Olive oil shampoo and conditioner

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africa's best organics olive oil shampoo 12 oz review

1 933 views | 26 Nov. 2017

Purchase Online At

Purchase Online At http://dianebeautysupply.ca

Best Hair Care

Olive oil shampoo and conditioner

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Olive Oil shampoo and conditioner Review

2 064 views | 25 Jul. 2011

A semi- short review on

A semi- short review on Olive Oil shampoo and conditioner product.


LOL i love their products :D


@ShellyBooNdBesties r u really??

Olive oil shampoo and conditioner

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Moisturizing Wash Day Under $20 | Natural Hair Care on a Budget

19 859 views | 22 Mar. 2018

Don't like spending tons

Don't like spending tons of time and money on wash day?

In this video Im sharing my QUICK and AFFORDABLE wash day routine. I was getting asked this question a lot so I figured I share my favorites with you. Not only is this routine going to save you TONS of time but its only going to cost you less than $20!

Products used:

Detangle: Suave Professionals Almond + Shea Butter Moisture Conditioner .. Paraben Free


Shampoo: Garnier Whole Blends Legendary Olive Replenishing Shampoo.. Silicone and Paraben Free


Deep Conditioner: Garnier Fructis Smoothing Treat Avocado 1 Minute Mask .. Silicone and Paraben Free


Leave In: Garnier Whole Blends Legendary Olive Replenishing Leave In Conditioner.. Silicone and Paraben Free


Brush: Txture Pro Detangling Brush

Bobby Pins

What are some of your favorite AFFORDABLE hair care products?!


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TWITTER Snapchat: @UmAshly

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Aubreana Noble

I need to try these ?

Tamara Walrond

Thanks for the video?❤️I love cheap products that work well

Letícia Oliveira

Brasil te adooooora ♥

Sheundra Means

Love how short and to the point your videos are! They are informing but not a hour long! And love the Garnier Whole Blends line ! ☺️

Aray Brown

Aussie mega moist and 3 minute miracle are my holy grails. I 've been playing around with silicone free conditioners just to see if there's a difference. VO5 and Suave nataruls are both good but I need a thicker consistency.
Cantu's natural line is another good one if you are on a budget

O ali A

So are you mixed with African American?

Miko Dorsey

Every body clap your hands ??? Silk Elements and CON are my fave inexpensive brands


I love watching the process your hair is amazing ASH❤

Taylor m

This video was amazing!!! ?

Anita Thompson

Excellent video! You are so pretty.

504 Chick Reisha

I really love your videos,u r very helpful

Katina W

You have the best and most honest hair reviews thank you so much!

Alicia GREEN

Thank you! Love it

Cree James

I loveeee that suave for an affordable conditioner, I’m def gonna try this detangling pre condition method!

I loved the review and I am so happy to see somebody actually use this deep conditioner for one min! Awesome results

And I haven’t tried the Whole Blends line but one of my cheaper staples IS a Garnier product- the butter cream in the yellow bottle. It’s like $5 and pairs well with other products

Think tank

You are so. Sexy. beauty rest on you. Love your vids

Phoenix Fyre

Awesome video. Love the budget was day products!!!. Something I can use after I'm finish work as the weather get warmer. I'm gonna get my hands on the Garnier. Thank youm

J D.

That conditioner is so good. The only conditoner that I use and it's super cheap for such a lot of conditioner. Great video ?

Jazmin Jordan

Great affordable routine, Ashly! I must learn how to cornrow braid ASAP, since I love the look it gives me when my mother does it.

Rabail Tariq


Allie Berg

I use the same Shampoo and conditioner it is so good

Sweet Peach

I love that avocado mask forreeeaaal !!! It really works ?? .. it made my hair so soft in one minute .. i need to get some more .. i bought that rinse out conditioner for my sisters and they love it .. an affordable shampoo that i love to use now is : Originals by Africa's bes6 stimulating therapy shampoo sulfate free ..

Chloé M

Is that shampoo good? I read i contains sulfate

Mia Cruz

Love it titi

Hossam Hamdi

You're beautiful

Mocha Mommy

I missed you gurl!

I will give it to whole blends and sauve, but shea moisture on sale! Cant go wrong

Elizabeth Peterson

I have baby fine hair that I get lightened and color on a regular basis, I also have really sensitive skin and scalp. Arganrain Shampoo has saved my life! I hated my hair until I discovered this shampoo. My hair is left clean, my scalp is left clean, my hair looks and feels great! I am on my fourth bottle of this stuff and have no plans of ever stopping!

Dayana Carvajal

YouTube kept playing & turned off your notifications ... glad I found you again ❤️

Estela Salcedo

New to your channel with this video. Very direct and clear cut visuals of the products and its uses. No fluff, well done!

Now subscribing!

Kim Brown

Awesome video