New wash bumble and bumble

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Carl's Big Adventure! | Carl's Car Wash Mini-Movie | Cartoon for Kids

32 345 260 views | 15 Aug. 2018

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When work on a nearby construction site revs up, Carl is visited by three large, very dirty construction vehicles. The problem is, Carl’s Car Wash is not big enough to fit them! Carl has an idea! He can supersize his car wash so the vehicles can easily roll in and get a proper scrub-a-dub-dub. He just needs a few parts. With the help of some old friends and their trusty vehicles, Carl sets out on a big adventure to the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean, the highest heights in the land, and beyond! Don't miss our hero Carl in his first mini-movie as he pushes himself to the limit in the name of vehicular cleanliness! car wash bigger so he can wash the construction vehicles?

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New wash bumble and bumble

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Hairstory - New Wash 30 day Trial & Results | Down to Earth Beauty | Fun | WavyKate

17 414 views | 10 Aug. 2017

A little while ago, I

A little while ago, I started a 30 day trial on New Wash from Hairstory. It's now time to share with you how the trial went and what I made of New Wash after using it exclusively until it ran out.

Being quite a fussy customer when it comes to hair products in general, I was excited and apprehensive at the idea of using just one product to both cleanse and condition my difficult hair. It also being suitable for all hair types made me wonder on it's abilities to cope with my curly mop. So, how did I get on?.....

If after watching my review, you're interested in trying any of the Hairstory products for yourself, you can access their shop through the following link* http://shophairstory.com/www/shopDirectLink/300072081

Products Mentioned...

Hairstory - New Wash, Dressed Up & Hair Balm

Links Worth Checking out...

Hairstory First Impressions - https://youtu.be/SR0dRqfftUU

Official Website - http://hairstory.com/

Have a look at my instagram for more info and pictures from my trial...you can also search for the hashtag #takeashowerwithus

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/wavykate/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

instagram - https://www.instagram.com/wavy.kate/?hl=en

twitter - https://twitter.com/wavykatew?lang=en

Snapchat - wavykatew


Thank you to Hairstory for sending me these products to test. I was not paid to produce this content, but Hairstory did provide these products to me free of charge in return for my honest review.

*I have included an affiliated link to the Hairstory shop, if you wish to use it, a percentage of that purchase will go towards supporting me and my channel. Alternatively, you can quote my name (Kate Wright) upon checkout to support me.

These are simply my own thoughts based on using the products mentioned. I'm an honest gal and just want to keep it real :-) I am in no way a guru, but then i'm sure you'll realise that after you've watched this....lol.

Where possible, I use TinyURL.com to make shorter hyperlinks to help make this description box tidier and less annoying to look at :-)

Thanks for watching




My stylist just introduced me to this. I'm ecstatic. He flat ironed me Friday, and today is the first day I feel a real need to wash. I got to just wake up, brush my hair, and it still stayed beautifully straight! Have you ever used oil cleansing for your face? This product is the same. Oil dissolves oil.

Janine Isaac

I am a new wash lover! I am so glad you made this video to put their company out there. It is well worth the money. I am on a pretty tight budget , but I make it work to keep the new wash coming. NOTHING is like it. I tried the cheaper “cowash” or cleansing creams. They do not do what new wash does. HAIRSTORY IS THE REAL DEAL. ?
Another note: my children are mixed race, black and white and have different textures of hair and they all love what New Wash does for their hair as well!


Your hair looks beautiful Kate ?


Completely unrelated to the New Wash, I thought I'd send you this here anyway. I hope that was ok. Anyhoo, I've heard you speak about your hyperpigmentation several times and for some reason I get notifications from Rodial UK and they have a set for whitening and brightening that was £117 but now it's in the outlet for £35. It's a luxury brand so they should have pretty good products but maybe if you're interested, read some reviews from others. I never make a skin care purchase without reading reviews. It helps so much. Just thought I'd let you know because I know how stubborn hyperpigmentation is. I had so many spots from sunbathing and acne spots. I still have some left but not much. My skin hasn' t seen the sun for over 5 years....lol


Hi everyone. Sorry it's a bit late today! Let me know if you're tempted to give it a go, or whether you have already! Xxx

Wineke de Boer

Yay, first to like!?? I feel a bit sorry for your beautiful curls now that you're planning on testing other products...

Mary J

Thank you for your review! I was getting nervous, after seeing a few reviews saying that this product made their hair greasy. Your review has given me hope again. I did order this product to try. Hope I'm not disappointed. Your hair is gorgeous!!

Makayla Borchers

Ty for this, your hair is STUNNING

Bonnae Davis

Your hair looks beautiful. You have done such thorough research and I say STOP RIGHT NOW. Your hair loves New Wash. You love New Wash. Don't waste another minute, bad hair day, or penny on another shampoo.?.

Katerina P

heyy do you still use hair wash?


p.s. one of the better letters from a brand about pricing and philosophy - totally convincing : )


Great thorough review~~I loved the company's answer as well! (I have tried the Wen products you mentioned and omg, horrible. Caused such a buildup, gross. I also got a postcard about a civil lawsuit that people were suing that company ,so I wouldn't recommend anyone trying that brand!). But this Hairstory brand seems great, thanks ?

Marleen G.

22£ on your hair a month is a lot! I wash weekly, use a sulfate shampoo, and spend the most money on my stylers (Shea Moisture, Cantu, Eco Styler). But it will not get me up to that amount of money a month! A bottle of shampoo lasts me ages, as do my conditioners, and they don't cost a lot as they are regular drugstore brands. Maybe you can review the regular drugstore brands? That would be something!

Georgia Killman

Do you have any before Newwash pictures of your hair and how did it effect your scalp?

deborah caleb raffaele

Thanks for this. I loved the review. Are you still using New Wash? I was a bit weary about not using conditioner on curly hair and if New Wash is good for detangling. Also with the price because I wash my hair 3 or 4 times a week. But watching this makes me more intrigued about trying the product.


even if this lasted me a year I still couldn't afford it :'( if it was pay-per-month maybe lol


I’m late to the game but thank you for this review! I’m researching how New Wash performs on wavy hair and came across your channel. Have you used it since this video? I think I will give it a try. I love the idea of only one product that provides moisture for waves without the heaviness and buildup of a cowash. Thank you again ??

Marleen G.

I wash with a regular sulfate shampoo (because I have a scalp condition - I just have to) and condition twice after washing, and sometimes use an oil rinse (on the lengths only). Then I invest the most in my stylers. Products by Shea Moisture, Cantu, etc. And some Eco Styler on top. It's awesome and it works for me. I like it when you try products for your hair, Kate, maybe you can make it a regular segment!

Lucy AM

I'm intrigued by this product and think I will have to try it despite the cost. Your hair looks gorgeous, shiny and healthy!! ?

Kaylyn Milton

I would love to see you hair looooong! Can you grow it out? You would look like a gorgeous model!!!???

Yvonne Green

Am really tempted to get this I have just bought sher moisturiser shampoo and conditioner and hair mask maybe after my sher moisturiser has finished


Oh Kate. Just love your presentation. Nailed it ! : )

Kd Rodas

Diva curl ? :)

Sam Dawson

Thank you! Fantastic and informative review. I love your honesty and the reply from the company was great - a good philosophy. It was this review that finally swung me towards giving it a go. Will let you know how it goes on fine straight hair :)

Margaret Penny

Don't forget, regarding cost, that you have to add Custom's Duty, which I think is 20% !

Yvonne Green

Your hair looks amazing x

Mel Dejesus

Here's my link to hair story
Also! The brush is so f*cking amazing,it's so stimulating on your scalp my goshhh ,switching to new wash has been a game changer! Biodegradable contents, refillable,keeps your color looking vibrant if you do indeed color,doesn't strip,actually protects and add shine and life,bounce,my gosh there's so many benefits I can't name them all. Thank you for your review lovely you hair looks great!!

TJ Cybula

Are you still loving new hair now that it is 2020? Curious if your opinion has changed over time?

DJ Elzinga

You might want to try the Deciem product called Hair is Fabric. Interesting stuff, it's a wash and condition in one product too.It comes in a tube and is nice and rich. I get the purple to keep my grey from going brassy

Rebecca Brougham

THANKS! I was wondering what it would really be like, I'm going to jump in and give it a whirl. I have annoying sensitive skin and I have been on the search for EVER! I'm so excited.

Vickie Jones

I may have to break down and buy this. I have very curly, fine, dry hair. I have tried a few "no poo" hair products that just didn't work for me (Wen included -- it was terrible for me).

New wash bumble and bumble

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36 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Enjoy my latest product

Enjoy my latest product review of the New Wash by Hairstory! Let me know if you guys have tried this product!!

(P.s. I realized after I finished editing this video that something is stuck in my tooth. I was eating blueberries before I filmed this. Oops, happens to us all at some point lol.)

For PR inquires or Business Collaborations:

[email protected]

#newwash #hairstory #hairreview @hairstorystudio

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*Some of the above links are affiliate links, and I may make a small commission if you shop through them, which I really appreciate as it really helps support my channel. (:

*Thank you @Hairstory for sending me this New wash to try out! I love it!

*All opinions stated are my own about this product/review.

#haircare #shampoo #cowash

Sarah Maher

Hey Lynn and max! Thank you for the review! Natural

Jennifer Luvs Lou

Have you tried the shampoo that comes like bath bomb ?

Summer Brooks

Hi i am bumbee from one of your youcam live vids

Stacey Richardson

They are being mindful of people with arthritis I bet. That is a really awesome idea!