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SPF Overview

33 384 views | 7 Dec. 2015

SPF creates a link between

SPF creates a link between email and a domain, and is one of the two ways DMARC uses to identify email. Learn about SPF and how it works in this easy to follow overview.

Transcript: https://space.dmarcian.com/video-spf-overview/

Part of the https://space.dmarcian.com library.


Shawn Ojani

I have great respect for this company. And the videos are incredibly precise, and lacking in the standard annoying, irrelevant idiosyncrasies ubiquitous in these type of educational videos. Well done, bravo!


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SPF 177 Serpents Intake Graduation Video

16 751 views | 18 Jan. 2020

Naufal Reduan


Noah L

Nowadays uniform all looks so cartoon. -134th Delta.

excuse_my_ R

Last part style ???


Could almost cry

Azim Raven

Good effort on the edit lah 177 media team... coming from media team of 170th

Mal HT

Hi everyone..Uncle from 9th intake



Desmond Tan

177th intake now.. thinking back how we 130th intake made it back then.. memories all started flowing back suddenly

i am wak lucky

Hi from 116 intake.. ROD OH!

Azim Hamdan

This video resonates not just for 177th. It resonates with those that come before, and after them. Thank you for reminding me of my HTA days. All the best for future officers. Make it a memorable one. #168wolverines


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SPF and SUNSCREEN Q&A | A Biochemist Perspective

57 799 views | 6 Aug. 2019

Hey science babes! You

Hey science babes! You guys asked me all of your sunscreen and SPF related questions on Instagram and Twitter!

Sorry this video is so long but I thought the variety of questions was very interesting. I have time stamped the specific categories I cover for you to find the answers you are looking for easier.

The clean SPF sources I mentioned are The Truth Beauty Company and The Detox Market.

Here is some info on SPF testing:



SPF 1:00

Mineral vs Chemical 12:57

Sunscreen and Makeup 19:33

Recommendations 22:43

Breakouts/ Acne 27:30

Eyes 30:46

Other/ Miscellaneous 31:37

Follow me on Instagram & Twitter @kennawhitnell

Business inquiries: [email protected]

This video is NOT sponsored.

Kayla Goldsmith

How does SPF affect vitamin D absorption?

Maura Onate

Great video!! Thanks for all the good info.
I still wonder how my bare republic sunscreen can be an spf 30 if only contains 2.5% zinc oxide and 5.2% titanium dioxide, and my Australian gold is spf 50 with only 4% zinc oxide and 4% titanium dioxide while my avenoo baby is spf 50 too and is formulated with a 21.6% zinc oxide, is it possible to offer the same level of protection with that big difference in the active ingredients?
It’s a little confusing ?

Katryna Castor

This was a very informative video. ?

Rima Atir

Hi! Thanks for this video :)
Could you please make a video about dimethicone and other derivatives? As in, is it that bad for your skin/hair? Does it clog your pores? Does it prevent your hair from 'breathing'? That kind of things :) I've always wondered, because so many people have opposite opinions about this, I'd love to hear your perspective on this matter! Thanks a lot and keep up the good job ❤️

adrian ratlief

You should have "driven home" the study showing that most consumers don't apply enough sunscreen to match the lab's tested amount (aka you aren't getting spf 30). You lightly touched on it. It suprised me that you only recommended an spf 30 considering this. Thank you for taking the time to make this video.

Carolyn Geneva

Hi Kenna
People say it's good to go out for 10 to 15 mins in order to absorb vitamin D. What do you think of this? I'm confused

Jeni Hansen

Kenna, we just love you.  You are so real, and thank you.

Eden Viii


Alyssa Morton

Can you please do a video about this new product? It’s supposed to make your nail polish “burst off” but the ingredients aren’t listed and it smells weird. Would love to know if it actually is safe to use!!!! Thank you
Edit: i see it all over my social media.

Finn Kronjäger

I love you so much


Hi kenna, can you do a video on the viral nail polish remover? Simplynailogical suggested that it smelled like car paint remover which she used to use at her dads body shop. Check out her video and maybe you can do some cool science-y stuff and show us all what's really in that product. Thanks for reading!

Shelley Schultz

Love your channel!

Radiance Within

Not only do chemical sunscreens enter the blood stream but they damage the reefs


I’ve saved like every one of your videos for future reference. You’ve been so helpful!


Every time I hear the recommendation to wear spf everyday, it's never mentioned that depending on the time of year and climate you are in the UV index can be so low all you would be doing is wasting money on sunscreen. i.e. in Britain in January, the UV index only gets up to 1. It's going to have no effect on your skin at that level, so time/money/resources would be wasted wearing spf products during January in Britain


I’ve always wondered this! :,) Thank you!


I imagine you’re smarter than to have ever been “addicted to tanning”, but I’m curious what you know about the safety of fake tanning solutions? It’s a bit of a vain category of things to worry about but I think that would be a good and popular video topic for you to explore for us one day. :)

supergirl 5

wow el video mas completo acerca de bloqueadores solares, gracias por la información y aclarar cada duda

bri s.

have you heard about the nail bursting peel off product that’s been popular lately? simplynailogical just did a video over it, and was not able to find an ingredient list, after it wasn’t listed on the bottle. is this legal, and what could possibly be in it??


Thank you for you video! I found your video insightful and helpful. However, as a Canadian, I was a little taken back that you thought it was dark days and cold here. It is August 8, 2019 right now, and the sun raised at 6:13 a.m. and the sunset will be 9:09 p.m. With the light staying well after sunset. So we are not in the dark and cold. Yesterday's high was 30 degrees (86 fahrenheit). Across my country is hot and long sunny days in the summer. We do have cold days like you guys in the winter months very similar like the Northern part of your country. The very northern part of Canada does have shorter days and colder days in the winter but that is not Canada as a whole where most of the population lives. I just wanted to provide some insight as you have for SPF. : )

Sylvia Montejano

Your sunscreen stings your eyes after a while because its oily and it runs down therefore stinging your eyes. Just like you want your foundation to set by using a setting powder, you need a powder like a translucent powder so that it wont run down your eyes.

melissa morelli

loved this video! so helpful! I was wondering if you could do a video on skincare trends and maybe which ones are myths verses legit? Like for example I have seen people starting to come out with blue light protection (like with technology and the light from computers and phones) also the silk pillow case thing and the prevention of wrinkles? Its a huge think right now I feel like for people to push silk pillow cases because it doesnt "tug" on the skin... wondering from your perspective if there is any truth to these skincare trends. Thanks again!

Squeak Code

As a biologist, we know that something is poisonous if it hurts you if you eat it. So, technically probably true! But given you're not eating it and using it as intended it's no issue

Jessica Huynh

Can you do a video on urea and different alcohols in skincare products?

Katie Porter

Highly recommend Dermalogica Super Sensitive Shield for anyone with extremely sensitive skin. Every mainstream sunscreen I’ve tried specifically geared towards the face always makes the skin around my eyes burn. The Dermalogica stuff is the first product I’ve tried that doesn’t hurt.

Chezgirl Rose

I wish this info was out there in the 1980/1990s as much as it is today ... great informative video Kenna, thank you. ??

Celestial Star

Also since we need to reapply sunscreen every few hours. And bringing a whole tube out daily will expose it to heat more often thus repackage some sunscreen in smaller container to carry out.


Can you test Jeffrey stars lipsticks in the lab too??

Sophi Throener Rodriguez

Kenna PLEASE review the substance used in this!! https://youtu.be/28W5DNBVfa0 it seems too dangerous to be in the masses... #sciencebabes


This was great

P Clarke

Such a good, clear explanation of such a confusing issue. So many conflicting reports. Would really love to hear about what is best for women over 40 with skin pigmentation issues


For those complaining about mineral sunscreen and the white cast: try Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen spf 50. It has a tint and it's as spreadable as a primer or foundation. It's my HG sunscreen.


So much information! I love it!!!

Shelby Buchanan

How do you feel about straight vitamin E oil (from a drugstore) as a skincare product? I have combo skin and an esthetician recommended I use it before moisturizer to reduce dryness and provide some anti-aging properties. Thank you!

All The Artsy

10:40 But... a sunscreen is literally just about the most-studied anti-aging ingredient...

Priyanka Sengupta Dey

My doctor told me not to use sunscreen as i hav acne prone skin..


How often should you reapply zinc oxide mineral sunscreen? Everything I found was talking about chemical sunscreen... So I was wondering if there is a difference.

Hannah Hernandez

I love your make up in this video! ♥️

Celestial Star

For eyes stinging, I notice any Neutrogena version I tried (at least 10+ over the years) will sting my eyes. I asked my dermatologist she say it could be due to some ingredient that the particular brand use that cause the issue. I notice it doesn't matter if it's chemical or physical sunscreen, certain brand didn't have that issue. So if a sunscreen that sting my eyes I don't use it in my face if I know I am outdoors cos if I sweat it will cause some stinging.


for the eyes, use a stick sunscreen.

lauren gardner

This woman is so intelligent. I feel so educated after watching your videos. Thank you


I’m good I layer a 70, with a 20 in my makeup, with a 30 in a mist I use if I’ve been out a long time... BUT!!!! And maybe you get to this later... if I’m using a 2% granactive retinoid in a squalane serum like once a week... is one day where I avoid the sun completely enough or will it ultimately cause problems not to avoid it longer than that?/how would I know how long I should wait?

Maimuna Zubairu

Hey kenna,
Much love from Africa(Nigeria) I'm also a skin enthusiast, who is a biochemistry student.. I find it hard to relate to a lot of skin care experts but with you I just feel like we know each other... Thank you for the educative contents.

Sarah Love

I recenly bought australian gold botanical tinted spf 50 on Amazon and its really nice! It feels nice & silky when you apply and it doesn't leave a white cast ?

Laura Hedlund

Also as I understand it, if you wear makeup your SOL with reapplying sunscreen. Any good recommendations for a spray you could maybe put on top ? I watch Dr. Dray but she doesnt wear makeup so it's hard to relate in spf dept.

Bobby G

Hi there, ur well informed, thanks for ur info, a question - if u send ur sample to the lab to get a SPF rating and it is not high enough, is it expensive to go back and forth? What is involved in testing ? Is it expensive exercise? Cheers

Jessica Williamson

Great video!!! Thank you

Joy Ruppert

Could you maybe explain the difference between USA approved and European/Asian approved sunfilters? Filters like Tinosorb and Uvinul A are super safe, don't get absorbed into the skin, barely cause allergies and provide better protection than zinkoxide.
But because of American anti chemical sunscreen propaganda (because you do have mostly older chemical filters available), some people here in Europe are scared of all chemical filters. Which is a shame!

Kelly McDevitt

24:40 "cause that is just not good for babies" I died omg you are so cute

Anjelo Carey

I have a question about sunscreens.... How are you so gorgeous with zero effort?


Hi! I just want to know if you could make some test on a nail polish remover
https://youtu.be/28W5DNBVfa0 cause there’s a lots of products without description on internet

ilianora Jay

I’m wondering if you’ve seen the video on Facebook, by Greta Lee Jackson, claiming that we don’t need skincare


SO INFORMATIVE. thank you for sharing the biochemical basis of sunscreen. im about to graduate med school and even my detailed explanations of UV radiation and its harm on the skin doesnt get through to people. but from a biochemical scientific basis here we have a great explanation on how this works and how to protect your self! love you kenna! #sciencebabes

Selina Li- Beauty Therapy

How much powder would you need for the required amount on the face?? Like instead of dusting, it would be nice to bake with a non drying powder that has spf to help set?
Also, what do you think of dyes in skincare?


Can you review the viral exploding nail polish remover called magic remover, check simplynailogical video on ! The question is, is it safe and what are the ingredients!?

Peter Kloosterman

What about Tinosorb M/S, Uvinul T150 or Uvinal A Plus for example? I feel like these are good stable and mild options too where you recommended mineral in this video.


Hey Kenna THANK YOU for this info!!! Really appreciate it. What are your thought on "D-Light Therapy"? A salon near me promotes it as a "safe way to tan" that delivers Vitamin D to the skin without the harmful effects of typical sunbeds. Is this even possible?

Umarah Abid

I stopped wearing sunscreen for a couple of years because I was sensitive/allergic to chemical SPFs. 15 minutes after applying my face would burn and I would get a rash. I don't burn so I just stopped wearing it. It was only a few years ago I found out just how harmful UV is even when you don't burn and I looked up mineral sunscreen. That's what I use now but it's so hard to find them here in the UK for an affordable price!

Amy McGraw

My holy grail sunscreen for oily skin for the face is obagi Matt SPF 50 it’s expensive but it asked like a primer doesn’t break me out and I have supersensitive skin.

Viktoria Stoyanova

thank you!


Can a primer stop chemical sunscreen working?

Becky C.

I didn’t realize that different chemicals provided different wavelengths of protection. I also didn’t know that you don’t need to wait the same length of time with mineral vs chemical application. Thanks for all this helpful info, Kenna!

Yo Soy Karito

I'm a new subscriber ? your channel is very helpful ? Can you do a video about mineral sunscreens and a review of their ingredients? I'm using Heliocare mineral sunscreen spf 50 and I've been told spf is another different thing from UVA or PA+ factor. I'm very worried because I have hyper pigmentation and I need to block sun rays from my skin as much as possible. Please consider doing a review of ingredients of Heliocare mineral sunscreen ???
Greetings from Lima, Perú ??

Christine Cox Aubin

Kenna, I love your content and have learned a lot. Thank you. I am with a direct sales company L'BRI Pure n Natural. May I send you some products to try out - I would love your feed back! No cost to you of course. Best, Christine

Syafiqah Azmin

hi, can you do part 2 of this? i want to ask about 'diy sunscreen'. there are videos floating around about it and claimed that it is spf 30. some people say it is not effective so i just need explanation. thank you dear ?

Domonique S

The who are the 15 that "thumbs down" this video? Seriously??

kitt kettle

Hi! Can you explain sun allergy and why it happens...? My skin gets red/brown/purple blotchy when im in the sun when the UV index is high. SUPER recently, I noticed SPF 100 helps me while SPF 50 had almost no affect and my skin would still get a reaction in the sun. I'm also black but with light skin, why does this happen and how can I calm down these flare ups? :(

Astrid Hershey

Kenna is sun bum a good sunscreen?

Cailin Munroe

I'd love to see a brand review video on Fresh skincare products!


Hi Kenna! I love your videos. I just have a question because you said there are no long lasting sunscreens, but I’ve heard that the brands Evy and Ultrasun (both European) are using new technology that makes them last longer (up to 6 hours) and be more resistant to wearing off because they are absorbed into the skin. Is this not true?

Isabelle Markunović

I love listening to you, you are so smart?

Gorgette Adelaide

The day, a study will prove that sunscreen cause cancer, it will be already too late
As everyone push to wear sunscreens : chemical or mineral
I’m sure mineral suncreen contain toxic ingredients


I’ve saved like every one of your videos for future reference. You do such a good job of explaining things in lamens terms. Keep up the great work ??

Carley LaMalva

Can you mix sunscreen into your moisturizer to apply?

Manda jupp

Pls a video on what ingredients you think should be avoided in skincare and why! Love this vid !!

jasleen kaur minhas

Do you need to reapply your sunblock if you're home all day? I use it at 8am in the morning

Kathleen Argueta

Hi Kenna Is there a difference in effectiveness when it comes to a 20% zinc vs a 6%zinc? Even though it says 30 SPF broad spectrum? Or how about those combos where they have for example 6% zinc and 1.5% titanium dioxide?

Tara Na

Oils as sunscreen would be a useful topic. I've read some, like raspberry seed/carrot oil can have spfs of 20/30 or so. I'd like to avoid chemicals if possible, but not sure if it's true.

Grace Cassel

Please talk about cetyl alcohol and alcohol in skin care products!!

Lydia Tuaiti

I'm really interested in your thoughts on SPF and the best products for someone who lives in NZ, which has a giant hole in the ozone layer right above it. Loved this video so much!


I like your homely presentation showing a up-to-date information, such a wise video study.


I wonder why constructors, who I know personally, stay out in the sun for hours, everyday, do not care at all about sunscreen, and yet none get cancer or any skin demage at all. It just seems weird. And again, where I live (a tropical country, extremely hot) there are constructors everywhere, we all know at least three personally, etc, NONE have any issues. Yet overly obsessed people usually do get some type of issue or even cancer (many people in my family or family friends who always worried about it and used sunscreen a lot). So I just don't understand and honestly, it's hard to fight these actual, physical proofs. So I get a little worried if this is real, AGAIN: based on TRUTH that I and many others that I know and we've talked about that, have seen. So idk, sketchy af.

Leen Marie R

You should have introduced your video by saying that you are in the US as some of your information is wrong when you live in other countries. E.g. Europe: uva protection (ppd) needs to be at least 1/3 of uvb (spf) protection. So it IS very important to get the highest spf possible. Please check out Evy sunscreen mousse for longer lasting protection. Plus it's a myth that mineral is pure physical, read this publication: Metal oxide sunscreens protect skin by absorption, not by reflection or scattering


Zein Albasam

Lmao I don't even know what video is about but I see cute girl I click


Could you talk about the Jeffree Star x Morphe setting spray? Im curious about the ingredients! Maybe a video about setting sprays ingredients in general would be interesting!

Wond3r Gurll

Is homosalate dangerous? It is spf and it's a first or 2nd ingredient in Maybelline urban cover foundation. I found that it's a endocrine disruptor but would love to know more.

Laura Hedlund

Never heard about "thickness" of spf & efficacy - makes sense. Thx!

Domonique S

Can you do a review of the Fourth Ray products?

j i

You are so pretty :) Can you also talk about carcinogen in skin care products.


Dr.Dray here on YouTube, a dermatologist, says that the UV rays actually destroys the vitiman D you get from the sun so it’s kind of pointless

Sue Hadley

I respectfully disagree with you about long lasting spf. I have never burnt or had worsening of my chloasma when using ultrasun.


If I’m layering sunscreens, how long do I have to wait for it to set so I can reapply the other sunscreen?

jaz_ cap

Very enlightening. Thank you


@40:50 you say we should use around 5ml of sunscreen for the entire face. This would make me use up my whole 50ml jar in 10 days... How is that possible?!

Maria G

Oxybenzone and octinoxate are harmful to the coral reefs.

meow meow

why did tanning help my acne so much?

Pamela M

Is it true that cocoa is beneficial for the face?


Hi Kenna. Can you do a video on how to get rid of or lighten acne scars and dark spots without using harsh products? This is really something that I've been battling with recently but very iffy about trying lightening products currently in the market. Thanks!

Omoye Uduehi

The neutrogena hydroboost is dark skin friendly which is why I love it.

Sue Hadley

Do have any opinion on the altruist sunscreen developed by a dermatologist and sold non-profit ? My daughter just purchased 2 150ml tubes for £7.50 off amazon .
Personally I’ve been trying to buy non-nano non octocrylene, but the choices are limited . I’m using Caudalie atm but HATE the perfume - why perfume skin creams ? ?