Pictures of blackheads

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Best Pimple Popping - LARGE Blackheads Removal

273 525 views | 28 Mar. 2020

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D Reed



That skin doe....

Hunk of Funk

Why was one of the songs abc

Tenko Chabashira

Me just singing twinkle twinkle little star in the background


Is that someone face? How does one let it get so bad?

Juan D.

Check out my channel plz

Funnaya Keiko

And I thought my pimples were bad...

Kat35 Lulu

Watching this unholy condition was not as enjoyable as reading the comments.

diane charles

How does skin get like this? Sweating in a coal mine for 30 years and never washes?

Strawberry _cowxmilky

This is so gross but so satisfying at the same time


The dots reminds me of the stars

Gigi Sabat

Twinkle twinkle little zit is more appropriate

Vince Bidwell

Should have been a better video

Jacelyn Spurlock

This was so satisfying to watch.... CLEAN PORES

Marty Wojick

This looks like an d video posted by GA SPA, I think was the name. However, I believe it was originally posted in 2019.

M Step

Music sucks

s. gates

Huge by. Music not necessary. Did have some sizable bh.

・Hxney Bee・

Omg tell me im not the only one that felt that on my shoulders.

ᴍɪɴᴏʀ ᴅɪsᴀsᴛᴇʀシ

The holes remind me of spongebob.

Chris Baltazar

I hope this is not in a person’s face. Otherwise it will be like the moons creases


how do people even get pimples like this

- SaladStalker -

I came here because I wanted proof that my acne wasn’t the worst it could get. And I got more than I bargained for.


Who plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on a video like this?


Ok I was fine with the music before but now I just here twinkle twinkle little star and I’m just like that is completely irrelevant with what’s happening in this video


Pain, satisfying, absolutely disgusting. It’s perfect ????

ᴍɪɴᴏʀ ᴅɪsᴀsᴛᴇʀシ

Lol, am I the only one who can eat while watching this?

M Jones

Do these people ever use fucking soap

ᒪOᗷᑎᗩ ᒪOᒪETᗩ

This is the best!

Calypso Warrior

So disgusting yet I can’t look away.

That gal Ivy

There’s something called moisturizer

Mackenzie Finney

Sounds like minecraft.

Jacob King

Who here plays this just for the calming effect and music?

Ian Christopher

Thats enough internet for me

Alyssa Morgan

Is it just me or am I the only one who sped up the video

Code Unify

Get the good stuff in the frame


Who ever decided the video should end there needs to be fired!!!! ?


My giblets are watering watching this


Stolen from josefa reina

Bathroom Labs

Why do o have a fetish for this stuff

Olive in the Room

My brother honestly needs this. He won’t treat his face like he is supposed to.. ?

Busted Bxtches

Ah yes, the joys of popping pimples to the sound of twinkle twinkle little star setting the mood

Stephanie Broadwater

How do you let it get this bad ?


Yup... I am now washing my face twice a day because I want to be extra careful to not get this kind of stuff

Cara Buck

Be a lot nicer if you could keep the camera on point missing some of the best ones because the camera is not on the spot

Shell G

Omg i hope the didn’t hurt this person ouch

Pea Brain

The human body is an enigma. A disgusting, dirty enigma.

Mashawnda dean

Mines pores are like that and i cant pop them

Mk Kool Kid

I've seen this video on a different channel........

Brianna Riddle

How can people even live with that stuff on them????

Kimberly Pilkington

Not getting all the stuff out of the pores. Sloppy.

Kathy Bell

Your camera work is awful.

Hamless Sam



Who ever the frick thought of the music to put in the background of this is a genius because it gets me a lot less tense than I would’ve been without it


How does one, let this happen? 0-0


Does anyone else whatch these before bed

Erin Smaragdis

I would have enjoyed it more, if the action wasn't off camera. Hopefully the camera work improves.

Birthday Kiwi

Damn bitch you live like this?

Retro Starzz

I love and hate it

BabyLoner_ xoxo

I fuckin can’t wit twinkle twinkle bitchhhhhh??

Chris The male

M that’s nasty

Frank Carrion

Im working up an appetite


Someone get this person some facial cleanser..


See kids, this is why you should take care of your skin! Wash with soap and etc! Take shower and wash your face to prevent pimples!

Gigi Sabat

Lunch time

Hamsterchief Edminster

I almost threw up




Your fingers should be the only tools you need to use


This looks like Hidradenitis suppurativa

Tori T

It looks worse when they finish with it, I wish they were more gentle or used a wash to dissolve it instead...
But all that aside I am not satisfied that my skin isn’t as bad as I thought and I won’t be picking at it now

Baby Uno

Going to have scars.

Daniela Denuta

I believe this has to do with poor hygiene other than that I can explain the amount of black things inside your skin

Max Stirner

Just use the vacuum cleaner?

yeah ʀօsɛʍaʀʏ

I'm surprised this person didn't pop them yet how could you resist

Javontae Seraile

Shit look like boogers

Alcatraz Johnson

Satisfying and disgusting at the same time


Camera is too close and too shakey!

Spīcy Rameñ

I didn't like the blood but I love the pimple popping ?


I understand acne but where were you while your face was decaying?!

•*menards garden center*•

so glad i don’t have skin

Lisset Hernández

So, this is what I end up watching in Quarantine? Could be worse? I think..

Gigi Sabat

At least she's not making a bloody mess

Booper 343

Worst camera work ever


How does this even happen???

kanna kamui

my eyes have a love hate relationship with this

Gigi Sabat

Wow, time to jump into the abyss

Mykailah Łövê

Ok why’d we move the comments again

Vicky Yeboah

Me watching this with trypophobia but also finding it satisfying ? ? ?

Lin manuel noah neck yeah yeah zonuts

who lets they're pores get this dirty!

Pictures of blackheads

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828 577 views | 21 Oct. 2018



Kajun Pagan

No music, also what about the 2 juicy ones on his upper lip? ??

Sharon major

Are you not making new blackhead videos?

J Pezz

Great video, I just wish you used a different extractor as those ones aren't as much fun to watch

Nitza Algarin

The best instrument in the word is ur fingers

Lori Lankford

Why did u miss the 2 white heads on upper lip?

Robin Coar

Dr K we dont need music why the music you are an accomplished Dr. Music horrible out of place. Music to pop pimples by omg NO NO

Hannah Padfield

(Not the q-tips, those are great. ??)

Jacqueline Morris

Thank you for posting part 2 so quickly ???

Kimberly Castillo

I like this extraction tool better than the one Dr.Pimple Popper uses. It seems to be more efficient than how she tears away skin

Terry Dola

Love those pops keep them coming.

Stephanie Wasbotten

These videos aren’t my personal favorite because when Dr. Kasana uses that tool, you really can’t see the extraction in all its glory, yanno? Just my two cents ?

Ron Heard

Ok, am I the only one getting motion sickness from the jumpy video?

vicky stevenson

???this was fantastic job??( I don't care what others saw)...it was Fantastic ??????????

Lauren Ferry

i hope theres a part 3!

Imelda Ortega

My favorite two popping YouTube channels are yours and Enilsa Brown. However the quality of your videos are much more clear, but I do love Ms. Brown.

Nedra Miles

Ss wm feed d

Janie Ellison

Yes! Back to YOUR way of doing it! Bravo! Don't listen to people who want you to do your work like someone else. We are YOUR fans! Don't ever change! :)


The hole-spoon blows. It covers up half of the action. Boooooooooo.

diane smith

More plz!!!!

Rosie Red

Awesome as always ?



Jason Smith

Why not bigger one he rarely shows any? that song I hate so many YouTubers use it?

Cheryl Kitchen

WHY did you skip the obvious zits near mouth....frustrated

Jeffery L Maxie

Excellent vid!
Short,sweet and to the point!

Kathy Evans

White patches on the lower lip, blood red inner nostrils... Black heads may be the least of his worries ?

Kennis Easter

What is that huge black spot he never touches?

Dixie Rae

I'm so pleased to see the comments section so full of positive feedback. I feel the doctor has had to put up with a very large amount of unnecessary negative comments I'm glad to see people have discontinued or decided to move on elsewhere. I feel he is meticulous in his work and it is unquestionable that he goes out of his way to make sure each and every pore is completely clean and it is a sterile and professional environment. Very enjoyable video as well as Pleasant and polite feedback.

Carla Giretti

Part 2 didn't disappoint ??

Linda Elia

Great job!


I prefer when you use qtips

Gretchen Arnold

Take that little metal spoon thingy walk to your front door and throw it as far as you can, please!! Cotton tips are much better to see the pops!

Elizabeth Crossley

Whats up his nose!

P.s i wanna see the water glass with the pimple junk in it

Lori Holcombe

Music ? extractor ?

Karin Commissari

Use cotton buds ?

Sara Martin


Jamie Phillips

Great video however, it was so short in comparison to how many black heads there were to extract. Hoping there will be a part 3. Pretty disappointed about the pustules on his lip that you did not extract...I noticed as I read through others comments, they were pretty upset too!

Yaya’s Living

Good job

Slime Ink

You do very well. Blackheads are removed. Happy

Patrizia Di Rocco


Tumble Weed Denise

Great video. Loved the happy music.

geraldine rice

We need u to get the Ingrown hairs out.

Norma Borne

Nice eyes

Susan B

?? Thank You so much for the blackheads on the upper lip ? ??

Glenda Rickard

Love the Qtip method

Dani Wilson

OMG, these were greenheads! I can’t believe he didn’t pop the really big black one after playing with it! Doesn’t this dude own a mirror!


I love your videos Dr.Kasana!! So much better than everyone else. High quality and you get right to popping, no talking or wasting time!! Love it

Shana Medley

Out of all the videos I've watched there's just no way in hell I could deal with all of the nasty crap all my face I would've been have tried to get that shit out myself

Jo Ann S

Great video! ?????

tracey davidson

Is that a curette?

Bonnie Kelley

Hate this tool

Tara Galloway

I love the way that he poked holes in all of them. And then went back to pop all of them.?????

Vonda Brannan

I haven't seen you post a video in a long time, hope everything is ok with you!!


Great videographer

peace maker

102! I was 102 who committed yea I hate how ppl say 1st wtf who cares dipshits lol but look at me I’m 102 102 guys 102!

M. Kathleen Hendrix

How could the patient ignore GREEN pimples on his face? I would have killed those bad boys long ago

Paul White

i hate the bloody tool wth the hole in it, prick with needle then cotton buds!

Abhi Mandal

Sir tatto remove karna hai

Donna Graham

Forgot the big 1 on top lip....*sigh*

Ann Harwood

I wish you would use q-tips


The negative comments like these on this vid are the whole reason we e lost Josefa one of THE best pimple poppers on here.


Is he a guy from a previous video?

marsha baum

Nice work

Marissa Platas

I feel like the camera is too shakey ?? but this video was good

Ava Bowling

please get q tipsB

Renee McBroom

Soooo disappointed you didn't get the 2 on the top lip!!!!! Boooo hoooo

Harmony McGirt

Best extraction channel ?

Anja Mew

I love you doc but you. Make me so ANXIOUS BECAUSE YOU ALWAYS DO A 1/2 arsed job

Danielle Terese

I am not trying to be mean in any way, but I have to say try. You should have extracted what was in the mans left nostril! It prob equaled to t least 15extractions, no lie.????‍♀️

Susan Larson


Pamela Merrill

eww.. didn't need to look up his nose.

Karyn Sue Pohlmeier

Another great video!! Thank you doctor!!! ?❤?❤?

Sally Hildreth

Why do you have to stab everything. Just squeeze them.

Ava Bowling

USE Q TIPS!! This is awful to watch bc of the extractor other then that it would be perfect! Enlisa is the best bc of her technique

California Screaming

Dr. can you please explain why you didn't probe and extract on his upper lip?

Rebecca Staats

Are you kidding me you missed the two huge blackheads in the beard and the rest of the blackheads and pimples on the lip... please get rid of that circle thing.

ladybug kmh

I watched it on ff and then it was a good speed ?

Judy-Anne White

Thank you for this video, I had a tough day, I live with chronic pain, but not complaining. ....?. Just explaining how Dr. Lalit Kasana and his patient have almost instantly, with his Part #1 big blackhead removal ....photos and cheerful but soothing music, helped calm and cheer my spirit. I know it sounds crazy to some people, but not to his faithful viewers who enjoy viewing his work and patient manner. I love his deep voice when explaining procedures and when he's done, the lovely music begins, as we watch. ...a win win for all! Thanking you from Canada ?! Back to this awesome video, sleep well to those of us watching before sleep time! ????

Slime Ink

I love this job because it beautifies the skin for everyone. And you, what do you think?


You are the spoon king. Get in as close as you can with the camera. Thanks

Shani Overfelt

What a great video! Thank you!

Niko Beckar

No sirve ese aparato

Rosemarie McKinley

When will you post new videos? My friend has really bad skin after getting cancer and she can see that there are people that can help her.

Beautiful Coco

@Jada Kennedy come teach him how it’s done please

Omaira Restrepo

Excelente que le coloquen la fecha. Bendiciones y gracias.

Maria Edwards

I really hate the music


Watching this is weirdly relaxing to me. Anyone else?

Paul Brown

Doc,...hook us up with some ear blackhead videos.

Svin Tracy

Funny you are a dentist NOT an M.D. But hey, whatever gets you through the day.

Lilli L'amour

Dr. Please go back to the Q-Tips

Mary Lee Rogers

has Dr. K stopped uploading videos????

Sarah Chadwick

Aaahhhhhh what about the 2 huge ones above his lips?!

Theresa Warchulski

You missed at least 2 blackheads, l can see ?


Not your best. I think you should have used terra cloth on your gloves or used q tips for all of them. No slip with terra cloth. It absorbs all the oil in the skin. You should try it. I love your videos. You are one of the best. I have been watching since the beginning. Tysm.


Please subscribe to my channel ❤

Melanated Queen B

Why skip the lip and go to the forehead though???? And all of these would’ve come out clean with the Q tips ?? I usually love all of these but this one was disappointing. Ugh ?

Karen Bonville

This "doctor" needs to use different extraction tools . The clients face needs to be prepped before he starts extracting. He is not getting everything out. Nasty and dirty looking.

Debra J

You leave sooo much behind.? I’m sure you can do better. The teaspoon is ridiculous .. save that for your tea

Jaz Gray

Finally some background music ??


Would it be possible for you to use another commodone extractor or use tips? The extractions are better viewable. Thank you.


His skin is getting so much better