Scratching scalp

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ASMR Nitpicking & Scratching Scalp {All Zoomed in}

145 943 views | 11 Aug. 2020



#asmrnitpickingwhiteheads #asmrtingles

Hey ?? guys, Todays ASMR Video I will be nitpicking IBs Hair once again, since ya’ll always request close up we ZOOMED in from time to time to give y’all the utmost visual tingles

PS. ? I was dozzing off so much making this video!!! It’s soo hypnotizing there is no way anyone wont sleep watching it.

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John Mitchel

This would feel awesome.

Mika_truly Roblox

Roblox Shade told me to verify you

Lobna Lobna

she feel asleep

cigar FMFDoc

My wife use to do the same thing when I had hair lol. The nails have always been a way to put me to sleep though

Saif Sellami

Hello I am a big fan can I do vedio nitpicking with sound of hair dryer plz!!!!


Are you guys on the hub


Glad the pink hair is gone! I can sleep again! Thank you!


I love how this is zoomed in all the way! More like this please ??

Ali Günhan


Mamie Coco

She takes care of her husband amazing☺️

Karime Dominguez

Her shirt is GORGEOUS ??? where is it from??

Alê Pinheiro

Vídeo perfeito. Me ajudou a dormir. Obrigada. ?? ?

Icy Princess

I loved a lot you made me too sleepy ? but can you just a zoom one day??

Rachel Allen

I just discovered your channel and I’m completely obsessed. I’ve been watching ASMR videos for several years now, and this channel is seriously the best one I’ve come across. I’ve been binging every video! Thank you for making these ?

Mauricio Santana



Omggg making me miss relationships, I used to lay on my ex-boyfriend's back and scratch on his head like this

Jannah Firdaus

Love this so much!! All zoomed in version is the best!! ????


When will you shave his head bald??

Rini Biswas

Thank u for ur nitpicking video.. ???,....


Ah! What a gorgeous couple!

Alice Popoh in Wonderland

Luckiest man alive

hailee shultz

I would LOVE to see one of these nitpicking videos from her POV. ??

tina fekade

Okay but try something new like parting hair with comp and checking

Bishal Banik

You are a Lucky boyfriend man


love the zoomed in

Saif Sellami

Hello I am a big fan can I do vedio nitpicking with sound of hair dryer plz!!!!

Jade Stevenson

Hi from Ohio????


Picking and a boob shot. Ain't gonna complain

The Zombie Guy

Tap on his cat.

Saif Sellami

Hello I am a big fan can I do vedio nitpicking with sound of hair dryer plz!!!!

PooDoo DrillDick

that gave me max tingles


I wonder if he falls asleep while this is filming.

Wana You wish

Does it ever hurt or feel any type of way when removing whiteheads? I know this sounds ridiculous but what is the difference in blackheads I’ve never understood what they actually are

Simran Jot

Most rexable video??

Suzie Ouellet

This young woman is so gorgeous... so beautiful... so glorious!

Hank Mansfield

Reminds me of the time when I was about 8 and my Mom noticed me scratching my head a lot.
I had picked up a head lice infestation at school.
After a lice-killing shampoo she would grab me every day when I got home from school and it was the same thing..."Come here boy, let's see if you have any new ones."

Saba De

love the nail colors

Сандра Федотова


Marcelo Mas


Lights Cameras Action

Yall Might As Well Start A Fanonly ???‍♂️

Chris Piazza

Again, you lucky dog.

I'm Jenny zx


Nathan Cobb

You two are so perfect for each other. ?

Paul Stiling

That guy is just like me it’s so relaxing I fall asleep

genivieve gambino

I'm pretty much straighter than a arrow but dam your amazing skin color, soft nurturing touch, and awesome chest have me memorized.

Diogo Dias

Sound much up

Anuj Rathoure

Next video for head shave and beard


Can you please get the sound more high

Nexus Fairy

The sound of when your nails click together give me tingles everytime! ? thanks for making amazing videos to relax & fall asleep to!

Elena Filatova

Love ?

Yana Barannikova

Вот если бы не отписалась то лайк еще бы рано утром стоял а то вот описалась а видео только сейчас смотрю чего эта я вас обидела да еще лайки забрала и чего я обзываюсь не нравиться чего смотрю да и кто я такая что бы этих ребят объзывать я же не маленькая мне не семь лет нельзя же писать гадости не знакомым людям и знакомым людям тоже нельзя я же ва. Вас не знаю да и вы меня не знаете мы между собой не знакомы


The best nitpicking video ever!!! time to take a nap ?❤️

Superintendent Chalmers

What kind of sorcery is this?!?! I know for a fact that he had pink hair 5 days ago.

Only one viable explaination. You spent your sub money on a time machine.

Elaine Watts

Bless yall hearts much love

Gouzel Zinatoullina

Не одно видео не могу досмотреть до конца ?

Doll face

Orange looks so good on your skin ? freaking beautiful I swearrrrr


Beautiful skin both of you! Also that nail colour looks great on you ?


What a cute and lovely couple ! ? Thanks for the videos, I wish you a lot of happiness !

Richard Sledgecock

Ye better hang onto that precious angel

Syabil Julia

U look so tired,maybe u need to sleep

Zakiyyah Hollingshed

A new video you say?

K-Nas Games

I like these! I fall asleep within the first 5 minutes.

Matthew Funk


living for ATEEZ'S visual so hot

This is so CUTE

Sara. Tadla

Mi canta ???

Breadstick Stick

Me stuck on the odd side on yt as a boy I see this relaxing tho

Samsung Samsung


Tman 2000

Great video. Loving the nails. His a lucky guy.

Winnie Wanjira

I want to do this to a guy... so bad. Any kenyan ASMR fans?

Team Subs

When to shave her head again?

Ahme Haleem

اعجبني قبل المشاهدة☺☺

Daian Isaías

Par de mogumbos

Lalitha Sridhar Vlogs

Always i following u

Diwakar Uniyal

Mujha apane bhal asa karwana hai

Tonya Williams

Great sounds and extremely relaxing ????


Her nail colour is damn amazing everytime

mr alone

Very very nice ? so relaxing ?‍♂️?‍♂️

Kellye Remora

Omg he's gone to the sandman

Scorpor Supremacy

Fell asleep in under five minutes ?...??

Jordan A.

There’s a channel on YouTube called the real asmr couple. They copied your name, (just added real) and they copied your video title word for word on one of their videos. Just making you aware

Hugh Mungus

Thank you so much for zooming in on whiteheads and scalp can't find ANYONE else like you guys

Anil Kumar

love u guys ❤️

Sour Peach

Your nails make this so much more satisfying ? they make such a nice sound lol


Well I've scrolled through your channel so I'll just out and say it. This dude is really high maintenance, so cudos to you


Hey ASMRCouple! Could you pretty please reupload your https://youtu.be/BOWACR_8sxI video but mute the scary noise? I know there's other scalp videos but this one eases my mind because of your nail coloe & outfit is gentle on the eyes and it's so peaceful but the loud noise in the middle always scares me ☹️

Samuel Punzalan

When i watch this video im so relaxed??

James Kiiya



I LOVE YOU ?????

JadeStone ASMR

You guys make my anxiety melt away. ????


My fav vid is ASMR scratching out flakes with her box braid and the 1s with her natural hair ????

varun singh

You's videos are always relaxing for me...throughlyy enjoying it

Saif Sellami

Hello I am a big fan can I do vedio nitpicking with sound of hair dryer plz!!!!

Dorcas Ruiz

Wait what happened to the pink hair?

Wesley Alves


ronald coen

Imagine if we still had hair on our whole bodys

Libertas ex Deum

Your nails are absolutely divine ??music for my ears??

Faiza Asif

Totally loved this close up video, you make a beautiful couple. Stay Blessed ❤️

Stephen Alfonso

Prolly has the cleanest hair ever

Mel Melz

Looks very relaxing...I'd been sleep in 2 mins ???

Moniqua Davis

So relaxing I Never Make It To The End Of None Of There Videos?

Scratching scalp

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ASMR actual Fast and Aggressive Scalp Scratch with long nails and comb for *goosebumps* NO TALKING

68 273 views | 20 Sep. 2020


#fastandaggressive #asmrscalp #scalpscratch

Hey everyone! Today's video is going to be a VERY Fast and Aggressive Scalp Scratch where i'll be using my long nails and a comb that will give you goosebumps. This one is a VERY rough scalp scratch with VERY intense scalp scratching sounds and visuals.

For the ones that really like deep, intense and invigorating fast and aggressive asmr, hope you enjoy this one :)

* Best enjoyed with headphones*

Follow us on our personal Instagram accounts:



If you like our content and have the means to, donations in order to improve the quality of our channel are much appreciated! There is a link in the banner aswell, thank you very much for your investment and generosity :)



Time stamps:

0:00 - Preview

1:49 - Fast nail scratch

3:23 - Fast nail scratch left side

6:22 - Scratching on temples

7:12 - Comb scratching right side

8:43 - Comb scratching left side

11:14 - Back side w/nails

15:03 - Back side w/comb (nape and behind ears)

17:53 - Comb scratch on crown




I adore this channel :) Appreciate all the hard work which goes into it, and how well thought out all your videos are. I fall asleep to your videos most nights, and they're a massive comfort to me. Also, as a lesbian who has been single for over 12 years after getting out of a violent relationship, seeing how respectful and wonderful your relationship is gives me a bit of hope that one day I'll find someone who treats me the same way :) Thank you for all the hard work you put in.


So relaxing! Thank you ☺️


Goddamn this is good!!


Love it, great videos! ?

Denise Moe

This is amazing. This is perfect. This is spectacular. Thank you so much.

Janee Bivins

Awesome ?

Delta King

OMG this video is best <3

Vilde Monclair

I love love love the parts where you scratch with your fingers! But I have to skip the comb parts, its too much for me. Perhaps you could make a video like this with juat fingers? Thank for your work!


That must feel even better than it sounds. And it sounds really awesome.

Shea G

I love this


i love these videos


You should trying with Black African woman and do hair like you did. I would love to see!!

Barbershop - Massage ASMR

It's so relaxing. But will she lose her hair from getting too much head massage?

Katherine Duncan

I should leave myself an attendance comment so every time I watch this video I add to my tally lol. I love this video so much ❤️

Pam Baars

I love your videos with hair massaging, etc what would be lovely if you did a head and neck massage followed buy a beautiful facial. I would be in heaven then, but it would need to be a long video. ??? please.

Helen Zamora

I love your videos, would you please make a agressive back scratching, focusing on the sides, if that makes sense lol


Awesome scratching action! ☘??

Bob Robert

I would pay so much money to have this done lol

Svenne Kloppe

Wouldn`t this potentially cause traction alopecia?


I’d be putty in your hands 2 minutes into treatment like this, wow. Especially anytime you go to the sides of her head with those nails, dear lord...

Katherine Duncan

This is hands down my favourite video. I watch it every night. Thank you so much! Seriously so jealous of her head ?

RelaxCorner ASMR

Hello and happy Sunday! Today's video is for the itchy scalp asmr lovers haha This one is ROUGH, we hope you enjoy it, and for the ones that prefer the not-so-fast-and-aggressive style, we will be uploading a scalp scratch head massage with a gentler technique this upcoming week. Have a wonderful start of the week :)

Mary Sutton


Artesya Moore


Sophia Kamensky

best asmr channel!!


It's been a while since I've watched, but I come back and realize just how much I love this channel. ❤❤

Gabriela Jiménez

AMO AMO AMO AMO sus videos, son los más relajantes que pueden existir. Las admiro mucho y a ella le tengo envidia jaja. LO MEJOR DEL ASMR <3

Katherine Duncan

What I wouldn't give to trade places with her right now! ❤️

Althea Fabi

Can you do a normal/gentle one that focuses on the hairs at nape of the neck??? ????????


This was awesome! still relaxing, and she has beautiful hair.


I watched the video twice in a row... thank you.

Rebecca Lynch

This is by far my favorite ASMR channel. Every video is so well done and the sound is awesome ❤️ thanks for helping me get to sleep when my anxiety gets bad

Artesya Moore

The comb and the scratching at the same time is magical.

Cornelia Pntt

Oooooh I loved this! Knocked me out after 8-10 minutes I guess. ? Gonna watch it again tonight ooh yeah cant wait! ??

Shea G

I felt the tingles instantly



Cristina Diaz

Ay we, yo quiero ser voluntaria para estos videos

Hu Ko


Luigi Colangeli

Ciao ragazze sempre da Roma un saluto bello il massaggio al cuoio capelluto,aspetto sempre quello orecchie occhi ???

Kiera Dorrans

Hi I love this, so relaxing!!! I was wondering if you could scratch her legs again like you did in the body scratching video???❤️

TFS Hybrid

Omg the new tool is just amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Christina Mitrovich

That will get rid of the dandruff.

Miss Ladybug

I'm starting to suspect u listen in on me like Ig when i talk cuz u give me exactly what i was looking for. Tysm


Absolutely incredible! Fast and aggressive head scratching is one of my favorites but I don’t see it too often. Thanks so much :)

Anna Polán

This sounds awesome, but it must not be really good for the scalp. :/ I mean it could cause tiny little wounds on the scalp.
But yeah, the scratching sounds are wonderful.


This is so perfect.

L Lewis ASMR

I’m obsessed!!! Omg ? perfection is an understatement. The sounds, the visuals.. love it !!!

Dexter O.

Hell yeah, this was perfect!!

Ena Dimitrijevic



So relaxing

Emre Karakullukçu

So good, just so good that I wouldn't even mind watching a new video like this daily, not that I check new scratching videos daily haha...hah...ha...

Racing Russ

Still one of your best yet...


Rough is great and ilove that comb scratch !

Nicole Post

Sometimes when she goes slow and then starts getting fast, it sounds like a choo choo train haha

Bob Robert

I’d pay good money for this

Kathy Gardner

Ok video, not a fan of the rough rubbing, prefer gentle to relax by!


Lovely scratching sounds! I can't get enough of it! :)


Oh, who wouldn't fall a sleep after this massage? I love it, i just feeling that i am there on her place. ?❤️?

Kiara Bracy

Been wanting this for the longest, I’m subbing keep me happy??


She has nice lips omg

Letícia Trein

My eyelids are soooo heavy right now.

Tendai Kamutasa

This sounds amazing, wish it was my scalp being scratched ?

Kari Etana

I truly love this video. Everything is just on point. The sound is clear and loud enough, and this is actually fast & aggressive.

• Twix Twinz •

1,001th like

itsYoRoddy the box

Very nice message very independent

intimate sensual

? ? So beautifull and relaxing ??


Oh, I needed this <3


Oh my I'm in heaven. I love rough scratching videos and their aren't much on YouTube. Thank you so much for an awesome video. Please do more like these. ☺☺

Kaay Cassh

Her face ?this must feel amazing ?


This was great, exactly what I was looking for. Nice sounds, nice pace and nice visuals. TY

key H

I love aggressive scratching its amazing, makes me fall asleep faster

Sarah Jøseph

Amazing ! So relaxing ! ❤️❤️?

I love You


Mischeif Cosplays

My sensitive scalp could NEVER, but it looks so relaxing ?


Amazing video, thanks


sis really said NO TALKING and 1:45 said otherwise

Tonya Wood

Finally someone did it! The last fast scalp scratch I saw was 5 years ago from an ASMRist. Thank you. Love the video.

Bianca's Relaxation & ASMR Oasis

This looks so relaxing. ?

Bob Robert

Great mic sounds and placement

Sabreena Ebrahim


Thomas Porter

This was excellent. Like I said in past I love your videos ????????? she does love a good massage and scratching. You ladies are the best thank you. This definitely great way to start my week.??????????

Scratching scalp

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ASMR- Scalp Scratching + Hair Play (SPRAYING SOUNDS) ❤️

147 949 views | 15 May. 2020

Watch me give her a scalp

Watch me give her a scalp massage, comb her tangles, and spray her hair?

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