Temporary blonde hair dye that washes out

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Dollar Tree Pastel Temporary Hair Color Demo on a Jon Renau Blonde Wig

13 312 views | 29 Aug. 2018




Turn your wig into a topper!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD9XIunOHJE&t=9s

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Lynnette Ferreira

Thank u!!! Just bought a Coke of these for my daughter.... Didn't think I could even find the product online... Instead I found a whole video about, so thank you so much for ur feedback!

Brandi Windle

yea this hair dye is crap but I guess that's what you get for a dollar I got it for my daughter and she has dirty blonde hair and did not show up at all.


Just hopped over here to see! Oh darn...yah didn’t seem to show up too much. Always fun to play and experiment though! The wig is cute on you! ??

Frazzled Haloz

Very subtle

Dennis Pritchard

your such a cute old lady!!!


Not grabbing on to fibers


Hey Joan....how the hell are you? Love the wig & I thought the pink would be great...too bad it turned out goopy!!! We have been in heavy smoke for 3 weeks from fires in BC & the fires from California believe it or not!! Will be in Vegas Sept 21 if you want to meet up, would love to see ya!!! LOVE YA, TERRY!

Amanda Lowery

It doesn't work better on real hair. I just tried it on mine and all it did was make my hair sticky.

Jayden and Scarlet !!

I got the purple one and it did not work but it was a buck so who cares

Kaye Carter Mature Woman Daily Dose

Always looking beautiful my friend. I just love you Joan.???????


I can see the pink on it...I love this color on you!!! I think I will do it to my hair when I let it go gray!! haahha! Or maybe a peachy blushy color! hmmm... Love you honey!!! xoxooxoxoxox Carol

Nichole Dodson

Miss Joan, kudos to you for trying it. Hey they were only a dollar. I use the Loreal Colorrista temp sprays. They go on like a colored hair spray and depending on how much you concentrate the spay in a specific area it will wash out right away or fade out to nothing in a couple of washes. For about 10 bucks you get many many applications. I did however learn to stand in my shower while still in my bathrobe to apply it after noticing my floor and the fixture behind me had caught some of the cast off spray and had also turned a pretty new shade. Hope you have a beautiful night.

viv rose

whoever disliked this has no soul. You have a new sub junbug :) i love your channel and i've only been watching this for 48 seconds.


This review made me think of the movie "Something About Mary" LOL

og aubs c:

hey! this is the first video i’ve watched of yours and i just wanted to say that you are such a sweet woman and i plan on watching more of your videos!

Mary Reed

Hi Joan! Great review. It would have been pretty if it worked. You're looking beautiful! xoxo Mary

Karen Kleckner

Thanks for the experiment. Looks like it is a dud.

Nathalie TheBeautyDiva

Good Morning Ms Stone, what a cool product, it's too bad that it didn't achieve the expected results! Thanks for sharing!! Love you bunches! Hugs, Nathalie xoxo

Karin Abdallah

Lol I'm gonna pass on this video

Take Control Beauty

Been waiting for this You are right it is frosting lol Did it ever dry ? I'm Gunna do a quick review on my Bella's hair color I use in pink on an older wig and mention you :) nice concept :) Gotta try stuff! Great review ?

Tina H.

Great review, Joan! I have seen others try it on real hair with the same results. Tfs! ?

Kristinaa Breann

I literally just used purple.. and it didnt show up at all

MaryEllen After 60

Hi Joan. I was really surprised the wig did not take the color. It would have been pretty doggone cool!! Love you, Joan..MaryEllen

Ninnaa Perry

You're awesome. Had a box I wanted to try out. Now I. don't expect much in t he way of color Thanks for putting yourself out there!

Michelle 707

How long does it last

The Magic of Wigs

I am so glad you tried it. I think pass also. Have a wonderful Labor Day! XOXO

Temporary blonde hair dye that washes out

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As I Am Curl Color| Bold Gold | Temporary Blonde Hair Color

1 450 views | 28 Nov. 2020

In this video, I use Curl

In this video, I use Curl Color by As I am in the the color Bold Gold. I show how I turned my curls blonde temporarily with no damage at all. No bleach! No dye! But still very very vivid. It comes off in one wash. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments. ?

#curlcolor #curlcolorasiam #blondenobleach

? ? ?

Products Used

Leave In Conditioner: https://amzn.to/2Y5HsmE

Bold Gold Curl Color: https://asiamnaturally.com/products/curl-color-bold-gold?variant=32427935006756


Previous Video: https://youtu.be/h3mSHK1M84Q


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Ebenie F.

Which color should I do next?


I have to try this , your hair is beautiful ❤️

Naturally Tay Tay

Love this color on you!!


Wait wait wait.... They're making temporary color now?! Oh snap! Gotta get me some. I used to bleach my hair when I was relaxed (I know... Don't judge ??) and this is the exact color I got. It's such a bold color!

Brown & Confident


Chanel Sincere

I had been looking for a review on this product! Loved the video!

Jackee Jones

I would like to see a red shade like this


It's so pretty and looks so natural

promise jacki anjá

Your hair is so beautiful & it looks so healthy even after the dye omg