Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide sunscreen

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Which Mineral Sunscreen is the Best? | Extensive Review and Wear Test

28 686 views | 14 Apr. 2018

The majority of

The majority of foundations do not provide an appropriate level of, if any, broad spectrum sun protection. But, it's frustrating when your favorite foundation just breaks apart when you apply sunscreen first. In this video I review five of top-rated mineral-based sunscreens on my fair, sensitive, and combination skin.

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NeoStrata Targeted Treatment Sheer Physical Protection SPF 50

* 7% titanium dioxide, 6% zinc oxide

* $37 for 1.7oz ($21.76/oz)


La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50

* 11% titanium dioxide

* $33.50 for 1.7oz ($19.70/oz)


Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen SPF 50 Tinted Face Mineral Lotion

* 4% titanium dioxide, 4% zinc oxide

* $12.99 for 3 oz ($4.33/oz)


Paula's Choice CALM Redness Relief SPF 30 Mineral Moisturizer for Normal to Oily Skin

* 2% titanium dioxide, 6% zinc oxide

* $29 for 2oz ($14.50/oz)


EltaMD UV Clear

* 9% zinc oxide 7.5% octinoxate

* $32.50 for 1.7oz ($19.11/oz)


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Tom Cat

27 minute video? Botanical by Australian gold won't wash off. Elta md gives me a rash.

Julie O

The anthelios is awful as soon as you put it in. I’m not liking it. First day using it today. Probably won’t use it again because it’s so greasy.


I love Australian Gold! I use it as a primer under my foundation as well.

E Fran

Awesome video. I’m very much enjoying your content. Thanks for all the information. I’m learning quite a bit. Is it best to get a physical sunscreen with both zinc and titanium or is it ok so long as it has one or the other? Also, does the percentage matter or is it the spf that is critical? Finally, for those of us with malasma looking for the best uva possible, should we only look for a++++ rated sunscreen to assure best uva? I’m trying desperately to figure this out....hope I’m close. High spf with a A++++ rating ,must have one or the other—zinc or titanium, and iron oxiide for visible light? Right? Thanks so much. ?

Samantha Crawford

I’m not sure if this test is great bc blotting ur sunscreen before makeup application would make u loose spf coverage bc what sunscreen does is form a film on the face, by blotting ur disturbing that film of spf protection. Even just applying makeup upsets it a little bit and makes u loose spf power. My mission is to apply by disturbing the sunscreen layer the least amount possible. Also u do need to reapply through out the day. You shouldn’t have the same layer on for 7 hours straight. I just put my reapplication right on top of everything. I stopped spending so much time on makeup and really just rely on tinted sunscreen for coverage and a small amount of concealer and cream blush so when I reapply I can just add more blush on top and I’m good to go. I usually don’t even touch up the concealer after reapplication. The natural look is just so much easier and my skin is more protected than it has been my entire life!

Liz Torres

I have no idea how Angie from Hit and Flashy wears liquid makeup with the Australian Botanical sunscreen. It doeant like wetness. When I apply a damp sponge on top, or liquid foundation, or concealer it comes off. My makeup just doesn't look as nice as it could with it.


I am not liking the elta md uv clear. It balls up and starts peeling if you are trying to use the amount needed to get the spf marked on the bottle. It just made my foundation look horrible. I am trying to finish using this bottle.

Sarahhh Beth

This was very helpful!!


Too dark, you say? ? Perfect for me, then!

Leslie Gallagher

I appreciate this review. I am combo skin (normal to dry all over with oily nose and chin) and love Australian Gold. My derm doctor said that 4%zinc is not good enough to protect my skin from UVA. I am currently trying all the Elta MD products. I love UV Daily for hydration but it is not water resistant which is important to me year round because of hot flashes. I think I am purchasing the Elta MD Elements because it has both hydration and water resistance like the Australian Gold did but with more zinc.


Loved your review. Very informative and complete!


I recommend you try the La Roche Posay regular formula without the tint. It blends nicely and would be perfect for your complexion.


Super long video but very informative

MelodyandBryan Phillips

I’m surprised you don’t have more subscribers, good job!

Liz Torres

You sound like me with my ss struggles. I have my hope's up that one of these worked for you. I'm stuck with chemical sunscreen


I have normal to T-zone oily skin and find Australian Gold works great for me. The tint works good with my skin, and the price per oz. makes it very affordable...

adrian ratlief

I want to like the Australian one but 4% of zinc oxide and 4% titanium dioxide just isnt enough for me. I have no idea how they skated by with an spf of 50. Personally, I wouldnt feel confident enough in the protection and wouldnt use it. The Anthelios sunscreen saying that it has "broad spectrum" coverage by using antioxidants is a joke! As far as that particular Elta MD product, I can't use chemical sunscreens. There are too many studies showing that they increase free radicals = aka aging. You did help me say no to the Neostrata so your review was helpful! Thanks so much for being so thorough! I'm going to continue looking into other high end sunscreens.


I have dry skin and I use the Australian botanics sunscreen, I found it extremely drying on its own. But I just used oil and a heavy moisturizer underneath it and it works out pretty well for me so far. My only gripe is I have a olive undertone (NC30ish) and the tint is a tad bit too light and quite pink so it makes my face look red, but I wear foundation daily so its no big deal for me. But you really can not beat that price and the lack of white cast makes it very wearable.

Fatima Guerra

I have the ulta md one. i love it but will not be repurchasing because of the toxicity of oxtinoxate ); going to try the australian botanicals one


I found the Australian Gold tinted kinda looked a bit cakey (I use 0.66g on a scale or just over 1/8 tsp for my face only as I mapped out the sq cm of my face or double that for face/ears/neck). I'm going to try to mix it with their regular non-tinted SPF50 which I believe is for body or face to see if I can get a more seamless finish. I've heard good things about the non-tinted's smooth finish and the price is right. Great vid btw!

Mine Erbilen

Very informative, thank you ♥️