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THE ORDINARY SKINCARE REVIEW | How To Buy, International Shipping, Product Review etc

6 528 views | 29 Mar. 2020


Hello Hello!

// Finally got my hand on these ever so trending The Ordinary Skin and Hair Care products from the USA. I reviewed these products only after I used it for two months straight. Hope this helps! Let me know in the comments down below! ❤ //


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swathi k

hi ,i want to know ,did u pay any shipping charges because am also from bangalore need to buy some products.

Fathima An Jabeen

Amazon sales dope products in India

Sabrina Khan

Ive got the Ordinary Skin Peel. Here's how I use it, to get best results.
I use a dermaroller/microneedle and repeatedly roll the dermaroller across my entire face, especially over my cheeks, chin & forehead (sometimes repeatedly over these areas).

Next stage, I drip the Ordinary Skin Peel all over my entire face, especially over the areas I just dermarolled/microneedled, then rub it in so that the solution will soak in better & deeper into the skin and so the Solution will work x10 better and be more effective, (it will initially sting at first, and for some it will sting for a while after you applied, but this happens to every first time user, it's nothing to worry about!! and means it will penetrate and focus on areas and skin in need of work) just try to ignore the sting and pain remember what they say beauty is pain , ALSO DONT FORGET to rub some over your neck/area.

Next Stage - I usually do this routine on the night-time, so the ingrediants can do their "magic" overnight over my entire face while I'm sleeping away/during the night.

I put in my earphones and listen to relaxing music, sounds or even listen to podcasts till I eventually fall asleep, your skin will be impeccable when you wake up next morning, wash it off, after 10 mins after washing off the next morning your skin will transform into smooth light skin, so you can go into work/college, university or school with 10/10 skin, heads will TURN!
FOR EXTRA points to get smooooooth skin, flawelss, after washing Yor face the next morning, I then rub The Ordinary Glycolic Acid solution onto my entire face and you an leave it on all day as it soaks into your skin soothing it after.

Your skin won't be perfect straight away, but will be 90% a improvement and guarantee 6 days later, your skin will be smoother than a slide, no lumps or bumps, and your overall skin-tone will be flawless and seamless as one, all over your face. Enjoy, and can't wait for you to try this routine, and reply back to me/with your results, GLOW INSIDE AND OUTSIDE sister!!✊? xxx ????

Grace galindo

How much did it take to deliver your package to your aunt's house???

anu divvi

My order declined many times
I am from India
And i am using my husband s south africa credit card
Billing address is his address
And shipping address is my Indian adress
My order declined many times ??
Please reply

jyothi challa

In which website u get this products...?

Priya J

Hey! Loved your videos! Tried to find you on Instagram but your link isn’t available! I have a skincare page called @skincarefanatology and I would love to collaborate with you! ❤️

Lakshmi Mani

Hi even I am from Bangalore can u pls suggest how to buy this products of shipping n customs pls guide

haseena banu

Can u pls send me the link mam that I can buy this product


Yesterday I ordered THE ORDINARY skincare in cult beauty around £22.58 .. This is my 1st international order.. so I don't know about the custom charges before ordering .. now I worried about the how much they will charge to me .. can you pls tell me about this .. any idea about how much they will charge to me ?

Anvita Bhandhari

Nice video... Me too just love my ordinary products!!


From where u bought these items, means which site??

mimi jimi

Is there a store in Germany whete i can buy this?

The ordinary where to buy

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THE ORDINARY BUYING GUIDE: Vitamins & Retinoids | Anti-Aging Science & Recommendations for 30+!

131 883 views | 4 May. 2017

Hi guys! Today I'm sharing

Hi guys! Today I'm sharing a researched look at the products on the Ordinary. When I first used the website, I found it difficult and confusing to navigate. If you've experienced this, keep watching as I dissect the "VITAMINS AND RETINOIDS" (Part 1): what you should buy, and what you should skip based on the ingredients and actives for these products. My views are specifically for anti-aging so this is where it'll be most helpful. However, the general research I discuss will be helpful for other skin concerns like acne as well! OPEN FOR MORE+++

The Ordinary's products covered in this video (http://theordinary.com):

- Advanced Retinoid 2%

- Retinol 1%

- Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

- Vitamin C 23% Suspension + HA Spheres 2%

- Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%

- Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F

- Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10%

Other mentioned products:

- Retin A (Rx required - speak to your doctor)

- CeraVe Skin Renewing Cream Serum - http://amzn.to/2qDNPeR *

- Paula's Choice RESIST 10% Booster - http://bit.ly/2q2Zdnw *

- Timeless Skincare 20% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum - http://amzn.to/2p9KKRA *

- Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Serum - http://bit.ly/2qJ2JzR *

- Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum - http://bit.ly/2qE2W82 *

Stay tuned for part 2 where I'll go through more of the website and future videos on skincare!



THE ORDINARY BUYING GUIDE PT. 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnd7LVG4o6o




Outro Music: "Loud Pipes" by Ratatat


* Starred links are affiliate links. If you shop with these links, thank you! I appreciate the support for my channel. It doesn't cost you any extra and I receive a small commission.

Christine Dreams

Can you do a video on your experience with Retin-A? There aren't many younger people on YouTube who use Retin-A for anti-aging as opposed to acne.

Kimberly Ann Jimenez

Love your channel! Your overall approach to skincare is very refreshing and super helpful. Love The Ordinary. Keep making awesome content. ??

Harsha P

Could you do a video on how to apply the ordinary 2% retinoid in body . Thank you.

Emily T

Great guide!

Sidrah Zaheer

Never tried ordinary .. my skin is acne prone +I have large pores + oily skin + scars +I live in a place where its humidity n usually temperature is hot ..kindly plz tell should I try any of them n which one ?

Kelsey Parker

Wonderful video! At what age would you recommend starting vitamin A? How do you recommend easing into it before jumping straight to Retin-A?

Jennifer Holloway

I bought the retinoid 2% works great for me – I have semi-sensitive skin and it didn’t bother me at all. After I put it on my skin has a healthy glow and looks good the next day (I only use at night). I saw a review of the 1% retinoid – I thought it’d be more gentle because it’s a lower percentage but the reviewer I watched on youtube had a bad reaction to it – the test spot she put it on was dry, red, and welting. I’m not sure if that’s just due to her skin type or if the 1% is just a worse product.

Liz Donnelly

l am not sure Deciem clinically trial any product except the 30 people said my skin felt smoother type. Retin A is prescription only in the UK.

Lis Cain

Great video sweetie


just gonna write this: thank you!!!!!

christina lopez

This video was too boring.Had to exit out.

Sandy Fernandez Sheehy

Great, informative video. I'm subscribing and can't wait to view more of your videos!

Annie P

Canada doesn't need a prescription for retin A. You can actually buy 3 tubes for 50.00 from their sites. I do mention about it in my videos but i don't want to promote it just in case someone hurts themselves. There's a site were I buy mine from here as well without prescription. Not sure how they get away with it but I've been buying and using it for years. it's the exact thing my dr was giving me for way more money. I'm to scared to buy it over seas. lol


I can't believe you didn't say anything about the Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate and the Tetraisopalmitate one. I came specifically for those. Thanks for wasting 20 minutes of my life

Logan Wicke

I'm wondering if i should buy Retinol or Matrixyl.. just to prevent my skin to anti aging, it seems like they both do the same but which one would be better? can anyone help? Thank you


Okay, I can advise you on Deciem's Advanced Retinoid 2%. It is not a replacement for Tretinoin. I stopped using my Tretinoin 0.05% for a bit and started to have skin problems. Since I could never adjust my Tret past 3 days, I decided to give this a try. It is not the same. I felt it worked slower and did not see the same results as the Tret. However, I ended up using it on my off days of Tret to keep up the effects of that. So Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I use my Tret (the max for my skin after a year). Then on Tuesday and Thursday I use the Deciem. My skin is happy with this and I am having great results. You will still have peeling in the beginning but not as bad as using the Tret days in a row. It is very minor. This is just my opinion! Also I agree with you 100% on your research with the Vitamin C. On Deceim's site I did buy their Hymalide's version of Vitamin C. It is an ethylated abscorbic acid that you can get all the benefits without the negatives. I LOVE IT. Otherwise I would just keep on making my own.

Ammy R

How to upload photos.of face and where on ordinary to get right products

shivani yadav

Im using tretenoin 0.025% from 2 months now for acne , pigmentation n all . Can u recommend which retinol shud i go for form the ordinary ?

Vanessa Szilagyi

Very helpful review thank you!!

The only question I have is the use of Vitamin C with Niacinamide. The Ordinary's regimen guide recommends against combining the two?

tina mcclain-patton

Please review skinmedica products!

Maria Trinidad .Rangel

Can you layer naicinemide with vitamin c?


Jo I'm a designer and as you yourself said, the website is not easy to navigate and it's true. It's designed on purpose that way. It means to show off how beautiful and minimalistic it is, not to explain things to you.
The first thing that I see when I click it is the word Ordinary. Second is the awards from popular magazines (large in size and on top of page! like, ALL of their products got awards? and they are all beauty awards from commercial magazines, which clashes with their motto "Clinical formulations with integrity"). Then I'm lost in the small sub-menus and nothing helps me to decide what I need to do. All sub-menus have an emphasis on social media feed, and no decorations or images. Emphasizes on cruelty-free, vegan, no gluten but what about parabens, SLES & SLS, silicones, phthalates?! By law in Europe at least all things contained must be stated in a complete, official list and not a tick or x bulletin, so that any "omission" puts them in a legal bind.
That, and the fact that so many magazines gave awards which are by no way scientific or medical or even accurate-in most cases they generalize and follow trends- while the products themselves all have their scientific name- not very keen on simple language, AND the fact that youtube is full of those videos tells me that it's just a marketing campaign, a hype similar for example to the Bio-oil frenzy years ago. That is my personal opinion of course!

Rene Lazzaro

Starts at 4:00

Джозя С.

Can we start retinoids for anti-aging purposes in our very early twenties, or would that be counter-productive?

Deborah Neat


michelle so

hope you would take this positively and something to improve on i dont usually comment but i see so much potential so here's my take as an ordinary viewer. u make sense but your videos are soooo dragging try to keep it under 10-15mins max. all your disclaimers should be on the description box by the time you finish to your disclaimers people get bored and move on to another youtuber that is more interesting. you literally started at 5minutes and that is tooooo loooonng girl. make it as short and direct to the point as possible. you can check out gothamista. i love her reviews and opinons she is direct to the point and not dragging at all. with the knowledge you have you will go far girl hope this helps and hope you get more subsribers and likes. have a great day

Stella Karamouzi

Very informative, thank you!


I was absolutely absorbed into this video. fantastic discussion of these products!


The Ordinary is a brand of the company called Deciem. The top other brands are the other brands Deciem has. Kind of like if you go on GAP's website and see Banana republic and Old Navy's logos at the top.

Krystle Robertson

Starts at 4.39??

FZ Jennifer

very sophisticated guide : ) thanks

Beth Brown

Very interesting!!!

Tree seer

Retin a is amazing from the results I've seen on others . Before and after. I'm going to start

Lori Ayres

Joanna, thank you for educating us on these things, I am a huge proponent of the ordinary and I am going to be starting tomorrow using their retinol serum

Patricia Espinoza

Thank you for your excellent review. Congratulations on your gorgeous skin! ??

Megan Alison

omg you are a hero among mortals! I had no idea what the pros/cons were for the different variations of each Ordinary product. This and your other videos are EXACTLY what I was hoping to find on the website and fled to Youtube when I didn't. A+


Really boring video I literally dozed off

Am De

Agreed, I’ve ordered one oil from then so far and enjoy the product, but find the website confusing to navigate, so thank you


Did you ever try the vitamin C suspension?

Cindy Arends

Thank you so much again! I love the ordinary because they focus on to BS, proven ingredients! I have Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% , Vitamin C 23% Suspension + HA Spheres 2%, Advanced Retinoid 2% (it's a different name now) and resveratrol + ferulic acid to combine with vitamin C 23%. I LOVE THESE products! I use tretinoin on the face and the retinoid on neck and chest.

Ann Nee

Caroline Hirons mentioned in a Q&A that you shouldn't use a regular strength vitamin A serum during pregnancy is a myth and that all derms she knows continued using it. She even had a piece on how that myth originated. Maybe check that one.


I found this very helpful! Totally disagree with the comments saying that it was too long.

Stephanie Harlowe

Great info! I love these products and do tons of research on them, you kind of have to since like you said the website is built for scientists, but you told me things I didn’t know. Love it!! Plus your voice is so nice to listen to ?


why have I not discovered you until now!??


Good quality video! But it's lil bit long time taking to watch the entire of it. So if you make a video, I think it's way better to make it brief but intense. But I like your good story telling skill and the effort into research. Thank you for sharing good information?‍♀️??


Subscribed for this series, cannot wait to binge your others. Finally, someone else who's passionate about skincare, chemistry, & the science behind the two combinations on our individual bodies! Appreciate the research, the time it took to gather all of these products, their ingredients, & their purported value. I haven't tried this brand yet, actually I'm looking to create a skincare routine that's affordable & accessible. I've only washed & used moisturizer for the last 38+ years, now I recognize the need to build on, for my normal skin with scarring from DV, photogenic, & the lovely aging experience!
Thank you for sharing & have a great day today!

Marlyn Felincia

which of 'the ordinary' should i pick for acne scars ?

please help meee for anyone who's reading this.

Fallen Sparrow

This is so helpful


Thank you so much for the detailed video. The ordinary has just too many products and I've been struggling to make a decision, so I found it really helpful! ^.^




1. Retinol is NOT a derivative of the steroid hormone Retinoic Acid, it is the precursor! Retinoic Acid is a metabolite of Retinol when catalyzed by enzyme Aldehyde Dehydrogenase (ALDH1A2).

2. Skin cells DOES have a Retinol receptor in the form of STRA6, which is how Retinol is converted into other Retinoids, among other things.

Surya Moorthy

hi joanna ! the important advice for ur fans = retin A should not be used in sunlight -- ala cancer ! hence use it only at night . i used to work for Janssen Cilag (a subsidiary of JOHNSON-JOHNSON). Because i was involved in the "selling" of Retin A - essentially to doctors and specialists - i was privy to inside information showing amazing before/after pics of its amazing anti-aging properties -- but the company chose not to market as an anti aging product since the product requires responsible and judicious use - a pea size amount only and its tendency to initial skin irritations and also photo-sensitivity. This was circa 1985 . i am still using it today! i am now 57 and my wife is 33 ! i have also discovered three amazing products argon oil ,cactus oil and rose oil -all moroccon - (my wife is moroccon )most of the commercial versions are fakes including moroccon brands so beware . to get the real argan or rose oil u need to go to berber city -called AGADIR where u actually get to see berber women grinding the seeds in ur presence!Should u wish to try i can probably organise samples of the real thing for u ! i usually use Retin-A in conjunction with these two oils add real olive oil - also from morocco - outskirts of marrakesh and they pack a wallop! also the rare cactus oil is also amazing!footnote most olive oils sold in USA if tested by the FDA probably would not pass as olive oil - especially from Europe.

Grace Jeffrey

Very negative review


Interesting you talk about these ingredients and vitamins in general but have you tried any of the products to say you would skip them. 25 minute video on something you don’t seem to have tried or open to giving them a go at all.

Gurjeet Kaur

Guys never use this products in pregnancy it's has teratogenic to baby

abbie cruz

Could you please, please make a video explaining the ingredients in some of the Clinique products.




One of the BEST videos in regards to skincare education!

Thanks so much for this. I appreciate how much work went into this video.

Joana Ascensao

Actually, powdered L-ascorbic acid is the most UNstable form...

faerie wicked

Thank you for such an easy to follow breakdown. I'm very new to The Ordinary. I learned so much from the two videos.

Nissira Patricia

Very informative video!. Thanks


I wish i saw this before going on a shopping spree at The ordinary :D it was confusing because i have no idea about skincare.
I have the Retinol 1% but i am afraid to use, i have very sensitive combination skin and i am afraid that my skin will react badly to it. I bought it first and then read a bit more about it...i never used acids or any retinoids, any advice for sensitive skin?
All the other products i dared to try worked great, no more flakes, skin feels nice and my oils and pores look a bit better after a few days of use.


Thank you for these! you're so pretty and I wish i found these videos sooner!

Risharne Clark

Its funny that you compared the niacinamide to the paulas choice one because i bought the paulas choice one on special then had a look at the ordinary and found they had one with the same percentage so bought that for when i run out of the other one

The Chanelista

Actual review kinda starts at 4.00 ....

janet castaneda

so many big words. Got overwhelmed :\

Lisa Y

Do you happen to know if Timeless has ascorbic acid vit C? And therefore should not be applied same time as product with niacinamide?

Amber Rodriguez

how do you get prescription retin a, is there a reason you have to have in order to be prescribed it?

Kim Villasenor

I'm using Differin with no irritation! Great option if you are looking for something over the counter and inexpensive. Thanks for the breakdown, very helpful.


I wanted to love the Vitamin C cream, but it's so greasy, that combined with the irritation, it just wasn't worth it.

T 84

Hi Joanna when you say your main concern is preservation do you look for products that makes you look and feel good right now? such as radiant healthy glowing skin and the skin feeling comfortable for the day?



Stephanie Buzzella

Possibly applying the absorbic acid/vit c suspension over wet skin would allow the product to activate while it absorbs? Does that make sense?

Marilia Tatone

i try vitamin C 23% and yes irritation but not too big and after 1 minute i dont feel nothing,, depend how people tolerate a little unconfortable :)


what is your opinion on the vitamin C in vitamin F oil

Danielle Wert

Niacinimide has been my skin savior. I would never be without it. I have acne prone oily skin and this has made such a difference. More so than any other products that had niacinimide in them. I'm curious how Paula's choice uses the vitamin C derivative when you are not supposed to use vitamin C and niacinimide together because it messes up the potency. Great video! Love the ordinary products so much!


There are different audiences for different videos, and for me this video and the other two in the series are not too long at all. What I'm looking for is useful information. So "too long" means time filler's that aren't useful, but there was none of that here. All of the content was very helpful, so I like the length of these videos.


Oh my gosh...I just love Joanna's videos!


Great video! I'm also interested in any research or info about the niacinamide product in regards to acne and what the zinc in it may be helpful for.

Kerry McNab

I’m from the UK. We don’t get prescription vitamin A. That’s a shame your video is mostly based on alternatives on prescription. I think most of your audience wanted to know what you would buy from the ordinary not the rest. Too much rambling :(

Shannon Pelly

Fantastic video, so informative and exactly what I look for. New subbie, thank you so much for this video. I've wait for my order from the ordinary to arrive and can't wait.

Kaitlynn Hetzel-Budd

your videos are SO well thought out - i'm in my mid-twenties so I'm JUST starting to think about anti-aging and stuff while not wanting to break the bank. And while other reviews are fine, I'd really rather know the research behind why certain things work, not just that they do. This was REALLY helpful and, again, so well thought out. Thank you!

1235523 Zohora

m 23 ..can i use magnesium ascorbyl phoshate..or some other products mentioned

Aida Js

Excellent video idea. I was waiting for someone in the YT world ;)

Marta Banasiewicz

The Ordinary NMF+HA is great basic, simple and effective moisturizer for combination, sensitive, acne prone skin.


Thank you for this series! I've learned a lot from it. I feel more able to purchase skincare and products from the ordinary now.

Amita Sampath

Loving your videos!! I'm thinking of starting to use retin A 0.025% for my acne and I'm 25 years old. How often should I use it when I'm starting out? Also how old were you when you started using retin A? Thank you!! ❤️

Yvonne Green

love what I have so far


Thanks for your review. Though you did put up names of each products, I wish you would hold up the bottle so I can see what it looks like.

skincare addict

I have the retinol 2% I plan on using it and then purchasing the Paula's choice retinol. My question is....what should I layer on before or after the retinol? (Combination oily skin)


Really well done video! New subscriber here!


Thanks for all of this info on skin care/anti aging. I'm 31 years old and have been trying to find the most natural way to prevent fine lines and treat acne as well. Keep up the good work!

Tiffany Triplett

Should you take a prescription retinoids if your acne isn’t that bad? Does prescription help with anti aging?

Liz C

23% vitamin C is crazy irritating, tried to make it work by applying differently (including mixing with something), and there were times when it stung so bad, I had to was it off. Definitely not for sensitive skin.


Your skin looks amazing! what kind of make-up are you using here. I think I have the same undertone than you and have really problems finding the right foundation?


Very helpful video! However, I almost wish you would have just taken each section and described each product with the sections on the site. For example, the first section is Retinoids. The products listed are Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane, Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane, Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion (Previously Advanced Retinoid 2%), Retinol 0.2% in Squalane, Retinol 0.5% in Squalane, Retinol 1% in Squalane, Retinol 1%. Yes you went over retinol and retinoids in general, but I would have liked each product described and the purpose. Thank you!

Do Not Reply

The ordinary has retinol in squalane oil. I don't mind this for nighttime.

Lena Fischer

too much empty blabla....=(

Julie Barnes

Yeah I just found you. Great video. I'm gonna binge watch your videos now!!!! And yes the Ordinarys website sucks! Lol

Lindsey M

Joanna - you rock! I love your videos, especially this one. Keep up the great work sista!!

The ordinary where to buy

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What to buy from The Ordinary?

9 746 views | 21 Jan. 2020

The Ordinary has made

The Ordinary has made skincare active affordable and this is such a good thing to build a skincare routine on a budget but what to choose?

? Remember to leave a like on this video and subscribe if you want to see more!

?? SUBSCRIBE ⎪https://www.youtube.com/c/cyrillelaurent

? My last video ⎪https://youtu.be/N7ucPgijWWo

✍️ My blog ⎪cyrillelaurent.com

#theordinary #skincare #cyrillelaurent


? Products mentioned

The Ordinary 7% Glycolic acid toner ⎪https://amzn.to/2Fpq5Ud

The Ordinary Alpha Lipoic Acid 5% ⎪https://theordinary.com/product/rdn-alpha-lipoic-acid-5pct-30ml

The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics ⎪ https://amzn.to/2QuerOx

Hada Labo Gokujyun lotion ⎪https://amzn.to/2s26EOs

Hada Labo premium lotion ⎪https://amzn.to/36rCLWH

☀️ Other sunscreens that I love

Hada Labo UV whitening gel SPF50+ PA++++ ⎪https://amzn.to/2DpjMiu

Skin Aqua super moisture milk SPF50+ PA++++⎪https://amzn.to/310cg7f

Skin Aqua super moisture milk Pink SPF50+ PA++++⎪https://amzn.to/33iDqaQ

Krave Beauty Beet the sun SPF50+ PA++++⎪https://kravebeauty.com

Anessa UV perfect skincare milk SPF50+ PA++++ ⎪https://amzn.to/2D8b9IY

SVR Cicavit+ cream SPF50+ ⎪https://amzn.to/2DEjdSe

Uriage Very high photoprotection cream SPF50+ ⎪https://www.uriage.com/AA/en/product-line/suncare/need/sun-protection

Bioderma Cicabio SPF50+ ⎪https://amzn.to/34OPamS


? Videos

My retinol series⎪ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8EQNZLYr5sSwSnfiWSMndGMfT7paNUv6

Hada Labo overview ⎪ https://youtu.be/Etaeaa6ne9c

Fragrances and essential oils are they that bad? ⎪https://youtu.be/9iEmi-jdg58

Azelaic acid⎪ https://youtu.be/G5KBWpRZ2y4

Tranexamic acid⎪ https://youtu.be/MPuWHo5-WZ0


✍️?My blog:

My website⎪cyrillelaurent.com


Website and blog: http://cyrillelaurent.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cyrille_laurent/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cyrille-Laurent-165362471013722/?modal=admin_todo_tour


?‍?Music ?‍?

Music by Ryan Farish - Wilderness - @hellothematic



Please note that I am not a physician. I only recommend cosmetics that are not medicine. A dermatologist should treat any skin disease. I try my best to suggest hypoallergenic products. However, you may develop an allergy and should consult a doctor if it is the case. If you have a skin disease, I strongly recommend that you consult a physician before testing one of my recommendations or routines. I am 100% independent. All opinions are my own. Unless mentioned all products are bought by myself.

Thank you for your time and support! ?

Much love and respect! ?

Ekaterina Kozlovskaia

Thank you. Very useful video with great recommendations!

Liliane Labelle

I’m using the ordinary buffet as a hydrating and anti aging serum but I don’t feel like it’s hydrating enough. I also use the rosehip seed oil that I mix with my moisturizer for more protection during these winter months

Tomie Kawakami

Yeah for part two! ??? Love The ordinary

Clem Kimbembe

Ahlala bonjour Cyrille_laurent je suis morte de bonheur. Sur cette liste j'en ai deux et les autres je ne les connais point. Je rajoute à ma liste et pourquoi ai je un seul visage. J'aime tellement ta chaîne et la fluidité avec laquelle de les choses prennent place. Hyperpigmentation Terminator est une routine bien expliquée et j'y suis sereinement en respectant les étapes. ?J'avais tellement peur du retinol plus avec toi. Hang on your part 11 the ordinary ❤️


The alpha lipoic acid sounds interesting! Can I use this with AHA/Vitamin C/retinol in the same routine and in which sequence? I would love to see a Part 2 too!

bujoie Manangan

Bonsoir cyrille, i live here un france. I just want to ask where can i buy the ordinary? Im here in nice..

Mili Pedreros

I got my second the ordinary box with many goodies two weeks ago, cant wait to try the products. So far I have tried buffet, ferulic acid, retinol in squalane .5, and niacinamide and happy with these. Thank you for your recommendations! Xoxo

Anne A.

Love this video! I think most people (like me) are very intimidated with the acids so we are not aware of the value of The Ordinary products. Thank you for making this video! Please do a part 2!

Kim Vail

Yes, please, a part 2 would be excellent


definitely part 2 also ?

Chacha Xiao

Acids have been so easy since the day I heard of The Ordinary.
The glycolic acid is really excellent as a deodorant. My husband and his cousins love to use this way. Thank you for the advice ?
For VC I would stay with SVR.
The amino acid is another favourite. Mine has been stolen by my husband since a few weeks ??
And the NMF of course!!! I can't recall how many tubes I've bought. I wish they can propose a huge format!!! I use is as moisturizer, mix it with essence or oils(again thanks for your advice), I even use it as a neutral base for my essential oils (I once used it to make a special cream to ease the pain on my waist when I was out of neutral cream base)
And yes please a part 2 video!!!!

Bill M

Amazing content! You should check SMZeus”dot”com!!! ! You could use it to help grow your subscribers!!

Luis Alejandro Peña Garcia

I'd love to see you reviewing some of the most popular products from First Aid Beauty!!! Specially the moisturizer. The information you share is so good!! Thanks for making this channel

Nin Le

Hello☺️ can i use the glycolic toner before moisturizer and then retinoids?

Jette Nielsen

I finder what will suite a sensitive dehydrated skin with a little bit melasma from this brand?

Ray en Patricia

Yes! A part 2 please. Excellent video!

France Dangela

Yes, please. Parts 2,3,4, ... un gros merci!

Jeanie Jean

I've been looking for someone who can educate about the ordinary pycnogenol...

Mili Pedreros

Yassss part two please!

Lorraine Zamora

Yes! Please do another video on other products by the Ordinary like Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3% and the EUK and if you think they are worth buying. Merci! You make great videos!

Rena Martin

Great videos. I am very interested in the Ordinary and have been using this brand for 6 months. I would love a part 2 of this!

Tommy Brison

Part 2 would be really good ? how to use all the products from the ordinary that you would recommend, why you recommend them and how often to use them in your routine. Think that’s what confuses people the most is how many times to use certain products. What possible benefits to the skin they would make over time. Also I’ve not seen any videos on YouTube if there is any possible side effects in long term use of actives, serums and retinols long term? I no that’s a lot to cover but be good to no and get some of this cleared up for the general public.



Yves Laurent Lumaque

Thanks for your amazing review. Great that I found your channel. ❤️

Julia Fish

Such revolutionary products! Looking forward to part 2 Being curious I am so interested in what your job entails as a stem cell researcher? X


Yes please, I'd love a second part to this video with more The Ordinary products reviewed... thank you so much!?


Please do a part 2 :) your videos are a treasure!

Tim Rebel

Please make indepth review/tutorials on every "The Ordinary" & 'Hylamide' products


I also love the marine hyaluronics! And great tip about the Alpha lipoic acid, I didn't realize it has such a short shelf life. I have just discovered your channel and it's a joy to listen to you! Thank you Cyrille!

Stefanie Blanche

How often would you recommend using a salicylic acid 1 or 2% like Paulas Choice Calm 1% BHA?

Maribel Carranza

What products do you recommend for melasma?


Yaaas I've been waiting for a video like this! Can't wait for part 2 (please). Thanks! Xo

priyanjalir ratt

Hi Cyrille, do you use the glycolic acid toner everyday? The priduct implies that it can be used everyday, and you mention that because of it's low conc of glycolic acid that it is more tolerable for the skin. But I'm under the impression that exfoliation, especially with acids should is not recommended as a part of daily routine? I understand that your skin type and sensitivity play a big part in this. Thank your for the well informed videos, life saver for the layperson amongst the cacophony of mixed messages fron skin care companies!

Linda Joy

Bonjour Cyrille, The Ordinary products can be difficult to navigate so I would love to see part two ??


looooove that you are giving more light to underrated products based on science

miss sjp

Would love if you did a part 2! Would be particulately interested to hear your views on the ordinarys peptide serums and some of the reported negative outcomes of the peptides, e.g. argireline can cause sagging with prolonged use, matrixyl can actually stimulate production of collagen involved in scar tissue, etc.
Also, would you recommend applying the buffet and matrixyl serum on damp skin as they contain hyaluronic acid?
Love love love your videos!

Sebastian Rojas

Can you review more indie brands like Stratia?