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What your shoes say about you

3 727 328 views | 17 Oct. 2019

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What your shoes say about you




Young dagger dick

Dude my name is Dylan and I only wear Converse?

Amara Diakite

Rhino you really like Instagram


Yeezy boost 350 zyon



music man

I know all of deez people and they all wear these shoes


I only cheated on my girlfriend 2-6 times ??

Psy keazy

I have been rocking vans and vans and vans??

Arlette Mayala

The laugh ?


my vans got holes in them

Kidd Scars

when noah started singin blue balenciaga

George Dolidze

Whos the last girl in the video????


Northglen highschool YOUR IN COLORADO I GO THERE

Fabian Thomas


791 Entertainment


Charlie Robbins

the white guy acts black and the white guy acts black ??

STEEN productionz

Just need people to subscribe and check out my music in the link in the video description ??? come back here and comment what you think

Marco Birnfeld

Julia Roberts ?

Amaru Preciado-Cruz

Shoulda added Timothy with crocs

Tylan Coleman


Jake Palmieri

i only wear NMD’s ?


I'm gonna have a good day if u are tolike


5:09 are u wearing adidas on nike deamn u messt up


1:24 ???


Hopefully someone answers but what shoes are the ones in the thumbnail?


“When your shoes get the girl and not you”

Weebalicious Arts

For the pervs that want to know the girls name “for research purposes”, her name is Lauren Summer (a model I think)

Kira P

It's even funnier bc they actually own these shoes ?


yo anyone know who the first girl is tho?

webs t

If my wedding photographer is not from Philadelphia .. it's not happening

Exiled _xX

4:01 jesus that got me

Yee T

God Loves U


Who’s the girl at 2:21


I wear j1 black and red satin


When it shoes tell your address..... ???

Joaquin Bedoya

I missed Julia Rose over here


You bought thses ugly gucci shoes and didn't buy gucci sidles


Old/dirty/broken shoes kinda look cool

Luis Angel Briano Aleman

the shoes in the thumbnail are skate shoes



Riley Ferguson

I am actually wearing sb nyjahs right now and I saw the thumbnail like ?

The boy of wonders

Dood my first gf was named Lauren

Ja'Quavion Tavius

u forgot black air forces


Bro i was waiting for the nike af1 thats what i wear like if you do too

vxdevro 408

I was expecting black af1s


Vans for life and air force 1's CUSTOMIZED fresh out the box ??




Cdg one is so true??

Xavier Banks

It is kinda sad that this is what this day in age does ik that this is a joke but people actually judge people for there shoes

Kevin Delgado

My mommy card?

felix de rycke

j1’s is ?

Darkness Yt

Ngl my fav kicks are Octobers

Angel peralta

I was waiting for you to say something about the nyjahs ??

OT Dino



Rayan looks like lil Mosley

Ban Ban

Y’all should do the type of jackets



Amara Diakite

Rhino your leg hairy and just saying man girl idk what are there problem with hairy people love you guys

Israel Makinde

this totally true. I'm the first person though

MovieViewer Chris Lopez

The Air Jordan 3 Black Cement is my favorite shoe ?

[e2K] BlackBear

I thought that the girl looked so similar, thought she was Lauren Summer for a sec


Y’all come up with some creative ideas my dude!✊?✊?


I only have a sandal bro I am break

In past tense

Chris Delacruz

You didnt have to attack me when you were talking about the balenciaga's though... like sheesh... im just tryna be over 6 foot im still 5'10"

old greg

i was waiting for the ripped up skater shoes

Zaid Alkhen

Travis scott jordan 1s high

Bruno Vazquez

As a dude idc but it is true that girls judge dudes outfits ??

Rest in _Peace Mr.Wilford brimley

1:01 is me but I cant get girls ?

Yaddak Mela

2:31 I'm actually hollering. What. The F**k. Are those? Can someone tell me what those are?


3:22 fk

Ethan yang


Cringe Ass Nae Nae Baby

We need more of these

Canoes _

you should do black forces

Adam Brooks

Pry the best vid y'all made....in my opinion at least


Do yeezys

Lil Señor

I wear vans sk8 hi. Wsup

Henning Washington

1:06 Kawhi, is that you?XD


Tell Noah I said, “everyone wears those fuckin shoes” he ain’t slick ??

DankMemeGaming _lol

tactical slides

Seba I

Check out this project coming soon on kickstarter. https://www.facebook.com/alltimesneaker


Any Shoes look good when you have on Rob socks

KAG Productions

Nyjah hustonss

So So

What is wrong with the versace shain man they are so expensive


lmao she’s wearing the most basic black doc martens

xxxtentacion #1fan

Yo lls really had Billie Eillish in they video ??


Is there any good things your shoes say about you??? ???

p00chs YT

3:33 that’s literally my brother he got those same Balenciaga’s and he love ❤️ melly and his girlfriend name is Layla and he got skinny legs

Aaron levin

the shoes in the thumbnail are skate shoes but there kinda boof

yahya nyassi

3:17 Is this girl Kuzma’s sister? They look alike

Modified Drift Squad

You guys were right about The Air max 97's doh


those cdg's are dirty


black mids (forces)

Dante Escobar

Jordan 4

gigisha tevzadze

I mean this is comedy but white sneakers really suck on dudes.... It looks like you’re a fucking douchebag

Sean Tollen

Y do u got on skate shoes on in the thumbnail


i wear kyries so the earth is flat
i take my kyries off so now the earth is round

Young Yori

Completely right I love airmax but not bout the dm


Where are the vans?

Orange Surfer

I like Tims

Jadon Wilson

Noah is the blackest white guy


Follow us on IG: @rhino_ @noahboat_ ?

What types of videos do you want to see next???

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What Does Your Style Say About You?

718 762 views | 1 Aug. 2019

Do you prefer comfortable

Do you prefer comfortable outfits or classy dresses when it comes to everyday clothes? Whether you are the one who sets trends or the one who likes to keep it simple, we at 1 Million Tests offer you to find out what your fashion choices say about your personality.

Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com/

Hana Plays

Outdoing but sensible

Grace Rosenberg

I got thirteen stars. It says "a little shy" ??NO im the opposite!!
But the description fits

san gamer

Ok this is true i got " go with the flow " i am a person that i can not fail i have confident and my style is not always the same i have a lot of style ?? and mostly happy




I got 14 points
I’m wearing a blue tie dye top and tracksuit bottoms-
I’m also a bit shy and simple.
14 points is so for me-

Farima Zahid

I got "a little shy" dude that is so true
tho ??☺

Jennifer Baxla

Outgoing but sensible ???

Infires man yahh

The thumbnail is true Im shy Hahah, but Idk with the vid. lol....


A little shy but I am rly shy and timed


16 is my number

Barsha Rawat

I am introvert as I am

Sophie Do

OMG !!!!!this is awesome I love the style I use

Alivia Hansen

I got. Go with the flow

albert galaura


catti cat

Go with the flow and that is right



Chit k-pop entertainment myanmar

I got 21 again?.I love my answer?.

Aleksandar's channel

I'm too shy...


I FREAKED OUT when I saw Sabrina Spellman.


I'm a little shy and I got 10 stars, the minium



Yashasvi Jangir

Outgoing & Sensible

Soma Chanda

I am outgoing by sensible

Dulanka Wijesinghe

I got 21, this quiz was hard for me cuz my parents pick my clothes and that I'm not even 13 yet! Anyways yes I am sensible, I like basic looks because they are glamorous to me, I am thinking about dying my hair when I'm older

Kevin Goodwin


Psycho 115

I’ve got 15 it sounds right and comfy go with the flow that’s my life

Melanie Martinez’s LEGENDARY CRY BABY

I got 17 and what she said about it was right about my personality

Rebecca Mokeira

Tih , check your spellings huh

Mayne Martinez Calderon

I'm go with the flow hehe so true

anjana vijay

my answer was I am a little shy but I am actually outgoing but sensible


a little shy , wow that hits me hard.. ?

Konojilembay Mishine

I am outgoing but sensible ,if u had mine like my comment.????




"Sort of wearing what feels right at that time" is kinda true for me. I dress depending on my mood or what I feel would be great for the day. If I want to wear skirts or dresses, skinny, lose or straight pants, than that's it. I can go from classic, feminine, grunge, laid back, tomboyish or casual. If I am feeling lazy and not give a f**k, I will not put make up even when going to work and face my coworkers. I just love clothes and appreciate different styles. I wear pink, purple, red, green, brown, black, gray, white, etc. The clothes has to be comfortable too.

Elina Izadi

I got outgoing but sensible

Anita Mallick

I got 23 points and I got OutGoing But Sensible


K get a celeb In here


I don't want to say what I got im only wanna say I'm get 16 stars lol I'm quiet don't care about fashion and when I'm dressing I'm always think I wanna use cool thing not girly for me using that is no biggie lol

Jigyasa Jaya

I got 'outgoing but sensible'

Queen Jane David



,,What is the most important thing for you when shopping?”
Me: Bits, spurs, saddle pads, saddles, girths, riding boots, martigales, riding helmets and treats for my horse.
2 seconds later: Why isn’t that an option?

Aswani Prasad

Go with the flow.

Destiny Garcia Salazar

a love your test

Rebecca Mokeira

thanx . Savannah.

lydia arimany

I got total extrovert! Like if u got that too

Sabrina sabrina


Jayden Medley

I got 14 but I’m the opposite of shy



kimora kelly



I got ''go with the flow"
Stars: 16
I think this is accurate.


I go with tha flow :> whev

Rebecca Mokeira

kind of
i like mashed potatoes

albert galaura


Simplii Ashlii

But why is 15-19 my EXACT description!?


Wow it's so me! (19)

Rachel Mcmullan

I got go with the flow and it works perfectly! I just wear whatever feels comfy! Also on the hat question I was like I only wear hats(aka visors) for tennis and that’s it, I used to wear hats almost all the time as a kid but now I only wear them for tennis

Bøba Løver Xp

ι ωαѕ ωση∂єяιηg ωну ι gσт 14.

Little kelly / Annelopez


DeAsia Shivers

I am the shy one but i do not agree at all I am the outgoing and Sensible



Ana C Robins

I'm a go with the flow! So me! ?

Venus Chang

I go with da flow but most people call me chill


Heres a tip, watch it at 1.75 speed, for normal speed

Purabi Chanda

Outgoing but sensible



Genden Drema

Going with flow

Victoriously Proudly Vanessa

Mine was go with the flow.



mario memester 124

I Got 19

sarah ellazqani

I am litterly eating pasta

Narodshka Povjel

about the hats... does a neko hat count as street wear? if u dont know what that is, its a hat whit cat ears

Syed Haider

Total extrovert 29 points



Shafiya Kouser 8b

go with the flow...who else...

me 19 mark....

Dhia Amani Najib

I got 14 points so that means im a little shy thats reallllyyy true

Zulu Natal

I guess I go with the flow. I am quite chill person. True.. I got 17 stars

Your Local Sleepyhead

It's true i'm a bit shy. ._.



Alyqa Momy

this is the point I have

Monali Rajankar

How u do this???☺?

Mina Ashido

I got 10 points TwT and it's true ?✋


I got go with the flow

Swara Tiwari

i am outgoing but sensible by 22 points


"In your group of friends"

What group of friends?

Nyan Cat

Just go with the flow
I was expecting a little shy but going with the flow is fine too :/


Lol I’m shy teehee

Grecios Osaogieva

I got "out going but sensible "



Hân Vũ Bảo

When shopping what is important for you??

R o b u x

Omar Issa

: go with the flow

Nana Bonsuh

Me in the middle not I travertine not extrovert right in the middle
This test total extrovert
Me again ya'll trippin


"A little shy" wow.. this actaully works!

Gacha_ Gurl


Wino gab

A little shy

Elizabeth Huennerkopf

I got a little shy too but that's not true I don't care how I look but I'm semi extraverted

Melinoe _

I got 19 and so true. Whatever my hand grabs first on the wardrobe, as long as I'm comfy enough—I ain't gon care if it looks like puke on me but I'm still gon wear it nonetheless. Although, my friends always say I've got this cool rebel style sometimes which is kinda a shock for me bec I usually just wear ANYTHING I find myself comfortable with. Making efforts are just too overrated for me. I mean, I'm going out for fun and chill, not to show off.




Lol ok I'm the most chill one, not really true, I fight when i want to


I got outgoing but sensible. I guess I can say that the description is made for me. It is SO True. I love tests.

Emily Dockstader

When the hat question came on im like:


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7 Things Your Dreams Say About You

517 975 views | 22 Apr. 2020

These dream signs are what

These dream signs are what your dreams say about you, as in what are the dream meanings behind these fantastic visions that you are having? Is this what your dreams mean? Are you lucid dreaming? These are important questions to answer is we discover the secret meanings behind your dreams.


What Do Your Dreams Say About Who You Are?


Neurobiological Correlates in Dream Recall


What Your Most Common Dreams Say About You


Dreams About Being Chased: Meanings Explained


What Are the Most Common Dream Themes?


Typical Dreams: Stability and Gender Difference


The Universality of Typical Dreams


Music from Bensound.com

Thanks to Tristan Reed (writing), Troy W. Hudson (VO) for helping to create this video!

Gr8est Boi

I had a dream about my family, my mom was in the hospital for some reason and sent me to get food from the cafeteria. We were on the 10th floor, the cafeteria was on the 1st floor. So I walk up to the elevator, press the button and walk in. It starts going down before it stops, tilting a bit before darting straight down. I tried to scream but nothing came out. Right before I hit the ground, DARKNESS. A light flickered on, I saw my dead body. Hair all over my face, my knees snapped the other way and my arm was missing. Then I woke up.


Naseeha Ansari, Igniters

Goes to a new country and I don’t know the language
Crowds of Hundreds: YEEHAW!


Most of my dreams are just... Black, but at times I'm just having dreams of my everyday life but with something scary, fun, etc.


My dream as an A.R.M.Y fan, was Jungkook getting interviewed about him and his relationship with a girl 4-8 years younger than him. I began to panick.

Stellar_Bond Xx

I can remember a few dreams a night, and my openness isn't that high. I can remember dreams for years. I do have high neuroticism though, so nightmares happen so often I don't get scared from them most of the time. I get dreams about sexual experiences, falling, being chased, just being a spectator for a story, psychic abilities, and a lot more. I've never had a flying dream or public embarrassment dream. I've even had a dream where I was walking through an obstacle course. Last night, I was having a dream where I chased Aang(TLA) in a game of hide and seek, then I had a dream about a demon and angel who couldn't save their friend, and used psychic powers for possible hints on what to do, but nothing appeared(it was a repeated dream)

Joe Kelly

What my dreams are: slight appearances of bakugo, people chasing me while I do super cool stunts/ park core, killer clowns (those are the best ones), beautiful memes appearing out of no where, and natural disasters of my family dieing but me, :D

Dope Dino

I had a dream where I told a guy to capitalize his pre test and he said he only did that during tests.
I had a dream where I had a giant, foot tall, grade caprisun.
I had a dream where I was having a paintball right on a yacht but ended up painting a wall.
And then, it’s not a dream, but every time I’m running toward or away from everything, I can never keep my balance or end up falling one way or another. I have no idea why but it makes me feel so sick, physically. Does anyone know how to explain this?


People: Dreams are Something that are something that recently Happened to you.

Me: Has a dream about a
Gacha life goblin Chasing me.

The Savage Four

The only time I cry after my dreams is this one where there are different color and sized circles and the light blue ones are always high pitched blue ones are slightly high pitched yellow ones are normal orange is slightly loud red ones are loud and the only dark red one is bass boosted to 999999999999999999999999999999999%. It starts with Lb B and Y in a white void making their noises, then O and R show up and make their noises. R CONSUMES Y B AND O THEN GETS CONSUMED BY DR WHO PROCEDES TO CONSUME LB AND SCREAM, THEN I WAKE UP SWEATING AND CRYING GO TO THE BATHROOM, THEN IT REPEATS LIKE 30 TIMES, THEN I ACTUALLY WAKE UP AND GO TO THE BATHROOM JUST TO WONDER IF I AM STILL IN A DREAM..! ... ... ... wait... ... ... THATS JUST AGAR.IO BUT NOISES

Elliot Delgaod


Me: fly's in dreams to get away from something chasing me

Callum Smith

Now the chasing one has happened so many times my subconscious just makes me drag myself across the floor

whatsmy username

i had a dream somebody was trying to kill me for and ice cream recipe ?

Anime is Anime Cartoon is Cartoon

I dreamed about being in the Scout troupe in AOT and I was putting the uniform I couldn’t get it on and nobody helped me put it on Reiner kept checking on me Mikasa was just standing there I saw Levi get eaten by a colossal Titan out side my bed room AND IT WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED IF I PUT ON THE UNIFORM!!!!!!! What does this dream even mean....-


My chase dream was when I told my mind to one of my teaches and then I ran out the school hid behind a thick tree but the tree mover showing whare I was hiding. If someone knows what this means please tell meh

Hurts To live

I had those falling dreams so many times when I was around 7

Chrono CoCameo

I'm always chased by a monster but I am equipped with a weapon, and I end up killing the monster because I have plot armour in my dream.

Lisa Hakala

ever since i watched shawn mendes new documentery, he's been in every dream I can remember... what does that mean? XD

Jeon Aethakook

80% of my dream are coming true idk y

Norbi H.

Nightmares where I'm the baddest. Like a horror movie and I do those really bad things with those poor unnatural existences in a gruesome ways. So yea , I usually sleep well :D.


I don’t about the chocolate milk lol

Brian L

Bold of you to assume I dream.

Alternative Clementine

I had recall dreams.

Sai Sasank

I was naked most of the time in my dreams shit may be I dont have money to buy it ???. Who get the same dreams ????

Celine Kim

I almost always like to smile and laugh, but I only had one flying dream that was short, and it's saying I have depression or stress or something. :(

I usually remember my dreams, but not much of the old ones, and I'm NOT outgoing.

salvador castro

I've been having a recurring dream about being in water . It's pitch black and something's trying to get my attention.i usually wake up restlessness yeah it's weird lol

Masters of The mountains

Why are you guys copying bright side

Gamer_ Rebecca

I always watch kdramas and listen kpop songs and ended up dreaming about them sometimes. Whereas, my twin brother always watch animes and he also sometimes dreamed bout them.??


Wich one is dieing in your dream?

AsahHaruto desu

never even flew, also mostly people mentions the story in their dream about angles being clumsy letting them fall smth, haven’t even dreamed of it.

Engla Bengtsson

Once, my sister and I dreamed about the same thing, the same night.. lol

Miss Reuben's Stars

Idk how but when I sleep when , I can continue the dream lol

Dino Elate

i had a weird dream yestereday where I was watching my old marching band perform with new uniforms and suddenly i was over in the corner of the stadium at a gender reveal party. apparently it was mine but I'm not pregnant. there was a gigantic gender reveal cake and a dog basically took the top layer of the cake off. the type of cake looked like birthdaycake so it had pink and blue random spots in the cake. all i know is that i started crying happily and immediately went to a blue balloon tied to a tree and popped it. there was only two bits of blue and two bits of two confetti in it but i didn't look down to see what the actual gender was and I woke up. I'm so confused. never found out the gender.

YouTube Account

I can’t be the only one who can control their dreams. Right?

Kora Coal

I've literally never woken up suddenly from any dreams...

Emma Mia

My dream is like a movie seen , seriously guys

Yuhrie Anne Joy Dayo

My dreams is like a whole new family and new world for me but it's weird because every one in that world has different powers

Rachel K

"your dreams are your subconscious telling you something"
me: dreams about my friend poisoning cake and makes me and my friends to eat it to make us all fight and kill each other like they do in the hunger games

Miley Garcia

I dreamed about something and at the end I was singing: mi pan su su su su su sum, mi pan yakakus nam nam nam, mi paaaaaaaaaaaan su su su su su su su su sum

kenpachi zaraki

I had a dream of flying and also being chased (scary) at the same time, what does that mean?

Archana Hendre

I can still remember some of my dreams from about 5-6 Years ago..
Also, I can remember my dreams with all the details (colour of the lighting, colour of clothes etc.)almost perfectly...
Anyone else?


I sometimes dream about the same scenario over and over again in the same dream, and it makes me wake up because of it becoming so boring


Am I the only one who has never had the chase dream?
Like I've had scary dreams...ones tht nearly made me run...like ghosts and smtimes villains coming after me...but I've never rlly run...I am always abt to run away and hide but then I stop myself, turn around, walk towards the ghost and stare it down...I wake up just as I'm abt to scare away the ghost or win the fight..Sooo I'm sorta confused...what does that say abt me??

You people have flying dreamsss??????wht does tht feel like?? I've always wanted to have a flying dream! also why tf do i only relate to the falling dreaaammm?

SlytherPuff Alex

I have repetitive nightmares but something changes every time it can be so small yet so noticeable, for example one dream we had to block off and find the killer in the school. When we found him we blocked the room and backed away to the end of the hall, one off my friends walked into the gym. After they got out the man broke down the door and started chasing her in our direction.
The second time I was in my friends place, I ran down the hall and jumped on a stage with the person behind me. I called for help but my friend, dad, and grandma didn't move. The person was only after me. They attacked but I kicked them and found a plastic bottle. I hit them and they ended up on the floor. They tried stabing me in the leg but I kicked them in the ribs/stomach after they stabed my cowgirl boots. Then I woke up.


People:dreams are memories or things that are resent

Me: dreams bout me and my characters I made up going on wacky adventures getting high or something fighting weird demons/monsters then waking up then sleep to see a different scenario with the same ocs .—.


Common, chase dreams are common.

Phoenix Cable

My dreams tell me the future:true

Little Jimin

Fun fact: if you have a dream of people you know a lot it means that you are a very lonely person- and you have problems being alone a lot, and every day-The dream is telling you that you want to be with ppl you know more

Fun fact: if you dream about games,drawings,pictures,shows movies,are stuff you like, that means you wish to meet it In real life but they are not real there are just stuff you think of a lot. That’s all

Potato Tomato

I once dreamed about my xrush and when I woke up I felt so ooo cringe

Lokia Chiqu

“The dreams of oublic embarrassment, dont forget those...”

Me: “......”

I Remebered
Big brain moment


what eves

Xx Gacha_Ray Xx

I had a dream about A Zombie Apocalypse After That I've Never Went To Sleep

Y do I breath. Just to suffer.

I have like 7 dreams i refuse to just let go of to try to figure out the meaning of even tho I probably won't. Two of which have to do about me having sleep paralysis even tho I've never had ACTUAL sleep paralysis


The dream I want the most is where I get it on with mina ashido from bnha


I remember I had this dream where I went to school and halfway to class
I forgot to wear a shirt


I recently dreamed I was working in a bar or cafe of some sort and I distinctly remember arranging oranges. Then a customer left a wallet with a lot of money. At first I asked around if it was any bodies but they all shook their head no. Then I looked through the wallet and inside a bunch of ,money and between that was a bamboo paper for weed. I then kept looking for the owner to no avail. A short time later a guy came up to me and said that I passed and all that before was a test. This however quickly got strange. He leaned closer to me saying something but I could make out what he said and I started to feel some sort of magnetic feeling pulling me to him. I rejected this feeling at first but It was very persistent. Then I gave in and what i believed happened next was intercourse although I can't be too sure.

Anybody want to analyze this?

Claudia Cardoso

I dream about being chased almost every night and they're usually pretty horrible, but I'm so used to it that I don't feel like they're nightmares... I'm kinda numb by now ?

Therobloxchocolatesquad Unicorncutiecakes11

Is it just me or does it seem exciting when something scary about to happen in it dream

michelle nason

I get nightmares of someone chasing & trying to kill me , or being stabbed in my dream . It’s scary the last time this happened it was a family member that was stabbing me in my nightmare & It really freaked me out .

{ Iris Bløøm }

“Maybe you had a dream where you were flying! Or where there was a natural disaster!” tornado on screen
Me: remembers dream where I was flying and using my hands to control a tornado below me to keep me in the air, making it bigger and bigger

Ohphilia Tag

anyone else also remember their dreams from 5 years ago? ?

Adore Delano’s dirty tights :D

Everybody else: dreams about stuff that’s normal

Me: dreams about meeting the whole hype house and me living there

Random -_-

I don't dream at all.

Akira Davey


Has anybody had a dream where you were chased by your former classmates (None of which you knew) that had a combination of the meazles/chicken pox and were mentally insane, so the teachers locked them in the basement and there were no parents and it was always night and we never left school but eventually the diseased kids broke out and we had to run and you were chased by a paticular girl in a pink tutu who was twirling and laughing manically? Have you ever had it twice?

No? Just me? Alright.

Wilson cahyadi12

I dream about my girlfriend that loves me. I sit with her in a train and enjoy a travel. What does this mean?

Jeon Aethakook

i have just a normal life dream
and a great war that is ??

The Egyptian sister's Witches Tarot

I had a dream and nightmare, someone was supposedly going to attack me but instead they hugged me lmao

Aditi Rana

Its believed that when we fall from height in our dreams than our heights is likely to increase


I don’t know why I have dreams of being killed then... if it’s saying it’s about memories

The Savage Four

In all my chase dreams I dont wake up until after I got chopped up into pieces and when I wake up I have cuts and bruises where I was cut

Jeevitha Mohan

I remember my dreams

Potato Tomato

I onc3s

Whatever Is Necessary


Me: getting chased by a dinosaur with underwear on and in a club store

Jmpr’s Diary

And this is why you meditate

Phinah Adriano

Sometimes I dream that am sleeping and having a dream, its like dreaming in a dream
The dreams are usually not t meaningful and this has happened to me more than three times

veijsa 420

I did have one chasening dream as i was about 5-7 that time. I just try to run away from Garden gnome but they was nexts level they was like crying angels from doctor who you get what i mean pretty much. It was like apocalypse after they break out in the earth. i remember how they just make stone of all peolpe the just touch you i just runing home safety they did get in the house and how they just kill my family slowly and left me in the last one i just cry. But they did have one small weakness and was water i remember this one clearly bc that was horror in that point and i try to throw then water in these scary gnomes they did melt down but they Got me surrounded by a corner and be for they touch me and kill me i just wake up and runing in my parents room when i still cry but the scariest part is that first time i did heard something about crying angels from doctor i was 12 old.... Then where the hell i did get these Garden gnomes who are just too similar..... Idk.... But i remember this dream so clearly bc it ws so horror that i did get trauma for Garden gnomes 2-3 years....


Bruh I had a dream that I was being chased by evil Elsa and the only thing I had was a banana that shot orange juice
Edit:what does it mean if I get stuck in a nightmare and how do I get out?

INFJ 4w5

I've had a repeating chasing dream after guilt and I've had embarrasment dreams when I was unconfident. Furthermore idk

Carol Stapleton

I can recall a dream/nightmare from 3 years old;
I was walking alone at 3 when I started with an Asthma Atack and to my horror I saw the grim reaper on the opposite side of the square from where I had come. I started running exacerbating my rapidly deteriorating ability to breathe, I heard him breathe which sounded like: Run as you like but I’m always right behind you ready to take you at any time you stumble...........
As it was ‘a childish bad dream’ it was dismissed when I related it to my mum as just that, a childish dream. I am now 62 and still miss her so much, but recall this dream as if it were yesterday. Oh, by the way, I was having a full blown Asthma attack during this dream.........and that’s the TRUTH

This was in 1962, a time when medical knowledge was limited and if the pharmaceutical companies hadn’t got their claws in quite so deep preventing the release of information which could have saved a life had they done so. I feel better for sharing with you who are still reading, god bless ✝️??


What does it mean when someone in your dream changes into a different person as far as appearance but is still the same character as far as what role they play?

Azez Samara

i can control my dream and do whatever i would!!

PowerSaturn 6120

I see my “Real self” in my dream :/

Danny Teeter

What if in your dream you kiss your chrush 2 times?


Is it just me but have you like ever dreamed and it was scary or your falling and you randomly jump awake or you just randomly kick awake... Oh just me ???

Monica Nath

I kept dreaming once that I was killing someone just to be happy in life. I also dreamt that I was being informed that my father had killed his first wife. In this latter instance my blood ran cold during the nightmare. I decided to have nothing to do with my father and slowly my nightmares disappeared.

It Eezz Graceu

My friends and I have the same dream with exact details

Andy Skates

I’ve had a weird dream where I saw a lot of visions from shows and places and then I think I wake up but it’s all static and glitchy I see my brother sleeping crying and then I’m in a soccer field out of nowhere then I see my friends playing and I’m in front of them but they can’t see me and I know I’m dreaming and I’m telling myself to wake up and then the visions come again then I wake up

Megan Hannon

"Dreams are about memories that happened recently"

Me dreaming that I live in a utopia city, that has a pop-tart ceremony every Friday, that also has a corrupt ruler, who traps the cities inhabitants in an invisible dome where there is a small "opening" where you could potentially escape if you can squeeze thru

Fathma Faaruk

Am I the only one thinking about DreamWasFound?


I had a dream about racing DudePerfect (I know its not weird but.....this isn't near one of the weirdest dream)

Benga Noel

So no one's gonna talk about wet dreams lol?

Annoying Cyan :D

Me: *only remembers my nightmare of my whole family(including me) fall down a cliff when driving in the voild. Then we were all angels and then I woke up and was 3AM.... I always wake up at 3AM or 4AM*

Aditi Rana

I see my crush almost everyday. What's that??


I had the same dream as my bestie
It’s scary

Mel B

Daily life not really I dreamed I was in school doing math. I’m 40 why am I dreaming about that.

Shiroi Tamashī •白い魂

When I experience deja vu in dreams it is so horrible and suffocating....

?blazegacha 360?

I'm at closed person but i can remember almost exactly my dreams even after year's. How is that Hapenning

simpy gacha

When you dream about squidsuar?️??️

Lavanya Gangone

I can recall are the dangerous dream! One of the dangerous dream I got was when I was a kid and I still remember most of it. It was The horrible dream of my life!


Am not sure if this was a dream because I don't remember waking up well he is how it went, I woke up and went to a Field then wolves attacked me then I was guided by my papa's horse back home to put it simply


I dreamed that I got expelled from my school. And that there was a nuke that was about to to dropped and I remember running to my family to drive away together.