Shea butter where to buy

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Essential Depot Haul, Where to buy Shea Butter and Essential Oils, how to make soap

5 121 views | 13 Jun. 2013

where to buy Essential

where to buy Essential Oils and Organic unrefined shea butter and other soaping making supplies.




Lillie Hodges

i have never tried to make soap but it looks like fun.

M Harrison

Do you have problems with your essential oils smelling even when closed. Like the scent seeps out particularly tea tree oil

Daffodil Gems Soap by Miriam

I guess we are backwards I use melt and pour. its not hard to use its like re-batching your cp soap I want to learn how to make Hp and Cp soap


iron isn't a heavy metal.

Debra Carroll

I loved the video Kim. Each time I watch your videos, I learn something new and I love it!

Sewing and Crafts Channel

I wonder if that is the mustard oil that Watkins used in their mustard salve for arthritis? If it is, then that stuff smells, but it works miracles for my sore joints and back. It burns like hell but it is worth it. I could be down with my back and one night with that stuff on my back and I was up and walking.BUT THEY STOPED MAKING IT!! I think it was the smell.I truly hope it is the same oils they used; I am going to try it.I saw the lame walk with that stuff(not the lame)but the stolid up.

Robert Perez

Kim what do you use the shea butter for?


Love your videos Kim !!! Now I need another essential depot haul!!


They don't call it mustard gas for nothing! lol

Shea butter where to buy

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Where to Buy Lotion Bottles to Make Homemade Shea Butter Lotion or Shea Body Butter

12 080 views | 19 Oct. 2013

See me open my SKS Bottles

See me open my SKS Bottles haul. See the wonderful containers i got to make lotion and a new project i am making. yea!!!

To See Video 1 of these 3 videos click here http://youtu.be/ESz7eZZJLOc

To See Video 3 of these 3 videos click here http://youtu.be/oJp2QQXvJec

SEE ALL MY LINKS AND FREE RECIPES AT http://www.kimberlymcnutt.com

BUY SOAP FROM ME AT http://www.essential-soaps.com

Buy Essential Oils and soap making supplies from Essential Depot using my link...


thank you so much

To see my Recipe Files and to Join My facebook chat page...


if you would like to know how much essential oils to put in your soap try my essential oil blend videos. they give exact amounts to use.... this is a play list http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3v3I7mSdeerG0ZATPYRoulyqZf3iP7kI

Ivoy Luo

what do I need to start making lotion's, I'm in Jamaica


I love ur videos. I am leagally blind so its hard to read a lot of the info. I plan on trying some homemade bath products ti make gifts for family. I live on very limited budget and im just trying to see what I can docwith my vision. Where would u reccomend to buy smaller quantities of containers for a beginner. I was also wondering what do u call the tubs with the paper security seal in the lid. I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thank you for ur time and have a wonderful day


pls where do you order your bottles from

VitaLife. online

Hi! where I can buy this package for homemade cream. Tk you!


Thank you Kim

Davin James

thank you!!!!

Kimmie Reed RelationshipMotivator, Author & Speaker

How do you mail your sheabutter mixture? I want to mail some that I made to my friend but I'm afraid it will melt.


Greetings KIm, I want to buy some organza bags for my 4 ounce and 8 ounce lotions bottles. Which size do you recommend? Thanks.

Angel Baby Soaps

Have also heard that rice bran oil is excellent for the face also.

Mrs Lizzie

argon oil is good for hair and skin :)

Ivoy Luo

question I have made lotion buy it has a oil texture how do u make it creamy

Paloma Healing

You know....You Are the Bomb?A million Thanx....

Denise Velez

Thank you so much for making this video.

Shadena Lutin


Pamarow Naturals

I have the same question as Miss Reed. How do you ship butters without them melting? am planning to do this for a business!

Shea butter where to buy

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entrepreneur life: watch me pack and mail a wholesale order|whipped shea butter edition+mini vlog?

42 821 views | 9 May. 2020

entrepreneur life: watch

entrepreneur life: watch me pack and mail a wholesale order|whipped shea butter edition+mini vlog?

SHOP CROWN COLLECTIONZ: www.crowncollectionz.com

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Naturally Cee

hey tati? where do you buy your empty jars

Mary Stenson





for the piping bag, use thinner disposable bags inside those blue larger ones. pinch the product halfway through the bag and twist, so half is on top, half on the bottom. you can control it more this way.

Just Chalfonté

let me know if I look thick when I stand up ???

Xātelli Store


Lipgloss Kween0916

Your products dont melt during shipping ?

Jade Jones

What size box ? is that ? Looks like a pair of shoes can fit in there.

Yvonne D Macklin

you don't label your products???

Nay Nay

?? newbie here. I love your videos

Asia Garrison


Jaye Lo


Bel Daye

Does she not do labels cause 5he containers had none?

Islandgirl Tashe

Hi hun where do you buy your shea butter if you dont mind me asking

Beautiful Facts




Tessie Dobey

USPS flat rate large box are great also and they will up!


? great video newbie here


What size jars are you using?


? ? ??❤??❤??

MaWanda Polite

Where do you purchase your large jars?

Sabrina Rus'sell


Dia Hair Care Studio

Love the video ????

Miss Elisa K.



???? in the hotter seasons how would you package the whipped Shea Butter to keep it from turning into an oil ? ?

Chi Town Chei


What's MY Name

Where do you buy the containers?

Sabrina Rus'sell





Doesn't seem like you have a problem piping to me.

Anternica Frandieu

How big are the containers?

Aaliyah Alyce



Very helpful video. Can’t wait to get to a similar business idea

T Fran

Nice Video!! Where do you purchase your containers from?

Ya Digg!? Designs

You are such a inspiration to watch I can't stop watching your videos Thanks for sharing Keep grinding YaDigg ⁉️?

Amani Spaulding


Amazing Miaa


Itss Ken Tv

Ik when I make and package my whipped Shea butter they it gets reallll messy ?
You should try a piping bag and it’s easier and less messy ☺️

Its Crissy

Do you mind telling us the size of the containers or giving us the link to them?

Ella Chris

Really, in this day and time...no one needs to be poor and certainly not be good only with school. Everything is literally on the net. Wow. Wish you the best girl. And everyone else getting off their butt to just do it. You know you've got the idea, so why?

Malaysheia Carter

?????? lime emojis for you girl????


who did you say you ship with? i’ve been looking for a more affordable shipping label place .

Nene's Eats


Belinda Dei

new subbie hereeee


the box is cute, its giving me bath and body works vibes ?

Nya R

I love your content ??I am launching a press on nail business and would truly appreciate the support. On instagram @pressed4press.

Quanetia Baskerville

Omg I need help with my body butters ? I have my own business I just haven’t launched yet because I’m trying to get my body butters and scrubs right. Do yours come out oily once it’s on the skin? Or are they suppose to be like that? And the same problem with my body sugar scrubs

Lifestyle By Ebony B


meahs channel


lil may may vlogs




Dije Diza

Hello, thank you .Where did you get your contenas from?

Sonal Shah

You are beautiful and I loved this video. Thanks for the inspo mama!

Parona Grant

Get yourself a pastry scraper that way you get every drop of product out that bag.

Jailynn Deary

how do you find vendors

I am a parson not a UwU 1355

What is the shelf life of your butters

Deborah Constant

What is your recipe for Shea butter?

JoJo Smith


Carleana Hauffe

Well done! Keep going.
Fantastic. How long did you whip Shea butter got?
Have you put any other ingredients in?
Well done!

Miss Landa

Did she say pirate ship? Please help! I need to know! Also ?

Wet Action


Janel Mckenzie



wholesale is an excellent idea

Ashley Israel

Where do you find the containers?

NekaNeek P

Great work. You can use a store card or old credit card to scrape the last of the product hun.

Claiana Allen

Hi! i'm about to start my own skin care business as well..I don't know if this is a dumb question but where should I get boxes from to shift off bigger shipment?

keya Davis




Sam Hogan

I agree, a disposable or reusable piping bag. I've run the risk of using snaplocks bags in the past that have split from the pressure.

Scales with some plastic over it also, so that each order is the same product amount ?

ACOJ Wailing Women Ministry Org.

Hi. Just subscribed. Im starting a small business and how much should you charge for shea butter? And if we do it wholesale like you what is a good wholesale price? Thank you for sharing.

Chay Ngoo

Hi! Where’d you buy your containers pls ?

Les Crow

Love it!!! Probably order soon!

Jahan Muhammad


Gaming101 Show

My business is www.theclassybrew.bigcartel.com, I sell special coffee recipes so that you can save your coins!

Lavender Shipp

new subscriber first video i’ve watched of yours and i love ur energy ???

Nene Ree

Hi Tati?Nay from South Africa
How did you whip the Shea butter? It's so hard


Should consider a scale to ensure all of your orders are equal volume. Great vid!!

stephanie dc


Gonzalez Tribe


nikki leonard

sanitize containers first

Denisha Andrea



? Nice video!

La Torshia Tarpley


milly me

Hey gurl,
What do you use to whip your shea butter?

Nikkisthe1 _

Very inspiring and love your outfit

Sellah Treza

Do you add preservative?

Angel Bliss

Do you make batches and Store them in advance? Or do you make as orders come in?

Hope Dior




Sabrina Rus'sell


michelle habila

? ?


Well I ain't got emojis on my laptop so ima just say, lemon LMAO

Ashley Green



Hey Tati! Have you had any issues with the butters melting during shipping? If so, how do you combat that?


Hi new subbie!

emmanuella mensah

Please how do u prevent the Shea butter from been too greasy?

Tosha K Accessories

Lime emoji!! ( I dont have it) ???❤❤

Flawless Rose

She said lime not lemon ????????

Darriel Kerr

Where do you purchase your jars?


Use real frosting piping bags and a frost piper lol it’s soooo much easier! Ziploc cool but na