Scars on scalp

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Can Scalp Micro Pigmentation conceal scars, Alopecia and other imperfections? - Dr. Rajdeep Mysore

801 views | 10 Jun. 2017

SMP or Scalp Micro

SMP or Scalp Micro Pigmentation is being increasingly used as a cosmetic alternative. It is not a medical therapy it is a cosmetic therapy it is used to conceal scars, which is used to conceal bald patches in diseases like alopecia areata. In patients who have chemotherapy with bald patches, in patients who have multiple surgeries like hair transplant surgeries leaving the hair transplant scar in the back of the head, to cover those scars and many other processes, diseases where we cannot completely cure it with medical therapy and some sort of cosmetically acceptable camouflage is required by the patient. So it can be used in all these conditions for hair loss, for bald patches and for concealing the scars.

Laxmi Kant

Sir please give your Contact no

Scars on scalp

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Amazing Scar Cover Up - Scalp Micro USA

89 465 views | 5 Nov. 2016

See how Scalp

See how Scalp Micropigmentation can help conceal your hair transplant scar. Matt Iulo demonstrates transplant scar camouflage with scalp micropigmentation at Scalp Micro USA. As always, any questions please contact us or leave a comment below!

Email: [email protected]

Call: 646-882-1207


Gisela Horizon

How about tummy tuck scars? ?


what if your scalp is raised though.

high sugar


Vignesh Marathi

very nice

Jai Francis

What machine are you using for that procedure?


Are the results permanent ?


How long does micro pigmentation last?

Nicholas Blodgett

Does it hurt I’m 14 had a brain surgery on my head and I hate my scare please help me

1st GenTruther

What if I’m always clean shaved,bald? My scar is in the upper front forehead area..it’s whitish while the rest of my head is a darker tan..thanks


why get a hair transplant if all you're going to do is shave your head.


I just had my first session of smp into my fue scars (not with this clinic as I’m in the UK) honestly I’m not feeling so optimistic about it yet but gonna give it a chance as it’s only been 2 days and I guess I should wait until my second session and see how I feel.


heres my question. the results are phenomenal.....but what happens when u try to grow out your hair around the scar. wouldnt it look weird?


did he get two fut surgeries?


2 questions questions, how much, and is it permanent?


what about if the scar is raised a bit?

Live Life3

Does it stick on forever


this is lifetime cover on scars?

Anchal Sharma GCH

How much for full body ???

Aafin Kagzi

Is it safe?


I can recommend SMP into the strip scar as a form of concealment. Like many people who had a HT I came to hate it for a finish. Every time I looked in the mirror I clearly saw my HT and all I could think was "Fake". I especially hated the "perfect" nature of my new hairline. I came to envy bald men! So I had SMP done. In truth it probably took close to 12 months for me to see my best results where the ink had faded a little in order to match my black hair colour. But even after a single session it was so much better. Yes people could see the scar-line but having colour in it helped a lot and people are far kinder than we give them credit. I spent years worried what people would say/think about my original scars. the truth is that nobody cared! I wish I shaved my head and had SMP into the scar years ago! My concealment is about 75% - 80% which in my opinion is excellent.


Hi Matt,
I just had my third SMP session for FUT and old punch graft donor scars by Caitlin James here in Oz. She caught up with you over a week ago in Leeds at the conference you attended. As a client, I found that it was the second session that I could see a big difference in improvement and I had my third session with her about 5 days ago and I can't see my old scars at all. To say I'm delighted is an understatement!
Strip scars are notoriously the hardest scars to hide (when compared to FUE and old punch graft scars). The human eye just wants to follow geometric patterns. I love seeing your work on YouTube and how you give people (like myself) a second chance at life again! Caitlin is such a perfectionist she wants to book me in for a free one hour session in a month, just to touch up a tiny area I still can't see. Thanks for sharing and I hope you had fun at the conference!

Joselyn Badillo

What is the hair length for optimal camouflage?

Micropigmentación y Tatuajes Alpha Vibra

tatuajesalphavibra.com ⚡?

Ernesto C

Hi I am from Florida , and I currently have 3 head scars . I like this procedure


Can you totally shave your head bald with a razor and have the scars covered up or does the hair have to be longer?

Dan Livni

Amazing Job Scalp Micro USA




Great job. I had this done into my scar but it's still visible. There is a slight blue tinge to the pigment. I went to a well respected practitioner. What do you think? Scars are very unpredictable.

e s

Hello, this is a video of FUT scar concealing, could you add a video which shows how you conceal FUE scarring?

Raza Bokhari

Ok but if he shaves his head than wat? Only that part will show as weired tattoo , no?

Anna Novikov

After watching this one and the DermiMatch SMP tutorial, I started doing SMP. How do I get additional in person training?

kwnstantinos puto

If you do scalp micropigmentation can you do hair implant later?


ok so....what happens when your hair turns completely gray. Will the strips returns as black????

M. A. E AF.

Hello @matt - I've been shopping around and there's a company that claims one session is all it takes. Are they using better ink - please help me out here!!!!


I'm guessing this does not work for gray hair? How long before you have to have it lasered off and redone?

Polar Bear

My scars are from concussions, and cracking my skull open. I kinda like them.


Beautiful work, do you use a numbing cream for your clients comfort?

Jennifer Keh

I hope here in the Philippines the knowledge of sir Matt arrive


What’s the minimum age

umar sherzad

Where you located ??

Jewel jhoan

Will it be a lifetime? Or will later become like before.

terra n

Hi if the person has a new scar how long should he/she wait for it to be healed and safe to work on?

WT Callahan lll

With this work on covering a scar from a recent lobotomy, asking for a friend.


tell me you are in california please!! i have at least 3 ugly wide scars from previous hair transplants surgeries now all i can do to camouflage the scars is using toppik and i'm tired of that!!! now my question is do i need to shave my heat to get this procedure done?? cause i don't want to do that?? and how about the price?? thank you!

Vantis Institute

Nice work! Please check out our Youtube channel for support, as we offer a different type of treatment to correct thinning! You DON'T need to shave your hair in order to be considered a candidate!! Vantis is an effective hair loss solution that exactly mimics your own biological hair follicles without surgery. Our non-invasive hair solution is instant, permanent, and guaranteed. Treatment involves a non-invasive method of inserting completely organic, plant-based pigment deposits through the dermal layer of the scalp. The pigment deposits perfectly replicate hair follicles and create an immediate appearance of a full head of hair. We perform this treatment on any individual with thinning hair or that is experiencing balding. With each treatment, your hair density can appear 10 times thicker!!


is it work for ftm chest scar ?


is it possible on accidental childhood scar tissue?

G Lako

How does it look as your client ages and his hair grays?

Daniel melin

Is it permanent or the colour disappears after w while??


This is the best place for SMP


How much?

Abhishek Pratap Singh

Any possibility in india..?


Are you using a single point or 3 pt needle for these scars?

Deepak Shriwas

Your address .. ?


Do you have any locations in Maryland?

Lisa Meredith

Do you have female clients and how much does it cost ? i would like to have my edges done.


what happen if you have a red line parallel to the white scar?


what if your scar is slightly raised a bit?

Samuel balay

Where and how much ?

Little Tut

Matt, still gonna make that appointment with you. I have a thin scar, as you know with the pics I sent you. Man. Can't wait!!!


Matt, Looks good!  
1) How long does the tatoo last?  
2) Does it have to get lasered off when it fades?  
3) Can the artist go right over the old tattoo? Thanks!


I have a question .
How long will this Pigmention stay as the person's hair color ? In another words will this Pigmention change by time passes or it will stay as it applies for long long time. ?

Jonathan Capichano

Why do these people not have the hair from their transplants? Does the hair fall out over time?

A. Skegee Powell

Wassup Matt, I see you still doing awesome work. Thanks for fixing my eyebrow. It still looks perfect ! Oh yeah the hairline is still awesome as well !

Doug Riley

I did that it did not work at all to my scars ....I had 2 treatments. ...


If scars are small and located near the front of the scalp, it sometimes looks better NOT to fill them in with SMP. It makes the SMP areas seem more real.

Ams fitnessfreak

I think he has Folliculities

Farid Amin

How much does it cost?

Apache Helicopter


El Ruso Barber

Incredible work

Trigga Troll

I'm wondering why they don't use magnifying glasses.


Is the SMP permanent? Or how long does it last before a re-touch is required?


Fantastic! Great job. That would change my life.

amaury damian hernandez

Open up a spot here in Mexico Citi

johnny brown

Nice ?

Kathy Yeo

Please email me about ht scars. [email protected]yahoo.com.sg

javier javier

Please a video on fue scars, I have a lot of fue scars and I want to shave my head but I am very ashamed of my scars :(

Scars on scalp

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Dr. Duffy, Lupus Locks Dermatologist

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Hair and scalp issues can

Hair and scalp issues can be quite devastating to people living with lupus, especially African Americans, who often have more dermatological manifestations with the disease. In this video, a dermatologist discusses the impact of her hair loss in people with lupus.

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DJ Lowe

I have had all of these treatments, as well as Photo therapy, I have no hair now, as well as Atopic Dermatitis. I need more knowledge.


This was really informative! I wish she was my Dermatologist!

Sister Betty Jo