Olive oil for skin and hair

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Hola Sweet Angel last Sunday of the year .. What a journey being one of your Beautiful babes I will say this year was a good year and I know next year you going to bring more good tips good music and that Beautiful personality_ lets not forget beautiful family the Lord has Blessed you enjoy your Sunday..?????????

Jackie Hazel

Hope you have a Blessed and Happy New Year! ? ?

Evelyn J. Amponsah

Thxs for the tip Angel I use it sometimes and it's nutrients are amazing, I use it in my hair.

Jackie Hazel

You look so beautiful and loving the outfit! ? ?

Patti Robinson

Happy New Year

Carole Michel


Jessica Jenkins

Your skin is radiant!❤

Carol Porter

Thank you!!!!

Shirley Fretty

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Years Beautiful Babe!!!

carline norris

Love this info girl i use olive oil all the time as a moisturizer for my legs feet and hands. My face is already oily so i don't need it there. Good tips as. we have grown to expect from you. Once again good looking out. I will be looking? forward to more tips in the future. C.in ky.

Beauty by Sweet Angel


Cynthia Reid

You are such a beautiful lady. I'm so glad I was introduced to your YouTube channel. I follow everything you do. ?? Thank you

Odette Moronez

?Luv it all!! Your tips, suggestions, ideas&thee results!
?TX Sweet Angel!?

gerda vandersan

You look beautiful beautiful Babe,enjoy watching your video's.

melanated Gemini

Lorbeth Donhar


samra salim

Bless you

hot pepper

Wow extra virgin olive oil

Sylvia Carman


Carla M

Great video! I use evoo also.

Norma Roman

Gracias! Muy importante, thank you for the tip.

Zulma Lopez

Hello beautiful, thank you for sharing your wisdom with us your beautiful babes, love you bunches, hugs and kisses going your way, blessings forever

Minnie S.

You have such a warm voice.?
Thank you for all of these great tips!


The olive oil that becomes rancid (held to long in pantry) is one i use on body mix it with essential oil...hope that's ok?

Johnetta L. Reid


aung ko ko

Can use cooking olive oil?

Olive oil for skin and hair

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5 Surprising Benefits Of Using Olive Oil On Skin & Hair

2 323 views | 22 Dec. 2016

To all those who spend

To all those who spend thousands of rupees on skin and hair products, we have 4 words for you, 'Go To Your Kitchen'. Olive oil, that is found in almost all kitchen households is not just a wonder cooking oil, but also has innumberable benefits for skin and hair. Here are some.

Olive oil for skin and hair

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3 Whitening Olive Oil Face Packs for White Glow & Shining Skin

659 755 views | 22 Oct. 2018

if your skin lacks

if your skin lacks moisture or it looks dull, wrinkled & lifeless then its time to switch to these 3 healthy whitening, skin glowing olive oil face packs..You can try anyone of these whitening olive oil face packs to repair dull damaged skin and to bring an intense white bright glow on your face and to improve skin lustre, complexion and clarity ..| skin whitening| olive oil | olive oil face packs| extra virgin olive oil | skin type | fair | white glow| shining skin | winter care | tips for glowing skin

#whitening face packs #olive oil for skin #winter

Disclaimer: This video is only intended for the informational purpose.Any information associated with this video should not be considered as a substitute for prescription suggested by beauty, diet and healthcare professionals.Readers are subjected to use this information at their own risk.This channel doesn’t take any responsibility for any harm, side-effects, illness or any health or skin care problems caused due to the use of our content or anything related to this..


Aajkal market me kafi castrol oil aate hai, jo ki chemical fully hote hai. maine bhi kafi castrol oil market se lekar use kiya hai. lekin mujhe kisi mai koi acha postive result nhi mil paya. but thanks to Earthy boon ! Earthy boon castrol oil mai jabse use kar rahi hun mujhe is se kafi good or positive result milta hai.. sabhi logo ko earthy boon castrol oil use karne ki advice deti hun..

regina angulium

Thank you ... Already doing egg mask n its really effective

Zahid Gujjar

I Love You???

Aliya Shariff

Can we use it everyday??

Sachin Kumar

3 day store ok na

swati bhimte

Di, kya ese daily aply karne se
Face ke hair grow hote hai?
Plz reply

Suvarna shridhar murthy


Pooja Ajith

Thank you❤?

Rebecca Julie


Manju Mallika


Rifat Farooque

Love to see your crystal clear skin.

Shaik Soni

Can we use this pack daily?

Deepasha Mundloll

It is necessary to use the extra virgin olive oil or can we use any of the olive oils??

tanzila abbas

mam can i use olio sasso olive oil for face

Devraj Devraj

Mam body white night cream heli

Gayatri Pradhan

Plz almond oil k v ek vdo banaye.. Plz

Betty Alornyo

Pls I have oily skin can I use the olive oil n honey for my face n also can I used that for my whole body for it to look uniform? Tnks

kalavathi anguluri

Your information honge

Jyoti Mahu

Can we use Olive oil as night moisturizer

SAP FICO MM SD Free Knowledge

U look so amazing

Indu Mathy

Already your skin is glowing and as well as shining then how do you see the results???

samia aslam

Ap boht cute Hain.....mainy first time apki video diakhi hai..... beautiful skin

Ilman Mannu

For pimples wat to do with the help of olive oil...?

Saba Rahat

White turmeric powder kahan se milayga ?

Meri ashiqui 2.0

Dii app bhut cute ho


Can this be useful to men?

riya Jeya

Can I use olive pomace oil blended with extra virgin olive oil

ramya bujji

Ur face looks like Pearl

sravani sunkara

Will it remove moles on face?

dream world nature relaxing music

Which one is best for babies and kids?

Manonmani S

U are choooó cute

Eeshwar shivam

Is it really increase the skin colour? Sister

i ved

Wow it's really works great result tqqqqqqq so much mam..shall I use ths daily plz rply me mam

Meera santosh kumar

Try on acne prone skin though u hv already beautiful n glowing skin ?

Naturally Beautiful

You are so beautiful

Manisha barar

Can I use daily as I m having dull and dry skin

tejesh jadhav

I am using melamet cream for since 3 years... I want to stop that... Bcz 1 year i have get the result after that meri skin kali padne lagi.. ???Wht to do plzz help me.... Today i apply aloe vera gel at morning.. So can i stop that cream.. Bcz before 3 days i didnt apply that cream.. So can i use aloe vera now??

usman mujawar


vishwath Acoustic

Can we apply daily ?? The 3rd face mask pack mam ???

Heno Babes

Thank you for sharing, loved it. :)

Simran Randhawa

Koi ek hi use krni hai naa inme se mam pack

riya Jeya

Can I use Spanish oil tin for this method

Lopamudra Bose

Can the egg yolk be replaced by Lecithin or Silken Tofu? Would the result be the same?


Can I use extra light olive oil instd of virgin

Nakshatra D Y

Can we use Figaro olive oil for dandruff hair
Plzzz Reply

BrandNew Ayurveda

Wow....Great Content ......New subscriber Here....!!

vira muthu

Ma'am to get cheeks like wat tips I should try

Star Anika


babyrose sane

Amazing this video. Philippines I also need this in my skin.

Rose Beauty

Omg ur voice is amazing mam

Mahjabeen Nagma

Can I use Olive oil in the summer? . Plzzz fast reply me

The Village Boy Vlogs

Can I apply this on acne prone skin?

Surya Bala

Hai mam child 3 spone oilve oil massage ok try pannalmh mam

Bhanu Prashanth0

Medam please make a video on how to get chubby cheeks please reply

Atos Manisha

Can you provide the link for wild turmeric you have used here?

ekam maan

Aapki skin to pehle se hi glowing hai

Bangladeshi Army Forever

I have acne problem? Should i use this?

i ved

My fav. I use One and only this method.everyone ask me how u become white nd looks awesome skin tone. Thankyou somuch sis. Just try for 3days definitely u will c d best result tq somuch akka

Georgia Martinez

I be use extra virgin olive oil on my face yes it work very well my husband said I look like 23 years old wow .
My ready age is 36 this so amazing

Asi Khan

Dear mere eyes ki opr awali skin los ho gai h m kiya karo plzzz kuch batao ap

shabana rangoonwala

hii can we consume figaro olive oil fr better results

sheikh rumi

You're so beautiful

Zeba Ayaz

Can use only Olive oil nd lemon juice ?

Banu Sundhar

Ur voice ....took me to see throught the video without skipping

Kabir Kohinoor

Can I use it everyday??? Plz tell me.... Plz..

Zain ali


Rifat Farooque

Hi, will definitely try your remedy ,let me tell you ,you have really wonderful skin!

Karthick Lakshmanan

How to find the skin type

Pandamangalamward12 Kabilarmalai

Hi sis ungala enaku rompa pidikum unga video lam papen

Kumuda S

U r very lucky to have such a great skin.... very clean and clear skin....

sreeja rao Rao

If any affects are their by this remedies????

Neha Pundir

Can we store it (ist solution) in a bottol, and apply it on daily basis?

shOrt GaMaRs s

Hindi bolo bidesi nhi ho


Aap pahle se etni sundar aur glowing h


Figaro olive oil is more good for skin whiting I am using

rubeena nazar

Never apply lemon on ur face ...pls vlogger stop this

Noorie Begum

Thank you

j j

Where can i get this olive olive can you send any link

nour maher

Her voice♥♥

Asma Khan

Can ww skip honey ? AND for how many days ww can store it

Maja A. Abdul

"How many minutes or hour before washing face.?

Shahnaj Parbin

Can I use jac olive oil

Reshma Riyas

For oily skin curd ,olive oil and turmeric can be used together as a moisturiser?I mean can we apply it at the night and wash it off in the morning ~?

Karthick Lakshmanan

Can we add sugar in it?

dream world nature relaxing music

Can i use it for my baby?

Muhsina Musi


Nupur Mukherjee

I used your cucumber, potato remedy posted in another video and found it extremely effective. Thanks a lot. Please provide link for olive oil and other ingredients

Barnali deka

any of one apply or all dis one by one apply on a day

prasanta kumar bej

Good review mam

Asi Khan

Or haa dear wesy face k liy kon sa oli best h jis s rinkels katam hojai

Rekha smiley

Hai welcome back good to c u

Neeraj Devi

Hindi me bol leti...?

Raj king

I have acne skin and I can't use potato juice so can I use it without potato juice ? And which soap is best for my face ?

MAMTA Kaushik 2020

Olive oil increases hair growth on face..is it true

selena selena

Mam can I use olive oil on my face in summer also?

Komal Khandelwal

How many days we have to use the second remedy...

Sabaimran Imran

Woo nice packs

Zahid Gujjar

U r so beautifull??????

abdul ashik

Potato juice how many teaspoon...big teaspoons or half big teaspoon for one person??

Dan Guerriero

Can you use this everyday the olive oil plus egg yolk