Speed up hair growth

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How To Speed Up Your Hair Growth | Happy Conscious Living

17 135 views | 25 Nov. 2019


DOWNLOAD HCL APP: http://eepurl.com/cTdfPn On the 10th of December 2018 I shaved my head for the very last time. Now 1 year later I have found what works best for me to maximise my hair growth. After releasing this video: https://youtu.be/pVcasU7nB2Q many of you asked me this question: "How do you grow you hair so fast??" I don't think my hair grows exceptionally fast and I know many people who have a faster hair growth speed. But I do know how to maximize the speed of your hair growth. Watch this video where I share all my hair growth secrets...

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ritesh shakya

Wow after long time finally u uploaded video
I was eagerly waiting ????

Spe-chul Pee-pul

Why didn't you post the names and links of the products you recommended?

sam ch

Good morning and Thanks we were thousand waiting for your video? by the way do you think the shave played a big role having such healthier hair you have. Or it's mainly because of your vitamins and shampoo???? Thank you for your answer ❤️ stay blessed


you’re so beautiful:)


Im already in love with this channel

Georgia Sarah Jones

Okay I’m confused, I want to dr organics website, clicked one what I wanted to purchase, but found no add to cart option, no price range ??‍♀️ is it just a en-suite that show you what a store sells? But you can not purchase online?

Stephani Thalia S

You look so pretty... ?

Gabriel Fabrizio Di Giuseppe

What Heaven are You from?
Thank You a lot


Please make a Height 3 inches increase video, males.... 21 years age old mans please make a video

Joe McNally

Should have kept ur head shaved..

Alexis Huang Chen

You look gorgeous and your hair looking beautiful??

Achyut Pattar

you are awesome

drama lama ice

I’ve never heard a voice like urs and it’s amazingly calming ?

Maria Piotrovskaja

Such a wonderful report dear Angelia! Love it from the beginning to the end!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR HEART!!!!!!!

Richard Shields

You look fantastic. I loved you with short hair as well.


Naruto hair

MJs Smile

how did you go from beautiful angelic voice videos to shaving your head and selling hair junk ?

bouama hichem


Speed up hair growth

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4 872 views | 5 Nov. 2019

These are the items I use

These are the items I use on my hair: https://www.amazon.co.uk/shop/markrichards

Join my latest Facebook group 'Hair Transplant at Home or Abroad' where you can ask any hair/body/mind questions and share tips/your experiences: https://www.facebook.com/groups/382545749508359/

Which Foods and Supplements speed up hair growth?

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Brian Minard

Another good video mate. I'm booked up for my HT in January same place you went to. Slightly nervous about it

Donato Van de Moortele

Thank you for the advice, i'm on day 12 after surgery in Istanbul.

Michael BMW

Are you really happy with the result? Looks amazing. Greetings from Poland my friend.

tom mate

Do you think it is necessary to stay on the shampoo that the clinic give you ? If I decided to use a shampoo that feels good for me and better than the clinic give me.. it won’t ruin anything will it ?

Shankar Das



Thank you very much for your videos Mark. A few months ago you mentioned in your videos that joined some HT Facebook groups and did some research there. Well I did just that and thanks to your advice I am now off for my HT in a few weeks time. Your hair looks fantastic!! Ignore the haters. Peace.

Faisal Khalil

Hi when did you start using biotin after surgery ?

abdi ali

Did you stop using minoxidil? Because I am considering to use it only on the transplanted area. Have you done the same?


Since you did the transplant in another country, if you had an issue with your scalp, e.g. An infection after you got back to the UK, how can the company help since you can't just make an appointment and get it checked out?

Matt Hocking

Hey Mark, thanks for all your videos and info, I just saw the bit where you mention massaging your hair and getting the blood flow. This made me think about handstands and yoga - downward dog would something like this help as it's bringing blood to the head? May be a stupid question:)

Rick Deckard

Very useful info and video!. Got my HT at Dr Cinik yesterday. Your videos are a big help for the whole community. Much appreciated!!! Thx Mark

yac ine

Hi iam from algeria

Mark Richards

These are the items I use on my hair: https://www.amazon.co.uk/shop/markrichards
Join my latest Facebook group 'Hair Transplant at Home or Abroad' where you can ask any hair/body/mind questions and share tips/your experiences: https://www.facebook.com/groups/382545749508359/


Hi Mark,
So I’ve just started taking a biotin 12000 supplement at bed time.
I’ve noticed much improved sleep.
Just wondering if this is something you or any of your subscribers had experienced.

Noah A

You said before that only got the shampoo. So how much did pay for the optional shampoo from dr Cinik?


Hi Mark thanks for gr8 video, just asking for minoxidil ..i had hair transplant 3 weeks ago when is the right time to start using minoxidil on my crown area and what type of minoxidil . thanks

Top Star

SUP that 2 bare feet was a ripoff of Hang Ten anyway have you tried MSM it`s what grows hair fast, also Whey protein powders and creatine can cause hair loss, anyway have a good weekend

wad mad

Is it more expensive to do it through dr cinik? Did you go directly to them or was it through another agency? Thank you

JASON N Collins

Great update Mark, the hair getting thicker


I'm coming up to 14 weeks now Mark, did you experience any itching on your scalp at this point? It's been driving me crazy at times! Your hair is looking great thanks for the continued videos.

Abukar Hassan

You be came small boy now well done

Long Duck Dong

How much expecia? Years worth ? In turkey

Indie Basra

Been almost 5 months since Iv got my hair Transplant done Hair only starts growing after the 3rd month so the past 2 months growth has been amazing. Glad your results are good too

Robb Sheridan

Little tip for all hair transplant videoers - Move your yourself and your head down NOT the camera. You cant see what your filming... :)

Abdallah Brahimi

Hi Mark

Zakir Khan

ur hair transplant is amazing but maybe u need to give it a trim abit to keep ur hair looking natural and not like a wig

Steven prebble

I've really been enjoying all your videos! I'm off to Turkey in just under 2 weeks to get mine done! Thank you so much for your great advice and updates on your own experience!

Speed up hair growth

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Speed up hair growth

550 views | 19 May. 2014

via YouTube Capture

via YouTube Capture

John Green

What type of vitamin


Lovely content, keep up with good content ?

Mae N

do you think it'll have the same effect in co-wash?