Simple facial moisturizer

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SIMPLE Skincare ?

59 061 views | 25 Jan. 2019

I’m so excited that

I’m so excited that Simple skincare has FINALLY launched in India! ?

Simple Skincare is kind to sensitive skin with no colour, no fragrance, and no baddies!! ✖✖ Check out the fabulous range on https://www.nykaa.com/simple?taqtqw

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would you prefer to buy this Simple skincare for Oily skin of women ?

Disha Bhanushali

I am so confused about her skin tone. It looks different in nykaa videos and Snapchat. No offence

Priyanka Ghantasala

Can you zoom out a bit when your talking
and zoom in to show products

Ąbbý •

Please review cocsoulbeauty too which you did on insta ❤

Mona Lisa

You are so cuuuttteeee ?

Teresita Abaloyan

I have tried SIMPLE products they do good in my skin. .because iam a combination of dry and oily skin...it's just right for my skin ?

Gopa Bharti

Hey debashree!!
My skin tone is darker than my body... I want a even skin... What should i do??
And yeah i have a normal skin and it's not sensitive ❤️

KA _

Why do you go fast-forward while you remove your makeup, it looks like you're being harsh on your skin, nevertheless I love watching your videos.
Also, please make a video on your latest perfume collection.

bangaru kiranmayee

Excited to try.. Thank you for this deb ❤

Subhra Subhadarsini

Love your review and the video is so soothing to watch


Will you please review Mama Earth products as well?


Thank nykaa plz!

shreyasi chakraborty

can you please suggest anything for removing acne marks?

Sohinee Roy

I think this year you should do something different for the videos

Viplav Dharmik

Will definetly try simple light moisturizer bcz i have combination type skin...thank u

uma nisita

I breakout every now and then , when I'm stress out and I even get boils nowdays and when it's sunny Nd I'm out for a very long time I get acne or boil does all these mean my skin is sensitive ??


Moumita Basu

Your skin so glowy and radiant...??❤️? Loved your detailed review dear...? Cleansing wipes and moisturizers are in shopping list now...? With love...???

Gargi Natekar

Can (light or moderately) oily skin people use it?

Munmun Paul

Hey love i saw your twins just go and check Cindy Kimberly literally i was confused

Apeksha Acharya

Ur skin looks beautiful and smooth..? plz make a video on ur current skincare routine??

Amanjot Kaur

I always wanted to have simple products
Thank God they are finally launched in india with a decent price range.
Coz on Amazon it is very expensive.
May coz they suppose to get from other country

Sultana Ahmed

This is my daily mousturiser! Works perfectly for me. I have dry to combination skin, mostly dry. It does exactly what it says, moisturises and hydrates! My skin literally pumps up and feels so supple instantly. I actually like that it is light and quick absorbing, most moisturisers in the market have too rich formula and are greasy almost oily, this is not! It has no scents or other irritants, just a good simple moisturiser. I <3 this stuff!

Anika Mishra

Love love love

Rameeza Shaikh

Make video on coco soul also naa


does this brand work well with other skin types along with sensitive?

Sumani Nath

Ur current skin care plz

Fatema Shobnom

I love simple ❤❤

Murali Ksd

Is it non comedogenic

Nivetha ramesh

do travel skincare video !!!

Harshita Bhatt

Badly waiting for this review mam..thanks

Susan Antony

Wat nail colour r u wearing @debasree

Saahira Emanuel

Your skin is literally glowing ✨

Manu Don

You need to colour your hair

sasi priya

Your skin is so good ??. Lysm ❤️

Shivangini Agarwal

Could you make a video on the natural makeup look that you've been doing these days? The light, dewy look?. Thaaaanks. ❤


U look like mumaith khan?

Subah Biash

I have combination skin
Can I use the simple moisturizer?

Poonam Jain

Hi Debasree

uthpala haththella

oh my god u r like a princess


Using the hydrating light moisturizer from past few weeks... Totally loving it!!! ❤️???

Sahithi reddy

Sponsored again

Bhawna Khatri

Deb, i really need you to make a video on Relationships & Heartbreaks! I really feel like you’re the only one i listen to and who has the ability to influence me! I really love your advices! Please consider this request and make a video on your own experiences and how you deal with heartbreaks! ♥️

Veera Sundriyal Pawar

Was waiting for the review of Simple products as i have a sensitive skin.. ? Your skin is so good Debasree . I had messaged earlier as well but there was no response. Please suggest me good products for sensitive skin , also i have blackheads mostly on my nose & also hair products for dry hair. Please reply

Vanshika Sharma

No offense but she does not look serious with her channel. She is very irregular

Shankar Bhashiyam

Thanks for the video ?

Kangge Lollen

Ur skin looks dewy???n I'm just loved it.Thank u for ur review abt Simple products.I am already using hydrating light moisturiser n I loved these moisturiser soo much n yeah it works on my combination skin as u said in ur video abt skin types....??????

Nadirah Ahmed


afrin akter

Do you have oily skin?

T De

I can't believe it that today my elder sister meet you....

Ayshu Ma

does she mention whether its a sponsored video?

frelina P. De Castro

Simple hydrating light moisturiser.. sting to my eyes

kipgen _

clicked because i thought it'd be like a 1step skincare routine lol
my bad

Neharika Limbu

Thank you this is so helpful...??

pal dedhia

I used facial wipes it always burned my skin and pimples come can i use these simple brand wipes for makeup removal

Arundhati Sen

Yeaahhh firsttt


Eagerly waiting for ur video deba... Finally u have uploaded... Tq.. pls.. tell me about open pores problem which can be used

Manisha Srivastava

Does the face wash and moisture work for oily skin which is obviously sensitive and acne prone ?


I'm excited to try their face wash ?

Aishwarya Kamra

My skin is just like yours. My skin breaks out very frequently and this is so disturbing. And your skin looks so good I really want you to recommend me some really good products so that my break outs can be reduced.

shifa kalsekar

Your skin looks beautiful

Fiona Turvankar


GumMies O-O

Can it reduce the pimples on face?

Harpreet Kaur

Simple skin care is better or plum skincare

Sakib Mehrab

I have extreme oily skin.. Can i use this toner?

vm kavitha

Seriously how u become this much fair in 2 years happy for u dear... Please share tips for us also

Shraddha Bansode

Is Simple cruelty free?

p v d shweta

Hiii Debasree..
Your videos are really helpful..could you please tell the secret of your healthy glowing skin..

Riddhi Mehta

M using moisturiser...its amazing

Raveena S

Simple is a good brand

Beauty Inside Out



Tanna Hossain

Please let me know about their expiry date.. Please reply my comment.

Nadirah Ahmed

Use simple toner for dry skin before light moisturiser

Mital Parmar

I tried face wash and moisturiser.. both are amazing..
For dry skin go for replenishing rich moisturiser

Joshi Suchitra K


Somya Agrawal

Your skin❤️??

Ms Meehnia

This looks good

shainaz Queen

Share klairs products

Aratrika Das Brahmachari

Are simple products paraben free?

Shalini Mandal

Even I want to try the MIcellar Water by Simple ?

Bbeautifulu blog

Loved your demo and review on Simple skincare and right way I ordered the wipes, cleanser and moisturizer today after seeing your Instagram video on this?.

k pragati

Loved it

Vishakha's Broke Corner

Your skin is ON POINT❤️?

Thomas Johnson

We need more fragrance free skincare in India

marisha ganguli

Uhhm ...Ur pronunciation of ‘micellar’ is wrong fyi. ?

sofhia ahmed

Please share what nail color are you wearing

Deemah Alhenaki

I have an oily skin wich cleanser should i choose ? The moisturising or the refreshing one ?

Susan Antony

Firsttt one??... I lobe you deba? @debasreee

Aditi Thakur

Yess! Finally a skincare video! I love your skincare videos debb. ?