Purple overtone

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18 350 views | 1 Feb. 2018

Last week I dyed my hair

Last week I dyed my hair purple! I love Overtone color depositing conditioner! This is not a sponsored video, I just love this product. Please subscribe to my channel for my hair/vlog/cat/breakfast adventures and give me a thumbs up! Thanks for watching


That looks amazing! Thanks for the shout out!


How long did it last? My job says "no extreme hair color" so I can only do it on vacation, last one I tried was barely noticeable. This looks much better but I don't want it to last forever

Owlvine Green

I FULLY condone purple hair!! :p It looks absolutely awesome on you!!!! xoxo

Ashley Singleton

How long did it take to wash all the way out?

Abi Mota

Howcome you put the word "fail" in the thumbnail? It looks lovely <3

Alisha Joyner

That is not vibrant that is more muted


Wow so sassy

Shannon K

Looks amazing

Abigail Wooten

Micellar water will take the dye right off your skin, but be careful because if you don't take it off right away it will not work as well. Also be careful because it will take your dye off too...


You talking about how you just need purple hair made me laugh! I’m in the same boat but just yknow, under quarantine and boy do I just need purple hair during this time :’)


So pretty! I’m using the blue one now!

Aryanna Tries

Girl it worked!!!

:TRUMP is my OPPA:

Nice hair and cats!
...your hands won’t be stained for long.. mine washed off in a day!



Kelsey Morgan

2 questions. How much of the deep treatment​ did it take for your hair? And does it rub off on clothes, towels, pillowcase, etc?

Aryanna Tries

Would it work for ombre hair?? Im thinking about dying mine!!

Purple overtone

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I dyed my hair purple! l Overtone Extreme Purple

7 412 views | 27 Nov. 2019

I wanted to dye my hair

I wanted to dye my hair black but refused to throw away all that money over the years so I decided to dye my hair purple!








Overtone Extreme Purple


Lucy Loo

How long did it last?

King Jeter III

Loved the results ? purple is my favorite color and I've been wanting to try out overtone


Woah it's beautiful! This gave me a little insight on to what it looks like, definitely will try it out.

Hoa Tang

Sooo pretty gina!!!

Deanna Fradley

Gorgeous ?

Gracie Shell


Purple overtone

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oVertone Vibrant Purple Deep Treatment on Medium Blonde

63 746 views | 19 May. 2017


SHOP THIS LOOK: https://overtone.co/collections/shop-by-color-purple/products/vibrant-purple-deep-treatment

Got those amethyst hair color goals? Adding color to your hair doesn't have to be a chore. oVertone Vibrant Purple Deep Treatment Conditioner gives you healthy, bright color that's low-commitment. No harmful chemicals like ammonia, peroxide, or heavy alcohols. oVertone is damage-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. BONUS - you can take hot showers!

Three Steps to Purple Hair:

Step 1: Section your hair, starting from a lower panel

Step 2: Thoroughly saturate small sections from the roots to ends, bottom panel to the top and leave in for 10 minutes

Step 3: Rinse out in warm water, dry, and style

oVertone adds color to your hair. The lighter your starting hair color is, the more vivid your resulting color will be. Starting with a strand test is a super helpful way to know what it will look like for you!

keep up with us:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/overtonecolor?lang=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/overtonehaircare/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/overtonecolor/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/overtonecolor/?hl=en

need help getting your dream color? head over to https://overtone.co/pages/contact

Subscribe to oVertoneColor for more! ?

Alyssa Paris

After you've waited 10 minutes do you wash your hair with soap or do you rinse it


How easily will the color wash out?

SN Cover

So will it turn out like that with black hair?

Angie Nic

Can someone explain why the roots aren't turning purple though

M Muqamess

Is it good for dark hair ?

ABC 123

Is this damaging on over processed bleached hair?


So after waiting the 10-15 minutes can I use loreal ever pure shampoo and conditioner on it? Or do you just rinse it out without washing the hair?

Amanda Panda

I want my hair to stay healthy and I don't want to destroy it. But I really am getting bored with my hair and I'm used to dying it all the time. And that's the reason why I cut it to begin with two kind of restart growing my hair out and keeping it healthy. My question is will this product harm my hair in the process of me trying to keep it healthy and let it grow out? And if not how often is okay or not okay for me to diet. I could possibly dye my hair at least every 3 months or every 4 months depending on how long it takes to fade out and how I like it looking when it does Fade Out.

Kiera DiAnn

I just bought extreme purple for the first time and i'm just wondering, for the best color payoff, should I apply the coloring conditioner, let it sit for a few minutes, rinse and then go in with the daily conditioner? I seem to be a bit confused as when to use which product lol

vivian lawrence

Will it stain your hands

Cassidy Wheeler

Do you start with freshly washed hair? Or unwashed?