How to make a head

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How to Make: Simple Mask Base

133 717 views | 1 Oct. 2017

**Safety First** It is

**Safety First** It is YOUR responsibility to apply any and all safety measures available when working with these tools for crafting. Tommy's Puppet Lab and its representatives are not liable for any harm or injuries.

Make your own head base using only a balloon, newspaper, glue and tissue!

Materials needed:



-Masking tape

-White glue


-Toilet paper or craft tissue


Visit my official website! https://www.tommyspuppetlab.com/

Music: http://www.epidemicsound.com

trovão rail

Hello guys hello você poderia tá ensinando fazer uma máscara de verdade por favor

Dr. Retro

I like your videos Tommy! :)

sweet angel

I dont have an balloon


This helped so much!!!!

art potatoe

who else is making a lemon demon from fnf mask?

BTB Media

Do you need to use newspapers?

sweet angel

and brast

Brian Bosworth

Lloyd Christmas- "Hey, you wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?"

Jennifer Sparks

My 5 and 2 year old are addicted to these videos. They love watching Tommy work and have come up with some great ideas. One even created his own marionette puppet. Today we’re working on making masks. This has been so helpful during our quarantine in keeping them busy without a ton of screen time. Keep up the great work Tommy!

TTV Yocruzz

thank you for teachingme I have so many difficulties!!!!!!!!! thank you

: Cookie Wolf

Thanks I made a scrap baby mask ‘u’

Right Hand Man

Question. I am about to do this and can you use regular lines or blank paper a a newspaper Replacement


TYSM!!! Now I can make a circus baby mask!


“I will be teaching how to make one of these MASHKS” ?


thank you im going to make a frog
the frog in my logo

Mario And Sonic Boy

I love your vids they are funny like you the what’s wrong video I should use this for my fursuit head and I also really want to make the fnaf and baldi masks I love those games so it would be cool and I also wanna make the fnaf, Pokémon, bendy, Nintendo, and etc love the vid I can see you put your heart and soul to make just the head base I am impressed

Twinkie The Kid

i like how you make cool stuff but keep up the good work

Nina pineda-liwanag

Thanks man, I really needed this for my rust cosplay.

Dax Haak

I’m actually going to see another video of yours to make lolbit

Devilł Ćhań

you know you can use paper btw

delaney kirchner

youre so cool

????? Playz

No thare not

Ember Ashes

Want to make a pumpkin head! Thank youyy :)

Yow Giao Art

Awesome ? video ❤️thank you for sharing.


Tysm this was very useful im making Funtime freddy and there was one for sale that cost 250$ but that was rlly expensive I didn’t know how to make a easy head base but now I know keep the work going


cool puppets dude!

Rainbow unicorn Sqaud Roblox

I love it and love you and I'm just a kid and I don't have all this stuff because I can't go shopping and I need to go spend my money cuz I've been saving it for a long time so I might buy this stuff because I really want to make a Bonnie mask because I'm a big big big big fan of Bonnie he's my favorite fnaf character


I was looking for this video for like 10 minutes and then I just got discouraged and watched another video that didn’t help me so I looked for this one and I found it! I watched this video last year for Halloween and I remembered this and I knew I had to look for it


Man i wish i didnt have Globophobia
(A fear of ballons popping)

Alex Gamer

Your super duper sweet and talented am i the only one who is not talented ;w;


Like this is your watching this at the time of corona

Ryan Coleman

Everybody:talks about fnaf me:Mysterio

LucarioTheFox _

How long do I have to wait for it to dry?

I'm making the duck character from dark deception x3

Meghan Dugger

Wow how do you do this

Benjamin Blodgett

I am going to make a bonnie mask!

Lava sketch gaming

You sound autistic but I think it actually fits with you

Anthony Zwierkowski

I used text book paper instead of totlet paper because it didn't work

Chloedark Wolf

I don’t like when it pops it hurts my ears?


✨Omg ur so sweet!!!???✨


Tysm!!! This is just what I needed! :D

Sheila Andersen

i tried to do this but i waited two days and the toilet paper never dried tommy can you give me some advice please and i put lots of glue/water on my head base

Jc Spills

Can we use normal tape

your trash kid BLT

Your the best

Jo ot

Thanks for making this ?

LittleNightmareBoi217 & his oculus

I'm gonna try make a roger the janitor from little nightmares costume

Clara Lopez

So cool the first one

Sachi Kawaii bakery channels Officials

Can we paint it????


Very helpful video! Im just a kid

Miro Koivisto

Thank you! This helped me alot! Thank you so so much!!

Dayton Green Studios

Wow much exitment in your voice! But realy I do like your chanel

Sypher squad

"if you want to make an egg your already done "

im laughing

Lewis the Rat

Me trying to make ears for spring traps mask ???


When u ain’t using toilet paper because it’s sold out because of the corona virus ?

Delaney Kirchner

your so cool keep it up

DeronRex Official

Wow thanks it's so simple ??

Fauzan Adinugraha


R 2233

Ur so god att this kip upp the god work

Amaar Ahmad

I’m using it for my baldi mask

SAN 18

Iam a Indonesian people

Fredbear 26

Thanks. I’m going to make a Glitchtrap mask, and this was very helpful




Thank you so much Tommy now I can use this to make a spring bonnie/springtrap mask


4:41 just remenber that knivesh and shcishcors are exschtremely scharp

Guest 666

When I make that I’m gonna turn it into the glitchtrap mask from fnaf virtual reality


Wow Tommy you really rock!

Irene Roldan


Lava sketch gaming

I remember I used to watch you when I was 4. Its been 5 years

Stromboli The 3rd

He kind of looks like Jim Carey.



Golden Family

I can make a freddy mask


should the top of your head touch the inside of the mask at the top? hope that make sense


Dude... Sub to this guy NOW! this dude is litteraly awesome!!!!! I'm So close to making a fnaf Freddy Helmet.. Keep the good work up!

Makaelah M.

Its 2:30am and I randomly decided to make a giant animal head,,thank you?


Tysm dude I’m gonna be making a fun time Freddy mask when I get a balloon

Appelpopo -

Can u use scratch book paper or do I have to use newspaper?


Cool but how are we going to see where are we going ? I mean we cant see becuse you did not show us how we are going to see through the mask

The real murderer from the comic edited

I’m glad that now I can make the bun boy we all love

luna afton

When he did dat thing whit toilet paper it loked like the thing he haves was exoitc buters

See Your House Now

Thanks Tommy for the tutorial it really helped.

Sabrina Gacha craft

Obrigada por me ensinar a fazer uma base simples de máscara eu vou fazer o sans OwO!


I'll pretty much get suffocated from the lack of air holes

Lily monasmith

hey Tommy! Why do you have that little voice?
Did you have braces? Or is it something else?

Kenji Boo

How long does it take to dry?

Sypher squad

i love your voice its adorable your sooooo talented xxx

The Sans Plushie Show

Give me a mask Funtime Freddy XD

ferdinand dancel

you are the coolest man

Millo sonic And games

I know this video was 2 years ago but it’s still awsome and it helped me

Marisa Santiago

This worked he is the best YouTuber

ComicRainbow 462

I know im late but thank you so much!


How do I put on the base not made out of balloon it’s filled with newspaper

Faint Salmon

Would lou sleeve work

master of Lego panou Productions. GR

Am gona make a plague mask

Benjamin Blodgett

Tommy is awesome!!!

Bill cipher

U look like shaggy from scooby doo and I love that ?



Robotic Noob

Thank you for the help :D

Trent Hudson

I watched this when i was 7 now im back watching this now im 11

Amaar Ahmad

I am gonna make mrs pomp


sans joins the battle

sweet angel

But a little brast

How to make a head

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Lifecasting: How to make a lifecast of your head _Batman mask build part1_Factory prop build

60 417 views | 11 Jul. 2016

Part one of the Batman

Part one of the Batman mask tutorial...

Jay †hə Pocket

Cool. You put this presentation together very well. I believe that for your purposes, this bust you created will serve you well. Best of Luck and
Thanks for Sharing!


Did you use more Vaseline to protect your face o e is it safe to apply the strips with nothing on the skin to protect it?

Christie Jones

Do not follow this video . ? Oh boy. Be careful! And never use a blow dryer

aniruddho gupta

How long does the wet player take to dry???

Shane K

Can you use the regular plaster strips the make a cowl? Like you did when you put it back together?

Eno Y'Na T'Surt Reven

Why shouldn't the bottom side be covered with pair and wood glue?

alita crowley

That makes cents

ww Gaming tv

How many packs of plaster bandages did you use?

Maaike Snoep

Thanks for a great video. How did you make the rotating stand (base of head)?


i know a cheaper and safer way , i make alot of prostetics and i have been working in the latex prosthetics and life casting industry for years , search @5mhacks on facebook , send me a message :)

Lollyjolly Flapjacks

Wow!! Easy to understand, quick and fast!!! I love it!!! Thank you so much!!!

Flavio Imbrò

I really, really, really want to do it, but I just have a small problem: I'm claustrophobic. Tips? Advices?


About how long did you let the plaster harden before you removed the strips?


Did you use ultracal/hydrocal or just regular plaster of paris?


Y eso cuanto pesa??

Male Witch

Was worth watching, thanks for the help, 5 stars bro *

Frank Castillo

Great cast! I'm new to the prop making business, what bandages did you use and how much did you buy? I plan on making one on the cheap myself for my Deathstroke helmet.

Stephanie S

I'll give it a try?

Dela Sias

great tutorial! many good tips.
just an idea, you could try using 1cm thick silicon or latex layer then fill with plaster or, for lighter weight, expanding foam. that way you can maintain detail for projects that require detail but still have structure and support without too much cost.


Neato! I’m gonna make a fursuit with it MUAHAHAH

Sister Saia

Are you aware of the exothermic process that occurs during plaster drying? It can burn your skin. Never apply plaster directly to the skin. These are uninformed teenagers looking for a quick, cheap fix- what they're doing is very dangerous. The OP should take this down. Someone could get seriously hurt.


Maybe you can help me out, I'm trying to figure out how I can make a mask with the contours of my face on the inside but a completely different face on the outside, any tips?

Juliet Wright

When I did this the plaster rolls just got wet again when I poured plaster in how do I prevent that?


fast simple easy. my kinda how to video for beginner like me.

Bill Benedict

I really like the way you guys did this!going to give it a shot myself. going to use it to build a foam Daredevil helmet. I made one using a male Styrofoam head.. turns out that it was way too small for my head

Polite Q

Use lots and lots of Vaseline on your skin! I just found out the hard way by putting on too thinly. The plaster bandage really sticks and rips your tiny hairs out; it was really stuck in some spots.

Hippie kid

how heavy is it?


just use body double or alginate Instead of plater. will turn out much better


Need to be careful using plaster like this. It can heat up and burn your skin.

How to make a head

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How To Make A Head Wrap | Measuring, Cutting And Sewing

4 950 views | 5 Jul. 2019

How to make a head wrap

How to make a head wrap (measuring, cutting and sewing). Learn how to make a head wrap, head scarf, gaylay or turban. I show you how to measure, cut and sew your fabric to make a versatile head wrap,

Thanks for watching!


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/covermechic

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/covermechic

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/covermechic

dexter X

How to make scarf for turban / head wrap, with 2 t shirts ? Measurements ?

flo a

This is the best, most straightforward headwrap video I have found, and I learned a new serger technique! Thank you!!

Dintle Pondo

Thank you for sharing. Honestly your video has helped me and has simplified making headwraps❤️

kim clarke

if you don't have a serger what would you say is the best way to do the hem, use a zig zag stitch and cut off the extra material?

Briauna Hinds

When I order my material , its 40 inches wide. Is that too small? Could you also do a wrapping tutorial ? Thank you !

kim clarke

What would you say to using a stretchy fabric, and would the measurements be different since it stretches?