Pillowcase bed

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PILLOW BED - Does This Thing Really Work? As Seen On TV

23 983 views | 8 Dec. 2017

Thanks to Butterflycraze

Thanks to Butterflycraze for sponsoring this video. Yumi & Sachi test out the Pillow Bed, does this thing really work? Some As Seen On TV Products are amazing, and others are terrible. Comment below what as seen on TV product you want us to try out next.

Get your own Pillow bed here: http://amzn.to/PillowBed

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Pillowcase bed

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The different sizes of pillows for bedding

26 219 views | 11 Aug. 2015

The are endless sizes of

The are endless sizes of decorative pillows, but when it comes to pillows used for bedding there are fewer choices. In this video we explain the most common sizes of pillows used on the bed.


Ludy Sablan

Thank you....now i know...

Aswath Bhadri M

Thank you sir.. really useful

Jaxine Saunders

Very informative, thanks

Sunita Lama


sad jøker

What is length and width of pillow

Debra C.

This a great video that explains it all!!!!

Daniel Queen

Thank you steve! I like your shirt

Wendy Carrasco

thank you, I saw many videos and here could find what i needed


Thank god I found this! Exactly what I was looking for! I wanted to see the size compare to a person and their placements rather than just unhelpful photos

Jacob Palma

Very informative, thank you!

Kelhou Joel

thank you sir

Kemba Kirton

Great informative video... Thank you!

payal mehendi designs

Really helpful video


Thank You

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Coreen Dunn

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it

Nicole Marie

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Pillowcase bed

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How To Store Sheet Sets (A Hack!)

42 803 views | 4 Apr. 2019

Linen closets, prepare to

Linen closets, prepare to be organized!

We break down one of our favorite home organizing hacks - pillowcase sheet storage. For quick and easy sheet set storage we think this one takes the cake!

Joni demonstrates the practically perfect way she stores her sheets for an organized linen closet. (And Kitt admits her secret about ironing.)

Also, if you're in a need of baskets or dividers to keep that linen closet as functional as possible, check out our recommendations below:

----------Linen Closet/Cabinet Storage Items----------

*Please note that some links may be affiliate, meaning we may get a small commission if you choose to purchase through them.

TCS White Hampton Bins: http://bit.ly/2FYyn6z

TCS Water Hyacinth Bins: http://bit.ly/2IbF9HD

TCS Bin Clip Labels: http://bit.ly/2UiXcD5

TCS Shelf Dividers: http://bit.ly/2OMVmEC

Amazon Shelf Dividers: https://amzn.to/2VoawCI

----------For More Organizing Content----------

Follow us on all the channels!

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/practicallyperfectla

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/PracticallyPerfectLA/

PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/joniandkitt/

BLOG: https://www.practicallyperfectla.com/scoop/

LEARN MORE: https://www.practicallyperfectla.com


Thank you! Love love love these tips ?

Dotty Bunnie

I am in love with those rainbow books!
but I can't do that cause I have 3 books. :/

Xavier Guillaume

That's a great idea!

cherie mccall

Walmart has bedsheet sets that have their own storage Bag to put them back into. I have not seen anyone demo how to get the sheets back into their original Case.

dana mashaal

The most useful thing I've watched in a while.. awesome hack I love it




this sheet set is awesome: https://amzn.to/3c4hPHy

little bitty

So because most beds ( in Australia at least ) double, Queen,king comes with 2 pillow cases you might fold the other pillow case inside the sheet bundle?

MarieLynn Khoury

Love your page!
Can you please show how to fold sweaters and button down shirts?

Great Home Today

Thank you for communicating this useful information to us so easily ??? and cheerfully ??

Alice Onzare

I love love this,this will safe me alot it time looking for the pillow cases & sheets. Big THANKYOU



Maria Guild

Ahhh Thank you soo much! we have a big family and linnen closet is always a wreck...blankets too..I hope you have a hack for that ..lol