Small black booty

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Trying SHAPEWEAR from FASHIONNOVA | Tummy Control & Butt lifting Shapewear Try on Haul

102 918 views | 30 Dec. 2019

Hey guys !

Today I

Hey guys !

Today I decided to buy some shapewear from fashionnova and try them out for you guys. To hide our food belly’s after indulging this holiday season.

#shapeweartryonhaul #fashionnovashapewear #tryonhaul #tummycontrol

Links to the shapewear:





Ope Okorodudu

“Would I pass out?” ???
Very real fear honestly.

Tai & Kenny

I loved the first one.... nice video Toni???

Dim Mesoma Chelia

snap chat fammmmmmmmmm

Queen Nique

Her body looks wonderful without the shape wear ??

Connie Guzman

youre fucking funny lol i like you

Che TheLion

.... We looking for people who have some belly fat to hide...

Kheera’s Lifestyle

Your belly is not big ???

Alethia Llewellyn

You do not need shapeware, dont see a difference. Your body is perfect


Did it roll when u sit down for some time?

Camila Nkwenti

Ok no more watching I've seen the comments...people like us who need shapewear...let us come and be going ...us...

Odett G

Hey Tony have you try curvy queen?.. I'm planning to buy one they kind of look sumilar to those ..

Adama Danjuma

Your makeup though ? , on point

Robin Walker

Girl you don't need any shapewear stop it??you are delusional you are beautiful

Alysha Gorases

You mocking some of us ???? Girl you don't even need shape wear

sara ღ

luv ya ???

Ody Odera


Shannon Jones


chris sophie

??? puff puff and akara

Smith Smith

Your body looks just fine without it shapewear looks good to



Eden Siyolwe


La La

Okurr so I need this lemme stop by


Sis you need to share tips on how you’ve toned up you’re looking niceeeee. Even your face looks slimmer or is it just me? You look good ????????

Ife J

You look stunningggg

Precious Nyabadza

Yessss Queen ?? ❤️❤️❤️

Ojo Adeyinka

Hair and make up on point. Love you Toni ?????????



Rochelle Triplett

You don't need shapewear your body is banging

Emoni Chapman pitts

She said look at my ass

Dreana Mickens

Your accent is lovely

askala ebony

Very good and honest review!

Gracie Wandyte

Toni always looking bomb ?
Two Puff puff ?

Kristine Diwa

Hey babe what size did you get for the amarey long shorts?? And what’s ur size number wise

Melody Tapkida

Am I the only one who thought she already had on the shapewear and then she said “so this is me without the shapewear” ???

Yoshi Wright

Yes girl!!!!


Newest subscriber, love you already?


I don’t need shapewear... but still watching ☺️
I guess I miss your face lady..
BTW you looking toned ??

Ebony Shavon

I hate when people who don't have a gut try on shapewear ?

Jas Barraza

Lol no different with and without.

Khadijat Usman

What in the puff puff and akara is going on here??

Kayce dinobi

Girl your body is banging!!!! No shapewear needed whatsoever ???

Elaine Osei

Thanks for doing this video thinking shapewear now now ???

Akunna Azuike

Compliment of the season toni??

Noo Yess

Her stomach said ? and mine said ??

Dami Akinyemi

I have to guffaw ???. Them puff puff cheeks sent me

Christian Eklund

I love her beautiful shape wear. Her shape wear looks like very nice with her tank top, but I really love it.

LaChonda D

Girl yes! With or without the shapewear! Beautiful. You look great.

Naomi ihedimbu

Your body?????

Lia Kay

How do you maintain your weight?? You have slimmed down a lot..

Angel Designz

Right like sorry but you already looking fly like why girls who need shape wear are much larger you do not need that which makes this kinda pointless to all who need it bc you have nothing to hold in


Girl u don’t need shapewear u already looked snatched

Adaora Nwizu


cherish joy natural

after eating all d chrismas rice and buffet,am here looking for shapewear.

Calvin Evans

I agree with the "before" comments as a Man. Her natural look is very appealing . However, the "after" look IS more of a decent/modest/appropriate look for public appearances. LADIES!!! The "before" look provokes men to see you in a sexual way as opposed to the "after" look which is more of a sexy WOMAN who's not TRYING to be sexy but rather taken SERIOUSLY in business situations or otherwise. I love a sexy attractive woman who is also MODEST. A Man will either be attracted to your body or your mind. It's all in which one of the two you present to us.

Dineo Calphurnia

Those thighs Toni???????to die for

mercy huebert

Tony you are my idol.....just inbox me please...i need to ask you a question

Chady Xxx

Shape wear is usually for women who have extra fatty areas they want to pull in, make slimmer and look better in their clothes. You my dear don’t need shape wear so the representation you bring does nothing for a Big girl.


I like your dress it’s amazing if I had that cancer thing I would buy it


Buttt u don’t even need it ??????

Benji P

She got a only fans yet?

H. Peters

First and foremost, You Do Not Need any Shapewear. Your body is popping.

qiana hill

u think u should have got a meduim instead so your butt wouldnt be flat

ghada sassi

The first thing i said right after opening this video is : omg she’s sooo beautiful ?

Funke Obi

Even without the shape wear look at your body ?

C Winfield

I know I’m not the only one that says her intro with her as she says it “ it’s Toni Toni olaoye and if you are new you are most definitely welcome”

Sandra Abohwo

Please try SKIMS


You are so fricken beautiful. I watch all types of ppl on YouTube. You are mesmerizing. Beautiful face and amazing body. Wonder what nationality? Love the eyes. Wow! Hope u have a guy that knows what he has. Lol.

abigail ifeoma

???? the 2nd one

Oluchi N_

Love this makeup look ✨?


Toni great job ?‍♂️. Please can you bless us with your work out routine ?

Mimi Valentino

I feel like I haven’t seen your videos in such a long time, and I absolutely love your channel. YT is so annoying


Can you do a video on how you lost weight

Monifa 360

I love a good shape wear!! I think that no matter your size a good shape wear is a must, because it helps smooth out your lumps & bumps ?

Jo Joh

I don't understand this video! So this is your big stomach? Or you just want to tease us???

lynda ejiofor

U r too cute

kat Acho


Blackdoll Ci

Tony face ?

Shallando Shallan

Thanks for sharing... love this video


I see why she wanted the shapewear like me everyone always say you dont need it but clearly this gave her wayyy definition and curves .. lifted her butt more thats what we want to avoid surgery i cant wait until mine arrive

Mz Chocolitt

Uh you dont need the shape wear, do you


What in the name of puff and akara is going on here. That took me out Toni ????????

Abigail Johnson Child of God

This girl be looking like a snack ??

Shay Bby

The butt lifter makes it looks like you’re wearing too tight underwear and giving double booty lol! But the first one you tried on was a good one.

Doose Abege

The bodysuit one looked the most comfortable ??

Chioma Ajayi

Honesty is a virtue many people have lost these days of influencer marketing. Love your Honesty, pls keep it up?

Liz Beee

You’ve lost weight again

LivLiv Faith

U look bomb

Sonja Paige

What is this ?????

Corrine Calhoun

You need subtitles on your videos, I don’t understand anything you say.


omg girl you do not need shapewear! perfect body

Akinsola Abisola

Lol sis! Puff puff and akara


Whats sport dos you practice to hace that legs? Are beautifull legs

Naomi ihedimbu

You look so good????

coco mo

Youuuuuu looked great without it?.

Emmanuella Anyim

I haven't been back here in a minute so when the video started your beautiful face hit me like the sun!!! Girl you're glowing!!!!!?☀️☀️☀️??????

priscille malonga


Life Of The Daley’s

Love her!!!

CRP Wifey

I like the beige one but in another dress


I’m tryna understand why you trying on shape wear ?

Small black booty

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Big booty ebony girl bikini haul tryon|Big Booty lingerie| Bikini thong g stringtry on

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Marcus Zarate

My answer is that your sexy.
front and back lol

sachin panchal

I wish my wife had body like u,


Pure deliciousness

Mike Tee

Straight. Scumtrious

Fania Farinoka


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Sharry Singh

i love doggy the most

Magi Hypnotist Hannibal Bey

Nice! ?

TheChunky Taco



Pure temptation! T.H.I.C.K.N.E.S.S.

buzz away Ibrahim Polat

I want that clice off cake it too cheeky but so much horny

Nero The Hero

Who is she

Rodrigo Lazar

Booty perfect

bare designs

body is like a newspaper - too much print on it. looks replusive!

Strong Black


Leonardo Lopez

Can u do it just with thongs

Pappu D

Lovely ?

Joseph Fortuna

God you're fire

Mario Keyz


frank scott

the red one with the plastic straps that u didnt like, that one was the winner

Leviticus Cornwall

What’s her ig ?

Carmen Evans


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Peter Stevens`

now I know what I want for Xmas

Shiva Kumar

Amazing big ass bikini so sexy


Omg!! I feel dizzy now , this Lady is so Hot!!

Ernesto Gómez

OMG....I love You ebony girl

Jeffrey Colantonio


Suzu Hirose

??????? ???
lovepeed.ml/liyah ⇦???? [??]

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Dean Watt

Now that is woman!

Keith Barnick

What is her name?!

xxx flame


Luis Gonzalez

Fack booty.

Christian Thomas

Fake ass? They disgust me

Tony Chavez

Id floss my teeth with that thong

Clara Jasmine


Leurs états de santé
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Hunter holman

I busted a nut

ˈbēd ˈər

Big qss love

Kowan McGarry

Does anyone know her name. It’s weird in some of the video she has light color skin and in another very dark scene. Almost like two different people. Bad lighting I guess.

Aburazi Razi


Rosario L. McCord



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Bella Alson


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lamont aekins

Very nice

Richie Edwards

You get a kick out of driving men crazy

Tariq Al baloshi

Yes good Ray

Sex Movie

,_, _, _$3X_, £©VE, _,

? *f©REVER**, _?

TheChunky Taco

Do you have an onlyfans?

Ellen Aniston


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voode vood



What is her name?

Ko Blake

i sware id use it as a pillow ????

Jodie Browne

big like and a new subscriber!

Susan Evans


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3:24ohh my baby

Goldi Thankachan


Antonio Gomez

I love you

abdo abdoo

Bisou fleur ton frère lahbib

Joseph Fortuna

Damn you're a master piece

Johnny Chainz

Out of this world

Ram Krishna

I love like this butt

ralph niebel III


Natalia Gibran



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lamont aekins


Small black booty

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