. ??? Lol...????

RV thereyet?

I think the discount store circuit gets overlooked, as most people think of them much as they might the dollar stores; that it's all cheap crap. But really, we find plenty of high quality, higher-end products at these stores~ mainly because they were outrageously priced at mainstream groceries so they didn't sell. HUGE savings on quality shelf stable, as well as meats/cheeses/nuts & other, also frozen & often in bulk. Scouting out those types of places might be a good series =)


Thank you so much for pointing out the cheese products with A2 casein. This was really a timely video for me. I would like to know your thoughts on the Plant Paradox diet (lectin free). Thank you for all you do.

funny hunny

That was fun. That Trader Joe's looks like the one in Studio City.

JuJu GoKeto

I am super excited to try these items. Jicama wraps and the cauliflower thins! Already love the absolute black bars!

Mianlo 2

You guys should buy the acerola cherries.
It's a frozen four pack that has about 1100% DV of Vitamin C.

Luv Luv

Hi, can you do a video on what to look for on the ingredients list such as MSG, Organic yeast extract powder, organic maltodextrin, and etc? Thank you!

Marlon Rodriguez

Thomas, can you please do a video that caters to dairy free keto-friendly grocery finds in costco, trader joes, or any southern california general grocery chains? Thank you!

Hernan Avila

Can you do a video on Gelatin plz. I love gelatin. I am trying to find one with no sugar and low on the glycemic index. I found JELL-O sugar free, but it contains maltodextrin.


Try finding pantry goods on Amazon for both Keto and Intermittent Fasting in bulk. Like teas, coffee, supplements, nuts, and etc.

Reggie Dunlop

Great Trader Joe’s haul ?? Nice to see they seem to have relax their filming restrictions. You bring them a lot of business they should put you on the payroll!

Dennis B

Different drinks we can put together that are healthy or keto or just refreshing and one to help to fight hunger possibly thanks Thomas


How about grocery haul at Aldi?

Lisa Sharp

Glad u are having someone else video. Much smoother


The OG of bone broth is Me! I make my own bone broth 2x a week. Its full gelatin and no fake liquid consistency. Real bone broth is a gelatin consistency not liquid.

The Pervy Prepper

This is interesting to see more keto stuff at TJ's. A couple of months ago when I was at my local store, I asked a group of managers who were having a in-store meeting if they could Please get in more keto products and even better could they Pretty-Please set up a display of consolidated keto products all in one place. I suggested the name "Keto Korner" but I don't think they took me seriously.
The Sr. Mgr told me she thought that was a great idea since she knows more people are eating keto and that she would bump it up to her regional mgr. Hopefully I'm not the only one who has been mentioning this. It may be that we have been heard.
I still think they should call it Keto Korner. Oh well.
Thomas, I hope you're talking with your store Manager, too. Let them know we want a Keto Korner in every store.


Some of these items are cheaper by the unit at Costco especially the seaweed and eggs


Thomas, why is there oil on top of peanut butter in jars, even raw almond butter has it. At a local store where they make thure own peanut butter, there is no oil. Thanx so much.


What’s so hard about keeping a mask above your nose?

Elizabeth Mitchell

How do you use all those goat cheese products?

Stephanie Durham

Dip that chocolate in a little stevia sweetened nut butter..... chef’s kiss

Ramikla 1

This is beyond science

Velma Taylor

Great cheeses and dips but what about the crackers and something with a crunch but still good for keto.


whats wrong with pine nuts?

Annalee Scott

Not sure if you have done cheese in depth lately. You mentioned some cool stuff about cheese in this episode and I am interested in more.


It would be nice to get some keto desserts especially those keto ice creams


List all the foods you eat in a day

Botanically Built

can you do a product list?

Sonia MakeupbySJalloh

Hi Thomas! Thank you for all your amazing and educational videos. I love all your videos. Not sure if you guys have a WinCo grocery store in your area but if you do, can you do a shopping haul at WinCo? I'm in Henderson Nevada and we have a WinCo grocery store. It's my favorite grocery store because it's very cost effective. Thanks again! You're awesome!

Lotus Lou

What was the Kettle and Fire promo? Went to the site but couldn't find the promo.

Holly Kelley

can you do a Publix grocery haul or review?

Laura Aday

Sprouts Whole Foods trader Joe's Costco Sam's club

Yoav Shkedy

It’s not the oxidized cholesterol that causes the problem, but rather the high LDL-P level that increases the risk to atherosclerosis.

Adriana Garcia

Publix, how to navigate wholefoods, I love "new finds" do one for Aldi's.


Please do a video on spirulina, chlorella, maca, tribulus terrestris, tongkat ali, Ashwagandha, all these stuff! Regards

Ali gambardella

Love all the grocery store finds!

Sharyn Buksbaum

Your current favorites on Amazon for Keto food finds that we can all get shipped to our homes

Erin Schwarz

count the amount of times his mask slips off

Alé Delgado

I love the grocery hauls!! I could watch them all day, I just feel like I learn so much. Definitely more grocery hauls would be appreciated (Northgate Market or El Super)
I’d also love to know if Panda Express and Subway have any keto/Thomas approved options.
Thanks for everything you do!

G_R_ I_M_

Is "TVP" keto even though it's soy?

Pete Nathan

Do food maxx

Cristina Kadonsky

This was Awesome! Now I have pictures of so much to buy tomorrow! More like this please with maybe Target, Whole Foods, Jewel or Mariano's.

Ovel Rankin

Sure wish we had a TJ’s in my area! Nearest one is almost 2 hours away....Maybe I’ll take a little trip my next day off?

Cristina Kadonsky

Yes, Like others were saying, show the product better. ;

Grant -

Please take your shirt off and talk a lot less, thanks.

John b

Please hold the product for the camera a little longer so we can get the info. Thanks for the great info.

Lynn Braucht

Hold the item still please so i can take a pick so i can identify it in the store. Thanks please slow down a little.,,

Jennifer Jones

Great content!

claudia ortiz

Do a thanksgiving keto please!!!!!! I will have such a hard time skipping the stuffing!! ??????

RV thereyet?

I don't get the tiny pkg of rstd. broccoli thang... friend~ a 3 lb bag of organic broccoli florets @Costco is $4, & we all have olive oil & sea salt in our kitchen, sooooo? Do you mean for camping/car/bugout prep maybe? =) Great post, as always~ thx

Malcolm Weststan

can you speak on black seed oil? and you should try shopping at Marshalls. I've found some really great products for way cheap!


Thank you for the video. ???

Santiago Romero

This video was great! it's so funny legit majority of those finds Ive already was happy to bump into at trader Joes. looking forward to finding those jicama tortillas for tacos and that dark chocolate for snacks!

Lenore Miera

Yes please do a video at Sprouts!

Ugly Elmo

I melt down the 100% Dark Chocolate, add a bit of Stevia and whatever healthy nuts I have around, and pour the mix into a 8-slot rectangular silicone mold. Then I have something sweet available every day for the next 8 days. :)


I love that cauliflower dip

Karen Echeverria-Pinna

How about going to Aldi’s ?

Tom Ho

I’d like to see more budget keto grocery hauls from stores in SoCal like Grocery Outlet, Food 4 Less, and random hidden gems. It could be a strategic shopping episode for the people willing to drive a few places to save money. Also, please do Asian grocery hauls at stores like AR-Mart, H-Mart and others. You’ll find meat like no other! Well, I’d like to learn more about their meat. You should do a video on that. Please and thanks. Keep up the great work. Best.

Erik Erwin

I travel a lot for work so these videos really help me. When I go to a new town I usually hit up TJ for my meals. Thanks for the help!

Vee Montgomery

Aldi’s does the “white label” thing as well!

Nik Page

I would love to see Erewhon Santa Monica haul!!!

Joelle D

You can tighten the wire down to your nose so your mask doesn’t keep sliding down....

Trader joe benefits

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Eucalyptus in the Shower from Trader Joe’s

13 446 views | 13 Jun. 2020

I get asked so many

I get asked so many questions about this so I decided to do a long overdue video.

Martha Winston

So easy! Excellent idea..I'm going to do that! Thanks..have a nice weekend ?


I read somewhere that if you don't smell anything from the start, to cut a piece off the ends and to cut it in a tiny bit. Is this true? I did this and mine sadly enough still don't release any smell =(


I’m going to do this today. I hear it’s good for ppl with asthma

Hope In Christ

How many stems in a bunch? Just curious thanks!


I’m going to try this.

Sue Crumley

Thank you for sharing this idea. Already got some hanging in my shower.

Ana Kelly

Thank you for the tip. Cant wait to try ?

Nguyen Vo

Are the dried leaves brittles and easily broken when touched ?


I got some from trader joes recently and I am unable to smell anything from them. It's been a week and they are already dried. Should I have used a rolling pin to smash the leaves before?

Malini Santra

My eucalyptus doesn't smell in the shower. Any ideas what is wrong?


Awesome Video!

Also can blend up the dry leaves and add any carrier oil inside an airtight glass jar. Sit for 7-10 days, (giving glass jar a spin every day). After this lightly heat and add beeswax. Look online how much beeswax you need to oil etc. Let cool and solidify in amber coloured glass and bam easy simple chest rub :)

If beeswax is a no go for you, you can use coconut oil as the carrier and leave to sit in the hot water cupboard for the 7-10 days (so it stays melted and marinates the leaves). Then (strain out leaves if you want) and let it cool in amber coloured glass. Coconut oil solidifies naturally up so there is no need for beeswax.

Noor B

I smell nothing ?

antifa super soy soldier

Definitely be careful with this. It's a toxic irritant. Do this as a once occasionally thing not a daily basis.

adarlyn Rosario

Nice! I went to Trader Joe’s on 14st yesterday and none of them had the rubber bands so I had to use a hair tie, I have also never tried these smaller leave ones, but I will next time.

قناة طبخ ذوقي cuisine gourmet

Excellent idea?

Trader joe benefits

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Best Quality Meats at Trader Joe's (Budget Grocery Haul)

50 429 views | 8 Feb. 2020

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Best Quality Meats at Trader Joe's (Budget Grocery Haul) - Thomas DeLauer

All right, so today we're headed to Trader Joe's to find the best quality - and kinds - of meats that you can possibly get (whilst adhering to a budget)! We're going to cover a range of meats, including chicken, beef, pork, and fish, and discuss the differences between grain-fed, grass-fed, grass-finished, and farmed meats and how they affect our bodies! Hopefully we don't get kicked out...I'll see you in the comments!

Grocery Shopping 101 | How to Shop Healthy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHVyS7TCceQ

For More Budget Grocery Hauls:

How to Choose Frozen Meats at the Grocery Store (Aldi Haul): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1G9Cfup9aEw

Clean Keto on a Budget - ALDI Grocery Haul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hs3OSjZg3Jo&t=1878s

How to Eat Keto at a Gas Station our Convenience Store: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vh7iTf3ggVo&t=10s

Clean Keto on a Budget - Walmart Grocery Haul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSDigM7B888&t=39s

Cleanest Keto Snack Foods at Walmart - Quick Grocery Haul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPR4F3B68sI&t=332s

Clean Keto on a Budget - Sprouts Market Grocery Haul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOnju6IqJew&t=1359s

Clean Keto on a Budget - Costco Grocery Haul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgfYZXadkX8&t=1378s

Target Healthy Keto Grocery Haul - What to Buy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iz1xgt-V4Lc&t=3s

Helpful Playlists:

Full Grocery Haul Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFbLg_bIQgxABei1yUOj11fizFrDaKFg_

Healthy Cooking Oil Choices: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFbLg_bIQgxAoimCbJYYcykTCg6usZXdG

Apple Cider Vinegar 101 | Top Ways to Use the Super Liquid: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFbLg_bIQgxB12MFjHZgq8s4XQO9CDhFN

Bone Broth Uses: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFbLg_bIQgxCwUZy0JE6QmJNMUOhMxeaI

Fasting Guides

How to do Intermittent Fasting: Complete Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLVf3d0rqqY&t=315s

Complete Women's Guide to Intermittent Fasting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNWhScV5b4g&t=270s

Beginners Guide to Prolonged Fasting | 24-72 Hour Fasting Instructions:


Fasting Guidelines: What You CAN and CANNOT Drink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gytioR19Qo&t=16s

Intermittent Fasting over Age 40 : The Complete Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njM2swbICYg&t=6s

Keto Guides

How to do a Keto Diet: The Complete Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBw2rdwBfZE

Keto Over Age 50 - Instructional Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lolUwN9svCs&t=5s

Full Beginner Keto Meal Plan: Exactly What to Eat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z15Z1-Og_pg&t=300s

Rosie Solylo

This man should have a T.V. show

Roshan Rajesh

14:25 GUYS 100% Grass Fed is Grass Fed & Grass Finished.


If you read the double ** it says the it’s against federal regulation to use hormones and antibiotics. So it’s not really needed to label hormone free.

Ben Rogencamp

I love watching these but I'm still gonna buy the stuff full of hormones and GMO's cause it's the cheapest. I'd rather die young than live broke.

Tricia Turner

I'd love to be able to afford the better quality meat... but I have to cook for a family of 5. We typically shop at Kroger because that's where my husband works and his employee discount helps lol. A 'roll' of 3lb ground beef is a single meal for us, so if I got the $5lb beef thats $15 as compared to $9 for the 3lb roll... for us on an extremely tight budget that $6 difference is a lot :(

Obesity is Not Me

Thomas I have been going to wild fork? Have you tried it yet?

Kate O

Yes frozen fish and.meats. And more on LAMB, please

Carlton Wilkinson

Could you come to Texas and do an HEB+ grocery haul? I know it's not logistically convenient, but the store is insanely popular here, and I can check with the local management to ensure you won't get kicked out and have a wasted trip.

Ali Williams

Liking your shopping hauls... brilliant, practical, helpful advice. You also come cross as a real gentleman

J Lo

How about Lamb Gyro meat at Joes?

Sohaib Salama

Thomas why you don't explain coronavirus ?

Ly Mora

I agree with a frozen section video! Love the science behind all the foods. I can get complicated, but very educational. Keep it up.

Gina Z

Dairy, please

Oscar Alvarez

Is there a smoked salmon video already?


Please. Where can I get grass finished?

SoCal Lisa

So funny to have stumbled upon this and recognize this as my local NP Trader Joes. I do love the 100% Grass Fed Beef.

Eat the pancakes

What about bacon? I heard it causes cancer and to stay away

Leceth Sanjuan

? New subscriber here ? thanks you for your informative videos. ?


What’s up with the random music lol


I love the Macdonalds commercials during this video!

chris holsinger



Man that joke about coronavirus did not age well

Strawberry Mind

I think Thomas reads my mind. ? The other day I was thinking “I need to see a video on MCT oil” and Bam Thomas delivered within 30 min a MCT video. Today I’m going to Trader Joe’s that is a 45 min drive and Bam here is a TJ video. Thank u Thomas ?

Shel D'Eezee

Dude, I liked this vid on the Coronavirus quip alone!!!

maritza castello

I found this explanation: Same thing proven. 100% grass-fed and 100% grass-fed and finished are the same.

Audrey Zoulin

Definitely going to subscribe to your channel! You are very knowledgeable and have done your homework! This kind of science behind the decisions of which animal products to purchase and consume is invaluable. Plz keep up the great work!!

Hyewon Kim

What's your opinion about nitrate in bacons? Salary juice means natural nitrate and this reacts really badly with pork's histamine creating lots of toxin. I've been not able to get packaged bacons due to that reason.

Ultimate Foodie

Strip better flavor than Rib-eye?? Generally speaking, HELL TO THE NO

Drew Schiefelbein

Frozen meat video for sure


100% grass fed is the same as grass fed, grass finished. Even ask flavcity.

enzuo 6

Yes, please a smoked salmon video.

Carl Alacce

Sprouts is a better option for Meat. Price and quality.

Angel Santos

Can you please do a Sam’s Club haul?

Sirada Norman

Coho vs sockeye. Which one is you preferred? Does it have any better beneficial between those two?

Jennifer Elkins

Do more of the frozen meat section. And maybe look at the lunch meat and chicken sausages. And cold cuts

Aida M

The ground chicken you show here has a lot of water and it ruins some recipes.

journey towards wholeness

TJ has a big nuts section. I would love to see a break down of that. Also, how do you feel about bacon in an air fryer?


I need my fats, you can keep the lean meats ??

drew ski

What are you studying to become?

Niko Kritikos


Ilaine Szmiga

So now I should cook my bacon in avacado oil?


1:25 yep, you sure stirred up my anxiety lol


Shopping with Thomas can be fuckin' expensive :P

Brenton Hickman

One of yur best videos


So on the bacon, I kind of don't get it. You said don't cook it in his own fat. So what do you do if you drain the fat and then you add oil to it? I don't get it.


The nearest Trader Joe's is 2 hours away. Not doing it. Lamb here is impossible to get. Even at Easter at Sam's. Suggestions, please I'm somewhere to go That's not 2 hours away That is Affordable to us poor people.


Can you do a video on nutrition for endurance athletes? We tend to eat a lot of carbs for our sport. But most people talk about low carb/keto. Is there a healthy way to get our carbs in?

Kate O

Lamb! I love lamb.
Easy to cook, grill, roast, pan fry.
Love lamb.
More on how it relates to the Keto diet please.

Stephen Mykoliw

Amazing video... Will def go to Trader Joe's now for meat and yes please do the frozen seafood video!!!


Do you have these tips in a cheat sheet format? Very informative! Thank you.

Gerri Eldridge

Hi Thomas. Will you please go into a little more info on how to cook bacon ..fry, baked, broiled. You blew my mind when you mentioned not frying bacon in its own grease.


All departments. Thank you.

Petros P

Cool video. Could you talk about yoghurt in the next video?

Britany Monter

Hello. Can you do a low sodium grocery heart healthy haul please? Thank you for all you do.

Barry Miller

Thank you for this but something you may have overlooked. They sell frozen bison burgers. I’m told that by law bison must be both grass fed and grass finished. Love to hear your view.

William O'Connell

Please do the frozen session of Trader Joe's, cause it has multigrain of sausage multigrain meal, and their in the box frozen brown rice.

Cathy Jensen Boutahiri

Would like to see a TJs frozen food section video.0.

Kayce Crews

You can remove the skin yourself. I've never eaten skin on chicken, but it is cheaper to buy it with skin and remove it yourself.

Dialectix Emcee

Appreciate this video bro. You dropped it 2 days after my bday when I ate meat for the first time in 16 years. This is helpful. would love more info on how much meat you eat on keto, how often, which types and more cooking vids! lol

Kevin Kozak

Great video....I learnt so much!! Just wish we had the same variety of selections in Canada. Thanks for sharing!


I can’t believe that you don’t know that the FDA has outlawed antibiotics in all live poultry of every kind several years ago. That means turkey, chicken, duck, goose, Cornish game hands etc. just because it doesn’t say no Antibiotics doesn’t mean they are in the meat. No live poultry has Antibiotics ever.

Esther McGough

have never cooked bacon in oil it makes its own cooking


Eat the scales? Did you mean to say skin?


USDA prohibits antibiotics of any kind on poultry by law, it doesn't have to say it on the package

Joshua Eastman

Bruh I’d watch this guy buy meat every week

maritza castello

The USDA standards do not allow for feedlot finishing or feeding cattle grains and grain by-products if a brand wants to label their beef “100% Grass Fed.” The claim “Grass Finished” is not the same as “Grass Fed” because animals that are “grass finished” can be fed grain, in which case the claim “Grain Fed, Grass Finished” would be truthful and not misleading.

At Pre, we use the term “100% Grass Fed & Finished” beef because the cattle is raised on pasture for their entire lifespan, and never finished on corn or grain byproducts (which are unnatural for cattle to consume). We never add hormones or use antibiotics unnecessarily and we never use GMOs. We have gone through the certification process for Non-GMO Project Verified, Whole30, Paleo, and Keto. We are Halal compliant, and we work with farmers who practice holistic care for their pastures and their animals. This includes abiding by the internationally accepted 5 Freedoms for all Animals.

A growing number of people believe eating less red meat is better for the environment, and that is true, if you are purchasing from farms that use feedlots, however if you purchase from farms that run their pastures naturally and treat their cattle with respect, it can be more beneficial to the Earth. The USDA has created the Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative to help with this. Read more about this initiative here.

soukaina chaina

I wish we had that selection for Halal meats. We only have one place that sells Halal and only one brand. The next best thing is Kosher and sometimes that's not available in stores either.

Robbie Briggs

Thomas: Organic doesn’t do much for me. I care more about what they are eating.

Organic is important to verify that the livestock is eating non-GMO grain.

Random Walk

21:50 "Take things with a grain of sugar" xD

John Doe

I love how he said let's get this Corona virus

Nancy Fasolino

More Trader Joe’s!! Dairy and frozen meat!! You were so polite and considerate

David Oswald

Thomas, my parents & I are trying to change what we eat and the amount - is eating less beef and more chicken a good idea? This is for us to be more healthy, we aren't going keto or anything like that (yet). :)

Nancy Fasolino

This video is awesome’n thank you! I recently was shop at Trader Joe’s and I was lost when it comes to meat, so this makes everything so clear and direct! Thank you ?

Naftali Teichman

Can you do a Kosher Hual?


I thought “100% Grass Fed” meant grass finished?


Yes, frozen meat video!

Tarek Eldidi

You will not like this rip eye , too hard and rubbery .. but maybe healthy. . Just don’t lose any teeth ?
Good video


I like you BUT your full of it if your going to eat that lean Corn fed beef over the grass fed!

Spiral Flash

Eat the fish scales?! Who knew? I skinned my Butcher Box salmon, and ate the skin on my Butcher Box chicken, and cooked my Butcher Box bacon (eggs, and asparagus) in the bacon grease, and I thought I was doing really good! SMH. Aside from the grocery haul aspect of this video, the overwhelming wealth of information about meat choices is staggering!! Thanks, Thomas! Where else would we learn all this?

Leslie Murtaza

I do not think the "scales" are left on the fish skin. The skin can be quite good if cooked until crisp. Any fisherman out there? You scale the fish after you catch and clean them don't you?

The Straight Road

Could you PLEASE discuss what is meant by “Natural Flavors?” It sounds like a hidden ingredient “They” don’t want us to know about. Please help us know more!!

Diane Lerner

THOMAS.......PLEASE I'm confused....I just heard you say to COOK BACON in different OIL?????? Cooking in bacon grease might cause Cancer......PLEASE help.........is that what you mean?? HELP!!

Danielle Stark

The closest Trader Joe’s to me is 90 minutes away in Ann Arbor MI! I’ve been in their Trader Joe’s in Ann Arbor at least 2 or 3 times and I also have been in a Trader Joe’s in the Bay Area!


I’m the reason all these people are commenting 100% grass fed also means grass finished lol. I got into a HUGE argument on one of flavcity’s videos about this, and ever since, flavcity has clarified that 100% grass fed is the same as grass fed, grass finished.

Isaac B.F.M

The coronavirus part ???? Thomas,you are soo funny throughout the whole video.?️ Your teachings are gold ! I will keep on eye on the supermarket products. Your happiness and cheerfulness are contagious, thank you for such inspiration and teachings !


That was a GREAT Video bro! It explained so much more about it and why. You hear all these datums but you just sliced through it and now you can think with them. I am going to have my wife watch this video! :)

Natalie Davis

This guy doesnt know what hes talking about..??‍♀️ he just pushes his preferences all the time. Hed rather go with non organic meat that has antibiotics, just bc it has a lower content of fat..smh..

Cris Lopez

Can you make a video with your top pics of foods to get that will last a while in case of an emergency?


Frozen meat at trader joe

John Hanna

Seems like 15% fat from 100% grass fed is better than 4% mystery fat. 100% grass fed = grass finished.

Cyndal Edwards

Would love to see a video on frozen meats!

Yousef Jouhari

The Grassfed ribeye is NOT $13.49! It's actually $13.49 per 10oz package! Which makes it $21.58 per pound, one of the most expensive grassfed ribeyes. Thomas was shocked, as he should be, that grassfed was cheaper than a conventional, but that's not the case.

Drew Schiefelbein

I think 100% grass fed means that they are grass finished. Because if they were grain finished then it would be like 90% grass fed. I'm pretty sure what is important is that you see EITHER 100% grass fed OR u see grass finished (which would mean the cow was for sure finished on grass, but did not have a grass fed diet earlier in life, but the last 1-2 months are of the most importance nutritionally). But just normal grass fed if you dont see a 100% or grass finished on the label is no better nutritionally than conventional beef.

Drew Marshall

I wish these keto guru's would stop endorsing snacks. Why plan for snacks? It makes no sense. It's not like you're going to starve to death before your next meal.

Ak_247 Aaa

So 100% grass fed is not the same as grass finished? I mean even on google it says they’re the same

Mary Guise

Very beneficial video, but between the camera moving too fast and you shaking the food, I felt dizzy and sick to my stomach watching it ☹️

Black Light

It sucks that browning (carmelization) is so toxic. Waste of a steak if you don't sear it right.


What do you think of pork bellies? It's the same stuff bacon is sliced from.


I would very much like a frozen meat/fish video. I love fish and all the different ways to cook it!!!

Lyndsey Beattie

Do a college student grocery haul video pls!!