Pfb vanish review

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PFB Vanish + Chromobright Review

825 views | 3 Dec. 2020

PFB Vanish + Chromabright

PFB Vanish + Chromabright combats and releases ingrown hairs while helping lighten dark spots that can be caused by ingrown hair scarring. Salicylic acid gently clarifies clogged pores


Skincare Test: https://mailchi.mp/911ba2a61340/ph_questionnaire

Get your Guide to Understanding Acne - https://gumroad.com/l/RGxpa

Get it on Amazon: https://amzn.to/36AhJaP

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Qistina Marisya

hi there! i really need to ask you something.....do you know what is a good product to get rid of acne?

Rubina D'souza

Helpful! Totally getting this :)

Pfb vanish review

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78 136 views | 16 Jan. 2018

Hola! I use this product

Hola! I use this product for dark areas on/around my body. It's been working so far but here are the details below: + Follow our Instagram: @BeautyBossLagos for more beauty reviews

Product Name: PFB Vanish + Chroma Bright

Where to buy: (Mostly online stores so you'll have to ship to Lagos or order it to a friend's house)

Amazon : https://www.amazon.com/PFB-Vanish-Chromabright-93-grams/dp/B005GXQ02I

Derm-Store: https://www.dermstore.com/profile_PFB+Vanish_501060.htm?keyword=pfb%20vanish

Price: $30 (including shipping, ya girl used a black friday discount code)

Please let me know if you want to see more reviews like this and please like, comment and subscribe to our blog: www.beautybosslagos.com and follow our Instagram: @BeautyBossLagos


- BeautyBossLagos


Thanks for this video! Do you recommend it for sensitive skin?


To be honest, I have used this product as the only product for my underarms and this changed my life. I started using safety razors from Oui Shave on my underarms because I wanted to be more eco friendly and these razors caused me the worst case of irritation on my underarms... Like MY UNDERARMS TURNED BLACK, THEY WERE ITCHY ALL THE TIME AND MY UNDERARM SKIN WAS ACTUALLY COMING OFF AND FALLING OFF IN CHUNCKS and THAT WAS AFTER 1 USE ONLY. Needless to say I stopped completely and let my hair grow for about 3 months, I also stopped using antiperspirant and switched to natural, clean deodorants. Months later, my skin stopped shedding and I got waxed and noticed that my underarms were still quite black even after 3 months of not touching my underarms and the lady who waxes me recommended the chromabright product and let me tell you that I am 3 month in and the blackness under my arm is completely gone! No more itching, no more irritation and no more skin falling off. I currently even stopped using deodorant, the only thing that I use for my underarm is the chromabright after I shower. The only con is that it does sting quite a bit when you first put it on and leaves a bit of a white cast but other than that, my underarms are healthier than ever and actually, my sweat smells like nothing at all! As a black girl with hyperpigmentation issues I 10000% recommend this. However, do not use it right after getting a wax or a shave as I said, it stings quite a bit!


Holy, you are so gorgeous and your make-up looks fab as well! Thanks for sharing, I've been thinking about buying this for a week or so and think I'm just gonna go for it. I would still love to hear about the progress you've had. xx

Sonja S

I have dark spots on my legs. I think they call it Strawberry Legs. I’m hoping this will work for that.

Hannah Haidinger

Can you use it right after shaving or waxing or not?

Diamond Barthelemy

How do you deal with the skin peeling

Dee C

Any advice on burns from the product?.... it did it’s job of getting rid of the blemishes but now my neck I believe is permanently burned... looks dark and someone reptile like of that makes sense ( kind of like how the back of a heavier person looks sometimes)... sorry not sure how else to describe it

Charlene Bara

Can it work on already existing razor bumps esp on the chin area?

Courtney Nelson

Should I use a moisturizer afterwards?

Bruce Robertson

You're so gorgeous


Don’t blabber on please show pictures god so annoying


Do the ingrown hairs come back if you stop using the product after it’s healed?


No before and after pics?


I don't know why i'm watching this, I don't even have skin.

Rasha Almarri

Ok so I was using it on my ankle and my ankles aren’t that dark but after a while my left ankle turned brown why’s that ?how can I get rid of it?

Jazzy Too cute

I started using this product almost two weeks and my bikini line got a lot darker but I haven’t started peeling yet should I keep using it?

Lotus Flower

I order mine today. What is the name of the song by the way?

Joanna Pope

Using it now for face. Yeah.. a chick with whiskers :(


I'm very late but ive been dealing with growing ingrown hairs a lot recently and its been nagging at me horribly. I have a couple of questions and i hope you can answer them!

1. What can i apply after i use the pfb? I've heard you need to use a moisturizer but what kind?

2. Do i have to stop using the product gradually when i do want to stop or can i just stop altogether?

3. I know you have to be consistent but i can stop whenever i want to correct?

4. I let the product just dry out on my skin correct?

(Sorry for so many questions, i just want to be informed about this producr before i apply it so i dont carelessly mess up my skin.)

Teaisa Nyre

Does It Burn ?

Randi Miran

Do you stop using it a week or so before you get a wax?

Glowing Up

Do you have a two month update on this please? Would love to know how you found it after consistent use.


Happened to stumble across this video today! thanks for the review.

Joyleen Agramonte C.

Can it work on old scars on legs ? Thank you for the review!

Kaylaa Nashaay

Does it peel until you stop using it or supposed to? Bc mine only peeled the first week.

Kaylaa Nashaay

It takes forever to dry.. ?

Kimberly Wright

Did anyone use it for ingrown hair on your face?


I just started using this product as a recommendation from my aesthetician and it is amazing!


Is it possible to use deodorant when you use the product during the day? And after taking a shower, do I use lotion before using the product then use deodorant?

Pfb vanish review

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My Hygiene Routine Summer 2020 + Tips on Staying Fresh All Day ?

8 249 views | 12 Jun. 2020

Hey y’all ? this is my

Hey y’all ? this is my requested hygiene routine I wanted to share with you all ? Enjoy! For more videos SUBSCRIBE, comment video suggestions & let me know what you’d like to see ?

Links to the products mentioned in the video:

- Activated Charcoal:


- Coochy Shave Cream:


- Pfb Vanish:


- Coffee Body Scrub:

Cacao Coffee Scrub | Frank Body

- PH-D Boric Acid Suppositories:

PH-D Feminine Health Boric Acid Yeast Infection Relief - 24ct : Target

(Amazon Link):

Amazon.com: pH-D Feminine Health, First Woman Owned Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories, Made in USA, Bottle of 24 (600mg): Health & Personal Care

Follow me on Instagram ? : @a.erry

For business inquires contact: [email protected]

#hygiene #routine #summer2020 #hygieneroutine2020 #summerhygieneroutine2020

Life with Amber

Your curls are EVERYTHING ???

simply cyd

Ig. simply.cyd

Life with Amber

I bought the mouthwash I actually like it but idk about the 24hr either lol

Antionette Rayford

Please don’t forget the sunblock ?. Use year around 365?✨✨✨


What app you use to make an intro?


Try the unscented Dr bronners..it's more gentler ?

Olivia Chimdalu Nwosu

You’re really pretty.

Yvonne Harris

Dej loaf twin

Torra McFarland

omg your hair is so nice

Breanna Banks

I love your video but the charcoal thing is a huge no. Yes, it whitens your teeth but it also thins it out so its easier and more prone to get yellow.

Antisocial Buttercup

Your hair is definitely popping ??I’m digging it


yes boo ya curls are poppin ? love it and love this video! ?

Laquita Kotey

? insta:Itsqui.qui

Jean A

I loved your video! Your hair is so cute...ty ??

Lifestyles of K.D.

Hey sis?

Lanese M

Them dollar tree 6 blade razors are bomb I love them

Hailey Marie grande

you’re reallyyyyy pretty omg ?


Ohhhh you so pretty though. short hair is for you ?

Nevaeh Christopher

Skin care routineeeeee plsss you face is clear and glowing beautiful


The cutest ??


Can you do a hair video

T. ixz

I love your hygiene routines and your hair is so pretty ??

amina st

You have very pretty smile and your natural hair is very pretty and makes u very girly?