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Silion | Shun Chen musical video 'nothing'

31 views | 15 Jul. 2016


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Silion Teodora - Who's Laughing Now? (Ava Max)

48 views | 29 Jan. 2021


Bine Theooooo
fluiere, aplauze, artifoce


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Silicone! Don't remove it, Paint over it. Here's How!

134 658 views | 16 Jan. 2019

#diycrew #hrvdiy

#diycrew #hrvdiy #renovision

New Home Owner's everywhere BEWARE! Your house may look pretty but it is covered in silicone and when you go to paint, this happens. Do not follow the advice of anyone who says to remove it. With this secret trade tip you can paint right over top. Painting tips like this can make all the difference towards getting a professional result. As always we are glad to help and answer your questions in the comment section. Cheers!

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A Jones

Thank you so much! We were painting our bathrooms cabinets and it was just one spot that the paint would not cover. Like you said we kept painting it over and over, and it seem like the paint was running away from the spot. This video was very helpful.


you are an absolute genius! Such a simple solution beats all of the complicated scrape and repair for surfaces! Love you!!!

Tonette Harris

YOU NEVER FAIL ME! Exactly what I needed

David P.

I have caulking against trim and drywall, and a one inch flat line that is causing my paint to come right off. it is clear and i never even saw it. Seems this would work

Daniel Widrich

Hello Jeff (and crew) thank you for sharing this. I have a similar situation and want to make sure KILZ will work. I recently built my first DIY project, a breakfast nook. Unfortunately, I was no advised on the differences between wood caulk and wood filler. I used wood caulk to fill in all the screw holes and smooth out all the knots in the wood. After realizing the mistake, I was able to remove the caulk from the deeper holes and knots however, I spread it around quite liberally. Using a heat gun it is possible to heat it up and then scrub/rub/wipe it off however, it appears to be harming the wood slightly. The wood is pine and eventually, want to paint it all pure white. Will KILZ work to prime over the caulk on the pine seating and seat back such that I can apply pure white chalk paint or milk paint and then a satin top coat without the caulked areas looking weird?


We are renovating a late 1960's brick structure home ourselves. We are adding 2x4's to the interior (improve structure and more/better fiberglass insulation). before we add the framing we want to weatherproof the house. Is that a bad idea? Should we water proof the brick? should it stay breathable? calk holes before or after paint? We have future plans to paint the brick white unless that's a bad idea. will primer do all that we need instead of using a brick spray on sealant? live in a dry midwest climate, gets to 0 in the winter and mid 90's in summer. This might not be the best place for this comment :) Love your videos! Thanks!

Nora Robles

I’m replacing a light fixture and the new one doesn’t cover up the old paint surface area, therefore I will need to paint over it, which is fine because I’m painting the whole bathroom anyways. However, there’s a thicker paint line that is on the wall from the old fixture. How to I fix this so it doesn’t show the lines. Do I just sand it down, spackle and paint?




how about caulking in the bath tub? I dont know why I bought clear...........

miscellaneous michelle

Pretty awesome


Best DIY out there

Carmen Rojas

I love the work shellac ?

Austin Wasinger

Anyone else get anxiety as he flings his wet paintbrush around while he talks?

Bryan McDonald

Just did this today. Works like a charm. Saved a bunch of time and major headache. Thank you!

New Heaven

Please read my question and reply sir! So can I use this spray over a (non-paintable) silicone caulk has been applied in a bathroom where GRANITE VANITY TOP meets DRYWALL? In other words, will this product work in the bathroom with granite vanity top where silicone has been applied to adhere to drywall? Thanks and I sure hope you reply with my answer!

Wild One Films

I love you. I love you so much right now.

Bob's Home Services , LLC.

Geesum Jeff. I've been a professional home improvement contractor for years and years and I never knew how to paint over silicone. I do however use a shellac based primer to spray on water stains from 2nd floor leaks on a 1st floor ceiling in order to paint over them without any hassle. LOL, Now you know why I'm a member of your channel. Thanks for this tip brother, I can't wait to use it on a job. Be safe!

Byron Viljoen

I know this might sound like a dumb question but, do you have to paint acrylic caulking?

Privateer 908

Bob ross of home reno

David Samson

Will this (KILZ) work on an exterior application? I haven't seen KILZ for Exterior (in an aerosol can)...

Michael Saves

Great tip. Needed this!


What do you do if you have painted over silicone?? I wish I had seen this video before I painted my bathroom. It looks awful. Any tips on how to correct it? Thanks.

Rosemary Kullman

I gave you a thumbs down b/c you talk too much and you never showed the product again b/c you were too busy talking crap.,

Derek D

You can also use sanding sealer on silicone


Great tips. Thanks so much for sharing.

Swolius Maximus

Never use silicone again! There is a newer generation of silane-modified polymers that are much denser than silicone, doesn't stain and can be painted. They still retain the good sealing properties of silicone. Look for "dimethoxy-silane polymer" or similar if there's a list of ingredients. Unfortunately these products don't seem to have a common name yet.

Philip Chan

Thank you !

Sir Puffington

I just did a whole house with water based silicone. Now the customers water base paint isnt attaching. My boss set me up for failure with that one ?

How'd She Do That?

I wish I could like this a million times! Thank you for that tip, you saved my project.

Cherri Pai

Wow. I hope this works. Then I'll have no fears! Thank you thank you!

Lyudmila Budanskaya

Can I get a link to the actual product, can’t find it on Amazon


I didn’t even look at the caulk it was something I had leftover and its a mess. So happy I found this video! Thank you

Chlo's Life

This is literally saving my life right now. I just did a board and batten wall and for half of it I caulked with left over caulk from another project and I went to paint and the paint was going everywhere. I almost had a panic attack that all my hard work was ruined. Then I found this! Thank you!

Kimberly Tucker

I loved you! This really helps me!

Cesar Rivera

Will trick bond as strong as an epoxy coating? I want to use an epoxy paint on my shower pan but not sure how to completely remove the silicone.

Eric Ong

This is amazing and has turned a major headache into a minor annoyance. Thank you so much for this tip.


Did this today. Talk about a life saver!

Rick Burkett

WHat type of paint did you use? Latex???

I Despise All Con Artists

Sprayed, or by the gallon/liters/etc; Kill x/it, Works Great' for Sealing Permanent Marker/Pinewood knot sap/Rust/& anything else that bleeds through on painted or not, surfaces...

Stephen Bercik

Will this work for exterior painting as well? I recently used silicone to stop a leaking windshield on my car. Now I want to paint the silicone to make it look better, and to resist UV damage. Any tips you might have are appreciated, Thanks!

Elizabeth Vargas

Thank you!


I had a contractor use silicone in a drywall ceiling/wall joint instead of taping. Can I mud and tape over it? There isn’t really anything to pull out or scrap.. how do I fix this? If I tape and mud it will it fall down?

Emma Gatsby

how or where can I find a product like this? I am in the UK


I have put black wood stain on my exterior fascia.I then filled in the gaps with Dow C60 low modulas silicone sealant.
I'm just a diyer I didn't realize I can't cover the silicone with more blaclk woodstain so it blends in.I've try looking using Google but didn't have much luck. Could you suggest any product that would work?

J Lamb



This is the states what is another name for shellac?


Thanks for the info.
I'm building a cat house and I mistakenly used 100%silicone to fill the gaps. I plan on painting it, and the stuff I used is not paintable. Will the exterior version of kilz work the same way it did for you in the video ?

Edward Marshall

Doesn't work if you then need to lay tape to paint 2 colors. Paint will pull it right up. Thanks for nothing.


Thank God this works! I just used 3x tubes of Silicone and didn't realize that I couldn't paint over it until I read the back at clean up. Thanks again for the tip!

Arden Showers

I thought this was the solution to my issue of needing to paint over Flex Seal edges—Kilz manufacturer says they only have water / oil based primers, nothing that is shellac based, and that they dont have any shellac based primers..? Is this outdated or was the rep just wrong?

Chad Bowlby

I just read on the can that you have to topcoat with oil based or latex paint. Which I dont have. The rest of the room is water based. What do I do?

Mr Benjamin

Does brushed shellac work just as well? Or does it have to be spray?

Kimberly DuBois

Thank you!


Thank you Jeff! I'm hoping all shellac type paints will work on silicone? Zinsser bin should do the trick, although it is pricy. I have the ugliest silicone situation in our wetroom bathroom, I'm hoping I can funk it up with some colour!

Christopher Carpenter

I have caulking on my walls I havent been able to remove or paint over. Ive tried scraping etc with. Will that Killz allpw me to spray over it and paint?!?

Dave Parker

Great video. Good tip. EXCEPT... Killz is NOT shellac. It is an oil based primer. BIN is shellac.

Each product has advantages and disadvantages over the other. Both dry quickly but they are very different products. In general BIN shellac has far better adhesion to hard glossy surfaces.

It seems Killz is working very well for silicone problems however.


"Kilz" is NOT shellac-based- only BIN primer is shellac (or mix shellac finish yourself from fresh flakes and Everclear). I don't know about silicone, but shellac is absolutely the best product for permanent sealing of bleeding knots in soft wood (spot priming only for exterior)- it's also a beautiful finish for wood in many applications- non-toxic when dry and even during application if you mix yourself with Everclear drinking grade alcohol- super easy to patch- just rub damage with alcohol and re-apply.

Holly Mycka

We had to do this today and it worked 100%. Thank you!!!


Hi! I have a question: years ago we put up sound dampening tiles in our studio at home. We took them down in order to move and are currently trying to clean up the old place. Silicone caulking (which was recommended at the time we put the tiles up as an adhesive!!) is the absolute worst thing so far about the renos so far. We have painters coming in to redo that room (which was a bedroom) but we have no idea how to get rid of the silicone- it's everywhere on most of 4 walls. While we've removed the bulk of it using old fashioned elbow grease but we can't seem to get the last layer off in most places. We tried a spot test just to see if the paint we were going to use might work, but anywhere we put it thick enough to cover the silicone it has bubbled up. Any ideas?? Would a Shellac primer allow us to mud over the silicone and then paint over that??

Thanks in advance!!

Danie B

Just thank you!


You just saved me. You the man.

Jose Bello



Where can I get it in UK, or equivalent?

lisa olisa


Jeffory Newkirk

I use KILZ on nearly everything I paint/. Years ago we had some frozen pipes in a house we owned. I was up all night trying to thaw out the pipes, but as morning happened I ha to go to work. So naturally when the sun hit that exterior wall, (uninsulated I found out later), the pipe thawed out and started running, and running ALL day. When I returned home that afternoon, I was greeted by warm water running out the front door. I opened the door to find the living room soaked. I saw water running down the stairs from the second floor, and started up the stairs, and got knocked down the stairs by an electrical short, through ME! I tried again and made it to the second floor, where I saw that the tub was overflowing onto the floor. WITH THE DRAIN OPEN! I thought that I had turned the water off, but being unfamiliar with the house, had left it turned on. We had only lived in the home for about 1 month. There was a total of $11,000.00 of water damage throughout the home. It turned out that this house had been a victim of several KNOW NOTHING DIY'rs. Anytime there is a big water leak, the wood will start showing stains as it dries out. The water stains will bleed out through just about ANYTHING you try to cover it with EXCEPT a shellac primer. KILZ, a great product, just have lots of ventilation!


Thanks for the video. Any thoughts as to whether this or another product might cover Flex Seal Liquid? We used it to repair some concrete around the pool, as we were told it was paintable. It is not!

Moe Boutari

can you make a video on siliconing base boards?

Home RenoVision DIY

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Richard King

Thank you!!!


You sir, are "da man".


Now how do you paint over flex seal? It is liquid rubber. And if you use it in the basement it sweats beads.


Will this trick hold up to the elements outside? I need to re-caulk some windows since the caulking has started cracking and I want to use silicone to make it last longer than typical paintable caulking... Also, thanks for the awesome videos!

Derek D

I've painted plenty new homes.. people dont silicone after were done

david francis

That will eventually crack off,you just can’t paint silicon period as the rubber expands and contracts.


Sir you just saved me from such a headache . A HUGE Thank You.


Hi, I am in Australia and we don't have that, and i have no idea what shellac is so enlighten me please. Also is that suitable for outdoors and on water based acrylic paint????


Thank you so much!!! I ran into this problem yesterday?

Mike B

this will however reduce the movement capability of the silicone. shellac is flexible, however movement & flexibility are different - example a piece of paper in your hand can be moved & bent. That is flexibility, but stretch the paper it will rip. sealants are designed to move back & fourth, painting over them reduces the movement capability, hence why they crack or fail.

Praise God

6 months ago our remodeller put in a new cultured marble bathroom vanity and used silicon caulk to fill in the gap between that and our newly-painted (with Benj. Moore pearl finish latex) wall. Now, the caulk is pulling from the walls, and looks awful! How do I get that off the walls and vanity without damaging the walls? Can I use your technique in my situation?


What about outdoors, I'm having trouble with that on my siding? Much appreciate the help.

James Button

Saved my life. The most useful I've ever seen.

R423 L324

Just did my 2nd bathroom using this technique only to find paint peeling on my 1st bathroom. Didnt last 3 months. I'm extremely annoyed and gotta redo the job on 2 bathrooms now. Did this technique where water doesnt get to.


Not sure why builders today caulk everything in the house... why? There is not water/wetness. So dumb


I thought this was my solution to get house paint over Flex Seal paint (the spray is paintable but missed that the paint isnt). However the Kilz manufacturer says they dont make any primers that adhere to rubber or silicone & that they dont make any shellac based primers. The link in your recommended products goes to the "original" Kilz which is clearly labeled "oil based" & does not say anything about adhering to non porous surfaces. Am I missing something here??? Is this an off label hack that just happens to work with these products? Seems like Im gonna be stuck on my hands and knees scrapping rubber off the edges of the walls. Thanks for any info


when it dries don't knock, press or rub it with your finger. as soon as the underlying silicone starts to flex it will all start to flake or peel.

Truman Lives

What should i do for outside applications with silicon caulk?

Tracy Reilly

KILZ original shellac is that the name of what I need? Does it have a primer?

Amara Wright

We just started painting my room and we forgot about this silacone and this is very helpful!!


Will the cured paint stay on if you had to later wash it by rubbing it with with a damp rag?

Sara Lamkin

This worked for about a year then started peeling and cracking. I’m not sure what the deal is ?

Jennifer Bennett

This is exactly the sort of thing I am looking for. How does it hold up over time, to moisture? Previous owners used clear silicon around the acrylic shower insert they installed, and I want to paint over the very bright blue paint they chose, but am concerned about some day down the road having my paint peel off the silicon and leave a blue border around my shower.


You couldn’t find a bigger brush?


Thank you!


You didn’t show the exact product. Does Kilz make only one type of spray? How about a link to the exact product or product name, not just “Kilz”.

Jim at All Nu

Very, very helpful!

Greg Bonnell

Thanks so much Jeff!!!

Jen Hardman

How old does your silicone caulk have to be for this to work?


What’s a UK version of this spray please ?

Rich Richards

Will this work on Flexseal ......

Rafal Grzunka

Man I like your way:)) very smart:)