Should i wash my face with cold or hot water

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Face wash करने का सही तरीका जाने | चेहरा cold water से धोये या hot water से

34 482 views | 3 May. 2019




Pk Ak

Mem 5.time sade pani se vuzu bnane se chehre ko koi faide nuksan btaye usme soap ya face wash nhi lgte sirf pani only.plz reply mai intzar kruga allah hafiz

Surekha Bhosale

Mera face oily tha mne garam pani se Wash kiya to dry hua...accha hua di bataya.. thanks

Rakesh Dhangar

Thanks mam

SaChiN KuMaWat club

Mrs deepika ji me skin related me kuch nhi jaanta or mujhe is baare me apse hi jaankari chaiye to please contact me 7014304910
Please 1 time mam

Pradeep Khatri

Beuty tips to thik h but mam so pretty you are ❤️❤️❤️?

Raza Tausif

Thanks for good information

Asha Shinde

Dry skin ke liye konsa water use kiya.

Ankit ahirwar07


ROY GAURAV video aideo editor

aapke face par pimple ho rahe hai

Nahid khan

Boys hi jada ho gye hai

Ravina Kumari

To eyebrows khtm nhi na hoga garm water ke karan


Pimpal to aakpe bhi sckin pe hai
Dosro ko adwise de rahi hai

Rahul Kumar Sharma

Beautiful yrr

Being Human

Apke chehre p acne h

Triloki Nath Jha

Mam which face wash is good for men of dove company. Suggests me ones

new life 2020

Bas or kuch kam nhi h humara jo 3 bar face hi doye??

bebi yadav

Pimples aur acne ke lie kon sa face wash use karu kyoki skin me sikudn pd gai h v acne bhi

Nikki Sandhu

Kon sa fashwash use krna wa

baputi das baputi das


Surekha Bhosale

Abhi hamesha thande pani see wash karungi.. oily face boht accha

Rohini Kulkarni

Facewash konala hai

Sonu Kumar

Hii deepika

Srikant Pandey

So pretty uu are

Koshal Meena

You are very beutiful mam



Shahid Ansari


Ezaz Arshi

information very good ?

Atri Mukherjee

thanksss didi


Never use a soap or any thing

Srikant Pandey


Naresh Bhul

Absolutely correct think

Rahul Mangam

Are u a skincare doctor mam

Kirti Bhati

Its boring

Rocky KGF

Deepika padukon

Sonu Kumar

Mam shop kon sa use kre

Aarti Verma

Di hair fall ke bare me btaiye na plz

Manan Malik

sb kh ry garm pani se face wash kry pr mujy ye tension k us bd porse khol jaty uny bnd krny k liye ice cube use kr skty is k nuksan to ni

Azaan Hussain

Mene Puri Video Me Sirf Yahi Notice Kiya K Ap Glasses Me Jyda Cute dikh Rhi thi.

Should i wash my face with cold or hot water

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Why I'm Buying Peloton Stock

11 555 views | 10 Feb. 2021

What happens when you duct

What happens when you duct tape an iPad to an exercise bike? You get a 40 billion dollar company. In this video I explain why i'm invested in Peloton.


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John T

This investment has legs !

Harry B. Allsachs

Crazy you did this video and they announce the Pelton killer spac merger for beachbody. Body looking like a better opportunity.

Sergei Shiryayev

Which companies failed because of too much demand? MOVIEPASS!

Sean Haleen Yoga LLC

Joseph, I've agreed with every one of your stock picks up until this point. You're overlooking one very important factor, people are sick AF of being at home and staring at screens- on their exercise bike included. I predict this will eventually become another expensive clothes hanger when people feel comfortable to go out and about again. We're at a specific time in history where working out can be "game-ified" but unless Peloton pivots or expands their business model, I fear you're buying at their peak or near peak.

Dylan Anderson

How’s it going


The thing is Tesla is a really fine product. So is Apple, and so is Lululemon. But Peloton is not so much in compare to other Spin bike


Peloton is not a cult-stock in my opinion, but if it was, it is no near Apple, Tesla, Nike etc. here's why:

Companies like Apple have pros that Peloton doesn't have; its a high end product, Peloton is too, but how often do you buy a new one? iPhones? once every second year, four years tops. Besides that, they sell other stuff than a phone. They have a bigger product and services offering than Pelotons bike and some apps.

Companies like Tesla have pros that Peloton doesn't have; their CEO is well known in the media, just like Steve Jobs was back in the day. Who's Pelotons CEO? Tesla offers services that keep costumers paying them money. When you buy a Peloton bike, what other big streams of income do they have?

Companies like Nike have pros that Peloton doesn't have; it is a company, like Apple and Tesla (less and less so), that is seen as one half of the "me vs the others". But how hard is it for other manufacturers to compete in the future? Besides, why pay so much for a product like theirs, when you might altso need dumbbells, weights and other equipment? Its starting to be very expensive to exercise. At home.

The growth we see right now is all the fanatics that haven't gotten a Peloton product yet. The growth will slow down a lot, and quite rapidly. This is not a company that will see rapid growth in five years. Short term, I'm sure its a great stock tho.

Im open for other peoples view and I'm looking forward to be proven wrong!

Jimmy Design

That PE ratio tho

Johnny Boy

My first experience with Peloton was at the gym nearly a year ago, they had bought one for us to use. I tried it one day randomly knowing nothing about Peloton at the time. And I was hooked! And I told everyone I knew about it. I still believe that they have the superior service.
The biggest sell for me about the bike is that I can have a full 30 min workout in the time it would take me to go to and from the gym, making sure I look good, etc.
And I just don’t really have much free time. Saving 30 min a day adds up. Trust me.


I agree with you somewhere but.....If gamefying was all it took, then Nintendo Wii Fit wouldn't now be gathering dust in most homes that have them. ..They will have to make the interactive ''social'' aspect of Pelaton screens as addictive as facebook and twitter to stop buyers from using them as clothes hangers.....What they do with the viewer will be the only thing that saves it.


I agree Peloton is not competing with gym goers. Some gyms (especially hotel gyms) even have peloton bikes now for their clients to use.

Daniel YesseY

I respectfully disagree, this is just an expensive sports tool. People buy these and after a few months forget about it. When covid goes away everyone gonna be desperate to sell these because the pandemic is over and now its just collecting dust in the corner.

Jared R

Would you consider doing one of these on Palantir? They’re getting a lot of partnership deals with major companies and I think they have amazing growth potential. I know their business is pretty complicated and a large amount of their business deals with the government are secretive, but I think the company will be a massive player in data analytics in the future which is going to be important for pretty much every major business/government on Earth over the next decade.

Sharon Li Sainz

your video made me want to buy the stock...and the bike

Dividend Dogo

Here we go! Remember when PTON was cheap...

Always Hungry Like



Florin Florian

also, as more & more people work from home, the trend will be that they will exercise at home, I also do the same, have kettlebells, dumbbells @ home, but thinking about buying a bike (also running out when it's very cold or very hot, it's inconvenient)

Kristine Lan

Peloton may also eventually be able to utilize the health data it gathers from it's subscribers

Enrique O

Financial education has/had a short position on peloton. Interesting to hear both your sides ?

The Dana Show

oooo JUICY! I've been watching this stock for a while and always love your analysis/overview videos :)


would absolutely love u to do one on Teledoc

shirish sahu

You are late in the game


That lady looks like the same one who did the 5 stages of Instapot ownership, also funny.

Jeff Lacroix

Thanks for thus video, I had gotten out when it peaked a few months ago, time to start getting back in!


No thanks on this one


You should look into Garmin. Well diversified across many industries with good growth


Hmm ? I never thought of it like that Joesph Carlson.

Mack Baylor

I just got into bitcoin trading and I made my first profit,which I knew about this earlier

Andrew Burget

Are you just following Motley Fool recommendations? This looks like my portfolio

Sly Rylan

I would rather use Zwift than Peloton.


Once again, Awesome Video Joe! =D Keep it up.

Nicholas Halliday

Using an exercise bike a lot does not make you lose weight by itself. In fact, it can be counterproductive to weight loss. It may take longer for this fad to pass since it's such an investment up front, but eventually, casual exercisers will move on.

Damian Grzywacz

They gotta improve their distribution. Major backlog. Other options comming out, ..............................like how we had fitbit and then other options...


Am I crazy or is Fitbit not doing well?

Amethyst aka the garbage lady

guys get oooogled to!

Jargon JJ

The common person can’t afford that equipment. The company is overvalued. I can’t get on board with a company that alienates the majority of the population on price point. I also read that their production is months behind. People who buy a Peloton product are waiting months for it. Buy a bike and get some fresh air, for a fraction of the price.


When the bubble in this market bursts...this could be $60. Prefer Costco.


My wife wants me to buy her a Peloton, & I said woman, you ain’t sweatin all over the dang living room lol amirite ?

Bristol Wilhelm

I personally don't think I will ever stop going to a normal gym but the concept of a peleton is still appealing for days you don't want to get out of the house.


The first buy of yours that I don’t like! I’m scared of these fitness fads. I think the industry is heading to zwift style platforms.

I hope I’m wrong though.

Dick Grayson

Good morning! EXALFLLT!!! #number1fan

Adam Carroll

Did you get paid to talk about Peloton because now I want one.

I would rather have a wahoo with Zwift but now I got the urge for Peloton from talking about it

Joyce Harris

i love you???

Cosmic Coffee

I'm not very interested in the angry high intensity boot camp thing they got going on. Personally I'd be more into like a scenic ride through places I don't live that adjusts difficultly depending on the terrain sort of simulation thing. Wouldn't be the same as going on vacation in person or whatever, but it'd be cheaper than a plane ticket.

If they have a thing like that I might actually get one.

YouTube Sucks

Lol I literally bought a refurb Nordic track and with the money I saved, bought $VTI.

It feels good being poor ?

Commando Master

Overpriced product = Bad for consumers. Great for investors.

Björn Forsberg

Hi Joseph! Really enjoy all your content. You have quickly turned into my favorite content creator. Would really love to hear your take on LVMH, the parent company of Louis Vuitton. For me it ticks a lot of premium company boxes. High revenue growth, healthy profit margins, stable moat, valuable brand and finally very succesfully run by the owner family.


They need to hop off of this and take the red pill.
I like the older shows, I feel your channel is heading in a different direction


I completely disagree that this is the future of exercise. Gyms offer a lot more then an exercise bike. I have a treadmill as well as free weights and the gym offers a far better experience than a home workout ever will. Gyms will always be around thankfully.

Lester Reyes

I am not buying PTON stock

brenny feliz

Thanks for the video as always! Quick question, will you be selling out of your position in AT&T? I keep reading that this stock is a "sinking ship."

Manuel Alvarez

Buying another stock only after it had its massive run up. Next he will buy Tesla.

Dylan Anderson

Let’s go

haowen ao

I had a combine long few days ago XD

Stefano Mancini

Not in to dividends anymore?


0:30 !!! YES! Thank you for saying what we are all saying!!! rofl


Funny thing is this video made me want to stay further from them than to get in. Lol go figure


I see that you mentioned $ROKU at 2:28. It seems like it will fit in well in your Story Fund portfolio. Is there any reason why you don't have it there in your Story Fund portfolio?

Jeb Kerman

I'm obsessed with Tilray products. I invested last year.

Eli 72

Jo! You changed your thumbnail , totally missed your video till it played on auto!??

Andrew Burget

Like Roku, Pelton hardwear sales are not the exciting part. High margin subscription service will hopefully generate huge future cash flows to investors

Financial Shinanigan

They really have to get their supply chain in order, once they do, hold on to the stock for dear life!

Mahdi Amiar

Peloton is like having your own swimming pool, you really want it when you don't have it, once you have it in your house you use it a lot in the beginning, eventually you use it once in summer.

Rafael Zamudio

Great vid Joseph


My opinion: peloton are selling overpriced bikes with a high subscription fee. I’m not interested and their bull run was during the pandemic.

Prod. Oui lele

Wtf, That was literally in a black mirror episode

Nathan P.

I agree on some parts but.... there are a lot of great fitness apps with the same aspect plus wij no cost besides the subscription. (Down dog and their hoot app).

No to mention soon apple with theirs with the all inclusive bundle like one or apple fitness.

It is a good product but it requires a bike which costs a lot, room so nobody with a smaller apartment lastly it is just training legs mostly. No abs no back no arms.

But yet again niche brands are usually most successful, so I can be wrong but just my personal opinion.

Nick Hubert

Overtime I think norditrack will consume a lot of market share. They (and the other brands under their parent company umbrella) supply every piece of equipment to every commercial chain gym and ymcas. When they reopen they will buy norditrack product and not peloton. I still think the company will be successful though . Food for thought

Jouke Schotanus

You're a smart guy Joseph. I admire your vision. I've been a shareholder of Peloton for almost a year now and I'm still bullish on it.

Viet-Tuan Nguyen

Isnt amazon tapping into this niche industry?

E Sinclair

I have the tread. It’s fantastic. The subscription is very expensive but it’s really cool. The cheesy instructors are encouraging and help working out. There’s music and leaderboards. It’s a cool product

transformation under progress

STOR capital kinda sluggish compared to Citigroup, what do you think?


POTUS is part of the cult

Jean Nadeau

Meh, its an overpriced workout bike. The real value is the live streams, but then the monthly billing is stupidly expensive, it does not matter if it's peloton or echelon or someone else, the monthly bill for the subscription can be the same or more expensive than a cellular plan. I have a hard time wanting to invest in something I would not use or recommend.

Cam the Man

It’s simple: when I see Joe, I hit like

Doomer Trades

bear case: they sell too many bikes

D. Wrye

I just noticed the rack in the background. Looks like a nice setup.

Michael H

You have over diversified your portfolio IMO, but to each their own

Isaiah Hribar

Peloton < Wii fit

Fernando Berlanga

good sales pitch ... having said that, we need more excuses to get out, not to stay in - humanity is heading to a very solitary virtual existence -


I have a Peloton and can confirm it’s awesome. Their moat is the community and the instructors, not the hardware


I think your skimming over the importance of covid affecting peloton stock. Sure, it’s a great product, and sure, having too much demand is a good problem to have... but what’s down the line for this company? How’s vaccine going to affect their sales? Also, Do they have more product lines coming out? I know peloton have the bike, and a treadmill... but what else are they doing to future proof? Hasn’t their price already peaked? Their P/E ratio is crazy isn’t it? What’s a good valuation?

Serek Danio

Hi Joseph. Would you mind uploading these to podcast platforms?

Fogel Vogel

hi joe
long time listener first time caller
whats your opinion on TTCF
appreciate the time


they offer more than just cycling on the app... a full gym for that matter

I don't want a channel I'm just commenting

Vaccines... there is excess demand, and if they take too long to ship, the virus will change, and then they have to go back to the drawing board.


Now buying momentum hype stocks. PE ratio 450, no dividend in sight.

Sun S

lol this guy is like 2 months late on any good stocks lol

Jeff Wong

Amazing Peloton deep dive Joseph...very informative! Thank you! I started out as a doubter but then I tried the app...now after about a month of using the app I've started telling people about it and I've also started to think about getting the bike haha

Joseph Carlson After Hours

Patreon has: https://www.patreon.com/josephcarlson
Story Fund Portfolio: https://m1finance.8bxp97.net/DjDK2

I added in two new stocks to the Story Fund, Twitter and Viacom, I'll have another update sometime down the road explaining these purchases.


The difference between fitbit and peloton devices is that one is $100 and one is $3000. I really don't think this is a good buy. If they don't expand outside of the bike I see this just becoming another dying fad.

gabriel h

You really missed the chance to call it the "Church of Peloton"

Adam Khoo

Investing in crypto is the best method of making money online ✌️


my wife told me to buy PTON at $30 and I laughed at her as I showed her their balance sheet.


Why is youtube auto generating Vietnamese subtitles on this video. Weird it can't even get the language correct lol.


For me it seems too ephemeral and has no moat. But I'm not the target demographic, I would always rather cycle or make exercise outside.


i want an exercise bike where i can charge my phone or generate some electricity for my house and use it later

or how about its hooked up to national grid and i can get credits for my monthly electricity bill