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96 405 views | 18 Mar. 2020

Don't Forget Your Crown

Don't Forget Your Crown book now 50% OFF(ends soon) here??http://bit.ly/dontforgetyourcrown

Joanna Dziokan

I wear my crown 24/7 even to bed at night so no need to remind me hahaaaa. Thank yoy for all your advice, very helpful :)


soooo what kinda men was this chick messing with while your friend was maturing in the mean time Derrick? And if she is as "fine" as you say, why is it that she is still single and looking? Im just curious


I’m like are you single!

QUEEN kandyce

Mama got a sayin ..."I cant be yo mama and fuck u too!"


I can so relate to this video. I just broke up with a guy who is 14 years my junior because he wasn’t mature enough for me. He still has some growing up to do. Not a bad guy at all but as you said not “ripe.”

Saida Morgan

That is so true when a guy acts like he can’t grow up a play those little mental games with you it is best to walk away I’ve been in a lot of situations like that to my whole tire life it took me a long time to understand that it was time to walk away as soon as possible and I do that right about now I do not tolerate a man that does not know how to grow up and be a man it could be very depressing and disturbing when you allow yourself to be with someone like that and it turns into a nightmare

Sophia Dilworth

I'm going to give you thumbs up on the title alone

Kimberly W

?This is so me! ?

Lee Ann Comeau

I just got out a relationship that degraded to the point of him gaming all day while not in school; meanwhile there's me, working full time and paying everything, and making suppers, and doing chores and cleaning. I felt like his mom/roommate at the end of it. He showed no appreciation. If he had I would have felt like I am supporting him, but no.

Zoe C Love

If a man can f you that man is not slow he knows exactly what he's doing he just doesn't give af..


Thank you for this video. I stayed away from guys because they were immature and only wanted meaningless sex. It use to really get to me when those guys use to shit talk to me saying how in 10 years time they will have the pick of the crop and I will be a shiveled raisen after I declined their wants of meaningless sex.

So I looked after myself, did a lot if self improvement and mindset classes, focused on being better every day and it was nice to have a guy like you tell me I am rare woman aging like fine wine :) So ladies, take care of yourselves, moisturise your skin regularly and don't stress :D

You will find a decent man who is mature to be with ?


Yes ladies don’t forget your crown , your worth the globe.

Missjamaican Flowers

You are sooooooooooooooooo right ??❤️❤️

Chelsa Bailey

Great video! Thanks for posting!!

Kristen Sunrise

Exactly. This is why I don't understand why men are considered logical?




This describes my last relationship. Had to let it go. 5 years wasted but all is well. ?? I learned so much. Now I know what I am accepting and not accepting ! ?

Gihan Ramadam

Hi Derrick, I dated a man that's 50 years old and I'm coming up to 26. I naively thought that he was mature because of all his baggage. But I was wrong, my intuition kept telling me to be watchful of his behaviour in my absence on Instagram. He is addicted to flerting with other women and I caught him trying to cheat on me with an underaged girl. It repulsed me. I fought for the relationship and gave him my very best because in my presence he was making an effort too. But I was right to listen to my intuition. I left him two days ago and have been trying to get back on my feet emotionally. He didn't admit he's not ready for a relationship just kept stringing me along while he started conversation with other young women. Maturity has nothing to do with age or life experience. It's a personal journey I think.

Jovita Boniface

It's very hard to laugh quietly. The more I try to b quiet the harder it is because I'm thinking "fruit, not ripe ". ?

Ashley Emerson

I wish I knew this 13 years ago

Amy Morale

the bottom line is some old males are still not Rip and most will never be rip and mature.


I really would like to know more about Derrick's own relationship. He never mentions it. Is he in a happy and healthy relationship?

Deeann Mathews

This is sadly the truth... and it is a special sadness when men of mature age are STILL not ripe. Growing to maturity is WORK, and not everyone cares enough to do the work for themselves, much less anyone else. If he is 40-50 years into life and has not seen the need... not much can be done with such a man

Candor's Spot

Lol if she is that wise then why is she still single?

Nikeya Washington

This is why I left my ex fiancé .. too immature to apologize for his wrongs, put his pride aside and make effort. So over him and over it ?

Lady B. Free


Kelly Moore

Derrick..... Women aint perfect either

Lily Snowwhite

That's true. About men.
But I still have a controversial opinion about it.
In the one hand, if a man is not ready, to young, too old, too smart, too poor, too something else, means he in fact is not triggered by you naturally, I mean he does not want you. Is all about instincts.
Coz if he really wants you he will run to you with shaking hands, square eyes, tongue hanging out of his mouth, and with whatever symptoms of love fever even if you are a super princess living in the 39th galaxy from Earth.
In the other hand,

Phoenix Rising

A healthy mature woman needs reciprocity not immaturity. Put your crown on stand tall and let your feet do the talking

Rebekah Withakay

And always remember... chronological age does not equate to maturity. Dealing with dudes in their 40's and it's nowhere near the level I need. I'm already raising a kid, and don't need to raise a grown boy too.


that’s a turn off and a deal-breaker for me if he’s immature

White Gold

how can some one contact u directly if she has a marriage


Chela DL

I LOVE YOU JXN?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Keasha QUEEN

I agree so much


I just am confused as to why most of the time it’s the men who are not ripe. Sure women also have to grow in their own respect and I am sure there are childish or unripe women out there, but I feel like typically it’s the guys, because it’s one of the nr 1 complaints women have about men. Like why is that?


The thing you said about the video games and making jokes at bad times hit me hard. My ex boyfriend was so like that.

The freest of speech

He can't be talked about adult males yes we talked about teenagers. Adult males don't get a free ride in life they usually have to do stuff.
So what he's talking about isn't immaturity it's the fact that she's just not interesting. But she believes she is therefore he is at fault. Now that is a sign of immaturity.

Yahiri J

So deep


The phone is the same issue. Got one now can't stay off instagram. Asked him 3x last night to help with dinner. This fool asking me when it's on the table if he could help!!

Kelly Starnes

Please tell me you’re single ?! ?

WHATtheJUNKterry 1

Buncha entitled women and Simpson in the comments

Jovita Boniface

Lol. Fruit. Not ripe enough. Derrick, I don't know why I can't stop laughing. I really appreciate the way u simplify things for me and I'm sure many others. Fruit. ?

Lyn L

Following you for yrs...thanks for sharing

Karen L.

Did he say...he evolves and it will be better, especially if she doesn't age??? What??? Did I hear him say something about the woman not aging??? Ummmm.

Yvonne Smith

You are so smart @ I enjoy watching your videos .my question to you is..where do I find a guy such as yourself? Its like what your talking about is wishful thinking..but I no that in time things will get better..Thanks for your advice..

Carribean Queen

My ex was not "ripe enough" He has 4 children with 4 different women...It appeared to me that he was not used to being in a relationship....Pretty much he have a baby and move on...He thought I was going to be "Baby Mama 5"... 43 year old man and very immature...I experienced a emotional traumatic event at work....I told him about it...This fool texted me: "Baby Come Give Me Some (Sex) instead of being there for me emotionally.
I tossed that unripe fruit right back.

e gr

All facts!


Got it right here ?


Wow, I like you *subscribed !

Dee Driver

Thank you!! For your messages!!!

Esther S

Childish as hell yes your right ? he wants all fun I'm not his toy 24/7


As long as he's not an avocado, not yet, not yet, not yet, RIPPED!!!!!!!!
Then foul after 12h and lands on the compost...

At least his dirt can be used for new flowers and veggies ?‍♀️

Kamil Karnale

If some people cannot handle a relationship then why do they get into a serious relationship in the first place?

Melanie R

Relationships are for good , mature men and women.

Gina Bartlett

I’m 47 years old and so tired of being the one who puts effort in with these australian boys... want someone to be real, have a child heart but be real... know of anyone ? no chasing, I’m an empress so treat me like one!!!

M Pa

Wow thank you for educating me. So the man I married(currently separated from), is not grown and all the men I dated are not either.


Again I'm brought to tears

Jovita Boniface

Thank you for your time Derrick. It's greatly appreciated.

vean K

Come in now say so ??????????

Ainotal Sevlasnog

im dating an introvert... any advice

Nicanol Ariana

“He’s not ripe” - my favorite Jaxnism yet to date! ?


Mike Jones! Lol.....

Level Up

I've wasted 7 years of my youth on a man who has never treated me right. 18 - 25. As I've grown older I've been able to open my eyes to things that I didn't used to see. Also, with the abuse I endured growing up I'm so used to ignoring trauma and pushing it in the back of my mind as a learned psychological way to survive. I've had to understand how and why my mind works the way it does, and then correct it. I had no upbringing. No love, no lessons, all alone in the world. Thankfully at 25 I've seen so much more of the truth. And God put a wonderful women who is like a mother to me in my life to help me. I'm planning on how to get out of this relationship right now. Its become dangerous because he has stepped up to physical abuse and I'm financially reliant on him after I lost my job due to Covid. I finally got a new job, and I'm trying to safely plan on getting out without getting hurt. Thankyou Derrick for helping me so much in my journey. You were the first voice of reason that started me on this self awareness and awakening journey. At 25 I'm re starting my life. God's plan and protection is with me! Amen ??

Busy Mom


Karla Taylor

Conflict and he's off with another girl/woman.....lol.....or several.....lmao. ?"Guys are like vegetables!".....love Derrick! Happy New Year Mr.Jaxn .....the world needs more men like you!


Absolutely focused on myself

Ariana Johnson

Whew, this is the one!

Amanda Stevens

Can I marry you

Dina D

Bless, his videos are straight shooter no chaser - to ?? the ?? point ??. Ain’t nobody got an hour to sit on here and listen like some other relationship coaches.

Selena Wunner

What happens if it just oh I got this plans but hes like nah stick with job an we can take care of either I'm like nag fuck that ur a leech want me turn down my dream job with benefits an work this shitty job with no benefits

Maritza 201

The right one will mature for you if not find one who is.. Don’t let some weak ass man ruin your blessings for a great life some woman deal with it of some form of control.. I won’t I already raised my kids me time I’ve been single for yrs cause I dnt got time to train a man I see relationships and I be like hell nah I’m good ?

Camille Fitz

Something needs to be done about the “soil” this fruit is planted in...having to wait for a man to be nearly 50+ is unacceptable...parents have a role in this, fathers have abandoned their homes in the community before the war on welfare and has solely focused on sex instead of building legacy, and mothers treat sons like they’re husbands and they can’t fill that void nor should you devoid him of accountability/responsibility and get upset because the dating pool is filled with the same type of guys that you enabled and have forced daughters into masculine roles of providing and independence with no efforts on his behalf...we as heterosexual women shouldn’t have to settle for struggle love or expect to date in the LBGTQ+ community...there is so much more to my thoughts on the family unit as whole (I don’t think every mother is like this or the blame should be on single parents) but I’ll keep it short but there is more ?

brenda brookes

Especially if she were to stay the same age...? and wait for him 15 years her senior so she’ll be 22 years old and he’ll be 40 what the fuck?

Ocean Zenn Fam xo

Do males get intimidated by you
Because woman understand you more and you understand us,


True... but Do you know that there are women that do this too?

The Hooeys

I love how you are teaching women to pick a gem from a cesspool of narcissists, mama's boys, cheaters, emotional retards, criminals, control freaks, abusers, name it. Now please tell them the truth about dying alone as most males are no men at all.

Carolina M

My boyfriend is still making himself emotionally available to a girl he dated a couple years back. She calls and he answers. He says it’s because she’s in an abusive relationship so he’s just there for her because they’re friends. But two years ago this was the same issue I wasn’t okay with. He deleted her and came to me saying he realized how uncomfortable it made me and how it’s disrespectful because they’re not close and not together anymore so it’s not our issue as a couple. I find out to this day he still has her on everything and that they still keep in touch. She regularly calls him when her relationship isn’t going good for advice and to vent but I told him I was not okay with it. And we have history of him cheating and lying. I gave him an ultimatum of he can either continue to move forward with me and delete her or he can continue to “be there for her and lose me” and he was willing to risk me and his relationship to keep her as a friend. I feel like it’s super disrespectful because two years and he’s lied to me and always kept in touch and had these secret conversations. They used to date. He knew how much I don’t accept it and even admitted that it was wrong. She has friends and family. So the fact the when she calls and he answers to me is not okay. I’m at the point where idk what to do because I love him. But this emotional attachment that he’s keeping with this specific girl is not okay to me. He has other female friends and I’m okay with that! Just this specific person that he won’t let go. Idk what to do




Like I a friend who is honest ??

Alexis Gaby

A mature woman or girl is always ready to have a conversation with her boyfriend about the issues or problems in their relationship... it may took a few days... but she does!

Alexis Gaby

He is not mature enough for you, when during an discussion, even that you admit that you made a mistake (if you really did ) and apologize it,he still focused in keeping with discussion than trying to understand, forgive you and tell to his girlfriend to both have a serious conversation about the issues,to make sure that this not happens again....

Yvette Mosley

And The People Around Him Are Mature ? Either O.K.

Venetia Whitecross

This is so helpful! I have been going through alot in our marriage and we have a baby boy. I just want him to see that he is not perfect no one is!

RayDawg 213

I wish we had real men doing videos like this for men instead we have women empowering simps.SMH

Lise I.

True! You have to recolt them when they're ready and that's it.
I let go of a guy I dated cause we were just not ready for the same kind of relationship.

Hoa Sam

You just described my ex's friend Martin delay he said he's a man I get a notification from my friends and I go back to him and I said hello he then hung up on me like immature little boy he's is...what man does that?certainly not Martin delay cause he's not mature enough handle me. He's not guy I'm go into a relationship with since he's has history of hanging up on me like immature little boy he is. He jerk.

Lolo 0128

My ex was emotionally immature like a 10-year-old, any time we had a disagreement on the phone he would hang up in my face

C Marie

If a man cannot stimulate or challenge my mind, he's not mature enough to handle me!

Sherant Harper


Common Sense America

They woman have to be worth the trouble.

Tatania Alba

Honestly some men never mature

jasmine mcclain

Or when he goes silent for days because you told him something he NEEDED to hear


Yea yea it's always the man at fault blah blah . Keep believing this nonsense instead of working on yourselves

Sall Grey

Thank you for touching on this topic. I like how you’ve put it how the guy isn’t necessarily bad, just not mature enough. I’ve recently gone through a breakup where my now ex had sexted another woman and asked for things that crossed way over the line and had asked her over to his place. I happened to catch it before he followed through. I still can’t say anything bad about him except for what he did lol, but as much as it’s devastating and heartbreaking, I thank him for showing me what stage of life he’s in which doesn’t match mine and isn’t good for me. And so I can take my time and move on with hopes that I will meet others at my level, or stage, of life. Thank you.

Jonathan Grabban

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This is exactly what I’m experiencing .Im so disappointed.


This guy is a closet flaming homosexual.

John Ralph

What the hell am I doing is really starting to hit me...


Stay singlle..not worth the aggravation. It's overrated.



Not mature

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Best Ways To Be Mature & Grow Up Faster - By Sandeep Maheshwari

151 185 views | 10 Oct. 2017

- Speaker: Sandeep

- Speaker: Sandeep Maheswari.

- Sandeep Maheshwari is a name among millions who struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and contentment. Just like any middle class guy, he too had a bunch of unclear dreams and a blurred vision of his goals in life. All he had was an undying learning attitude to hold on to. Rowing through ups and downs, it was time that taught him the true meaning of his life.

- Best motivational video, Best inspirational video, hindi motivational video, hindi inspirational video, sandeep maheshwari latest,Sandeep maheshwari#1,#1sandeep maheshwari,Sandeep Maheshwari,Inspirational, Videos, Motivational, Stories, Life, Changing, Ideas, Greatest, Positive, Thinking, thoughts, most, best, negative thoughts, Subconscious mind, Control mind, Techniques of motivation.


* Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.

- This video has no negative impact on the original works (It would actually be positive for them).

- I only used bits and pieces of videos to get the point across where necessary.

- All the rights go to their respective owners.

- The sole purpose of this video is to empower the viewers.

Subscribe our channel MotivationProvidr for more videos.

Chandan Dash

Sir how to improve someone's maturity.

nepali ganja warrior

this man is like an older brother to me.he always gives the best answer that i desperately need.i was looking for the solution to my peter pan syndrome.i listened to all those expert nothing happened at all and he cured my peter pan syndrome within just 10 minutes.

Niraj Mukhi

Original video ka naam kya hai

Deepak Nautiyal

Not satisfied with this speech.

Mrinal Barman

The biggest problems is we r not accepting present just trust that it gonna take 10yr

Rafid Bin Zinnah

You solved my problem

Archana Singh

Sir u r the person how can solve any problem of life and u r world's best motivational speaker

Adrija Bhattacharya

He tells a lot I can't understand. And how will I understand? I am only a 12 year old. He can make it a bit simpler and easier for all to understand. But he will not.

Vicky 1

Sir Mai 20 ka hoon jald hi 21 ka hone Wala hoon par mera soch abhi bhi 15-16 ke larke jaisa hai .Mai Kya karu

Priya Lonka


t oppo

Lash ban gaya huun mai...bhenchod jhand ho gayi hai zindagi

Asgar Shaikh

Ekdum mast he boss

Lone Ranger


R Abigail

I must say it has some good wisdom in it


Very nice

Harsh Soni

Than you Sir....????

Amit Munda

Par kuch chige dimag se nikal hi nahi pati....... Kya krna chra iss situation m

Uzair Ahmed

Sir ur genius ????????????

manu p thomas


Bhawna Varshney

Sir jayda sochti hu

Mr. Manddy

Experience is the best study material in the world and positive analysis of those study materials is the best study method in the world

Nargis khan

Meri life kai best person nai mujh bola h mujh mature hona hoga meri 1 problem h mera sath kuch bhihota h tho mai life ko hee khtm krnai kai barai maisochti hu sari glti kudki hee lkti h Or quit krnai ka dill krta h ? mai nhi chti quit krna munh mera special person bhi chiya Or vo bola agr mai dir bhinjau tho tum life khtm krnai ki baat nhi krugi ? meri bato ka koi solution h? ?

Swati Singh

Very nice

Ganesh shinde

sir aapke har videos me mujje aapne problems ke solutions mile hai aapke har videos ne mujje bahot kuch sikhaya hai. thank you sir very much.

Logo frontier

I'm mature

Vaishnav Mohture


kanika Rastogi

What is excetely maturity. Sir hum apna point of view bhi rakhte Hai to log ye bolte ye ni bolna tha yaha aap mature nh ho. Smj ni aata hum mature nh h ya wo mature nh hai sir plz confusen clr kr do ?


Jb hrr jgh se glt hi proof ho tbb mature bnna bhut jaruri h. ...but ni hota hai ...kita v kr lo

Jaspreet Kaur



Aur video dalo

Educare Coaching Centre

Beautiful video,Sir.Thanks.https://youtu.be/zoT6w_GSQcg

Jyothiradithya Gadang

Good content

Kajal Bhardwaj

Meturity a jaruri hai kya jo unmeturity wale log.... log nhi hote????


sir me 18 ka hun but me 14 sal ke bachon ki terh harkaten hai

Not mature

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Why You Are Not Mature - Advanced Warfare

20 196 views | 1 Aug. 2015


How philosophical

Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/user/DhaniDhanz

Follow me: http://www.twitter.com/TheSNEAKO

Twitch streams: http://www.twitch.tv/TheSNEAK0

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/TheSNEAK0

Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSNEAK0

Music: http://proleter.bandcamp.com/



Tokkie v.3

When does a boy become a man? Or girls to... Equality.
My god how did you come up with that amazing man!

Foolish Mob

im one of the cool guys WHOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Death Rejects

Keep up the good work :P

Mr. Frost

YEAH!!! I'm cool :-D

Cha Boy Roy

I can't not like the video when he always ends it so smoothly


What's SNEAKO's catchy outro song called?


Can you stream the Minecraft from the 3-5pm that you play it?


Did you see that guy trolling at 3:47 ??


Dude you are awesome!!!!

Form and Function

inhales ooo this is some good shit sneako




Dang, I could watch you all day. I hope you start daily uploading again soon, because it will have a huge impact on your life if you do. You definitely are a quality youtuber and I would hate to see this channel never make it to the big leagues!


President SNEAKO #2016


Is this a proleteR song? If it is whats the name of it because I dont reconize it.


Do you know videogamedunkey sneako? I can ensure that you'll love his vids.

Form and Function

Yeah start streaming you'd get a sub button soon enough


kendrick ayee, great video mate:)


Best video in a while man


2:29 69 score lol


I'm cool yay :)


When I saw that you uploaded I started shaking idk If this is normal


Good taste of background music


Eating gross food and reading / replying to comments for the next few hours.

Anal Survivor



"oh you're mature cause you go to an all guys school!"..... How bout now, I get the "you must be gay insult" cause I got to an all guys school and no I am not matured in the slightest. I think maturity IS VERY necessary to actually live in the real world outside of the parents scenario with school and shit. I also believe that maturity shouldn't be forced to the point where an individual can't enjoy his or her life due to requirements like a driver's license and a job. Life should be enjoyed in my opinion but maturity should happen sometime in life otherwise if it comes too late, then the world will hit you all at once with its realities.

Michael McRoberts

How old are you



You show me that not every child on the planet will end up being dumb af the way society seems to make everything look that way, but yeah I enjoyed the video happy to be part of the cool kids YouTube sub boxes :P

Easy PC

Love you sneako


i've been 5 since I turned 12


Jeez, young Sneako was pretty woke already. The stuff about how younger generations always try to find something that makes them special is facts


Nice job sneako good to see you haven't forgot about us ;)


holy crap, I'm cool.


Sneako, What is the outro song for this video called


I was surprised but happy to see you in my sub box


dont worry i liked it

christian escobar

Yes new video thanks sneako


Subscription box gang ?

Avapxia Music

when are you gonna drop another internet rant on us?

The JokesCrew

New video from sneako?
1. Puts down ps4 controller
2. Turns off tv
3. Closes door
4. Maxes the volumes
5. Likes the video
6. Pays close attention
After the video ...
Yea I'm gonna rethink my life decisions for a bit


you said to learn how to like but i am way ahead of u liked the video during the fuckin ad


"Heelyd away from their problems" LMFAO IM DYING


I wish i were like you. Having the ability to speak my intellegence without stutturing or mumbling.

Thomas Pepsi

For me, maturity reached me when I finally defeated THAT CREEPER IN MY FUCKING BASEMENT!


The thumbnail gave me life

Metallic Bladez

How do you come up with this? It's hilarious XD


Hey man im a music producer from finland, I produce music pretty much 24/7 but I only release songs like every few months, i put alot of work into each song which should show up in the end result :) Now I was thinking maybe you were intrested in some royalty free music for your videos, I got 12k subs so if you use my music i can promote the video you use it so you get some subs and views :) Let me know what you think man :)

samster clashes

Good video:)

Anybody reading this?

Please start posting more you're the best



TheVortex | SpeedArts and Minecraft

new Sneak0 vid great feeling


Sub to my new channel


Sneak0 you're the fucking best keep it up!

Ajai Singh

the blatant truth lmao

Lord Apherage

It's so funny because I was listening to Kendrick Lamar 5 min. before this.Finally someone who listens to what I listen to.


If you watch my vids @SNEAKO you may lose faith in humanity because my channel gets more views lol

Kobe The Homie

I guess I have to like to stay mainstream, I guess.


Just clicked on your channel to watch some of your older videos and was pleasantly surprised with a new video. Neat.


nice 20,000 subs




Your by far my fave youtuber. I could watch you all day

Fahim Rahman

Man that last part i relate heavy?


I was literally about to exit out and you proceeded to tell me not to


Fuck that last line was good. hahahaha

Lachlan Still

Was that the beat from a To Pimp a Butterfly track in the background?  Nice.


You should make some minecraft gameplay. EVERY FUCKING 5 YEAR OLD WILL WATCH IT

Rod Gózinya

you earned a sub in 3 seconds.


nah black eyed peas are still the one


Great Video Sneak0. My opinion i like the videos better without the gameplay.

Aaron Hassler

This guy gets more and more savage with every video.

Finn Clancy



Maturity is when a young person acts like an adult that means has a full-time job pays bills meaning has his own place and doesn't live off of anybody else.

Black Confucius

Hmm one of my teachers thinks maturing is when you learn when to keep your opinions to yourself....


Nice video.


Damn the thing is about this guys videos is that his endings are so abrupt and I think it's like a joke but then it's the actual ending


The ending basically summarized it all.

Ethan Wingrove TV

I made a video inspired by SNEAKO:

Like so he sees this❕


I guess I'm cool.


upload more i enjoy hearing about what's on your my mind

Ben Jalbert

You’ve come a long way


Love the Kendrick background music

Doug Keating

Maturity is when I stop clicking on completely not funny vine compilations with recycled vines just because tits were in the thumbnail.

Maturity is Meek Mill realizing he fucked up.

Maturity is learning the word savage does not really apply to the situation 90% of the time its used.

TheVortex | SpeedArts and Minecraft

301 views 301 likes?

Amari Lee

Sneak0 with the live 'I' instrumental

Nick Anthropocene

Here because of Haley Joel Osment


minecraft? really sneako


Hey, what's wrong with the black eyed peas?

I'm mature...ish

Jonah Clement

really good back ground music


Im cool B)


is that a remix of 'I' in the background?

Cubic Blue

Man, you need to start having an upload schedule. I never wanna miss any of your videos.


"get out me tags nerd"


Damn sneako caught me at the end there


I know I'm not mature... And I like it.