Micropigmentation reviews

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Update and Review by Shane from Derby: Hair Loss Tattoo/Scalp Micropigmentation

1 328 views | 2 Nov. 2018

Shane sent me a video just

Shane sent me a video just to say thanks for the treatment i did on him and share his experience with you guys.

His original video can be found here:


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Micropigmentation reviews

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What Needles Are Best For Scalp MicroPigmentation? Caitlin reviews the Bishop SMP Needles!

2 372 views | 18 Nov. 2019

If you have just started

If you have just started learning SMP - Scalp MicroPigmentation or looking to try a new brand of tattoo needles, you can’t go past the Bishop SMP needles for quality and precision.

Launched in 2019, the Bishop SMP needles are fast becoming the No. 1 brand of needles for SMP. Want to know why? Check out our review to find out why!

Eric De La Torre

When do you guys use the bishop 040 3RL & 060 3RL?

Lloyd Watson

I have just purchased a Bishop wand (not the smp one), will this be as good for smp as the Bishop SMP wand?

Also, I have the Atom X power supply. What setting do you recommend for SMP?

Many thanks,


Strength for the Struggle

What machines can you use these needles with. Are they Universal?

A Channel

Are you using Bishop SMP needle #1003 (0.30 mm) only? Do you change the needle gauge according to the scalp area? What about the frontal hair area and around the edges? I believe those frontal and edges hair diameter is smaller than the rest. Cheers.

karim ahmed

try come to Egypt i need to make it

Eric De La Torre

How often you recomend those from below ?

R Curry

thanks, this is a cool video, just what i was looking for

Lorans Gabriel

Bishop rotary Pen they have 3 different Machines which one you using and which one do you recommend for the beginner for SMP, thank you!!

Micropigmentation reviews

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Beware failed Bad Hair Transplant SMP(scalp-micropigmentation) Bad Reviews Part #1

375 721 views | 10 Jun. 2015

This is my story and hope

This is my story and hope to warn others about the company scalp aesthetic and how the owner Bryce ruined my head with his scalp-micropigmentation- Smp technique.Absolute horror story and I went through 6 tattoo laser removal sessions to get it removed and I had my SMP fixed by another provider.That provider was Jonathan Gerow and he has helped me through this whole ordeal.Please do your research before getting this procedure .Only experienced artist can perform this specialized technique !


Which location did you go to? From the research I've done, HisHair seems to be on point. They always tell their customers it will take three separate sessions to complete the job. Of course there will be fading, this is why they recommend three sessions. I have a consultation with them this upcoming Wednesday. I'll let you know how it goes.
Best of luck to you!

Bobby Brown

Its a bad job. Too bad some businesses cant own up to their shit work. Maybe have some respect to the persons betrayed trust and money they worked hard to earn to pay some twit.

Laura Cherrington

It a great shame you can't please 100% of the people 100% of the time. We know from our semi permanent makeup treatments that even though we have a 99.5% client satisfaction, one disappointed client can effect your business greatly. Not sure its a scam though.

Justin Case

I have never heard anything good about SA and Bryce Cleveland. He represents his company and this treatment but looks like a clown. Nobody has a hairline like he has. It looks as fake as it gets. Absolutely terrible. His fake orange tan and the tacky pimp clothes doesn't make it any better. SMP can look awesome if done right. Matt Iulo from ScalpMicro USA and Jonathan Gerow from Hairline Ink are amazing in doing it. Also SKALP and some italian practitioners like Mirco Bruscaini from Mens Ink or Aldemar Campos from Spain are simply amazing. They really know how to do it. But avoid Scalp Aesthetics and Bryce Cleveland by all means.


wear a hat


I don't understand why anyone would even consider this procedure. I've seen a few on reality and they all look like tattoos, absolutely ridiculous. I think a lot of the pictures you see online are photoshopped.


Thanks for the heads up and taking one for the team :o/ Best of luck to you, let us know how your new session turns out. ?

Doar Eu

But still done by a propare artist you can get good results right ??

Jay Fahrenheit

I really appreciate you sharing your experience with us. I've been able to learn more about this process because of this video. Thank you brother and I hope everything works out fine for us both once we're done.


scalp aesthics are like the hairclub for men or ashley and martins clinics of the smp world. complete rip off and all the work they do looks awful with that hairlines they do, just look at bryces smp on himself

Cmon now


Gotcha Exposed

check out my channel on Scalp Aesthetics and Bryce Cleveland.

fazal ihtisham

Would rather get a hair transplant than this crap

Mohammed Ashraf

Ive got it done i look amazing best thing ive done second is have sex

Shel Sparkle

What’s wrong with being bald the rock is bald ?

julio pimentel

better solution Cabello Opcion

linwood dexter

Check out kashew lew new music

Gotcha Exposed

MORE INFO ON SCALP AESTHETICS: Now the website scalpguru has made their Facebook page a "closed" group, so this will enable them to slander and demean other companies within their now "closed" little group. When someone fills out the contact form on the various company "review" pages on the scalpguru site, that company NEVER gets the inquiry. But the sender is spammed by Scalp Guru. Just another way for Scalp Aesthetics to phish for customers.

jeremy harper

smp sucks :D i had a ht and its the shit ...

F. Nasierkhan

What a rip off, but hey it looks great, it won't be long for all those great tattoo artists to cash in on the "extremely complicated" dot dot technique.

yeabwoy ya

your a meathead goofball and you probably lifted weights right after your procedure and sweated all the ink out..you need to take proper after care instead of blaming others


Whos the best to goto in Texas? Ideally houston.


FIRST WARNING: If ANYONE tells u they can give you the results u seek in 1 or 2 treatments, WALK AWAY ...It can NEVER be done in less than 3-4 treatments at minimum...The struggle and level of suffering we experience dealing with baldness is hard enough, so the last thing you want to do is put yourself in a situation where baldness was NOT cured, but on top of that you now have a head that looks like it was colored in with a Sharpie or painted and the only way to try and fix it, is a very expensive and painful laser procedure in hopes of getting back where u started...Thing is, now you are in debt!!! Slow and steady procedures are the way to go..

Ahmed Shawky

Does smp's color change with sweat and turns blue ? Or now not ?


It blurs into a big blue blur eventually. Nasty then u have to have lasers burning ur scalp. It hurts sooo much. Be warned comrades

t k

I had mine done by this company. Total scam and I wish I could have never walked in the first time. They are literally experimenting with EVERY CLIENT as they improve their ink. Total waste of money.

Robert Anzalone

Well, it's Bryce Cleveland and Damien Porter (Team Micro)/Scalp Guru - he is also changing his company name all the time. Damien is the reason anyone knows about Scalp Aesthetics. He supports this guy, and has written a bunch of article about how great SCALPA is. Bryce pays Damien, and Damien gladly lies for him. It's a corrupt system, and we all suffer as a result. Damien will lie and give support who ever pays him. It's pathetic.

Richard Diaz

Go to scalp miro USA , does guy's are true professional in there craft .

Jack Mccullough

SKALPTEC Terry Jones is the man in the uk and his company he cares about his clients and his aftercare is brilliant you can contact him and he will reply always

Jeffrey Rosario

In the picture it looked like the smp artist was holding a regular tattoo gun and they're not suppose to be done with the same gun you'd tatets say your arm with.

Hair loss Experiences

Sorry you went through this ordeal. Beauty Medical has a good video on SMP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoIej3_D9SE


your scalp is fucked up so ugly looks like a 90 yr old man witj sun damage how old are you 100? fat fuck your ugly with or without it so quit it mate

Mark Hilpert

Scalp Aesthetics totally botched my head as well. Don’t believe a word that this Bryce clown tells you. Very shady business practices and communication. Don’t spend your $ with this horrible company! #scalpalife


Just shave your damn head and leave it that way, bald men are sexy

Tito Vasquez

Hey can you sue them what did you do what can I do mine is messed up.

Mark Henry

What a unique business but definitely need to do research before pulling the trigger ,,WOW that poor guy went through all that pain,but at least he is happy after the fixing


My mate had to get a hair transplant to cover his horrible tattoo. Costing him thousands. He has hair now tho so he’s pleased but be careful!!

blaze wizel

These vids are freakin hilarious ?- felt like he was getting electrocuted oh shittttttt????

Z Malek

The only good company right now is HIS HAIR and the one in Houston is fantastic! I got mine done there and I love it.

Josh gates

Get a good hair system and learn from YouTube how to take care of it. You'll get better at it with time.


And hes wearing a hat!hilarious

Rosa Moza


Omar Algarin

where do you recommend to go get this done?

A Channel

Here is the first prize winner of the "SMP BLUE HELMET ALL TIME AWARD"


Looks horrible man. You would look way better without it.

Michie Mich

wud u give it another shot jus rock ur shiner wit pride like the rest of us


Based on your story, you abused this procedure by getting far more sessions than recommended. It's like Michael Jackson going for rhinoplasty till his nose just fell off. Can't put the blame on the procedure, but perhaps on the professionals who treated you.

Blackice 12345

Scalp aesthetics's scam company. Ruined my scalp. Cost me thousands of dollars to repair PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF THE MISERY N $$$$$$$$. Bronxville office in ny the worst. Absolute worst work. Research. Research research n don't go to a chain company. See why the majority of their posts have COMMENTS DELETED. HUGE BEWARE SIGN

Humberto Alanis

well i mean what do you expect getting SMP in a living room/kitchen, you need to go to a real hair restoration clinic

Trigga Troll

These artists are only good for concealing scars from fut and Fue hair transplants. Anything else just looks amusing!


I had a nightmare last night that i was going bald. woke up and realized it was just a terrible terrible nightmare. thank god lmao


Fellas...... just SHAVE IT! feel confident and get your ass in the gym. Ladies love it..... you're going to feel more self conscious with a tattooed head

Forest Champ

Damn, i am staying bald until i can just go in one appointment and my natural hair starts coming back.

Daniel Patrick

I was mulling it over getting this procedure done, but i've seen too many botched, or just unrealistic jobs now to dissuade me from doing so. I'm sure there's also good cases, but i dunno, dropping over three grand and risking making yourself look worse in the process, not to mention the stress, worry of it all. It just feels a bit neurotic to me. I'd rather just be bald and shave my head really.

Aaron Game

After getting lasered where u did have hair did it take a while to grow back ? Like slow it down for a little

smartman j

that guy would look good bald


One look at Bryce's hairline should have been a huge red flag. So sorry to hear this but glad you're out of the woods now. At least you didn't make a mistake with a bad hair transplant instead. Ink you can get out. Scars you cannot!

Jay. Millones

and u gonna give it another shot..... smh

Dan Livni

Thank you for this important video.

David B.

I had it done way back in the 1990s and it turned blue! Had to have it lazered off. Not too painful but very afraid of this procedure because once bitten twice shy...


thanks for sharing the company name you might of saved some people alot a stress and mental pain,, i no id never go there now


scalp micro-pigmentation is not a hair transplant. Should not be as the title. I feel for you my man. Was looking into this.

Dave Salera

These shitbums operate under several names including scalp designs ....if they use scam asthetics tatoo ink your head will turn purple like mine did......check out gotcha exposed and see

Jeffery Hoops

I am so glad I am comfortable with being bald and not afraid to take a razor to my head every other night.


0:17 Looks like it's been painted on

Viktor Fedorov

I heard this is the blue results you get from the charcoal based "ink" scalp aesthetics uses. They still use it to this day. I've seen their heads in person. They look like blue helmets. The only reason they look decent in videos is because of how orange/brown their skin is from fake tanning. ...it offsets the blue. Look at these guys under florescent lights. it's horrible. No wonder they started carrying tattoo removal lasers. They get you coming and going.


Follow @scalpsbysofia on instagram


What is wrong? I'm not familiar


Wow having it lasered and then having the guy that fucked it up to fuck it up again then lasered then having the guy who fucked it up to fuck it up again then lasered then fucking up then lasered then fuck it up then lasered then fuck it what my brain what who am I?

Bad review SMP Scalp micropigmentation

I'm from New York .also had another friend and my cousin go to this provider and both of them are going through extensive laser tattoo removal now and they both still need more than 4 sessions to even remotely come close to getting 80% of pigment out..I hope people recognize this company Scalp Aesthetics as a scam and as you can see from the picture in video,I was naive to have had my head tattooed in his hotel room,and there was no Steralization in the equipment he was using..

Travis Scott

Very helpful thank you

Fidel Cordova

I did mine at home did the research bought the correct ink and gun along with the correct size needles and bam ..I look like i was 15 again


OMG This was waaay in the begining. Look where he is performing. In the kitchen. In the hotel room. Look at the tattoo gun. Old school. Bro I hate to tell you, but you were right in the beginning of his training.

Ellis X


Tayo Thanni

I had this done, and it literally washed off when I washed it 5 days later. The guy that did it said my skin rejected the ink, I said he did a terrible job, and I want a refund, he said he can do it again, but I'll have to pay, and no refund lol, I'll probably have to sue him for my money.