I think that possibly i could be falling for you

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I think I’m falling for you [TikTok]

526 989 views | 30 Dec. 2019

Ok so I heard this on

Ok so I heard this on TikTok and sadly it wasn’t a full song only a small clip of a remix that had a completely different vibe

Anyways I took this clip and looped it and it’s not as clean or smooth as it could’ve been cause I’m not so good at music editing I’m sorry :/

Creds: Mirror Masa - dathan [original] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGXTLKNINkg

Sara Chois.

I remember those good old days of tiktok, ;')

one.way_.c1 Callum

U deserve a sub


This sounds really good! I haven't heard the original song I thought this was it. What program did you use to mix the audio?

Meteoro Ropensisquin

Who is the name from the song ?

Matt but ya know, 2 t's

Let's run away and seek trouble

pam .,.

Mano que música relaxante


Música maravilhosa <3

Demon's Art

This is a diffrient vibe

Jyotishmaan Das

I'm here from instagram, anyone ?

Nishitha Dulaj

I need a like too from the creator ????❤️

The Bros Playing MC

This song reminds me of an anime song or game please anyone has any ideas?



Joseph Joestar

Guys there actually is a full a version, its posted on CloudKid. Dathan - Mirror Masa (I Think I'm Falling for You)



Maureen Jobe

Thank u for this

Valentino Wokke

guess whos gon be lonley this year ?




Listening to that cause my acc with 20k and 10k and 6 k follower just got banned ?

Julius Constantine

Make me vibe

Soobin's a QTxT

I came here from one of ur comments, great job l love it ❤️

Ulises obrayan

This song makes me fall into my boyfriend's arms but I don't have a boyfriend :'D

JBG NoSkillsToday

Who of you have their own night music playlist on youtube to fall asleep too


when you loop the loop ?

lightning mushroom

Only true aesthetic people see the beauty in this

Amir White

That beat is from somewhere else I swear I heard it when I was a kid the beat that plays when he says I think I’m falling for ya, does anyone know?

Bad Boy

Вот из за песни и видео очень душевно

Haz & Lou 28

Listening to this at a silent night . Awesome


Such a vibe??

Xero Gamer

Everytime I listen to this, it's like ??❤️

Rickey2x YT

GTA 5 vibes

Jairo Castanon

I'm here rn bcuz i got my heart broken by somebody who said they loved me she'll realize later what a good ass guy she lost ???

Douglas Gomes

In case someone wants to know
The sample is from a music called "Mirror Maru"

Chaca _

I want this on Spotify

i read comics about men fucking each other

i tested positive for covid deadass plz pray for me

Jyotishmaan Das

I hate that I don't hate this


i miss them

Simran Randhawa

I love this so so much?


I tried listening to this song in bed, it was around 5am. The only sound i could hear other than this audio was the kookaburras outside my house. When I listened this song with my eyes closed, it made me long for someone. I’m not sure who, but I kept on thinking back on the first person I ever fell in love with. I was in year 5, they were in year 6. They were non-binary, and they were the prettiest person I ever met. Their eyes, their hair, they were so fking beautiful, I didn’t even know it was possible. When the song says “I think I’m falling for you”, it reminded me of them. I started crying, I love this song without a doubt.

Berry_flavored • 8 years ago

Let's be honest you came here because the first 55 seconds of the original sounds horrible

abdou lionpard

I think this is the best version so far the rest of the versions have to wait more than a minute to start and they use remix this song does not need remix


Listening this song while thinking about deep thoughts hits diffrent

كسم اًلدنيا وانعل ربها


8d Audio

?Lyrics ?

I think I’m falling for you

That’s it your welcome

Sirisha Milani

Hey can I use few seconds of this for my YouTube outro/end screen? I’ll give credits?

Evertton Luiz

quem veio pelo ticteco?


this song is insane ?


Just imagine pretending to fall asleep on ur guy bsf's shoulder and you here him say I think I'm falling for you .......am I wrong tho

Elizabeth Cristina Belo da Silva

Love you sorry more

Ana Karoliny



hey man can you upload it to spotify pls


The feeling of driving home at night time.

Sunidhi XI B Roll No. 02

You are amazing

exhausted Individual

This song is chill but makes me sad for some reason..

Chino Lee 4000

The 91 who disliked this masterpiece must eat uncooked chicken ? for fun

Бектур Жамалбеков

what is the name of the anime?

olivia pere

thank u ? i needed this

Anna Jazmin

I started watching Haikyuu on friday. I sadly fell in love with a character, and now that I found this song I always think about him. I hate falling in love with fictional characters, because you know that they don't exist and you know that you'll never be loved by them. It's sad. And I always find a song when this happens. This time I found this song. I'm actually glad that the song my mind chose is sooo pretty

אלעד עובד



This really resonates with me... I feel like it captures the unstoppable sequence of motions I can never get back. It reminds my soul that things still happen and with that, I should just be glad to be involved.??‍♀️?

Gustavo - Bleach Brave Souls

Alright thanks for this because I haven't found another sadly

D13 4NN

Y’all and your love stories man I’ve never felt so lonely ?

Retro Wolfs

Bound 2

Zin Lou

I dreamt this song in the background while Clark was swimming in the sea peaceful trying to reach to Bellamy while h was on the other side, it was so peaceful and she would sometimes swim under water until she finally reached Bellamy and hugged him then she crossed her legs over his torso and they just hugged each other tightly in the sea....

средний геймер

It's so soothing...

SuperRich 818

This loop is so good I need to make a song ASAP amazing vibes

Sonda Salvatore ꤶ

Lo busque por 2 semanas, al fin puedo usarlo en mis escenas y transiciones ?

White Fox 52

I have a question what anime did you get the photo for the loop?

Blake Master

I love this song and I just subscribe and leave the light bikes

yeah guess i am alive

ok really love this song but can we appreciate how this video was posted a year ago and the creator still reply’s and hearts comments?

Carmen Cecilia Gonzalez Camacaro

LYRICS: i think im falling for ya,(beat)
i think im falling for ya (beat)
i think im falling for ya x30


came back to reminisce about when tiktok and life in general wasnt so toxic

Morgan-Lei Whittle

It’s great for sex

Jordan Tremblay

Listening to this while Jackie died in cyberpunk was the saddest shit ever. It was either really good or bad timing for this to come on after my music playlist while I was playing.

Better Off

Loop it boy thanks man

lalisa babygirl


ᗰᗩᑎOᖇᗰᗩ ᗷᕼᗩᖇTI

This hits very different very deep...
And I am already dead....

Kyro Cartwright

Thank you for making the video if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have my girlfriend right now

Harper Hunt

Stunning ?

Don Goyito

Ta gueno

Invasión Feliz

Esta es la que buscada gracias ☺️ ?❤️

Inna Riddle

This song gives me flashbacks of memories I never created with people who don’t exist on a magical place that also isn’t real...at least not in this reality...


guys i havent beat my shmeat in 3 months :DDDDDDDDD

Cuh The 3rd

Upload it to spotify??

Mythic Dom72

We must keep this loop a secret

Eijiro Kirishima

I'm sad that I can't like this video ;n;

D13 4NN

OK SO, addressing the whole Spotify issue again. Spotify wants all their content to be legally claimed so there is no such upload feature for unsigned bands (such as myself). This assures the right people get paid for the content. However, Spotify has teamed up with a large number of content providers, who are allowing people to upload their music and distribute them to Spotify. However, each partner has their own pricing model and rules applied to that, and on some providers you also need to distribute to other stories (iTunes, amazon) in order to get on Spotify, while other do it for free and only to Spotify. Now, there is a way to get remixes on Spotify yet, none of these apply to me. This is the original sample looped, which means; There has been nothing done to the sample so I can't claim anything as my own or claim it as a remix. That being said, Spotify is a no go.
On the topic, For whatever reason if Dathan, by any means at all, feels this is inappropriate and doesn't want their music on my channel, then I am obligated to take it down immediately because honestly, worst comes to worst, I don't have the money nor do I want any charges.
I sincerely apologize to all of you.

bee rose

This song is my vibe


this must be on spotify, please ??

需要 me

Omg, I love this so much! ^^ it really reminds me of corona going away, lol -primrose.

Khalil Hadji


goruo ゴロウ

This music hits at night especially when your in Tokyo


This is so euphoric

arefkn B

Never be weak in the knees

Got no reason to please i plead
Gotta be willing to see

you shouldn’t hide under the sheet
Mean you aint that different than me
Push through it all and pursue your dreams
only live once make history


Open the mind and you can achieve
you gotta
Know what i mean

Never stop smoking the green mix with spin and were winning “my thing”

Sonali Saha

If you're listing to this....your taste in music is Astronomical✨✨

irene cayon




Raminta Petro

Why does this remind me of Draco ;)


This makes me want to come up with a POV so here goes.
It happened again didn't it. The same thing. She always does that. As I sighed, I sat on my window sill and wondered. Why am I lesbian. Flicker...as the lights in the town square turned on, I remembered it's Christmas which was also why the lights glowed red and green, they twinkled as i smiled. The song I was listening to helped me cope I guess. The only person making me regret attempting to commit was here. Right with me. Although it was an online friend.
I really want to tell her..."I think I'm falling for you"


This is so relaxing to me, and this make me remember that person who don't exist, i can't believe that i'm falling for a person who doesn't even exist, i'm so weird, but it's real ?? the problem it's that i can't go there yet, i hope can do it soon, i need them and they need me i think, i'll go so soon ✨ i really hope it to be soon ❤

Juju 1783

This music brings back memories with my boyfriend. I definitely love this music. ???

I think that possibly i could be falling for you

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Scorpio Tagalog: "Sa PagIlag Mo sa Pagibig, Lalong May Gustong Sumuyo Sayo" (14-28 Feb2021)

3 539 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Scorpio Tagalog Biweekly:

Scorpio Tagalog Biweekly: "Sa PagIlag Mo sa Pagibig, Lalong May Gustong Sumuyo Sayo" (14-28 Feb2021) by Tikkihope Tarot

Genesis JS

Happy Valentine's ma'am ❤?
Thanks you ma'am sa.Hello ?

Karai Kai

Thank you..Happy Valentines Day.

jel tresvalles

scorpio dealing libra ma'am

Vanessa Briol

Thank u. Im scorpio and it reasonate me all your reading... God bless.. ❤️?

Manny Quezon

A man? Oh no no no I dont play fencing hehehe, I'm a straight guy i dont go with same sex relationship lol

Myrna OFlordelis

im pisces ♓️ watcher

Jaffah Taray

Scorpio here ❤?

Hilda Burnal

thank u more wonderful reading. yess ayaw kuna sa x kong toxic. lumayo na ako khit bumalik pa sia. hintay ko nlng un bago a capricorn at parehas kami ng situasion niniwanng gf din dahil sa buzy lagi sa work nia.

ellen vidanes

I'm always looking forward for your reading!?❤ love ko everytime I heared the positive & good vibes, really resonates to me also!???❤?



Monina Papina

Omg,resonate to.my life now special my fast ex.appreciate your reading.?

Genevive Marquez

Always abangers... saktong sakto po :-) thanks po

Shayne Smith

Saktong sakto p0 reading you sa akin...

Monina Papina

How can I send money to my personal reading plz.

jel tresvalles

libra sign po ang ex husband q po

Gorg Niho

I'm from United Kingdom...I just found out about my husband cheating on me with a co-worker! We’ve been married for 4years now with 3kids with lots of amazing moments together, i wanted to leave, but i love him so much. we are both still young and very attractive. but i want my husband, my friend, and the father of my beautiful children. how do i get past the thought of another woman having my husband? Not my fiancé, not my boyfriend, but my husband! i still love him even though he thinks i want to leave i really want him to do better and stop me before i walk out! my husband told me that he doesn’t feel loved anymore, just because of this co-worker he has be cheating on me with, that he wants a divorce, i was devastated, heart broken i begged him to listen to me that we can work it out like we always do, but he didn’t listen, he told me that he met someone that loves and understands him, i begged him to consider our kids but he didn't listen. he left and i was frustrated, i began searching for help and answers, then i heard about a man that can Cast a spell to remind him of all the things we have been through together and bring him back to me, at first I was scared then i decided to give it a try, and like magic my husband came back, apologize and begging for forgiveness, thanks to DR ogugu I’m posting this to help people with similar issues. You can contact him via his email ([email protected]gmail.com or WhatsApp+2347011196745) for help too. i give you 100% guarantee that he will help you.

Evelyn Boroy

Happy valentines day mam... Thanks for the nice and wonderful readings... Godbless po??????


Thank you always.God bless you always.I'm Chonila Reyes.My is daughter is Scorpio Sign .

Elma Vargas

Wow thank you so much.
Lahat Ng cnabi mo. Totoo
God bless

Eljn Balagosa

Nope wala po ako binalock sya po ang namblock skn.....pero nung isang araw inunblock nya po ako.libra sgn po sya

Siony Aringo

Thank you and godbless lm scorpio and my partner is leo

Bobeth Acut

You are good reader..thanks

Dina Espanta

Good morning have a pleasant day thank you guide advice God bless you thank you ???❤️

Marina Nishimura


narcisa furbo

thanks thanks po madam tikkihope,,, gemini po sya,,,

jel tresvalles

totoo po ska aq lumalayo pinaglalapit kmi


I’m Scorpio sun,my hubby is Scorpio moon?it’s a battle ?

I think that possibly i could be falling for you

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I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you - MMV

206 102 views | 11 Jul. 2009

This is a little gift I

This is a little gift I made for myself. Hah!

Who cares if there are no effects who cares if I cheated a bit and cuted a lot of the song -- I STILL FINISHED IT!!!! Kinda. I'll pretend that it is finished.

There are many other mangas I like, which aren't here, but eeeh. Like D.Gray-Man & Host Club & Kuroshitsuji......, but I don't really ship anyone in those. Hah! I'm not a shipping-whore! There is still hope for meeeeh.


most relaxing song EVER!!

Cassidy Niles

It's "Falling in love at a coffee shop" by Landon Pigg


Yuki & Zero 4evr <333333

Kendall Atkins

I love this video, and it's very well done with the scenes from different mangas. ^^ *faves vid*


@CharmingJunkiie First, you've got a real gift for this. Me gusta. Second, does your name come from the manga Charming Junkie? If so, I love you, new best friend. If not, I apologize for being a creeper.


i love this song,,,,,,,,, bec. im inspired


what is the manga at 1:45 it looks realy interesting and really awsome video !!!!:)


what manga is at 1:04 ?

Njoudii Oudii

i think i'm fallin now .!! love it very much


whats the name if all the couples and where can i find it?????


awww so cute, especially the pandora hearts, ichiruki, and mikan x hotaru <3


@mrsnickj4life i think its falling in love at a cofee shop? idk

Truc Le

what are these manga


That was brilliant. Love the style, love the work. GREAT compositing. Beautiful song.


zomg pple, i showed this video to a gurl i really, really like, and she said that she was falling for me now!!! i flippin luv this vid now!!!

Nichola Miller

This reminds me of when I fell in love with my ex, I played it until I cried hoping he would love me back. . 3 yrs later we split cos he just couldn't commit. Now I hear this song and smile because he was a big part of my life who why I am who I am today. Getting married soon to a man who adores me :)

Sarah McGibbon

I love it! Okay my friend Sierra doesn't like Zero! She likes Kaname better and thinks Yuuki should be with him.


lol umm does anyone know the anime at :35-:42? thanks~


Whoa my goodness, 70 thousand views. O_O congrats :D


awesome I really liked it but ..... u know wat's missing? SASUNARU xD !!!!

Cameron Grieves

awwww... that was really cute ^_^


xDD; I followed the related videos link from an 07-Ghost video and nearly burst into tears when it was Nabari no Ou. I seriously love that manga even if it's incredibly sad. You are definitely not the only one who supports FrauxTeito, either- that's such an incredible pairing. OTP~! But Frau really doesn't look as awesome in the anime as he did in the manga. And I really did like Tsubasa- Sakura and Syaoran were really adorable, but Kurogane and Fai are just amazing. Sweet video- good job!


whats this song called?


g-g-g-g-gakuen alice. o.o i almost cried at 3:19


whats the song's name??

Sarah McGibbon

How did you make this video? plz tell me

Colleen Brisbin

Whats the name of this song? :)

Doreisha Evans



This is awesome! It looks really hard to make, great job! =]


Love it!! Incredible :)

Ann Nguyen

The video is quite amazing. Great job. :]

Evaa Summerz

This song is very sweet. I almost fell asleep listening to it!!


I know the couple is soooo adorable and they do have many moments and Hotaru is a more aware Sakura in a way if you know what I mean.


Can someone tell me the name of

BreÁnna Hightower

I'll miss for longer than I want to imagine.......


Kingdom hearts. :3


awww i looooveee the amv but can't watch it in playlist =.= <- teary eyes




I like HotaRuka then NatsuRuka then NatsuMikan then HotaMikan


Song's Falling In love At a Coffee Shop - Landon Pigg :D


YAY! thank you :3

Karleigh Phelps

I freaked when I saw Gakuen Alice on this


wow, you managed to stuff in ALOT of my favorite couples in this...good job! 8D *faves and hands you a cookie* owo

Storm Cone

This is awsome. what video editing program(s) did you use.

Tobi Ryyy

I was watching a Youtuber, Elvis The Alien. He did a review on a movie Nicolas Cage was starring in "Mandy".
This song was played with a lover pitch and I couldn't remember where I heard it. I entered the text and found this.
When the refrain began I knew something was off, I never listened to this, so someone had to cover it. Then it struck me, Daniela Andrade made a perfect cover.


....Did that just go from HotaruXMikan to MikanXNatsume to NatsumeXRuka...

Evaa Summerz

@AthenasOtaku13 I love that manga

brianna dixon

i like this song i once heard it in a commercial

Kendall Atkins

@chadli143 And apparently you don't have eyes. Or a heart. Or ears. One of the three. Or maybe all of them.

Sarah Echikr

u dont know me at all , but i think im falling for u ?❤

Bianca Mm

very well done. Im taken aback. almost started crying. ahhh to be loved. what more could you ask for?

roxanne bernarte

this is the first time i wtched ur vid.. and it's great..:)

Yuki Takeda

I used this song to try to give a hint to this girl I like... I don't know if she got it...


Quick, question what was the first manga? Also, loved the video.^^

Dar Griffin

its called coffe shop i didnt remember untill it said it :D i love this song

read 4:00

This song is crazy amazing.


really cute, i like it =3


Also! What was the manga at 3:21 ? There was some before and after that moment but that's the picture I recognised xP


Finally some Hotaru/Mikan-ness thank you soooo much! Also Mikan acts more like Tomoyo.


i like it since i heard it :) what anime is¿? *****


I like yuki and Machi :3 I think their cute together D: their my fav. couple from fruba!

Dave Spike

@OmGiTsHoPeY Landon pigg is the artist <3

Yuki Takeda

XD I used this song to hint to my current girlfriend that I really like her. Umm... she didn't get it but now that she and I are together it's one of my favorite songs, and I think one of hers too ^.^


cant. stop. watching. so. epic. xxx


Apparently we have similar taste in pairings, these are all some of my favorites! <3

Ariella Hertzog

This is Very nice. :3


this is really really good!! i love this song


I love Yuki/Machi! I also love Gakuen Alice. I like Mikan/Natsume and Hotaru/Ruka. I also love Zero/Yuuki. Syaoran/SAkura's cute too and I LOVE Kuro/Fai. :3 I'm new to Nabari no Ou, but I love it.,

Duppy Jack

I looked at this video often, about 9 years ago when I fell in love with the mother of my child. She has passed away of cancer last year at just the age of 25 and I’m beyond heartbroken.

I thought my love life was finished, but now I have met someone new and the way she makes me feel has brung me back to this video...I’m hoping she will give me a chance, as I give love a second chance ?

Lady Raven

muito bom!!! adorei

valeri e

como se llama el manga de 1:00


I fell for you <3


@CharmingJunkiie If you like that one, you should try Tenshi Ja nai. Similar plot but in high school.


cute ^_^


2:03 - 2:48 is the best!

Tex Elkhatib

really nice grafix:)


@gracling55 07-Ghost. It's awesome.



chadli sandag

Epic Fail .

patrick panopio

great vid!! what software did you use to create the video? did you use flash?


nice vid :)

Paula Jorquera

i think i possibly maybe im falling for you...(8)


Can some one tell me the name of the first 2 mangaa


I love the song and the video!

Surpreme Bob

I came to this video because of an erenxlevi video edit...

Avery Taylor

looked up this song cuz its how i feel right now......it hurts :S

idc idk

Can i know the title of the mangas you used here? Thank you.

Lilli Tanguay

Hey what's the actual song like btw?

Kendall Atkins

I love Fruits Basket and I know not a lot of people are fans of YukiXMachi, so I commend you for that. xD


you don't ship anyone in host club!? WHA? D:

LMAO Doopy

I came from an elvis the alien video about Nick cage and pig aids


No ships in Kuroshitsuji!? :OOOOO What about sebbyXciel? Or-or SebbyX just about anyone else? xD But, anyway - love the video :D!

Karleigh Phelps

Hotaru x Mikan, Riku x Mikan, Natsume x Mikan I hope I spelt all those names right


OH YEAY! A Gakuen Alice reader, and a shipper. I think my fav ship is Natsume/Mikan or Ruka/Mikan...but I just adore Mikan so she is cute with anyone. Poor Hotaru she reminds me of Sakura's best friend from CCS...i think her name was Tomoyo? Anyway awesome vid, and awesomely cute song!


read the description and it will come up


OH GOD IT IS YOU!! ...sorry... Its just that, I entered the 'Picturesque studios' Audition with a GA vid, was 'Checking out the competition' then thought your name was familiar, and it all travelled in a circle xDD -Yes I do realize this is the third time I've commented on this, I just love it sooooooo much, well, the GA bit xDD *cough* Needs more Ruka Though *cough* And I SOOOOOOOOOO Agree with you on the unpopularity of it T.T-


Awesome :)

Asian Prototype

wait whats the song O.o

Rekusa Axelrod

Okay I love the vid and I really want to read all the mangas but I can't find the titles of each manga if you could tell me I would luv ya


Don't if you dislike spoilers/Haven't read the most recent story arc xP Its YukaXYukihara you see =P