Peel off wax kit

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Hard Wax Kit

38 963 views | 15 Jan. 2016

Sally Hansen Stripless

Sally Hansen Stripless Hard Wax Kit:


Again I did purchase this item myself and it's my own honest opinion. I was or am not being paid to do this. That being said, thanks for watching and see everyone soon!!

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alyssa cat

I bought this last night and same thing happen to me?no results. Money wasted

Joanna Noyola

Ikr it doesn't work

Courtney Hunter

Try putting a small layer. I bought this and in the instructions it says to not do a thick layer because it might not remove a lot of hair.

Kamie rose

if you have sweat the wax will not work well, use baby powder to dry the area you're waxing . Also don't let the wax completely dry, pull it when it's mostly hard but still a little tacky. Hair also should be about 1/4 " long, anything shorter wont pull and anything too much longer will hurt.

Iwanna Brt

Hi Amanda, i would like to ask, how long you have to let it cool down before you pull it of?

Natasha Sanders

did you have really long hair on your arm pit? And did you put it on in the direction of hair growth?

The Vlog Life

Thanks for the review this is going to save me money and time.

Monica Cabrera

Can I have it??


It worked for me. The numbing wipes didn’t tho. It really hurted.

Kaitlin Young

I used it on my legs and it did not pull hair and it was long enough to wax. Clean skin and used as directed and it barely removed my hairs! I used it on the same section 3 times and their are still many hairs. I don't like this product either!

Choley Grace

Did you notice the numbing wipes don't seem to do anything? It doesn't seem like it numbs or helps with pain at all ?

Peel off wax kit

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1 049 views | 18 Sep. 2020


Hi beauties!

In this video I will be reviewing AMAZON waxing kit by Tress Wellness, an Amazon choice brand! I'm ALSO going to show you how to DIY Wax by giving you an armpit wax demo! ? Yes, I get up close and personal. ?


This is 100% my honest review. Enjoy! :)


Zena ?


Click on the links below to check out the products used in this demo! ??

HARD WAX BEANS KIT: https://amzn.to/32Ks1Dw


WARMER + HARD WAX BEANS KIT: https://amzn.to/2EeiuuN


Amazon's Choice Cotton Rounds: https://amzn.to/33BobM2

Squares: https://amzn.to/3ce1Rfb


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Tiyonna B

Great Video! Your pain tolerance must be really high lol with the video I did on my channel you could see the pain in my eyes ?

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Lindsay D

Congrats on nearly 150 b ??


Zg you look beautiful ??

Inspirational by Marie

I watched fully I like that it has differences fragrances and colours too, A good review with a few of your own tips thrown in. I am not sure if it would work for me though due to different hair textures however, I loved that everything to be used was in one box just as you mentioned.

Christian Castro

Amazing youtube channel :). Great youtube channel :) . You will reach greatness Zena !

Shauna Toups

Love it ♥️

MC Vlogs

Hey sis good video your the best miss you.???tell leah that love her

Dakota Leach

Hey Zena long time no see...my only kind of complaint with this video is that you have a lot of cuts. Overall you have a great channel and it's very positive keep up the good work.