How to make lipstick stay

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How to keep your lipstick on your lips

8 060 views | 28 Sep. 2012

Make sure your lipstick

Make sure your lipstick stays on your lips and doesn't get anywhere else! Try these tips from Martin Younan.


Love the non-judgemental language!

Space Orga

not on your glasses hahahahaha u go martin

Holy Spirit love

? she's so funny

How to make lipstick stay

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♡ How To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer ♡

44 960 views | 28 Oct. 2015

❤ Hey Loves! In this

❤ Hey Loves! In this video I show you How to make your lipstick last longer. These are my little secrets! I hope you like it. ❤

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This is very great thank you!!

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great idea I wuld try it

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natalia 333

Hi ?


amazing tips,wich lip pencil are you using in vid,itns perfect

Febriana Kusuma

my lipstick's always fade after eating! these may be useful :)

Samantha shelton

How to make shiny lipstick last longer and stay shiny


so helpful

Haji Ali Gandapuri


Emanuele Ciasullo

I love uuuuuu and I love this video!!! Upload more and more videos!!!


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I love this video!! You hit all the good points - plus, your lip-shape is amazing lol! Great video!! Thanks for visiting me - I am a new subbie for you now too!!! xo,g

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Ur natural lip colour is so beautiful... no need to apply anything... I use a nude shade to get the natural lip colour that u have

Roxie Antoinette

I love your accent!!! great video gonna check out the rest for sure!! SUBed!!

Sudha Reddy

Ur lipstick was different from thumbnail lipstick
But ideas r gooooooood

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this is seriously SO helpful, I love lipstick, but I never have enough patience for it since it always rubs off! thanks for visiting, i'm a new sub too ??

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I like these tips especially the sugar scrub!!

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How to make lipstick stay

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How to get your lipstick to stay all day tutorial!!!!

38 734 views | 1 Nov. 2013

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Great video!!! Can you please do a review and tutorial on the chanel powder???? I really want to get it, but I'd love to see a review on how you use it!


Very beautifully modeled!


Thanks Danielle! That's about the best compliment I could ever get!


Thanks Michelle!!

Anne-Marie Bailey

TRISHA! I love this so much!!!!!!

Jelly Bean

really love this


Oh thanks so much!!! Have you seen any of my vids where I talk about how I used to view my lips as a flaw? I've come along way and now love them! :)

Angela Nicole xo

that lip color on you goes with your dark hair and blue eyess:)


You're so welcome! Thanks for watching!


Love the video and that shade of lipstick looks fabulous on you!


I love you method but do you find that the lipstick ends up staining your brush.

Michelle Anna

Awesome , thanks

Chelsea Garay

Gorgeous lip color!!


lol! Thanks Leslie! every once in awhile I manage to pull everything together and look like I should be making beauty vids! this was def one of those days! LOL


Oh you are so kind Ginny!!! Thank you for watching!

Sinda Xchaefer

I like this better than the tissue thing


If you work a long shift in retail this really does work


Thanks so much!!!! xo

C Squad

You are so pretty. Love ? watching your channel and all your videos that yij upload always look forward to watching them. ????????


A good tip to keep the "lipstick finish" and no color fading is to place a tissue over your lips then use the brush and powder and press the powder into the tissue over your lips so it seeps through but the color doesn't fade :)


So pretty love that color-- I got this hydramax active lipcare from chAnel that u can put over the pencil and it doesn't have a waxy feeling A MAZ ING-- I am gonna have to try it w that color

Hello Ally

would baby powder work as well just wondering cause I'm all out of my transparent powder:/

Summer Saldana | The Beauty Bond

Whoops! I texted during your filming! haha! =) Okay, you are WAY too pretty...it's kind of not fair. xo


LOL! I love that you did! I always ignore my phone during filming too and for some reason picked it up yesterday and then it was you so I left that in the video! LOL And you are the prettiest of us all!!!

marcela_ j_c

Thanks for the great tip! great video and you look gorgeous!


You are adorable! Thanks for the tips.

Ginny Sones

Love the lipstick tutorial...now if I only had your beautiful lips! I have thin lips and would die to have your full lips. I learn so much from you.

Clarissa Lovell

Thank you so much for this! I've been wearing a really deep wine red and I get it on everything and wind up having to reapply frequently lol. I soooo needed this tutorial. :)

Melissa Parada

Great tips girl!! I always fill my whole lips in when I use a darker shade too! Always lasts way longer for me at work. xoMelissa 

Dreamy Elf

i really love a nice dark lip color. so gorgeous! thanks for the tips!


You are welcome Trisha....by the way, sent you a video in your inbox. Finally finished and posted the Tag, LOL!


Love the tip, Trisha! And you look GORGEOUS in this video!! Love that lip color, top, and necklace!! Stunning!!

Laura SC

have a great weekend!!

He llo

Gonna try tonight for my date! Thanks, boo!


Thanks Angela!!!!


Trisha, you look absolutely amazing in this video!! Love you! ~Dena


Bahaaa!! You crack me up!! Just to let you know...I am now having a small obsession over finding a big pearl necklace! ;)


oh whatever that is sounds like something I need!

Kelly Cann

Thanks for the tip! I would love to hear about the Chanel powder you were using


Thanks Dena!!! I need to catch up on your vids! Love you too!!!


You look fabulous!


Thanks Tiffany!!!

Stephen Wigmore

You have incredible lips


Thanks for watching Ivette!!

Ivette Camere

Great tip thanks.

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