Shea moisture shea oil

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2 432 views | 9 Dec. 2016



Love your Chanel. Keep going girl you are awesome ? . I think you are my soul sister.

Shea moisture shea oil

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Pure Shea oil V Pure Shea Butter

810 views | 5 Apr. 2018

You may love Shea butter

You may love Shea butter but hate the aroma or find the texture challenging. Have you heard of Pure Shea oil?

Lavona Edwards

thanks for the info, just came across shea nut oil and didn't know if it had same properties as shea butter because i wanted to mix it in some things and the oil would mix much easier.

Shea moisture shea oil

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Shea Moisture Argan Oil Review

1 545 views | 8 Apr. 2020

Click here for more info

Click here for more info !

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Curly ringlets

Coconut oil is good when I had dandruff on my scalp, but I love olive oil for making the hair soft and smooth and Argan oil is very moisturizing for me so I use it on my face and hair

Goth Waif

I just bought this yesterday. Thanks for your words. I can't wait to try it this mornin

Maria Powe

I have curly hair too! I love using castor oil and olive oil!