How to get white face

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HOW TO: Flawless White Face - Halloween / Costume Makeup

303 084 views | 16 Jul. 2013

EDIT (2020): Find an

EDIT (2020): Find an updated version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGXotWUiH_A&feature=youtu.be

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Music: Kevin MacLeod - Deliberate Thought


You still look pretty without eyebrows and foundation!

Candii A.L.

Actual steps start at 1:23

Siobahn H

Does it work with other colors as well?

Contessa Dent

Are you French? My Grandmother was born in France. And I spoke when I was small. I am trying to relearn it.

Damun Gracenin

Beats greasepaint! Thank you, Lenitschka!

hanmanth hanmanth



Thank you for sharing this! Hope I can get my face to look that good for Hallowe'en.


thx so much :-)

Essa B

Whats the thing called you rubbed on you face at the begining and is it like vassaline??


But it looks patchy and you can still see your skin color beneath because its uneven :/

Layla Dantour

omg you have the most amazing porcelain skin wow!


Super helpful. Thank youu


Was your sponge wet or dry?

Todd Alan Wilson

awesome happy Halloween!

Lisa Lambert

Random question but does anyone know is it possible to contour over white face paint? I hate how wide my face is when I don't wear my glasses and I feel much better when I sculpt my face with makeup because I feel it slims down my face and, unfortunately I can't wear glasses with my costume this year :( if someone could give me advice asap it would be greatly appreciated

M'kenna Sorensen

Can this be done with the Mehron fantasy fx face paints? The one that I have is in a tube.


great tips for face painting! But what would you recommend for those who have eyebrows?


For anyone who doesn't have a primer on hand/ can't afford a good one, I use a home made mixture of baby lotion and pure aloe vera gel and it works the same


"Face paint"....what kind?!

Analise Nichole


Kaseus 0220

I wanted to do a cosplay, but the character has white skin, while I have brown. i know skin colour in such cases is not really a big issue, but i just want to portray the character as accurately as I can. Since it is a more drastic change, will this work for me? As in, will medium-brown skinned people look ashy ?

Jenny Casanas

Hi, I am going for a "day of the dead" look with black circles around my eyes to look like a skull. Do you recommend the same technique for black makeup? Using the moisturizer with the black makeup? Thanks! :)


Will the mixing with cream work for water-based paint (like snazaroo body paint that requires water to blend it)?
Also, how can someone conceal blemishes under face paint when try a slightly more natural look (like grey colored alien skin)?

Diana M.

umm what did you mix with the face paint? i was kinda lost XD

Katie Cline

Thank you sooo much!! For the life of me, I could not figure out how to apply the cheap face paint from Walmart. It always looked so blotchy and thick, and I thought I was stupid because it looked awful when I did it! I can't wait to try this!

Lena Lednicka

That's a great question =) but to be honest I haven't tried it with different colors. When/if I do, I'll definitely get back to you =)

Kate Shorter

Nice job! thank you.

glen power-williams

Best white face video on youtube!! This will help my friend who's going to do the Red Queen for Halloween.


Thank you so much for this really good explanation!!! ?


Thanks for the great tips!

Lena Lednicka

I'm very glad I coul help you out! If you want to, you can send me a picture of your mummy makeup/costume to my facebook page, you can find the link in the description bar. I'd be happy to see what you came up with =)


que bosta como vim aki


thank you soo much you saved the day <3333 best tutorial ive seen thanks so much

Jenny Casanas

I am doing a dia de los muertos makeup and I was wondering if I could use the same technique you used for black makeup? I need to use black face paint around my eyes, but I wasn't sure if I could use moisturizer in that. Thank you!! :)

chauncey hulbert

Will silocone based lube work as a primer?


thank you so much! just tried white make-up for the first time today (BEFORE I saw your video!) and I made a big mess! thank you for the help!

Brayden Williamson

You are a beautiful woman!

Lena Lednicka

Awesome! Send me a picture of how your makeup turned out to my facebook page, the link is in the description bar, I'd love to see it! =)

Brooke Schnoor

You are still gorgeous with no eyebrows! Great video ^^

Lena Lednicka

No problem, glad I could help! =)

brooks stayer

Hello, would you please let me know where I can purchase all of your products.  I will be in a play with our local community theatre mid-August.  


Is it a bad idea to set it in with baby powder?

Wanda Andreu

Hi Lena, thank you so much for this video! I’ve been wanting to make my face white and always failed. I’m going to order the primer now... that’s probably the reason why it came out bad. Lol... This is the first time I googled face painting and you were my first click. Lol You’re adorable!

Atlas Nox

You seem like an amazing person

Jayzen Ros

5:48 thank me later...

Melanie Escobar

Can I use the airspun powder since I don't have a white one


best one on YouTube!!! I really needed this


What would you recommend for doing the heath ledger joker? I really like how the make up in this video turned out, but I feel like the joker should be alot more grittier

Laila G

What kind of face paint do you suggest?

Wannabe 1 Me

At school we're only allowed to paint half of our face so I'm trying to find a way to make my skin look pale fully and legally. ??
This helped.

Cuca Rodriguez

U look like a ghost lol

Maria Sanchez

This was so helpful thank you !! I had a hard time working with the cheap Walmart face paint but will try this method

Stacy Litwin

This is perfect! Everything else looks way too paper white and too heavy, this is exactly the tip I needed!

Aesthetic Trash

I'm here because I need this Tuesday it's Sunday hope I can find it somewhere near me


how would you do it with a goatee? and how do u block out your eyebrows?


You have the best white face video! Thanks for sharing.

Analise Nichole

This is going to help me so much, I'm doing an evil ice queen, this is perfect, thank you!

Amanda Thornton

where can i get the face paint

Anita Müller

Tu é brasileira? Pelo sotaque parece. Anyway, eu tava procurando um vídeo exatamente assim. Muito obrigada!!

Andrew Williams

I am planning on doing this for my Halloween costume this year, but I could REALLY use some help: I have no idea what a face cream is or which one to buy! :D All of them are $20+ and say things like "age defying" or "wrinkle reducing." I don't need magic snake oil, and I don't want to spend $20+ to paint my face white once. Anyone have any advice on inexpensive face creams that work well with this technique? I bought a $0.99 travel-size Nivea cream... but then I read that Nivea is heavy and not a good choice for this :/


Awesome, thank you! I am dressing up as Gene Simmons for tonight! Hope the makeup will look Kiss-tastic lol

Lillianne Calder

who else thought that she already had the white face paint on in the begginning

Gina Lekasdottir

Why not use water activated face paint? One it's dried, it sets, period. You can even buy something that will help keep it from getting diluted with sweat.


can you add a touch of foundation to the face paint and moisturizer?

Lena Lednicka

Yes, a daily moisturizer, just make sure it's one that doesn't have a thick consistency because the point of this is to make the thick face paint smoother and easier to apply =)

Delainie Bullis

If you mix the white face paint with a white lotion, will it still be the same like the day cream?

Terrance Atkins

Awesome! I'm doing a Paul Stanley costume tonight! Your tips are going to really help! Thx!


You already have a white face. O.O

T. S.

This is a great method and makes a huge difference with making the makeup smooth. I'm doing a Victorian costume for Halloween.

Delainie Bullis

This was really helpful with my halloween costume!!

Alicia Lemburg

I've never used white face makeup before and was worried about it looking greasy but I just tried your process and it was so easy and looks great! Thanks so much!! PS I'm using it as a base for a mummy costume and works perfect!

Star shine

This was a really helpful tutorial !
can u plz tell me if i can use Dove cream to mix with the paint ?
This is very imp for me so plz do reply !

Laila G

Great tutorial! I am planning on being the Corpse Bride For Halloween. Any suggestions on how to create that pale blue face she has?

Lena Lednicka

Absolutely not! =) It's the perfect substitute for a white powder and you know it's safe for your skin because it's made for babies =)

Mercedes Lee

Question dose this smear with a eye mask?

Chloe Schultz

LARP here I come!


Thanks so much for this! I cosplay as Eric Draven AKA The Crow from the Brandon Lee movie and this will help with my face make up so much! I have Snazzaroo, which is a water based make up that is only as thick as you make it, but i still have issues and i see now that my problem was that i wasn't using a sponge and wasn't setting it right, so thanks for the help! I might post a video tutorial for my Crow cosplay and if I do i will list you in the credits!

Ангелина Вагизова

я одна тут русская?


This was extremely helpful! I've had quite a challenge for some time with my Mehron white facepaint not covering as evenly as I want, and having it dry up and fall away, and I feel like this will help immensely, thank you very much for your assistance!


Do you ever run into issues with the makeup looking patchy or thin?

Sam Gossom

For step 1 can you use water


All over my face... I tried not to make it nasty.

Jenniffer Garcia

Hello Lena, can I use a water based paint on top of this base?


Where habe u been all my life??? ????? it was the modt helpful video eeeeever!!!! So cool. Thank you so much

Alex B

She's already as white as the paint. Need someone who has more melanin in their skin to do a vid

Minty Sh1t

Thank you so much! i used your method and it flawlesss!

Tina Slovakova

daily moisturizer, any kind should work as she said

Chamutal .Gallin

Thanks! this was really helpful.


why did you give us a warning you look good without makeup

2D's blue-ty shorts

I will be the puppet from fnaf this year, and I have no idea about how to correctly blend and apply make up. Do you have any tips on how to do this? Also, sorry if you said this in the video and I didn't catch it, but where do you get that white make up that you use, and how much is it? I have been using that creamy, horrible make up that you can get at Walmart or spirit Halloween that comes in the tube, so it doesn't really blend well, but the stuff you have in that little thing seems to be much better quality. Thanks for such a thorough and straightforward video! It was amazingly helpful.


I am a juggalette and when I go to parties/concerts/take photos I paint my face. The base is white but when I try to apply it the paint comes out streaky! This video helps alot! Thank you so much! Much Clown Love!

Karina xo

This was so helpful thank you x

101 101

HELP if your tan will this still work


Why moisturize? is that for general everyday care or does it change how the foundation/powder appear afterwards?

Bettina Quijano

So sad you didn't do the Catman look when u did the kiss make-up.

Stephanie Hickman

Harley Quinn hee hee.

ZN Zelo


Erica Christman

You look like Kate winslet lol! thanks for the tutorial! Really helped

Dahlia Gloom

does this work if im half black and so i have medium skin

Cyle Tomahawk


How to get white face

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MD Moheb

Where is result??

Paramjitkaur Saini

My 13years old girl can also use this remidi

mr mr

good job

Asfakur Rahman

Good job ??

YouTube Gamers

It's been not working

Shaikh Shehnaz 66

Thanks for this ❤

How to get white face

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