Make up for sensitive skin

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Makeup I'm Using for My Sensitive Skin

27 374 views | 21 Oct. 2020


Products Mentioned:

Kosas Tinted Face Oil (03)


Kosas Revealer Concealer (03)


RMS Tinted Unpowder (0-1)*


Kaja Beach Stamp Liquid Bronzer (Toasty)


NudeStix Intense Matte Lip and Cheek (Fringe - this came in a set but the shade Retro is similar)*


bareMinerals Well Rested


Kiko Longwear Shadow Stick (05 Rosy Brown)


MAC Semi Sweet x 9 Palette (Pink Sienna and Persuade)


Kosas Big Clean Mascara


Fenty Gloss Bomb (Baby Brut - from holiday set)


Main Brush Used (Smashbox Blurring Foundation)







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-This video is not sponsored

-"*" Indicates that the product listed was sent to me by a brand or PR company

-All "rstyle" links are affiliate links. This means if you do choose to purchase products through them I make a small amount of commission. Thank you in advance if you choose to do so!


This is a beautiful look. I appreciate the sensitive skin products. Eye look is gorgeous.

Emily Jones Clark

I had SUPER sensitive skin during pregnancy too. Ugh! So itchy and miserable. Grandpa's Pine Tar soap was helpful for showers...hang in there!


Shelbey, honestly you should try Boots No.7 moisturizing foundations. They are formulated by dermatologists. I have extremely sensitive eczema-prone skin and it's all I use. ❤❤❤

Vicky Corey

It's beautiful and definitely beautiful on you! I love your hair.


Avene brand saved my extremely sensitive skin. I’m way too sensitive even for cetaphil and CeraVe.


This is a gorgeous look! Also, your hair looks great with the waves and curls!

Lin A

I have extremely sensitive skin and rosacea. I’ve been using Bioderma Sensibo light moisturizer and gel face wash as well as the toner.
It’s a great line and really soothes the redness.
Now my daughter and husband both use it.
It’s just great skincare.

Mary Mote

I bought a couple of the Kiko shadow sticks, and really like them so far! Nice to have a money saving alternative to the LM Caviar sticks!

misswickedwanderlust 21

If you want minimal Ingredients to lessen the irritation on your skin what if you tried using most of your Bare Minerals cosmetics especially the complexion products?

lety reyna

thanks for vid pretty lady. be safe

Makeup By Karen G.

New hair is giving me life!!!


I remember my ornery pregnant skin, it was the worst. This look came out so pretty. Purito makes a cica cream that's very soothing. I use it on my sensitive skin all the time.

Marianne Harms

Gorgeous look! Another foundation to try for sensitivity is the Ere Perez Oatmilk Foundation. The shades are not the greatest but it has more of a “traditional” foundation texture. I use it when I have retinol peeling days... almost lightly stamping it on with a beauty sponge. Just a suggestion as I know the Kosas can be tricky!!

Jess Remy

Do you think you could get away with wearing sunscreen under that tinted oil? It seems kind of right up my alley but I wear sunscreen everyday.


The hair girl, love it! Always love your make up, so natural ?


So pretty and so soft.

Kate M

Can you try Colorscience and Dermablend? It is supposed to be good for very sensitive skin.
I’ve just been using the CeraVe tinted moisturizer and elf moisturizing concealer.

Maria Hirsch

What do you think about Beautycounter makeup? Have you tried it?

Karyna Jabrail

Really beautiful.
I am a Make Up Artist forever and ever Amen. Haha!!#


Hey there ❤️I recently started watching Dr. Sam Bunting on YouTube (who is the London-based dermatologist), and she has a great series on sensitive skin and restoring your skin barrier ...and I’ve started following her recs & my skin is thanking me so much!!! I just use a really gentle cleanser by Laroche Posey called dermo cleanser & Avene recovery cream (both French brands and I know how you love the French?) for a moisturizer. both have very few ingredients that irritate the skin and are very soothing. Oh and I’ve been using the ordinary niacinamide right after cleansing sometimes because it helps with the redness and calming down the skin too. Anyway just thought I would share that. I’m trying to steer clear of facial oils & anything with fragrance ...that is a big help!! But anyway praying you and your baby stay healthy!!
Oh and for make up have just been sticking to NARS tinted moisturizer & their radiant creamy concealer. Dr. Sam recommends those two. And now you also have me hooked on the caviar sticks??

Patricia Back

Beautiful look. But you look beautiful anyway. Love the hair! I have rosacea, sensitive skin. Sometimes I just use Australian Gold tinted sunscreen. Bare Mineral powders or blush on top if I want extra coverage or to set. I also am an avid brush user... when I have a flare up, I still use brushes, I just don't 'buff ' so much as gently tap. And of course clean them diligently. Feel free to do just great eye looks for a while. We love you and want what's best for you!❤

Sue Cone

I have this concealer but no matter what shade I get it always seems a little yellow which I deal with in the summer. I think this is a great natural look and if the skin is happy then I would be happy. Thanks ?

Joan Rummell

Just lovely, Shelbey! I am glad you're finding some things for your sensitive skin. I have redness at times and my original BE loose foundation helps a little. Your hair looks beautiful curly, XO.

Melissa Whitehair

I’m so annoyed, I’ve been out running all day and it resulted in me being 8hrs late to the new video. Thank you for the new post I’ve watched ever single video on your playlist some more then once, so I was in need of some new content from you???? I hope your pregnancy is going well❣️

Wendy F

I tried the Kosis oil but I used too much initially and it looked like a mask. Light amount looks a lot better. I’m scared to buy any new concealer because even Bendy Avocado was dry underneath my eyes, so is this less dry?

Zaley Love Sensing

What nail polish do you have on?

Jamie Bowden

I LOVE Kosas!!! Thanks for showing how to make it last longer!!! ?

Kamloops Cruiser

My favourite makeup for daily use, and flares of eczema and allergic crabby skin is one I thank you for— bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer. Their stick concealer never seems to bug me either.

Another non reactive one is Revlon Candid the original version plus the Candid concealer. And the Candid powder is really good for lightly setting things without causing dryness or itching.

Nat Baron

I do not know if you can buy Avène creams in the USA,it is a french brand special for very sensitive skin, it it just amazing, inside all the producst there is "eau d avène"(avène water)witch is very smooth.

Allyce Johnson

I really like your hair in this video! Your makeup is fab as always! I'm dealing with some rosacea on my cheeks but also struggling with maskne! So, I'm using sensitive skin products on my cheeks and putting acne treatment in my mask-wearing area. I feel like my skin is all over the place! I only wear eye makeup and a little concealer during my workday.

Paula Lim


Chanda Chism

I have Rosacea and usually have flare ups in the center of my face, from my forehead to my chin. On flare up days, I do not wear any makeup and I’ve had to learn to be confident about it. Basically, as long as I don’t dwell on it, I forget about it and no one really cares anyway. But when I do wear makeup, I choose cc creams over foundation. Right now my favorite is the Clinique cc cream. It’s light weight, has light coverage, and wears ok. The only setting powder I use is Laura Mercier, and I only set my under eyes. And some days I just do Age Rewind concealer in the center and blend out.

Victoria H

I will have to check these out. Have you tried any skincare products from The Ordinary? Their Azelaic Acid cream has been one of the best things for my rosacea and sensitive skin. Their niacinamide and hyluaronic acid serums have helped too. Bare pro liquid foundation seems to sit best on my skin right now. I also like IT CC cream, and definitely the Well rested concealer!


I LOVE Kosas Tinted Face Oil. I used it this past summer a few shades darker than my skin tone as a mixer for foundations that were too light b/c I had a tan and on its own as a bronzer/contour b/c it has such a healthy, glowy finish. SO, so nice on a combination to dry skin type but even when my skin leans more oily, it didn't seem to aggravate the look of an oilier complexion, in my case. So glad you're enjoying it and that it works for your sensitive complexion. You look fantastic. Stay healthy!

Marci Lujambio

Congratulations on your pregnancy ???


My eczema has been flaring up since I've been stressed! ? Thank you for this video, I've been searching for makeup to wear wear right now ?

mistral 111

Cute hairdo!

Katy A

I have rosecea and had PD off and on for years as well. Yogurt mask with marula honey always calmed it down. My last go around I switched to F.A.B first aid beauty, face wash and lotion {in the tub unscent obv} and it went away within a week.

Kathleen Zottarelli

Beautiful look, simply gorgeous! Have you tried the foundation and concealer from UNDONE? They both are very nice and I have never experienced a breakout of my Perioral Dermatitis with them.

Vanny Crane

My favourites for my sensitive rosacea skin are the Lily Lolo mineral foundation, the concealer from this brand and the the RMS Lip2Cheek in the shade Spell. Gergeous color for red skin, so natural blushed and I like it with lip liner on my lips too. I have an eye on the RMS foundation and from Kjaer Weis, both cream foundations. Sensitive skin needs natural ingredients, no more parabens and dimethicones anymore ?

Sally Chocolate

Hi Shelbey, Can I use those for winter season?

Luna Grace

Absolutely gorgeous! Does anyone know if the Ilia serum skin tint is as light weight as the Kosas skin tint? Trying to find a new serum foundation, because almost all liquid foundation are way to heavy feeling on my skin.

Mayrene Powell

I love the eye shadows

Tracy Wilde

I'm a new subscriber, you're tips have helped me with my powder foundation so much. Thank you ❤️

Elisabeth LeBris

Personally like kale and green spinach vitamins superfood cleanser from YTTP. AND any product from Evan Healy. Her hydrosols are amazing! Cannot miss those twice a day.

Ginny Burley

I always enjoy your looks! I’ve never had sensitive skin at all, but truly sympathize with those who do. Pregnancy always seems to have unexpected “gifts.” ???

Lindy Novelli

Pregnancy really suits you. You look so beautiful xx

Keira Ontiveros

I don’t have sensitive skin but I am very acne prone and with certain makeup by the end of day my skin gets redish splotchiness on the sides of my face but I think recently I found makeup that works for my skin.

amaizeing ndn

I think the Ilia tinted serum and W3LL People tinted moisturizer are much better than the Kosas oil

bri lor

You look pretty but you are putting too much on your skin! I've already made this comment several times. Too many products, and your skin can't breathe. And there are so many chemical/harmful ingredients in them! Long term, it is not healthy. (And especially if you are expecting a baby!). Please try better products: organic, lighter, and less of them. As others have suggested, you could just enhance your beautiful eyes, use a tinted (or not) natural lip balm, and let your skin breathe under just a little natural bb cream (or nothing). You will still inspire many people :)

Whitney Nicole

One word. Vanicream. It’s basic AF, but it’s great for psoriasis, eczema, PD, etc. Also, so weird you pulled out the kosas because I just bought some too!


I bathe my face in Nivea cream whenever I have allergic skin reactions... it literally calms the irritation by 50% in one day!

Gabriella Kottke

To check if a product is safe for sensitive skin, you can check it at Skin Safe .com, and it will tell you if there are irritants in the ingredient list or not. So many makeup products have fragrance, hidden or otherwise, for example. I'm allergic to fragrance so I have to check this database all the time!

Anita Anderson

I like La Roche posey skincare products because they are made for those of us with sensitive skin. They have some products which are specifically for people with roseaca.


I could watch you apply makeup all day...and that's saying a lot, as I only wear makeup on the wkends and even then, don't wear a lot! Though I am wearing a lot more eye makeup now because of the mask and because my eyes are my best feature. Discovering your channel is one of the best things to happen to me since quarantine started in March. I also luv the Smashbox Foundation Blurring Brush. Bought it a few months ago on your recommendation.


Soooo! You did the lay- on -your -face - nap test huh? Everyone chime in. Whose done that? Lmao. Ohhh yeah????
Your baby is expanding your skin expertise! Having nice skin is good. Having beautiful skin puts you in the minority. Have problematic skin makes you sooo relatable! This is what You Tubers need to learn about. Thank you. Frankly, if I can get moisturizer & sunscreen on with out a rebellion I feel like a winner. Your always gonna be beautiful, problem skin or not.

Joelle Marsepein

Hi Shelby, thanks for another great video! Sorry to hear your skin is not doing well... As a sensitive person myself I can relate ?. I learnt I have to stay away from several ingredients, such as denatured alcohol, fragrance and essential oils and be very cautious with actives in my skincare (still figuring out a way to incorporate them). My skin tolerates Smashbox 24 hour hydra wear foundation quite well.

For my skin, K beauty products (especially the SPF's!) work really well. Ingredients to look out for are mugwort and centella. Since the world of K beauty can be a bit overwhelming I recommend Kelly Driscoll's channel if you're interested.

Looking forward to your makeup discoveries on this topic. Oh, and you got me totally hooked on the caviar sticks ?. Your channel is one of a kind in showing how versatile they are!

Sandra Ammons

Hope pregnancy is going well for you. Love your videos. Keep us posted on how you are doing. Thank you ?

Val Garrett

I have allergy prone skin. - mostly to fragrance and preservatives. I tend to stick to Clinique products or those containing minimal ingredients.

Elizabeth Ruggiero

Best thing for sensitive skin? The Tower 28 SOS rescue spray is PHENOMENAL. I have struggled with sensitive skin for years, and this completely calmed everything down. I will never ever run out… Give it a try.

Ann Ho

You look beautiful

Lulie Golds

I finally gave in and bought the Neutrogena Hydro Boost skin tint (it was $3 off at my Target) and holy smokes do I love it!!! Thanks for all your recommendations over I don't know how many hundreds of videos, lol. Shoulda bit the bullet sooner :)

Thyra Viking

When I got dermatitis. I used Cerave moisturizer with rosehip or hemp oil with it, 2-4 drops.
I also used plain Shea butter on my eye area, many times a day. Stay away from makeup for a time.
No perfume in face products for the future. No perfume when you wash your clothes, bedsheets. I have not gotten it back. Only perfume-free products in the future. Lots of oil every night.
I hope this helps. ❤️

Erinn Swan

Gentle face wash is Vanicream cleanser. It never stings my face ever! I got it on Amazon. It fragrance free and no essential oils. They have lotions to body wash to antiperspirant and shampoo. I do like the Vanicream cream especially for my body because I have eczema and my skin is super dry. I use Hado Labo oil cleaanser to remove sunscreen and makeup. You can buy a pump bottle of it and they sell refills. I also bought this on Amazon. I don’t wear foundation when my skin is bothering me. I bought the gloss bomb holiday minis also.

Laura Kenney

What a beautiful look . You look fabulous. I hope you're feeling well. And the music was so relaxing & zen for me. Thank you.

Liv Fit Freedom

you’re hair is so cute! love it - i’ve ben getting sensitive skin recently, i think it’s due to the weather change so this has been very helpful, thankyou! x

Lori George

I just got the Kosas oil in my boxy charm, now I can’t wait to try it out! Thanks for showing me how with a brush! You’re looking gorgeous little preggie with or without makeup?

Joan Mandeville

Fyi. My dermatologist told me never use brush on my rosacea because it irritates. Use finhers or better , clean sponge. There is also a prescription cream that is great for rosacea. Good luck.

Julie Henschel

Hi. You look lovely. What is the name of your nail polish? Thanks!


my skin is quite sensitive and break out quite easily. your skin looks even more sensitive than mine.

Christine H

You look gorgeous, both skin and especially your hair. Love this tutorial. For redness and sensitive skin I find the Bioderma Sensibio AR line very helpful. Also a very effective an non-irritating is Clinique Super City Block SPF 40.


Love your videos! I have super sensitive skin and have struggled to find skin care that doesn't irritate. My dermatologist suggested Eau Thermale Avene tolerance extreme creme, which is made for hypersensitive skin, and that has really helped for me.

Pam Burkey

So pretty!! ?

Heidi Lee

You are the cutest. Love the eye look.

Samy Rae

I suffered from perioral dermatitis a few years ago due to hormone shifts, and the only thing that seemed to clear it up was the Shea Moisture African Black Soap! I used everything else, and that along with cerave moisturizing cream was the gold that got it to calm down and eventually clear completely. I will forever recommend that soap for anyone dealing with skin irritation! Other black soap didn't help and was too harsh but the Shea Moisture was amazing!


I don't know whether it's the quarantine and the "no makeup" that comes with it at least for me most of the time, but especially when I see the thumbnail, I think you're prettier without any makeup on. ?

Real Meditation

Beautiful eye look. I am new to your channel! You are gorgeous!

Mimi Rooney

Can you pleaseeee review the Flower Beauty Get Real Serum Foundation? I think you’d like it

Aysenur Toptas

For sensitive skin my best choice is to avoid all liquid oils and stick with butter. I don't even use plant oil based moisturizers only neutrogina oil free and origins ginzeng and of course aloe vera. Shea butter and coconut oil is also good since they have high levels of saturated oil which is good. Plant based liquid oils high levels of inflammatory PUFAs(poly unsaturated fatty acids)...So the key for skin is nutrition. I love to watch your videos a lot! Thank you very much! :)


Your hair looks great that way.


I really appreciate your smile...and the way you speaks is soooooooo sweet soooooooooo impressive..
Lots of appreciation..
Keep doing..
God bless u

Sarah C

Absolutely stunning.

H Matson

I love your look in this video! It's always a thumbs up for me before I'm even 10 seconds in. ? My favorite makeup base for my sensitive skin is the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer where I need it with the Jane Iredale Pressed Powder on top and around my eyes. That stuff is magical on my dry skin and never looks dry, powdery, or cakey. It's my go-to!

Susie Lewis

Have you ever used Josie Maran tinted moisturizer? Has spf....every time I have worn it....tons of compliments on my skin....so why don’t I wear it all of the time? Lol

Robin Baker

If you haven't already, try a toothpaste without SLS in it. It was the main culprit of my PD, that spread throughout my face and even my neck. I also find that there is a spicey spice that I seem to be allergic to that sets off my PD as well. I know it could be anything for you, just sharing what I found kickstarted my PD. I also found that Aquaphor in the jar/tub (not the one for the lips) helped me the best to soothe the irritation. I had some rosehip oil on hand that seemed to help as well to soothe. Probably could have used any oil, that's just what I had in hand. After seeing my derm and allergist with little identification for what was causing it, I also tried some Rx fungal cream that seemed to help too. Allergist and derm both said it would likely not help, but it gave me more healing than the other Rx face creams they had prescribed. I hope it gets better soon. I struggled with PD for a while, including two ER visits when it seemed to spread like overnight, but the change to a non-SLS toothpaste was the best change I made.

Krystle Garsha

Love the look! How did it wear throughout your day?

Savina Sanchez

never tried Kosas it looks amazing on you!!!

D Heredia

I need to know your nail color and how you did your hair!

Mel C

Covid has nudged me to embrace my skin and play up the eyes too. Over time I've picked up on what works and what doesn't work for my dry sensitive skin ?. All foaming cleansers I've tried stripped my skin. All chemical sunscreens have lead to rashes. Physical exfoliants are reserved to the neck down. I avoid wool even if lined or cashmere. Love everything cica. Antihistamines help with flare ups. I currently double cleanse with apricot kernel oil, exfoliate with Cure Natural Aqua Gel, balance with Dr. Belmeur daily repair facial toner, moisturize with Dr. Belmeur advanced cica recovery cream, repair further with The Ordinary 100% organic cold pressed rose hip seed oil and protect with La Roche Posay Anthelios mineral sunscreen. To keep costs down, I buy in bulk on sale especially boxing day. Hope this helps for those with the same skin problems.

Susan Spann

You're looking beautiful, as always ? and I see that glow shining through ?


I don't know whether it's the quarantine and the "no makeup" that comes with it at least for me most of the time, but especially when I see the thumbnail, I think you're prettier without any makeup on. ?

Kristen Landon

#PregnancyGlow ✨?

Emma Chase

Love IPL for my rosacea. I think it’s a no-go during pregnancy though. The Zinc serum by The Ordinary also helps settle down my facial redness.

Sumayyah Lane

The cerave eye cream is so good for my eczema, and the pai skincare range is just ?

Julie Lyons

maybe you should go back to wearing bare Minerals original foundation during your pregnancy


I get dermatitis occasionally if I put something on my face if doesn't like. I love the colourpop tinted moisturizer and using well rested where I need a boost of coverage.

Rebekah K

My favorite part of this look - the hair!!! I love the curls and how the color looks different when it's curly vs. straight (I have curly hair too). Très chic! I definitely reach for BareMinerals original powder when my skin is acting up.

Just Sheilz

The end result is fantastic!

Maria Martinsson

Got dry sensitive skin (goes red in the middle if I use strong products). What I've used for years now is Qlinique extra-mild liquid facial soap and their 72 hour moisture surge (NOT the intense version though as that has a syntetic strong smell). Also the LUSH Aqua Marina leaves the skin soooo soothed and fresh and with no redness at all! I use simple rose water as a toner, the kind that is used in baking in the middle east and India. Makeup wise I am staying loyal to bareMinerals original foundation :)


Have you ever tried using an allergy nose spray like Flonase? I have terrible inhalant allergies, and was constantly rubbing my nose to the point of creating sores inside it, and had redness issues. Once my ENT put me on Flonase, and a regimen of OTC chlor tabs and Sudafed, it has made a huge difference for me. I don’t rub my nose near as much, and My nose doesn’t stay stopped up 99% of the time. I live is MS, and the fall allergy season has always been worse on me than the spring. The ragweed and goldenrod alone will choke you. It’s worth talking to your dr., as I don’t know if using while pregnant is recommended. I have a very small nose, and a deviated septum, I used the OTC nose spray since I was 12 because I can not handle not being able to breath through my nose. Beconase was what I was originally started on, but once he eventually switched me over to Flonase. The generic brands don’t work for me, it has to be the brand product, and the original, not the one with the gentler spray.

I received my Ipsy Ultimate mag today, and in it were some of Nomad Cosmetics loose pigments. There is a beautiful light pink, when I saw it, it made me immediately think of you. I was going to link it, but it’s not showing on the site.

Make up for sensitive skin

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Mohd Zain

Bhut bhut achha makeup karte hai aap.please product name batay

pushkar ns N

Mam mera face colour medium fair hai mujhe base ke liye kon sa shade lena chahiye plz plz bataye crylon ka

cutie pie

Mam plz share bun how to make with hair pad.Donut se nahi hair pad se banakar patla net lagana sikhaye

Sandeep Rana

Very nice makeup

aarti singh


Monira Akter

can you make a makeup video on dark skin.plz

Bobby valodara

Bridal makeup or hairstyle dikaye

Sayma Salmani

Di aap ka Parlar kaha hai

Rakhi Singh

Mam it is not beauty blonder its blender

Nargis Fatma


shadds v

Model kau se angle se saawlu lagi aapko??

shivam johri

Make video from some distance

Tasavardeep Singh

Please mam dupta setting krna btiye

Thakorbhai Patel

All season k liye konsi make up product best he? Wo please bataye ga.

Aryan singh

Really goodmam
Mam plz full makeup nd hairstyle btana

Sara Adan

bakwas makeup therd class

shefali yete

Mem me aap se bhut kuch sikh rahi hu thanks . Mem Maine parlour course kiya hai par mujhe parolr kholne ke liye kon kon si required Pori karna hota hai or shuruwt me kitne kharch karna hota hai batye plz plz.

Anita Shinde

Can you make makeup video for sensitive dark skin?

neha khan


Nidhi Agarwal

Mam Mac product se makeup karna bataye full tutorial

Frooti Rajput Frooti Rajput

primer k bd jo lgaya apne wo kya h uska kya nm h uska kam kya h jo base se phle lgaya or primer k bd

Jayita Biswas

app pura vedio kiu nahi banati ha Bic Bic may Kat Kar deti ha

Choco Thind


Annie Beauty


neha mukhiya

Madam , sry but acha nahi laga .

Seerat doll

Eye makeup cemra kha gya


Model aapki sawli nhi h mam.. Aap eyeshadow ko acchi trh se blend krti to or smooth finish aati!

Make up for sensitive skin

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Models "No Makeup, Makeup" | Acne and Sensitive skin | Easy guide | Georgia Gibbs

7 117 views | 31 Aug. 2020

Hey guys,


Hey guys,

I hope this video finds you well!

I wanted to share my everyday very minimal routine for my girls with sensitive, reactive and acne prone skin types :)

Products in this video;

- Derma Visuals Foundation Base

- Nars Creamy Concealer

- Dr Haushka liquid Bronzer

- Ere Perez brow pencil in Almond

- Hourglass Brow Sculpt in Soft Brunette

- Ere Perez Cream Highlight

- Burts Bees balm in Rose

- Inika Full Lash Mascara

Ask any questions below!!

With love & light,

Georgia xx

monique russell

Hi lovely. I’ve just spent the morning on your YouTube and absolutely love the videos you did on skin - they’re so educational and helpful! I’ve just gone off the pill (yay!) it was something I’d been wanting to do for over a year but wanted to prepare my body for it for a few months first before I went off however due to health reasons I went off unexpectedly. I was wondering what Chinese medicine you can recommend for balancing hormones? I live in SA so not sure if you’ve heard of anyone down here that I could go see!

Anna X

Thanks for sharing these tips and products you use ? Looking gorgeous with that look!
And by the way, perfect German pronunciation for the Dr. Hauschka gel - good job ???
Love from Germany all the way to Australia ?


As someone who also suffers from acne scars/ dark spots but loves natural makeup, I greatly enjoyed this video. I just posted a video showing how to cover dark spots & hyperpigmentation in 10 mins.

Lane Mihaljevic

Hey Georgia! Just wondering if you’ve tried the Ere Perez Almond Oil Mascara or Oat Milk Foundation? If so, what did you think?


What camera do you use? :) Great video please make more!! Love you, you give me joy <3

Amelia Jade

Deff buying the dermaviduals tint, I already use all their skincare ?

Donald Cole

So... the title is about no makeup, but the entire video promotes various types of makeup. I get it, sell out for re venue. I understand, but don't agree. Ladies, enjoy trying to mimic her physical beauty that you weren't born into...

Cleo Bamber

What shade of nars creamy concealer do you use? ?

Sofia Salem

Do you have any tips/recommendations for getting rid of post inflammatory erythema acne scarring???

Jasmine Hodges


jessica rogers

How do you get the derma visuals foundation base? Can i order in online?

Lod Ixe

I wanted to see the application ☺️☺️☺️ thank you for showing us the products you use


You have a lot of orbs floating in your room..

Isabella Blenkin

That highlighter is gorgeous! Looking so glowy and healthy G ❤️ and love that dress ?