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5 Ways to Make Your Fragrance Last Longer | Why Isn't My Cologne Lasting?

256 281 views | 22 Jul. 2017


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In this video, we will discuss 5 ways to make your fragrance last longer. This applies to colognes and perfumes as well. Many might ask, "Why isn't my cologne lasting long?" This video will provide you with my top 5 tips and tricks to cure longevity problems! Thank you for watching, and remember to subscribe!


#10: https://bit.ly/2TYSPx6

#9: https://bit.ly/2FgRh76

#8: https://bit.ly/2Fte2Gf

#7: https://bit.ly/2FlSqKY

#6: https://bit.ly/2HMNLVa

#5: https://bit.ly/2upjROE

#4: https://bit.ly/2TYQilC

#3: https://bit.ly/2TsnTjo

#2: https://bit.ly/2OjGflS

#1: https://bit.ly/2YeBn67


#10: https://bit.ly/2Twil7O

#9: https://bit.ly/2HymLcw

#8: https://bit.ly/2CyT0Eq

#7: https://bit.ly/2JyYmFK

#6: https://bit.ly/2JBKuKO

#5: https://bit.ly/2U2DSJs

#4: https://bit.ly/2Fm9cJM

#3: https://bit.ly/2Jx47nb

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Adrian Echim

Damn Steven that watch is not in its place ? , still love your videos ✌?

Daniel Mullen

Did you ever review Canvas & Concrete?


Nice g shock!

Nikko Toscani

Get a bottle of liquid bandage spray and spray twice let dry then spray your fragrance on top lasts all day and night it acts like a glue ???

Benny Rinaldi

Hai. I want to ask you about how many spray for using a fragrance..
may be for fragrance like dior sauvage, john varvatos artisan pure, hugo boss bottled intense.
I have that all and i just want to know others routine with that frags. Thx.

Scentaur Fragrance

That is the best advice on how to wear fragrance I have ever seen. I have mugler cologne and am not sure about the new flankers, but loved the videos and hope to smell them soon.

Theodore Trisvei

Disagree with the 5th one.

Judee Fitch


The Luxury Hybrid

Is Juliette Has A Gun NAP considered as a Iso E Super?

czc Khol

Very helpful information. Great video.

Balasubramaniyan Chandrasekaran

Great video! Sadly all colognes doesn’t last longer that 3 hours maximum even after trying all these tricks. The best I got was using molecule 01 and then applying Ambre tabac which lasted around 4.5-5hours before becoming a skin scent.

John T

back in the day you didnt have to moisturise or wear molecule 1 to actually get some life from a fragrance you just sprayed the bastard and dont tell me human skin chemistry has changed in 20-30 years ....its companies taking the piss ,they could easily make their products last longer even if it meant a small increase in price but the more they sell the more they make its not in their interests ,,,,there is no excuse for the piss poor longevity and projection on some modern fragrances,chanel edition blanche for the price the performance is borderline robbery and people have the gaul to blame clones and say i only buy real stuff it lasts all day ....no it fuckin dosent

Atalay Küçükoğlu

Grest video! Also, we should not forget some fragrances are meant to last little and be reapplied for the fresh kick. A good example that the director of the fragrance said this out loud would be Frederic Malle Cologne Bigarade.

mayan girl

where do you buy the molecule 101?

Bobby Bobson

I get excellent longevity and compliments from perfume oils. To hell with all this weak designer shit

Ahmed khan khan

Which perfume you regularly use.

Kelly Bocock

Spray it in a brush and also use beard oil in your brush...


Bro love the tips but I want to make sure people know that spraying perfume on hair can dehydrate your hair. Take care.

Hasan Imtiaz

So should we spray the fragrance on our skin or clothes?

Connor Smyth

I’m sorry. I must disagree... EDC, EDT & EDP are only bench marks. Yes concentration of fragrance oil can effect longevity, however, one of the main factors is defiantly the notes alone... What I mean by this is the uses of fragrance notes. Having a fragrance with Tonka you would find lasts longer on the skin even though it is EDC... I have EDP and Parfums that don’t last as as cologne because their fragrance notes are lighter...

I’m not criticising your view I know my one personal experiences. :)

Hamad Alrowaie

Five stars !! ??

Indanan Caringal

But cody doesn't have hair!??

Mike Guitar Player

Great tips ! But I’m confused about Abercrombie Fierce which is a cologne but is a beast with projection and longevity??


Very Helpful!

mayan girl

where do you buy molecule 01?

Muhammed Ali Omurovìc



May as well spray one on the nuts. ?

Umair Tallat


John T

or the companies could stop producing watered down piss compared to the old stuff i remember clubbing in the early 90s two sprays of kouros at 8pm was still projecting like a beast at 4 in the morning ,woke up next day and its still going ....treated myself to a new bottle for nostalgia the other week and its basically kouros scented water ,its actually laughable how much its been neutered ,half the time now i wear clones and cheapies for that reason ..........i go through bottles of chanel allure sport /blanche/extreme that fast its disgusting ,on the website it actually says we suggest spraying liberally :O just make the fuckin thing stronger or drop the price i arent spraying any £100 fragrance liberally its a joke

Freddy B

Ive found your channel recently and I have to say I like your character and how you explain things. Keep up the work! I have one question: can you recommend a unique scent for hot summer days? right now Im wearing Aqua di gio Profumo and aqva amara but I want something, thats more unique.

Tonya Deaton

I don't know if this is just me but if I spray my perfume on my neck and I stop smelling it like you said but when I sweat it will come back.

Oiii Cunts

Neither me nor my fragrances are lasting long! what a tragedy

Kelly Bocock

Spray on the ankle area on pants especially if it is a strong fragrance.

Greg Park

if you spray cologne in your soul
it stays forever


WOMEN: Here is a tip if you want to attract a man; DON'T WEAR PERFUME. It masks your natural pheromones. Pheromones are natural chemicals that mammals secrete and attract a mate. Masking it with hair products, perfumes, dryer sheets, lotions, etc etc not only can make you sick over the long haul, it prevents your natural "fragrance" from attracting your lover. Try this. Next time you go out, have your hair dirty for 2 days. Let your natural oils be present. Just wash your body "where it counts" to let your pheromones do the work for you. Watch what happens. 

Fragrance is the NEW SECOND HAND SMOKE PEOPLE. IT's made of thousands of TOXIC CHEMICALS. They have been scientifically proven to cause and/or irritate: Asthma, Allergies, Migraines, Headaches, Skin irritations including ACNE, Rosacea, Hair loss due to hormone disruption. I have a friend who was talked into going to a bar after a workout. She was clean (I mean had deodorant etc) but she had been sweating and her hair hadn't;t been washed for 2 days. Now she's married to the best looking guy in the club. I'm not saying to smell like B.O.guys. Wear deodorant (the natural crystal kind) and stop covering your own smell that could potentially attract a mate.

Tim Hendson

Can you please do a video over wearing perfume when you work in cold weather and you are outside. Also if you typically wear long pants and long sleeves?

Marc Hernandez

Spraying on your hair is a good trick. My grandmother used to do that and it definitely did the trick. But I do feel that perfumes back then were stronger and were made to last longer on you. Perfumes nowadays have lower resilience after you sprayed them, but then again a lot of them are more affordable now.

Umair Tallat



put it in your hair ?

Syeikh Asyraf

That watch though

Ahmed khan khan

Thanks you for sharing good knowledge ??????.

Deary Osman

thanks .but you very fast to a speaking!


Thank you buddy....

Hi Gi

How would you apply 1 million lucky? I just go it for just casual wear

Kevin Page

The longest lasting Niche fragrances that I've experienced so far I think is Parfums De Marly Pegasus and Layton and for designer Versace Eros Flame which has been on a shirt of mine for at least 2 weeks now only thing about spraying it on your clothes if it sits too long ants will eat them

Weo Talks

I RESPECT you, BUT MOLECUE 01 is Scentless NONSENSE , ABSOLUTE FRAUD & WASTE OF $$$.MONEY.I HAVE 407 FRAGRANCE and that was my Worst purchase.

rachel crazy

My grandma always tells me to spray perfume where you want to be kissed


Great video,thanks


Get yourself Prada L'Homme My go to favorite slightly over Sauvage Dior

Android Son

Spray on your T shirt not washed a week!
Much better T shirt used twice in exersise or jogging.


Like if your holding a perfume while wathing this video

Hi Gi

How would you apply versace man

dean martin

Hi awesome video. But which cream do I buy. Is it DEAD SEA FACE MOISTURIZING LOTION FOR MEN BY BALDWIN

Michael Maniscalco

Buy an unscented mineral oil and apply it with a QTip apply the fragrance . It will last all night because oil dose not evaporate.
When you need to refresh the scent excuse your self to the men's room and apply warm water to the areas where you applied your fragrance , the warm water will open the pours of your skin and let out some more scent.


"we all understand the importance of an adequately prepared surface before applying the topcoat." LOL!

Colin notyou0k

Applying too a fabric band-aid strip works as a larger test strip. Not only that, it maintains the top note and pushes down the less desirable notes in the fragrances I own. Sure it's not the most practical idea but it works! Further more, what other clothing materials work best? Can they be incorporated into the design of a garment for said purpose?

Grand Themes

What if your bald?

badly deep

can i mix molecule no 1 straight to the bottle of another fragrance (lets say 10% or so) to make it perform better?
all my favorites are week as xxx!
i have to agree with some other comments...perfumes these days are not worth the money


I don't like P-Jelly because it is really greasy and oily. Also, if you have really fine clothes, it will stain. A YouTube commenter suggested Nivea cream. I can't even tell you how it has changed my life. I've tried different lotions and even Vaseline, and the Nivea gives me the best results. I highly suggest Nivea lotion on the back of your neck and wrists, at the very least. I really think the Nivea brand is on to something here.

ish c

If You Know, You Know.

About #5: You not smelling it doesn't mean others can't pick it up.

Tommy B

Anyone know what that intro song is? Because I'm leaving this video with more questions than answers. But really just that one ?


Spray your hair. Sorry if your bald

Mike Brown

Hey, i got a question. So I've been wearing Acqua Di Gio and to me it seems to be lasting less than an hour. I was wondering if I just got used to the scent and cant smell it or if it only lasts about 30 mins.


And what do you think of Roja Dove's spray routine, that is spraying on your clavicle, wrists because when you move your hands it's when the scent comes to life, and spraying before moisturising

Muhammad w babar

Its only me i think but i use same parfume and deodorant if available, deodorant on neck and underarms and then i put my perfume and result is impressive.

2nd is whenever i wear half sleeves or t shirt, I spray one puff on my both wrists and rub them, same like whenever I put arabic oil and believe me I get a lot more compliments because it really makes more projection and my skin smells great all the time.

harold christian fernandez

great video and it helps me understand more...

sameer ansari

if we apply perfume on clothes it wasted of perfume

Julie rødsjøsether

Thanks for this very informative video !

J Rodriguez

How do you personally apply fragrance? I would love to know your preferred method

Yossel Garcia

So is bleu de chanel Parfum (2018 version) extrait de parfum? Or pure perfume oil?

Fresh Fruit Juice

Been buying fragrance after fragrance. My latest is Paco Rabane's: Invictus Intense. Smell disappears in 30 minutes. Yet my girlfriend once bought me a cheap perfume that lasts 24 hours. How come?


20 years ago you could wash a piece of clothing twice that had perfume on it and it would still annoyingly smell of the perfume you sprayed on, such a sad state these days with some frags lasting only a few hours.


Steven I spray a lot on my clothes


My fragance is going to lose some smells if i turn of my air conditioner in heat?

Stephen molifi

which is better..Christian Dior Privee Oud Inspain or Tom Ford Privee Tobacco Vanille

Moon Child

Spray in hair, I already do that and it does last

Lil Someone

Just a quick question even though I'm like a year late. The last tip is to not spray on the neck area right? Because of the fatigue thingy that happens? Correct me if I'm wrong but the fragrance will still last the way it lasts on your arm right but the difference is that it's just YOU who can't smell it anymore.

Jose Segura

What do you think of Canvas and Concrete?

Drew L

Ultimately you need to consider the quality of the fragrance you're wearing. A good/great quality fragrance's longevity will be improved by some of these tips (although neck spraying is something I would always advise of doing personally), but a weak fragrance is a weak fragrance is a weak fragrance.

One of the weakest ones in my collection, Estée Lauder Pleasures For Him, will last about an hour or two tops no matter how I apply it. Sometimes it just comes down to the fragrance DNA. You are almost always better off buying an EDP concentration if it's available. Otherwise I'd recommend buying samples on eBay before committing to a full bottle to see how that fragrance lasts on you. Body chemistry is another big factor with fragrance performance.

Azad Wazeer

Perfume that's lasts longer????.. keep purchasing n make these guys perfume guys rich

Ahmed Faraz

Hello YouTube page admin sir
I want a James Bond perfume
Please tell me

Mare Crisium

I've just realised that I always apply my fragrance two minutes out of the shower, so it's bound to evaporate quicker with body heat, and the moisture on the skin. I think I'll give it a little more time in future. I also vape a lot and find olfactory fatigue to be a very real thing. So much so that I sometimes can barely smell my perfume or taste my vape fluids.


This is good stuff.The spraying in your hair thing is great advice. Also do not apply cologne right after you shower.
Allow at least one hour before you apply your cologne. This will enable your natural body oils to rise to the surface of your skin.
The cologne will blend with the natural oils and last at least twice as long. I discovered that if I shower in the evening and apply cologne the next morning, even the weakest scents last hours longer. Try it, it works.

Bobby Bobson

Buy vintage

Aquira Taylor

No it depends on what type of hair you have to spray it in your hair if you have 3C hair or higher it will dry out your oils and make your hair rough and tangled.

chad six

I always spray my hand to gauge how the scent is doing as far as projection and longevity. That’s how I know how long they last when I’m testing.


very nice tips, thank you.

chris jenkins

best reviewer on you tube period.


Where do buy molecule 01 ?

Mr Sillage


Hasan Imtiaz

Also, which body parts are we suppose to spray the fragrance?


I do lotion on back of knees, spray fragrance, and once on the back of my head.

Fern Saxton

Where did you purchase molecule 01 at

Mare Crisium

Fantastic tips. I have a big problem with fragrances' longevity. The olfactory fatigue neck thing makes great sense. Thank you!

Daniel J.

Great Tips. Thanks. I wish I knew what color my Parfums de Marly are. I can't see through the bottle.?

Mark Brailsford

Never add fragrence over moisturiser, the alcohol destroys the cream allways put on your fragrence then apply the cream...Roja Dove knows what hes talking about.

Brian Sousa

Dave at Mountain Aromatics gave me a tip that Hercolyn D is a mostly odorless fixative, that will push your base notes further. I was going to buy Ambroxan, but he said that would add too much scent to your finished fragrance. I'm thinking of adding some to a 10 ml decant of a weaker edt scent.

steve jessemey

Thank you so much for your advice. So now we need to spend more money on top of the money already spent on our new fragrances. Begs to ask this very simple question. So we now need to add an additional layer of this that another right ? Interesting!


Cool water dosnt even last a hour

Longs oil spray

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Dutch Framed French Braid

633 603 views | 30 Sep. 2019

This channel is all about

This channel is all about learning new and different hairstyles?

Welcome to our Channel:

“Learn Do Teach Hairstyles”? (LDT Hairstyles)

If you have been following us for long then you know my passion for “The Basics”, for learning and mastering simple basic braids and building off of them to create different and unique styles. ?

The style we chose this week is a perfect example. It’s a very basic French Braid down the middle of the head combined with two Dutch Braids all connecting at the bottom, essentially framing it on either side. So we’ve decided to call our version the “Dutch Framed French Braid”. ??

To be clear, this is not an original idea, we have seen it floating around the internet for a while. So if any of you know who started it off let us know so we can credit them.

This is a great style for any occasion, give it a try and let us know what you think! ?

In the mean time, help support and subscribe to our newest channel “LDT Eats” ? and tap the “?” to get notified about all the new videos coming soon here⤵️






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Thank You so much for supporting us by watching our channel and interacting with us!!!

Follow us on all our social media connections:





Please help us translate this video, and get credit below!


This takes on average about 10-12 minutes depending on the length and texture of hair as well as your skill level?

~Skill Level: Medium~

Items Needed:

Comb / Brush

Elastic Bands



Hair Accessories


Water Spray Bottle


Check out our last weeks tutorial

“Stacked Rope Twist Dutch Braid” here:


We get these questions about our water bottle all the time:

What brand is that?

How does it work?

Where can I get one?


It's a fine mist that continuously sprays out soft on the hair.

It’s my favorite spray bottle! ?

It’s called the:

Flairosol Spray Water Bottle

You can get it here:


Let us know what you think if you get one?


Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner:

⬆️ Highly Recommend ⬆️





Moroccan oil: ⬅️ Great Product!!!


If you’re looking to buy a Topsytail, here is the link:


Here’s the Spray Gel we use:


It's a 10 Haircare Miracle Styling Mousse, 9 fl. oz:


It's A 10 Miracle Finishing Spray:


It's a 10 Haircare Miracle Super Hold Finishing Hair Spray Plus Keratin:


Ponytail Hooks Holders:


We love feedback so let us know about your success in following our videos and what parts we might be able to improve on?

We are always up for a good challenge so if you know of any styles you would like us to recreate, please let us know in the comment section below?

If you don't want to miss any of our tutorials, click on the notification button which is the "?" icon in the right corner.

Please don't forget to Share and give us a ?? and subscribe to our channel:


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Music by Epidemic Sound



These videos and descriptions contain affiliate links so if you buy a product after clicking a link, we’ll receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you). This supports the channel and helps us continue to make videos for you. Thanks in advance!

We Love You All So Much!!!!

Remember: "Learn It, Do It, and Teach It" to others ?

?Kerry and Graycie ?

Yardımlı balası

Cinça çu

esther ramos vilcañaupa

Y j ohkhxhohfj ghjdgkhdklgfo jHjjgjkjgghjuddbb kgjnkhkouhhjukhhhjjjjjjjuyui

علي حميد

عاش يدج ????

Nono Marsen

Nice i love it??

احمد عاشور


Linda Traynor

Please can you do an infinity braid ?

miller bee

Thanks you ????????

Los Cuentos de Solfloy


Õğiloy Jabborova


Kat V

You both are so cute. I love the easy directions you provide and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing your talents!!

Khadija Rao



I have tried this one for my sister it looks ossum ?tq cary and gracy ❤

margaret harrington

Love watching the beautiful braids, but I was wondering if you have a style with a braid and a bun of some kind. Thank You for all the great hairstyles

Hairstyles by SZed

Amazing styling

Sufy Queen


sabitri tripathi

good job

Arun Pal

Nice video

Lubna Liaqat

Very good hair style ??

Silvia Noemi Machorro Pacheco

I love you girls, its amazing

Showmini Sutharshan

Beautiful thanks

Mostafa Elshar

Beutful woooow

Mercy Compassion

Good evening. You have golden hands. Wonderful hairstyles. With love from Russia.

Pawon Tamang


smitha anil

Wow I wish I had long hair just like Gracie

Maria Moreno

Beautiful girl, lovely mom and awesome braid!!

Sakir Usmanov

Beautiful ????

Charu Pandya

Your daughter's hair is very heavy, so whatever hairstyle you make is easily made in her hair and looks good too.

Cathy Poole


Maria Rosa Vale

Lindo espetacular adoro parabéns beijinhos para as duas

Anne's Kitchen n' Lifestyle

wow very beautiful

Saddam Siddiqui


Esme Chesworth

That looks so so so cool???

Sri Sritharan

Very nice

Jai kumar Km

What a beautiful hair

Azizul Huesen

I like her video because she teach us to do hairstyle

Gurbinder Singh

Nice ???

Little braiding studio

Super gorgeous and perfect ❤️

Rudina Benilla

Super wow

Sakshi Kumari

Awesome ??

Giscela Cossio Zapata

Quiero saber de mucho peinado

Saliha Nasir


Mir ibrar Ul haq


Peinados infinitos con lidache

very nice you are te best beautiful hairstyles

Carmen Rincon


Raju pothuval

Is her hair straightened??

Shutterbug _713

7:23 I love it. ??

Long Hair Carolyn

Beautiful and creative!

Jairlandia de Jesus,


Casimiro Hernandez

Es tan lindo

vijay kumar


Kirra Gosnell


Angl Salinas

es muy bien me gusta mucho

Shaik Umar

I also want to learn this type of hairstyle

Shutterbug _713

I love your hairdo and earrings, Kerry.

Shutterbug _713

7:26 ????????????????????? 4 Graycie's smile.

318 vineela Kalamata


Frances Grech

Great tutorials!

Tenzeela Ali

I love it woow which shampoo behind very havey hair

Oma Persaud

Nice I love it

Lety Oliveros


surya prakesh

Nice hair style

Dhanika Roy


Camila Abboud

Such an artistic work. Love it.

Prabha Ganesh


La reina de las trenzas

Beautiful ???

Eldəniz Nagiyev


Meena Devi


Alice Mescher

Love it. I love your videos so much I bought a mannequin head to learn how to do what you teach. You both are beautiful and precious.

Sabita Karki

Very nice??❤❤❤❤??????

Rabeya Begum


lan nang

Wow, beautiful and very clean.

Saral Selvam


Simo Szilvia


Elena Rodionova

Hairstailis pup

Sabetia Sookdeo

Very nice ?

janidost 12

New hair style

Archana Gupta Gupta

Very much nice hair style

marianneth obispo

Sobrang bilis po


??Beautiful. Sooooo I know how braid....been braiding hair most of my life....this is some next level stuff right here. ?

Sagarika Das

Out standing

Arda can Özer


Guna Shree

Please can you do the hairstyle for curly hair

Canal discípula de Jesus!

Lindo demais ????❤❤Brasil São Paulo like ?

Bantupalli Sirisha

So nice???

Robiya Umarova


Shahzadjaan Shahzadjaan

Love you so much for your video

Daluz Luisa ferreira Santos

Parabéns, ficou linda.? gostei.

Shanmugam S

Wow it's awesome ?

Marcela Lolić


Los Cuentos de Solfloy

Buen trabajo

savitha chandru


Hari Thap

Wow, it's amazing ????

Farhana Khan

masha allaha

Sudheer Kumar


Shahid Abban

MashaAllah very nice good luck to you ALLAH kareem bless you Allah kareem given you lots of success MashaAllah very nice yes I can do this hairstyles superb excellent lovely sister best of luck to you



Sridevi Siri

Amazing friend ??????

rowaenna romeel


ambica pradhan


Longs oil spray

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Long Day's Journey Into Night (1962)

18 648 views | 29 Jun. 2020

Film version, with an

Film version, with an outstanding cast, of the magnum opus of America's premiere playwright, Eugene O'Neill. O'Neill was influenced by the Chekhov, Ibsen and Strindberg's new style of realism, and introduced it to American audiences, thus bringing modern theatre to America.

If you love classic theatre like this, and want more CLICK HERE: https://bit.ly/2WZNAgW

This semi-autobiographical tragedy posthomously won O'Neill his 4th Pulitzer Prize for Drama, and is on every short list of the greatest plays of the 20th century.

Written by: Eugene O'Neill

Directed by: Sidney Lumet


Ralph Richardson........... as James

Katherine Hepburn......... as Mary

Jason Robards............... as Jamie (also played the role in the original 1957 Broadway production)

Dean Stockwell............... as Edmund


Film is in the Public Domain, as indicated by Internet Archive:


#drama #eugeneoneill #pulitzerprize

garrison 68

O'Neill wrote two great plays. This one, which is realistic in style and The Iceman Cometh which is a symbolic play. There have been many film and TV versions of his plays. Lumet actually directed two of them, this one and the TV version of The Iceman Cometh. But in my view, the best is John Frankenheimer's American Film Theater production of The Iceman Cometh with Lee Marvin as Hickey.

Rita Goforth

Thank you so much for sharing! Haven't seen them in years!! Eugene O'Neill, what a Freudian delight.

Will Truth

Catholics really think they produced high culture here huh, smdh.

Louis Sallie

Hepburn's traditional brilliance is giving me life, but Edmond is giving me the most BEAUTIFUL James Franco vibes, and I can't stop screenshotting his #FACE!!! ????

Brutus Alwaysmind

Thanks Mark. The uniformly great performances, Lumet's direction and Boris Kaufman's uncanny cinematography make this version darned near definitive. It will hold up 100 years from now. Course, O'Neill can take a bit of credit, too!

Dghcfjjj Hgjjhgyj

Any arabic subtitles ????

Brutus Alwaysmind

Many thanks for this!! ?

Jan Upczak

Thank you, Mark! New subscriber....glad I found you!?❤

Jim Mileski

one of my favorite scenes starts around 47:00


Thank you so much for taking the time to post. I love this adaptation so much. It's excellent. All of the four main players are excellent.

Annie Darkhorse

This is such a painful piece of work to read or watch. I didn't like Hepburn and Richardson's performances at all - over-cooked and over-acted. Perhaps a sign of the time the film was made. Stockwell and Robards were far more realistic. It's as if they were from two completely different schools of acting.

Dillard Jenkins

Another dysfunctional Irish Catholic family, the sort of people Frank McCourt brought wrote about.

eric hale

So what you're saying is my family is not that fucked up?

Bobby Bethancourt

Dean Stockwell father's monologue


There are several posts confusing her morphine use with the much more intense heroin injection. The whole personality that Hepburn recreates is very close to O'Neill's mother.