Is petroleum bad for you

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Are Electric Cars REALLY Better for the Environment?

1 560 159 views | 20 Apr. 2020

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We hear it all the time: “Electric cars are better for the planet”. Statements like that have been the foundation of electric car builders like Tesla for over a decade. But is it true? Join Nolan and take a deep dive into the manufacturing process, and see just how much energy goes into building a car. We’re gonna find out if electric rides are better for the Earth once and for all.

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TheSiren 1974

Can't afford one so I'll just drive my shit box.


I will NEVER EVER go electric. Gas all the way. I'm not letting the government into my life.

Jhunieby DG

Definitely not!

Car Crash Tube

Electric Cars Are 99% Better than gas cars, who eevr says electric cars are bad for environment He or she şi absolutely stupid

Nabaday Halder

No need of Lithium check this https://youtu.be/3uqzZ_rI7SQ


Why not include nuclear as clean energy?

KEVIN Avillain

Watch a video called Death By Design. It's about the electronics Industry and how bad it is on people and the environment while making Electronics. Until the electronics production industry can be cleaned up renewable sources providing electricity let alone the coal industry spewing radioactive materials no one talks about and the obvious combustion products people do talk about electric cars will not be our savior. I will immediately back up this statement by saying electric vehicles are what we need. As I previously said in another post I was building electric go karts as a 7 year old 57 years ago.


It doesn’t matter if they are worse for the environment it’s about not being oil dependent and the Saudis not holding the world to ransom anymore.

Sean Kennedy

News flash: both carbon and oxygen are on the periodic table of elements

Put them together as CO2 and it’s still not pollution, it’s what trees use to produce oxygen

What you need to be concerned about is the carbon Monoxide from car exhaust, that’s more pollution than carbon dioxide


What is the life span of electric vs ice... what the serviceability? Ice cars can be fixed and keep going. Electric is locked out and isn’t repairable. Car has an issue? Buy a new one...

jorge campos

The future was not electric cars but hydrogen!

Stefan Barbu

"I HOPE"?? I thought "science" proved that the EVs would be better for the enviroment ....


Until you have to replace the battery pack in the electric car....

Shawn Waller

Windmills and solar are not carbon neutral

John Little

nice video - wind and solar still have a decent carbon footprint


Man what frame rate do you film at like 10 not even 30

Robert Groover

These "fees" for EVs will only grow more expensive.

Ivan Gálik

how can an electric car powered from electricity originating solely from coal powerplants be better than similar combustion engine one? it does not make sense because first you have more co2 during manufacturing second you have coal first mined then turned into electricity then transfer via grid then power the battery. it seems like coal is mined itself and crude oil is the only only one creating emissions.

Tindero vlog PH

They need to use graphene batery


Actually the electric grid was collapsing in California (Commifornia) last summer so even if places where there is “sustainable” energy it has not proven able to maintain the demands of their population’s electricity consumption.


You said but didn't explain that plastics are made by fuel which makes the casing for the battery for they car plus the fuel needed to make the car steal and aluminum also fueled vehicles needed to mine so no matter what your using fuel to make the electric car

Yurii Soltys

I find ICE vehicles disgusting, including their sound - it's a farting transportation.

interesting, people also was saying no to ICE engines because they liked steam power sound more?

deaths demon

What about a nitro methane future?

Dell Martens

Two words. Range Anxiety

Scott Bros

The batteries in most EVs are extremely TOXIC and have FLAMMING electrolyte fluid in them.
CO2 is NOT toxic or a pollutant!
Just ask your plants...
More CO2 please ???????????

Ryan Mann

Forgot to mention how solar pannels and wind turbines are built


The fact that a car can be MOSTLY recycled into other things or a newer car vs lithium battery not being able to be recycled makes a terrible impact on the environment. They turn into toxic waste that won't dissappear in our lifetimes. So in the long run, the EVs are bad.

Ummer Zaman

Being a software engineer I can say AI cannot replace human instinct. e.g if a car sees a pedestrian stationary waiting on the edge of the road it cannot predict whether he will cross road or not. So all fuss about self driving is far from possible from a developer perspective yet or a long time from now. These stupid drivers are just surfers on the ocean of their stupidity ?

Joseph Croteau

And anything electric faults and fails so much more than anything mechanical I’ll stick to my real car that is actually dependable you guys can drive in those over engineered turds ?

hirsch vivat

REAL EFFICIENCY OF Electrical Vehicles vs GAS-POWERED VECHICALS H.VIVAT P.Eng. M.Sc. Auto-transport & mobile equipment Toronto. Feasibility study.

That article discusses efficiency of Electric car. (EV) Electric vehicle market share globally is 2.65%.
Energy to power EV comes from an Electrical Grid. So far, most of the world energy is converted from fossil fuel, nuclear and renewable. Next I will find the Total Efficiency of EV and gas-powered vehicles using the ‘’Apple to Apple approach’’. -The Total Efficiency of EV is a sum of two components: EV car efficiency plus the efficiency of energy supplied by Electrical Greed: “Power plant-to-wheels”
-Total efficiency for gasoline-engine car has only one component: “Gas tank – to -wheels”.
On average, gasoline is producing 124000 BTU per gallon , when #4 fuel oil is producing 141000 BTU per gallon A Coefficient of 141000/124000 = 1.137 will be added in EV efficiency calculation.. The cost of those two products are taken as equivalent as both are by-product of refinery process. Power plant efficiency running on oil is 0.40; It happened to be the same value as the average world efficiency of power generation (coefficient of 0.40)

Calculating the sum of Total efficiency of the EV based on average world numbers: “Plant-to-wheels”:
1) Total efficiency of all electrical average power plants in the world is 0.40
2) Efficiency loss of transporting electricity thru’ the electrical grid (power lines, transformers) are 7% 0r 0.93. 3) Efficiency loss of electrical car battery is 10% loss when is charged. So charging efficiency is 0.9;
4) Efficiency loss of an electrical car battery when discharged is 10% or 0.9;
5) Efficiency loss of an electrical battery when temperature fall below -10 c is 0.6
For calculation we will take 0.85 (not everywhere and not all the time is winter.)
6) Efficiency loss of 15% of electrical power for heating up the car or cooling off (air-condition/heater) coefficient is 0.85
7) Mechanical efficiency: transmission (not so complicated as at mechanical car) and all other moving parts including the wheels are only 0.90;
8) Finally efficiency of an EV electrical motor is 0.93
9) Battery efficiency for 4-5 years old battery is 0.75 (Battery life is 8-10 years). In all published work EV testing provided with a new battery? (4 years older battery with 100000 km should be used)
10) EV “Charging convertor’’ from AC to DC, comes with 0.95 efficiency.
0.40 x 1.137 x 0.93 x 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.85 x 0.85 x 0. 90 x 0.93 x 0.75 x 0.95= 0.148 in most of the studies the EV efficiency is calculated for the range between idle to 100 km/h when only in very few studies you may find that additional energy of 25% more than gasoline car is required to rich the speed of 120-140 km/hour. That means that efficiency on higher speed will drop. But those losses will be compensated by the higher loss of energy at the gas-powered car during idling and slow parking.
Conclusion: based on the world fossil fuels usage for both cars the calculated efficiency is: for EV = 0.148 for Gas-powered Car = O.170. It looks that gasoline powered car is a bit more efficient device than EV. However those results are theoretical and it is based on the average efficiency by world power plants and it’s done by using similar oil based fuels. The same EV charged by renewable, hydro, nuclear would not emit CO2 and would have different efficiency based on the fuel used by the Power Plant. Disadvantages of EV car are great, starting from the initial cost, batteries, additional weight of 1000 lb., charging time ( fast charging may ruin your battery) and etc. (See Ref 2.) One of the most important PROS of EV is reduction of the LOCAL and partially of total pollution. Based on above calculation, actual CO2 pollution produced by non-fossil fuel should be the main concern of making the right decision what car to buy. For example in Ontario 71% of electricity is generated by non-fossil fuel. Remaining 29% produced by fossil fuel. However, that amount is responsible for 51% CO2 emission (Calculation, see page3). Based on that information, EV in Ontario can be assumed as a vehicle operated by 51% fossil fuel and 49% by renewable and nuclear; it will produce half CO2 as gas-powered vehicle. For that condition a” PLAG IN HYBRID” would be a better choice than EV.
Total worldwide electricity production consists of 27% renewable, 10% of the nuclear energy and 63% of fossil fuel. 37 % of non-fossil fuel consist from 11% of renewable from ‘’other sources”, 16% of hydro build 10-70 years ago and 10% of nuclear. It took more than 20 years to get to 11% generation of by “other resources “. The new ‘’dream project’’ is to convert remaining 63% of fossil fuel generation to renewable for 20 -30 years. Entire Electrical Grids would be completely rebuilt and also expended to generate additional electricity to operate EVs. 6 out of 8 billion peoples are inhabitants of the relatively poor countries. They would not be able to contribute funds for such project. All western countries are responsible for 25% CO2 emission. For the next 20 years a HYBRID vehicle would be a better choice. Plug in Hybrid car is more reliable with lower CO2 emission.
EV battery consists of 7000 round small batteries. EV battery is very expensive to produce and dispose. EV Battery last about 7-10 years or 200000 km with a loss of the capacity to 0.6 on the end of battery life. (See ref #2). Cost of the EV battery is 12000 CAD. In the future EV market will be divided by two groups: one being able to afford a new expensive EV and another group would be left to buy a used EV with replaced auto market battery. The life of the car body shall withstand 20 years in adequate condition.

My TAKE for the future of auto transportation is: The larger part of transportation sector should be taken by HYBRID vehicles, next it will be shared by EV vehicles. The rest will be left for vehicles with high efficient gas-powered engines as well. However in some countries the last approach could be reversed. Gasoline distribution stations are already in operation. New construction of electrical charging stations will become a very high expense. Replacing and upgrading of high voltage power lines, reconstruction of previous and adding new transforming stations would be part of that task.
-------Crude Oil Production is one of the most important necessities. As a result, the initial refined products are responsible for production of 6000 essential various products. Starting from asphalt, bitumen, jet engine fuel, plastic, drugs and so many others that it is not possible to list them all; only 40% as a by-product is gasoline. It should be used up! One of very feasible usage would be fuel for Hybrid cars and for high gas efficient vehicles.
In spite of all difficulties auto industry is trying to persuade that EV is one of the best solution to reduce world CO2 emission. It could be true if the world electrical grid would be converted to non-fossil electro generation. As a result of it ,politicians together with auto industry are keeping potential EV consumers in the dark , and constantly bombarding them with the false information .
All calculation are made without adding of 9-12 metric ton of the CO2 emission as result of manufacturing the lithium-ion batteries. REF# 4

Pratap Mehendale

Yes we forget about crude oil extraction, processing and transport while calculating these comparisons. But are we considering the remains of the decaying toxic batteries laying on land fields? What will happen to the decaying battery after 80 years from now?

Hot Rod

The government should give you 10 solar panels and a wall power pack with your EV purchase lol. I'm worried about the waste when the batteries are done.

deaths demon

Ev vs diesel? And I mean 1to1 so ev semi vs diesel semi, ev light truck vs diesel light truck, ev car vs diesel car, ev motorcycle vs diesel motorcycle. I know that the klr650 diesel gets 96mpg at 55mph so there may be a foothold there for diesels, at least for the bikes


Everybody is talking about EV's but nobody is talking about the mess and contamination the lithium batteries are going to cause to the planet, oceans and water we drink when they stop working. Please make a video about it.

Daddy O

Not so sure some power grids can handle it

et m

does not take into account ev needs battery replacement and disposal of battery

mike king

10:09 I do not believe you. Adding more electricity draw adds a need for increased production to maintain uninterrupted service. Just because we make 100 units and normally cap at 95 units of use doesn't mean we have 4 spare units to be taken up by evs. We need a gap.

Andersen Cooper

Im about to use this to write a essay

john f

Battery replacement should be factored into the lifespan of an EV

Maui SurfDog

PV Solar and wind turbines are not reliable sources of electricity. Lithium and cobalt are finite materials, in itself will become a scarce material, therefore driving up cost.

KoolDude No-lastname

You forgot to talk about how solar panels and windmills and etc. are made. To make solar panels, you need to mine coal and quartz, thus creating even more CO2. Also, windmills need to be made with extremely heavy machinery that uses massive amounts of oil and gas. Even after all of this, solar pannels and windmills struggle to make almost any energy, and gas is just so much more efficient. On top of this, people will not buy the millions of gas cars that are built, leaving all of the waster materials to rot. This means that all of these precious materials (steel, alluminum, etc.) will just be wasted. Overall, There is no true way for electric cars to save the environment. There is no existant power source that works 100% clean. Nuclear power plants are the closest thing we have right now, but energy plants will not be willing to part with their pretty pennies in order to swap to nuclear.

Till Schwenke

Driving the car is still better for the environment than walking. I know most people want to bash my head in for saying that but its actually true. See if you had to walk the same distance as you drive every year you'd take many days to complete your trips and being alive itself results in emissions, you need food you need infrastructure, you need warmth electricity etc etc etc and you also emit co2 yourself. Not only that, running actually increases your calorific needs. The perfect person for the environment would not go to the gym, would never walk anywhere and always choose a bicycle for short distances and a car for medium distance, would refuse to use polluting trains, would carpool and would take flights for longer distances, be a woman because women eat less, not so any mentally tough activities because that would increase calories burned... and so on, you get it. Oh no now people will be mad at me, "are you insane planes pollute much more than trains" well yes but actually no, see trains need super much infrastructure and that actually pollutes quite a lot. planes need a lot less infrastructure and are actually incredibly fuel efficient and can take a very direct route.

Minecraft Gamer

To skip sponsor 1:31

Francis Balaba

The answer is to make co2 cars.

Nicholas Vander Molen

After watching this video I think we can all agree on something. We need to increase the amount of slave children to make new batteries super cheap, I mean it's good for the environment. If you disagree you are just a bad person

KelseyDunnigan drang

Once electric car technologies become cheaper the only reason to own a gas car is the noise. Electric cars can be more powerful for less weight and get much better torque than gas cars. Also drifting with only tire noises is just next level cool


Technically the max grid power distribution could support one quarter of the EVs tomorrow.

Centurion 0mega

Though I did enjoy this video, you should really put your sources into the description so people can check your them.

Smith Js

better or worse, at lease ev cars don't smell so bad.


You can't drive as far on an EV that you can on a gas or hybrid vehicle.


I need to ask. Does any of this take into account, battery changing ?

Buddy Reynolds

Saves us about $4000.00 per year in fuel and maintenance costs alone.

Steve C

Now factor in battery replacement over the life of the a electric vehicle

In Aere Edificare

The long run does not account for the recollection relocation disassembly and repourposing of the energy containers.. Does it?
Problem has never been EVs thats why you have railed electrics and elevators since forever.. problem is energy storage.

jeser cueva

I wish I could afford an EV... Until then, 1.5 Honda will have to do


How about on the grand tour when they crashed that electric super car the batteries continue to re-ignite for DAYS later

Ciaran McGuinness

The funny thing is that they're just as bad as petrol cars, the electric from the charging points comes from huge power stations that does out just as much if not more pollution than a petrol car

Fehman Ahsrafi

I’m not sure this is counting replacement batteries


It maybe that simple in California, but in parts of the world where it gets cold, or where more range is needed, electric vehicles aren’t nearly as clear of a shoe in. Right now it’s -30C here in Alberta, and batteries don’t do well in that sort of temperature. Thankfully the battery only needs to start my car, not sustain is running in this sort of frigid ass temperature.

Patrick Prafke

Forgot Myth number 3. Co2 being a greenhouse gas. Number 4. Man is destroying the atmosphere. Number 5. The batteries don't get replaced every 5 years. (They dont like -20 and colder). Number 6. Minnesota is supposedly going all electrics in 2035 and our own electric companies already said they can't produce enough. (Most of our green energy goes west like Iowa).

You say you're not part of an agenda. You probably think that. But you believe the lies and going along with it. That's the problem. The lies.

Ryan Bryson

Guy with a Diesel Generator going to come save your A*S when you run out of charge


Rich countries say they are building a better world while poor countries end up having drought,famines,cancer etc. Seriously shitheads, saving a WORLD that only consists of you , costs lives of many vulnerable people.

Robert D.

But but but, on average, 2/3rds of electricity production is made by fossil fuels - most of which is dirty coal (google it). So I'm sorry but your theory is up in smoke.

Yagoo's Prophet Undivided [Void]

Nuclear power.

Patrick Prafke

Biggest problem for the oil part is we send most if ours over seas to be refined and shipped back. Not good.

Aaron Long

Imma just say no Cali couldn't take that many more EVs tho they usually charge at night when ppl are sleeping just saying (and btw nuclear could be one of the most efficient electrical producers)


Ya solar wind and hydro electric have zero impact on the environment....don't forget almost everything you touch comes from oil in one way or another ...

Lord Mauldar

But wind/solar power plants don’t produce enough power efficiently and require large plots of land and each one needs a back up fossil fuel power plant. And there’s many many MANY more reasons why wind and solar suck for powering the grid... so no, an EV only would be less impactful on the environment if powered by fossil fuels or coal because renewable energy is actually far worse for the environment


Is the sale of ICE cars and on the road going to be banned by 2040?

H.S. Darke

You just skimmed (glossed over) the damage to the environment the electric companies that POWER "zero emission" cars cause. No matter whether it's coal, gas, or nuclear, it launches crap into the sky 24/7. How do you guys not KNOW that??
Also, your we dream of clean energy like solar and wind are at a sadly laughable state. They can barely power a microwave. And many of us have driven by dorment ones.

I hate car exhaust too, but listening to a bunch of climate change wack jobs ain't gonna solve any problems.

Educate yourselves and THINK.

Harri K

the dirty secret of the electrical industry - SF6 insulation is a greenhouse gas 23,500 times worse than carbon dioxide and its emissions are increasing rapidly due to green energy

ya kim

I saw a meme that shows a gasoline-powered generator charging a Tesla. Well, I think we all go back to the old style of fuel after all

Monte Simpson

LED light bulbs have already done more to reduce raw energy consumption, environmental pollution, and climate change than EV’s ever will. Maybe we're all focusing on the wrong thing?

bantai rapper

Nice informative video, I subscribed

Raymond Roelofsz

I understand The US power Grid Can Handle the influx of EV cars What about the rest of the world I am from South Africa Where our power grid cant keep our lights on During summer Let alone winter. Here This is always been my argument And Here We still do not know how too efficiently Dispose of these Battery's so what will happen to them? Landfill!! So If we all lived In the Perfect world A EV would Be Great However Most 3Rd world country's not so Great.

Suman Neogi

Sorry bro you done a little mistake don't take into account environment footprint of coal or in us case natural gas mining

Jacob Alefs

Over the lifetime of an EV, its battery pack will have to be replaced multiple times. Was replacement battery production factored into lifetime emissions.


You should probably look into how green, "green energy" actually is.
Nuclear is a far better energy solution than wind or solar.


Beautiful topic

Tony B

Can you please do a video on the EV 1 by GM and why they did a total recall


James you forgot even when you said it to make a car you need steal rubber and plastic that you didnt account for so the electric car is already populating the same amount before the car is even made plus takes away water and we will be using more plastic on a electric car then a gas one to make cases for all the batteries plus the waste and the way plastic cant really decompose

Yuri Robert

I'm sorry to disagree but where did you get the information that an electric car running on coal energy pollute less than a combustion car running on gas? Besides, you don't take in consideration the replacement of old batteries (10 ton eq. CO2) every 4 years, the spare energy lost in transmission, and the possibility that the combustion car runs in renewable fuels, like biodiesels and ethanol, which are almost 100% renewable resources.

Stefan Barbu

CO2 is not as bad for the enviroment since plants use it. Oil is a natural product as in, it come from the ground and even the worst oil leaks ever are less catastrophic on the enviroment than the heavy elements used to make batteries..

Donut Media

Hey guys I felt this was an important video for us to make, and I'm really glad you guys like it. We've covered a lot of different cars on this channel and talked to a lot of owners, and the one thing that unites them all is the desire for MO POWAH BABEH! So no matter how your car makes its power, you're welcome in the Donut community. - Nolan

Axel Camacho

EVs Suck

Ram Vaish

That is why...are forefathers have said...be balanced...we should use everything in balance...

American Animal

Hydrogen may eliminate these large battery issues. And let's be real, climate change will happen with or without co2 emissions from man. We were supposed to have all died from climate disaster every 12 years for the past 40 years, according to certain politicians concerned with consolidation of power, from us to them. And bro, windmills can't even produce enough power to pay for their own production! ;)

Mike Millwright

Did you know CO2 is the gas of life? Plants needed to live and produce for us the more CO2 that's out there the bigger the plants that grow in the dirt get...


I have 95 mustang GT 5.0 and the sound is unmatched ???

Charlene Woods

The fearful fearless offer splenomegaly smile because astronomy posteriorly rub among a gabby hall. onerous, clammy alligator

Mister Greis

The answer is diesel.

TheSiren 1974

Human rights violations but we won't talk about that.

Michael Agboniyukome

Didn’t take into account the materials to create the solar panels and wind mills.

Didn’t also take into account the huge expanse of Land required for those energy sources how it affects wild life and vegetation.

Hopefully Nuclear is the solution. But if you don’t allow 3rd world and Middle eastern nations access to nuclear.. then what climate are we saving ?

Tony Lowe

Great f**** vid!!! That's it. That's my comment.

Mark Hutsell

In a parallel universe, every house and apartment complex has its own diesel engine to power the generator for their electricity.

Delivery of the fuel is piped in via city wide plumbing networks but most people have it delivered or picked up from their local fuel station filled by mega tankers driving all over the country.

Imagine the mess, costs and impact of mining copper or making environmentally unsound plastic materials needed to protect the families from the electrical currents in that network exposed to the general public. That's a crazy amount of wires everywhere going to one central location. Impossible!

I know, it sounds crazy to imagine their paradise; we can only dream that one day we may be so lucky.

Krypto superdog Gaming

Electric cars are not going to solve Climate Change we all Know.

Byron Brush

I knew this would be a biased video

Garbage man

(before you read this just know I love electric vehicles)a lot of this info was bias to make ev's look better. when sitting in traffic idling ev's are much more efficient but in reality where a lot of cars are not sitting in traffic they aren't much worse than ev's for emissions. and on top of that that is assuming that the ev is in perfect condition in the right temperatures. In somewhere like canada ev's are far FAR worse, gas cars are very effitiant as they dont loose any power in the cold, they use the excess heat from internal combustion to heat the cabin, and the batteries dont die for no reason. Ev's in canada or other cold places are garbage for a few reasons, thier batteries ca loose up to 50 percent charge in one night which instantly doubles thier emissions, they batteries are slowly damaged in the cold which speeds up the aging process of the batteries and recycling them is very hard, and on top of being very inefficient and breaking down all the time they still have to use battery power to heat the cabin and power the lights and everything else which makes them use even more power, in any conditions batteries only last at absolute max 1000 charges even if they are in absolute perfect conditions, most people only get 500 charges before the battery breaks or in cold climates as low as 300. in the end if you have a controlled climate ev's are more efficient but in real life where most places get too cold or have temp changes a lot ev's are very bad. and I LOVE ev's as electronics is what I am pursuing and is my biggest hobby so I know the upsidess and downsides but it just isnt the time for widespread ev's. and all of this is quite dumb considering there isnt any evidence of man mad climate change being real other than a few left funded sources that have many contradictions of the same page.

Chumpy the Anteater

Cars powered by farts ? the future is among us

Matthew Bishop

Isn't this the game music in scooby doo

Is petroleum bad for you

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Is Petroleum Jelly Good For You?

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Amos Johnson

but what about topically? ie applying to a rash that you got from running.


petroleum is from petrol. extremely toxic.

Wade Patton

lanolin is preferred here.


So what about an almond oil and beeswax oil? (Non-Petroleum Jelly) I've used this w/no apparent side effects to greatly help with nasal passage dryness in the winter (exterior nostrils only).

Is petroleum bad for you

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67 365 views | 26 Mar. 2018



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I was the 10k subscriber! My joy??

Kente Yaa

And may you and your hair continually flourish! ? ??

Silvia Dwomoh

Sis you and your hair look great!!

Nalgas Asadas

you are GORGEEE ??


My aim is to have hairs just like yours

Thoriso Molefe

????? Guys but Indian videos and click bait????

vean K

Just seen this you are very funny and full of life. May Jesus continue to bless you.??

Lisa May

The melanin ???❤


Such beautiful hair!
I'm just a black guy (Jamaican) that loves seeing black/SSA women embrace their natural hair. Keep it up and rock that fro!


Omg girl you are truly soooooooooo beautiful

Nakimera Joanitah Kirabo

Nice clour thank u for not bleaching like most of the Africans

Neattylu Lu

I am from the Caribbean, we cut our hair with the different phases of the moon ....Gramma says it determines how fast and thick your hair grows..


You are so beautiful!!

Furr Smith

I am . The worse part is it even breaks while styling. That’s how dry my hair is

Latasha Rhodes

You are so beautiful like a work of art


I know you’re talking about hair, but I’m loving your skin glow. You’re beautiful!

Bebe Patton

I just subscribed!!!!!

Learn Twi with Efia BAE

Haha, need to upgrade my vocabulary too. I've been reading more books for fun but will definitely add reading the dictionary to the list of things to do. Dax, Blue Magic and Vaseline are products are the petroleum products I grew up with. PS. Oh don't let life complications steal your joy away.


????????????????????????????? PUREfact Immaculaticity GREATious Deity!!!!! Shea Butter with Olive oil is PUREfact REaSONing ALLso!!!!

Lena A.

Wow the shape of your head is perfect!


I love the song Drogba

Redbull Arena

She's from ghana

V Lee

If u want to take it to the next level, warm it up first. I fill up my sink with hot water and put my jar of grease inside the water for a couple minutes. It moisturizes my hair soo well.


Can I just say that you look stunning with short hair! ???

Rosalyn B

I have locs and they get soooo dry. I could open a store from all the natural hair care products I have bought. My loctician swears I should not put anything heavy on my scalp/hair. I was using Coconut oil with a little tea tree essential mixed in. Its a fighting battle though for me.

Sally Davidston

To be honest you look good with short bald look. Not too much women can pull it off. Beautiful woman sis

munira Mohamed

I find it offensive when people do accents .

Dark&pretty likeBriaMiles &Lupita

Is it okay to put Vaseline on my hair? Because I always thought it was only alright for skin and lips.


Where can I get some petroleum jelly at?

Hannah Faze

The beginning ??

Ossie R

You look gorgeous with super short hair and your current length.

Lady D

I remember Dax lol

Gloria Dubose

Mine is petroleum jelly. I tried it for the first time in about 10 years tonight.


Petroleum jelly seems like it would be good for if you would swim a lot?

Wassup G

You are so gorgeous and ? your voice..I’ve been using royal crown 3yrs now since going natural...this been in my hair since birth 54yrs young and Vaseline, ultra sheen, blue magic ? only products my mom used in our hair and ❤️ it...check my grease baby utube Nezi Napps she’s needs commercial for blue magic ??..

Monae Anderson

Your skin is beautiful Queen!

Lei Hil

Girrrl you are soo beautiful without or with hair !!??


I wonder how many clicked off just because of the accent ??‍♀️


Her skin complexion?❤?❤?❤?❤

LaPrieta Linda

She's so beautiful

Jet Black

Your so pretty and chocolate omg I love your complexion hunni??


You have extreme beauty.......... Short hair suits you more ?

Queen Araba

Wow. Actually I subscribed mainly because you subscribe to my channel but after watching few of your videos girl am in Love. You soo funny . ?


Gosh, you look like a model with short hair, but your hair has grown so quick though! Nice job!

Tee Queen

You are stunning ?????


Vaseline has helped my natural hair grow! Oils have never worked for me.


Omggg I thought I was the only one who knew that songggg. Joannnaaa jo jo joaannaaa✨?

Monica Ivey

You are beautiful

Verdis Quoi

Merci beautiful.

Duece & DaMarcus Momm

dixie peach pomade is the same. This always made my hair grow back in the day.

Texas Beauty

Oh my gosh your skin is absolutely beautiful ??


Thx so much for this. ?


U r beautiful

Whores Forehead of Albion



Heya ?‍♀️ hope you 're well.
Pls, what's happened to the twi tuesday....on Thursday?
Hope there're 12 videos being uploaded lol


You are absolutely beautiful with short hair omfg ???

Unique Flowers

What kind shampoo do you use do you only use petroleum to moisturize your hair

shaune hemphill

When you first cut your hair how did you apply the Vaseline? Also how did you use Vaseline in your skin without it causing breakouts due toclog pores?

buzzard eggs

You are a beautiful inspiration! I just started my third year natural and decided to return to hair grease! I probably would have been farther along in length if I didn’t listen to the natural hair community’s anti-grease campaign. I must say that in TWO WEEKS of using hair grease, my hair is ALREADY on another level! I say that it doesn’t matter what type of grease you use-Vaseline, Blue Magic, Dax, Bronner Brothers, et cetera, just use it! NOTE: To the fine-haired naturals, please apply lightly (I have thick strands and high density, so I apply liberally). Apply to the ends especially: Water, leave-in conditioner and hair grease. ?

Trinity Okoe-brown

I'm from ghana ?

Margolita P'nina


S. Holliday

Yu so prittay! ?

carmen burns



Very nice afro. And I know you might not like it when I say this but I think you look great with short hair, maybe even better ? (actually nvm you said it yourself 0:54)


You are absolutely beautiful. Beautiful, chocolate skin and your hair is so thick and healthy. Thank you for sharing.


You’re gorgeous!

leila wanja

Your just beautiful. Mashallah! I've bn watching her all along. Wasn't even concentrating what she was sayn

Aset Kemet



I was looking forward to hearing the accent but you faked it lol?

Johnisha Griffin

I wanna be completely honest with you all, everything that she’s saying true. Vaseline is good for hair growth.. I remember when I was in high school and my hair was completely damaged. I took down a old sew in and during that time I accidentally cut my real hair and it took 2 years to grow back! When I was a senior I would cover my hair with wigs and my hair grew fast bc I used Vaseline and it became extremely healthy. But I put a perm on it after I graduated and my hair fell out I cut it off completely and it grew back and the. I cut it off again bc I put another perm on it smh ?‍♀️? now my hair is completely damaged again lol??

Uduak Nkanga

that intro was soo funny!!! lol love your hair btw

Addai Boateng

Can you do what on my phone

Queensway Baby

I love Ghanaian people so beautiful

Iman kama

I wish Black people will donate their hair to the chines hair company like the White and Asian people do. So we don't spend foolish money in buy a White and Asian people hair.

Phoebe Godiva-Adeniyi

I love Blue Magic. Come through with the DAX though! Your hair is beautiful ?

Queensway Baby

I love Ghanaian people so beautiful.

Yolanda G

One of my favourite products actually has Petroleum in it, however other than that I haven't really tried any Petroleum heavy products on my natural hair, so I'm not really sure whether they'd work or not, I might have to test it. Your hair looks super healthy, love the fro! x



Jassmina Vellucciano

YouTube can be a good thing. But also be a bad thing. There’s too many channels with misleading information. and stupid who follow.

Amile - black _ diamond

U look sizzling

DeYAH Ysrael

11 /24 /2018.

Ruby Suze

Wowser! I never knew that Vaseline could be used like this! Mmmm...will investigate

Natural Hair Chick On a Budget TV

???? team Petroleum!!! Love blue magic coconut oil hair grease! Great video ??

Cindy Do

Your skin and cheekbones. ???

Ignacio Pullum

when I come back to Kumasi we are getting married on sight immediately lol !!!!

Priscovia Lengwe

wow u are very beautiful mama your skin is making me crazy I wish u can tel me what with it coz u looking perfect

Ignacio Pullum

how do I email you and/or contact on facebook ?

Puckerup Buttercup Computer


Beast lover

You are STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!! I don't see many women that crop cut ( think name) that look that GOOD!

Marie Petite

Please don't bleach your skin, and lose beautiful color.

Chika Anene

You're beautiful :) Much love <3

Franklyn James

Omg!! Your skin is PERFECT!! SOOOOO beautiful!! Keep flexin' in your complexion!!! Gorgeous!!

undefeated, fearful, gift of god

Omg she looks amazing with shaved head

Martha George

Wow ur pretty ??

well hello you loved, worthy and beautiful being

Can it thicken your hair?

Mz Besa Villanueva

Interesting video jamaican ,tea tree ,organic oils shampoo & conditioner and lots and lots of water worked for me . I never used vaseline or petroleum jelly ?

La Starr Wicks

I use the virgin hair fertilizer...its amazing...thanks for the video

I don't want To add my name

Soooo preeety?

Shania Themen

Please review wild growth hair oil


You are glowing! Such gorgeous skin!