How vacuums work

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The technology behind the Dyson DC59 cordless vacuum cleaner.

124 216 views | 29 Aug. 2013

Dyson engineers have

Dyson engineers have developed a new and improved lightweight, compact cordless vacuum that matches the suction of a corded vacuum cleaner - without being tethered to the wall.

Powered by the Dyson digital motor V6, the new Dyson DC59 Digital Slim has 2-Tier Radial cyclones and a re-engineered nickel manganese cobalt battery.




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Why don you give technical details such as, vacuum pressure , air flow ?

Sd 96

Great Germanic engineering!


No it doesn't help as flour is also a household dust, putting this in small print in the user guide is no good as the original comment is to stick it on so it's clear before a customer makes the purchase. ONLY when the customer has waste one's time making the journey to a store, queued up and paid does the customer find out it's not fit for purpose so why not simply send a memo and have "NOT FOR SMALL DUST PARTICLES" printed on the box and add it as a small print under "Other's clog, Our's dont"


You guys are a bunch of idiots! Who makes a power tool that you cant change the batteries!!


Hi there, it's Jack at Dyson. During development, Dyson prototypes are subjected to 636 different validation tests by our team of engineers. Trigger buttons are punched 20,000 times. Prototypes are drop tested 10,000 times. Cleaner heads are slammed into iron table legs. And every 100th bin off the production line is whacked with a lump hammer, just to make sure. Reassuringly, like all Dyson cordless vacuums, DC59 comes with a 2-year parts and labour guarantee.


Hi there, it's Jack at Dyson. DC59 features an arrangement of 15 cyclones, working in parallel, across two tiers. Each cyclone has been re-engineered to increase airflow and generate high centrifugal forces, to capture fine dust. They work together with our new V6 digital motor, which spins at up to 110,000rpm. These refinements mean DC59 has three times the suction power of any other cordless machine in use, and sucks up as much dust as a mains-powered vacuum cleaner.


That doesn't answer my question. Are you planning on developing a full size upright using the brushroll design of the DC50?

Mikhail Clarke

Dyson is probably the coolest company designing stuff

muhd nabil

hello. i engineering student. i want work at dyson engineering after graduate.


Hi Ryan, as I'm sure you'll be aware, research and development at Dyson HQ is top secret, and we're not able to discuss any new technology until we're ready to launch. You'll have to wait and see what comes next.


Hi Ryan, thanks for your interest in Dyson technology. DC50 is our lightest, most compact upright vacuum with Ball™ technology. Our full size Ball™ upright is DC41 Animal, which is engineered for larger homes. You can find out more about both of these machines at dyson.com. I hope this helps.

Alan Croft

We have just purchased a Dyson DC 59 animal and it is fantastic, a lot lighter to use and my wife says it's better than sliced bread. I have read some of your negative reviews, and I can't understand them.


Ahh, smaller cones!


Plus the thing feels so cheap. Looks cool but my opinion waste of 800 bucks but I must say sucks good! Mabey you should considerate more on quality and keep the suck the way it is

Alex Tigre

It's time for Dyson to focus on 3D printable parts, both for manufacturing and home use.


Hi, The Dyson V6 is a brilliant machine, just one comment though. It is recommended that the filter is cleaned with water, if the filter is then replaced while it is still damp it will instantly destroy the motor. Too much electronics I suppose. Although Help line arranged for a new Motor to be delivered free of charge which is easily changed.


fucking crooks


Hi. Which of your models passed the fine dust test? If you don't have that test, you should add it. Until your machines can handle fine particles, a big disclaimer should be printed on all the boxes so we can say time by buying a Bosch to start with.

Evil's Dadvocate

#cutthecord #inbetweencharges




Hi there - Dyson vacuums are engineered and tested to pick up household dust, debris and pet hair in normal domestic use. We do advise against vacuuming large quantities of very fine dust, such as plaster dust, as this could cause damage not covered under the machine's guarantee. This is stated in the user guide supplied with the machine. I hope this helps.

Tim's Transport Videos

Will this be another Digital Slim model? When will this be available? Pricing, and Runt time? Could you answer these Dyson? Thanks! :D


I might get that thing. Oh, and do you have a full size version of the DC50 in development?


Hi there, it's Jack at Dyson. Dyson Animal vacuums are engineered specifically to meet the needs of homes with pets. DC59 Animal is equipped with an additional Mini motorised head to remove pet hair and stubborn dirt from furniture, stairs and inside the car. The motorised carbon fibre floor tool removes hair and ground in dirt from carpets, rugs and hard floors.

Pasan Karunanayake

I am very surprised about DYSON R&D team. I want buy DC59 and reverse engineer the product. There will much to learn and will be super fun.

Tio Dave

That impeller was a little out of balance or warped.

Kevin Beckenham

Trouble with the Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner his you only get 15 minutes at full power which is a big pain and limits its use in the home.Would it be possible in the future products to triple size of the battery pack ? I notice you are using a hysteresis motor, which is relies on electromagnetic drag to turn the rotor. This produces a lot of magnetic loss in form of heat. Would it be better to use neodymium permanent magnet has a rotor for future products.This would improve the magnetic efficiency of motor and less heating of motor and some improvement in battery life. Other than that it is a very good vacuum cleaner for size and portability. One good application his stair's and furniture and bedroom, especially under the bed; but there are many times you need more than 15 minutes of full power.


Young and smart, I have faith now in the next generation! Just purchased mine, and LOVING it :)

the lockness monster

Battery only lasts 26 minutes. Bummer

Kushal Patel

Hi there, I am 13 and really like dyson and all their different product designs. I think that they are really cool and inspiring. How would i be able to find out more about dyson and what it's like to work there? I would really like to work at dyson when i'm older.

Sharon Hopton

With so many of my cats hair all over the place, I don’t think the cordless is the one for me! Still love the plug in Dyson’s!


Is Dyson using Autodesk Inventor to help design it's products? I'm keen to know, since this is what I'm using at university for engineering product design. I'm starting to learn how to use the simulation tools.


Hi Tim, it's Jack at Dyson. Yes, DC59 is the new Dyson Digital Slim™ cordless vacuum. It has up to 20 minutes of high, constant suction, or 6 minutes of 100 air watts on Boost mode for stubborn dirt and pet hair. DC59 will be available in the UK from 1st October 2013. Keep an eye on dyson.co.uk for further information.

How vacuums work

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How Does a Vacuum Cleaner Work + Its Common Failures

153 562 views | 20 Aug. 2017

In this video I open a

In this video I open a broken vacuum cleaner, show what's inside and explain how does it work. I also talk about the most common failures and explain how to repair the most simple one.


-Never try to open or repair a vacuum cleaner unless you are qualified for it.

-Dangerous voltage, risk of electric shock and death.

-Dangerous moving parts, risk of serious injury.

-Springs in tension can also cause injury.

You can support me on Patreon:



It sounds like me when I step on a Lego

Sachintha Perera

superb explanation

Stephen Patterson

obviously, some kind of damage to the motor brushes due to the cheap air exhaust outlet port. A cheap design just waiting to explode.


That's not 30'000 rpm. Steel ball bearings can't survive more than 22'000 rpm


I thought it was air raid siren xD

Daniel Khadivi

Excellent video. It's very comprehensive and informative. You're an excellent troubleshooter and have great knowledge of electronics. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.If I had a kingdom, I would ask you if you'd like to be the minister (or chief engineer if you don't like being a paper-pusher) of quality control of all things electronic :)

Daniele Vetrucci

1:36 don't try this at home, lab. or whereever!


What a turd.


16:10 "Now let's turn it up a little bit."
>Proceeds to push it full power.

Samir Shahata

طريقة تغيير رومان بلى لموتور مكنسه باناسونيك

mustafa aydın

you explained well man thx

KTG 10

Sounds like an sth-10 siren

Allison Croft

I love your English accent .

Long Runner

I also gather that these include the most self-serving application imaginable for a thermal fuse: It's not for fire prevention as normal, but just to cut the miserable burning motor off before it's completely shorted out, thereby making them "safe" (barely). They're still the most cynical appliance I know by a long way, of course.
My proper shop vacuum cleaner doesn't have a thermal fuse, because it doesn't need it (as its efficient motor won't burn itself to a crisp, and a vacuum cleaner is far too noisy anyway to want to leave on unattended.)

Wai Ting

Feels like I’m watching Tony Stark invent the Iron Man suit.

Mister Master

why universal motor doesn't need run capacitor like the induction motor??

thanks for your response

dylans voice

you are a hilarious bay !! haha excellent keep it up ! your way of speaking is good. keep going with your adventures !! : )

Tomas Kozler

guys would anyone help me with this.. 10:00 taking the motor´s upper cover off. I´ve seen few videos where they did it the same way. however mine is the other way, the upper cover is inside the main cover´s ring, not outside. I´ve tried to pry it out with a knife (screwdriver wouldn´t fit), than a screwdriver, I´ve tried a bit of a power, light hammering, but I don´t know how much can I push it.
if it helps the piece is Samsung sc15f50ht
(reason is commutator is scratched needs sanding at least hopefully that´ll do)

thanks. nice video, quite funny however lots of useful info

Crazy speaker pro 95

I have the original royal 501 hand vacuum from arround 1973 (the one with the metal blade) and I did not have to replace anything other than the belt... because it was made in USA

Nova Budi

9:37 .
Whatt 2 baterai 18650 ...??? 6 volt...???

David Steinfeld

Thank you for some useful info its a shame to spend so much money to buy junk
Made in China as far as it all goes all vacuumed seem to suffer the same problems
And most of them are made in China so the story is its so much a treat to learn something new to handle the chaotic episodes the randomly occur like a complete malfunction
Or a mechanical meltdown of some kind best to keep it as clean as possible
Thank you for sharing


"Skrjeeew!" Hilarious! :D What kind of accent? Can't figure it out. :)


Turn this vacuum into a tornado siren

William Johansson


Marisa Beltran

This video gave me a nerdgasm?

SirPW Weingart Bautechnik

its a air siren

dylans voice

you might like to investigate the RegenX Motor !! : ) its a super charger kinda thing that gives accerleration to the motor and reduces motor draw and powers an extra load !! : )


There's a reason why many of them fail the way that one did, which is those hepa and pre filters become blocked which causes the
motor/fan to overspeed, then the centrifugal force becomes too high for the blades. Many owners don't even realise there are filters
either side of the fan, and most just get thrown away due to lack of suction caused by them being blocked.
They fit in perfectly to a throwaway society.

Bentang Langit

You dont show us how to open the cap

tuko kitkat

Hi, great video
Could you please tell me what wrong with my DC47 https://twitter.com/i/status/1245761521843650561

testing beta7

Nice explaination, thanks for the video.

shadow hunter xxx

Is it gaven to you for repair?

Seat Ibiza

Did you reassemble it

Allison Croft

made in china .. mmmmmmmm

Jakab Gergő

There is a filteeerr, BLUAA


dobrej, máte email na [email protected]centrum.cz, dekuji

testing beta7

haha, "the one you can clean (filter) is clean"

boban aleksic

fck man you should't narrate videos ..

Hugh Glassey

sounds like a air raid siren


Sofía Vergara

Sanyasirao Senapathi

How to open an armature from Vacuumed cleaner


Nobody: Škoda Felicja without exhaust at 3AM: 0:08

Vacuum cleaner Enfusiast

You should of just opened it up an removed the broken blades and try to move the plastic blades back into shape


Which one shorts usually or more often, the stator or the rotor windings?

Bader Aouachi

Bary bery guud

The Invincible

How to open motor?? I can't figure out, stuck on this stage from last week. Urgent help needed. Thanks.

S Yuan

4:29 I thought he was going to smash the machine XD


Obviously thats a V10 powered vacuum cleaner

Gab Racal

Why can't vacuum cleaners just have an induction motor? They are more quiet and efficient than the universal motors.

Rouge Stream

The motor of my vacuum cleaner has sparks inside of it

Mihai (Yuri)

How can I get my hand on one of those raid sirens?

Kiraro The Kitsune

You need a vacuum to clean that vacuum.

Ontopof Theroof

No, a vacuum cleaner doesn't become that dirty even after many years of usage. Either a bag broke spilling its innards, or the bag was inserted incorrectly causing a leak where the collar of the bag should make a sealed connection to the hose. Especially cheap motors don't take this much dirt well due to the resulting imbalance of the impeller, or seizing up of that impeller. BTW, the foam around the motor is for sound dampening.

Kostolnik Kazer

Pane že Vy ste Čech?

Martin Kuba

Včera nám chytnul motor ve vysavači plamenem :(

Matej Spasovski

My vacuum cleaner is about 21 years old and it still works like brand new without changing the motor

karthi keyan

How to solve carbon&rotor sparking problem.

Martin Kuba

Tu elektroniku (regulátor) jsem si dal do krabičky, a mam ho na svém vysavači, nebo vrtačce, nebo flexe, co mají jen jednu rychlost. A hodně to využívám!

nicholas. hassett

i wish we had cunts like this teaching in schools instead of muppets that can sometimes know less than 3/4 of the class in a stem subject...........

Tanmay Creations

Hi, thanks for your excellent video!
I want to ask one problem I am facing with my vacuum cleaner (model: Eureka Forbes Trendy Steel Vacuum Cleaner). One day the zip of the dust bag was open and I used the vacuum cleaner in a dusty area and I immediately smelled something wrong. So, I switched off the machine immediately. Then after some days in opened and cleaned the motor of the vacuum cleaner and cleaned all dust and debris. There was no smell of coil getting burnt. I dropped few drops of machine oil on both the bearings. After starting, I could see lots of sparks near the bushes and different smell coming from the machine.
Kindly, suggest the probable problem and its solution.


Can I use vacuum cleaner for high voltage plasma exp??

Simon Dering

Could you pleaaaaasee stop saying sreeewwws ???


A siren, Sounds like someone just escaped from prison.


I didnt know you can run 2- 18650 batteries (6v) in series to make the motor run.

KTG 10

Sounds like a federal signal STH-10 siren

Sanyasirao Senapathi

Sujest to remove armature from Uroclean Vacuume cleaner -300

Immi khan

If a vaccum cleaner is not sucking the dust but the motor is running what is ths issue

Garry Gemmell

Very interesting testing with the 18650 batteries!


No schematic this time?

Krotitel Duchů

Ta angličtina je báječná hned poznám krajana. Mluvím stejně :-)


Components in Vacuum cleaner's must be very standardised these days... or maybe just from the same factory in China.
I took apart a broken Vacuum a few months ago and many of the big internal components were IDENTICAL to this one.... especially the motor (even including the same foam wrapped around it's case)
I will check the motor (I kept it of course) tomorrow to see if it is Kingclean Electric Company.... or see if it has a different "manufacturer".


nice siren

Smoked Robot Pâté

Yay buddy!!!!


you could fix the motor by finding a new fan and plastic assembly if you have them , but being able to buy these for under 14£ on ebay its easier just to buy a brand new motor

Ben Crawshaw

Why is the last word In every sentence he says over emphasizeeeeeeeeed


does it smells like a burning motor before ???


I like your accent

David Perry

If I make a working suction motor, it would be an efficient 700 watt 2 stage switched reluctance motor that sounds like an late 1980s through 1990s vacuum cleaner motor and be very very powerful.

KIRO Sift renegade 2

9:38 motor can start from 3 volt!????

Suraj Chavare

Good job sir

ExperiMental plasma


Barto Cattaneo

It sounds like a motorbike

Muhammad Azeem

What was the solution bro


Damn, when poor made ... loool

Crash Nebula

20 euro il motore completo e assemblato

Overclocked Life

I hit that subscribe button for that English accent fella. :)


i can unscrew the motor, the whole turbin moves with it

Leos Technik Kanal

How long did it work , before it broke ?


in my garage i have 30-years-old vacuum cleaner - Polish production Predom Zelmer. i use it to vacuum my car. It works perfectly after this time

dylans voice

"can aii ran it on batereees?!!" haha yes i can !! excellent i loves ya attitude !!ha : ) im gonna try it !!

Private Name

You are a cartoon character.

Muhammad salahuddin

nice work


Hi bro I want motor top side impler.my vacuum damage in this part

Ghost 777

What a beautiful accent ???

Ard wych

Very disconcerting.
Holding the tone of and extending every last word of every sentence makes for difficult listeniiiiiiiiing.

Loo Wai Kit

stop talking indianglish !!! cant stand anymore of your talking !!!


Bloody Hell! Put a screw driver in a mains socket ... that's weird an crazy! ;-)

Siamese Cat

Thanks for showing how to open the motor. I'm replacing the front bearing of the rotor right now. It made a horrible sound.
The small printboard of my hover looks exactly the same, but the IC is programmed by the manufacturer. They are available online, but empty. The working program must be loaded by the manufacturer.

Viktorek Lastovička

Prosím udělal by jste to video i v češtině nebo s titulkama sbíram a opravují vysavače a tak by jsem se rád něco priucil

SykeAmer88 _

I love the hum that it makes something with my vac I just barely turn it on then off again quickly just to hear that hummmmmmmmm.

How vacuums work

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How a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner works

78 983 views | 10 Apr. 2009

This is a clip from

This is a clip from Deconstructed showing the disassembly of a robot floor vacuum cleaner. The host takes the device apart and shows you how it works.


Music sux. Had to quit watching. Liked what guy was sayimg


I have the roomba 560 model, and always wondered why it can't go over black carpet?


@lowaza : its coz the IR waves gets absorbed by black color and are not reflected back. so in this case .. the robot consider it as a stairway or cliff and stops itself to change direction ;-)

Dan Frederiksen

worthy of nasa tv. and that means awful childish hype. and they didn't talk about the cleaning mechanisms, how awful a job it does, how aimless it goes about etc


"it avoids crashing into stuff" wtf? if it didn't crash into stuff it wouldn't need/use the bumpers! stupid... =/

Mohamed Hussein


Kyle Perez

"Infared" is not a word.

Sidhant Srivastava

who is watching this for robotics hw


Ridiculous narration lol

Natheesh Kumar

Returning mechanism is missing

Glimor Cabalan

cool robot 1million $

Elton Singh

its the scooba


But, that’s a Scooba ^v^ love my Roombas


Infrared is really not that revolutionary. I mean heck the fn wii remote uses it for pointer tracking and can be produced by candles