Pimple suction

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2016 Watch What Happens When Pimple Gets Suction Cupped

88 033 views | 13 Aug. 2016

Its always best to see a

Its always best to see a doctor first if you have anything more then a common pimple to avoid possible infection or other medical issues.

Wait for it! Watch what happens at the end!

bboysoap 2000

forbidden sweet n sour sauce


You have to get the sack out or the pimple will return. Can cupping do that?

Susan Flowers

You should just lance it and be done with it

Robert love4

Pointless treatment

Tina Romolini

Not a pimple. But whatever

Sherri Blanton

i would have squeezed all that out and sent him on his way!?


The second one was overkill. That being said, I've had this done to me on a minor abscess once, and I can safely say that it was a thoroughly pleasant experience. Being able to both see and feel the pus getting sucked out of my arm was nice. The pressure of the abscess was simply siphoned away, no mess and no fuss. And it healed up nicely to boot. Didn't have to endure the pain from the squeezing or lidocaine injections, and certainly didn't have to worry about bacteria or viruses that may or may not be present on the doctor's hands.

While it's not the right treatment for every case, as long as its done correctly and used only in the appropriate situation, cupping is a perfectly good extraction technique that shouldn't be ignored. Though to be fair, it's generally quicker and simpler to just do a regular I&D.

Heidi Quayle

No pus is coming out...just blood

austin w

Bad day to wear all white


want some ketchup with your fries?

Redd Skair

Unnecessary music is unnecessary and anti ASMR. Boooo.