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The truth behind Michael Jackson vitiligo and bleaching creams

99 067 views | 25 Sep. 2019

“May we continue to

“May we continue to remember not to judge man by the color of his skin, but the content of his character.“ - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson autopsy records confirmed that he had in fact vitiligo.

Questions that will be answered in this video are:

But did Michael hated to be black? Was Michael trying to become a white man? Did Michael ever bleach his skin? If so, why? Why was Michael Jackson always the target?

In this video you will see what Michael Jackson have said about his vitiligo and the rumors said of him bleaching his skin in Oprah Winfrey interview in 1992, Bashir Documentary (Living with Michael Jackson 2002 - 2003), Anti-racism speech in Herlem in 2002 and in a letter to photographer William Pecchi Jr. in 1988 and many more!

And in between it all I will also show real patients of vitiligo talking about their experiences in an effort to educate the public about what really is vitiligo and what effect could have in people lives. We need to see this in order to understand better Michael Jackson choices in life.

You will also see what Karen Faye his long time make up artist as to say about Michael’s journey and battle with vitiligo, what Tito Jackson as to say about Michaels vitiligo and finally you will also see what Michaels dermatologist, Arnold Klein had to say about the reason why Michael started using bleaching creams. This information given is the one that the media like always tries to hide from the public, just so like Michael’s stay like this weird persona.

Final but not least you will see a fraction of Michael speech about love and stopping racisms.

Go watch on my channel: The truth behind Michael Jackson plastic surgeries, children and dating black women


That video will debunk some of the rumors (that the media have claimed as facts) about Michael.

Media claims: Michael was definitely trying to be white because of all the surgeries he did to his face.

Media claims: Michael hated his skin color thats why his kids are white and asked for white donor and surrogate.

Media claims: Michael’s two wives were white women that most mean that he did not like black women.

All this are false claims and will be discussed in my video. In it I will be showing the truthful real facts about Michael Jackson.

Michael was more normal and intelligent than people give him credit for. And he was also one of the most down to earth persons in hollywood. Michael stood humble even though he practically had everything and was the most famous person at the time around the globe.

Hit the like button if you found interesting or helpful the information given in this video and subscribe for more! thanks!

All credits to the owners of the videos, music, audios and pictures. All I did was put them all together and add more information.

I recommend watching entirely the video:

Vitiligo: the truth, hope and change (full-length)

If you want to know more about what is vitiligo and the effect that causes on people lives but also shows how people have overcome their insecurities!


Sheila Kearney

He was persecuted his whole life, there was always something to target him with ?❤️❤️????

Elga 5ko

❤️⭐️?MJ ❤️??

Itz ZorrianaJanay

What does it matter what color his skin was. He’s still a human being he couldn’t control his disease. He was an African American. The media has hurt him people have taken advantage of him. They called him a freak they called him a weirdo they called him pedophile and they tried to call him a junkie. Like why couldn’t the media just let him be who he was. A flat out entertainer with a sweet sensitive soul and respect that’s all he was but that wasn’t good enough for the world nie was it??!!

Mhe requiron


D Davis

Sony screwed him big time. They most likely paid the media to release false allegations about him.

Man Suki

I love mj ??

Shamona Fightklub

IdK if I was him I would have probably kept the blotches

Simonyka 82

Very sad! Miss you MJ ??


I always knew he had viltigo


It doesn't matter how many times you tell your truth. People prefer drama!!! ?

Barb Johnson

This is still so sad. People can't believe the truth but will believe lies which is always partnered with hate. RIP Michael. You are still missed to this day. No matter how the world turned on you, you are missed and you are loved.

Hermon Ogbamichael

The legend...Michael was the epitome of righteousness over evil (evil being the ignorant racists who do not have self-love), and find happiness by inflicting pain on the other. And we still live with those evil and we shall fight them tirelessly, the way Michael did it.

Caroline Latraca Villato

I still love you Michael no matter what ?thanks for the love,kindness,and to your golden heart??❤❤❤we missed you Michael!???

Jazzy M. Ganelo

My classmate in elementary has a vitiligo and some of my friends laughs at her while me i don't understand why she have that until michael speaks about it on the snake satanic Oprah and i learned a lot of things about vitiligo. Since then i become Lourdes friend until now.
You dont need to judge anyone based on this disease, its not their fault. No one wants to be different, to be mistreated because of it. I love you Lourdes and MJ Always!!!
The beauty outside, the color of the skin, how much money do you have in the bank. The most important thing is GOOD BEHAVIOR, personality. One day you will be judged by God and he will asked you what you have done in this world? Did you become a better person? So please everyone, stop on insulting vitiligo victims because nobody wants to have it.

amass patricks

???? too bad!! It was not his fault!!!! Rip Micheal Jackson

Brave Soul

Ive always believe MJ! Hes an entertainer so he have to decide to even out his skin. Its very easy to understand his decision.

samuel emmanuel

ok now I believe he had vitiligo


I loved him so very much!❤❤❤❤


It doesn’t take a great deal to understand the trust he had with children. They didn’t judge him children don’t know how to do that? Hence the complete BS leaving Neverland and it’s con artistes . Did you hear one single discription from WR or his side kick JS describe any vitiligo. ? No because nothing happened , That would be right at the top of any victims discription of child molester. R.I.P Michael Jackson. Even with your passing you still educate people


God rest his beautiful soul?

Addison Boucher

"Don't control puberty" That makes me feel better about my acne and how I look!

Hanen Hanouna

To be honest I have loved Michael since I was a kid even before I learnt English. All I knew back then is that he went from black to white by choice with bleaching and even thought I believed that I loved him anyway and I actually thought that is his choice. But later when I grew up I got it ofc. So what I’m saying is I don’t think we live him for his color we love him for his light the inner light his electric energy his compassion his love his being

Lyons Adrian

I`ve used several products where I acquired no final results. My condition has been treated by the vitiligo remedy 4VitiligoCure. Com which gave me excellent outcomes. It was the white spots that started to lighten first until it’s no more visible. I am looking forward to getting rapid results from my other areas of the body since improvement of spots from my hand might take more time. This is a true and tried treatment solution to your condition..

Maria do Rosário Leal

Omg people were so cruel to him... So sad ??


The media absolutely persecuted him his entire adult life, and for what?! An ILLNESS that HE had NO control over! They should be utterly ashamed of themselves...money hungry jerks...!

Love Laneonthebeat Montes

It's really so sad that anyone had to make this video! This world has more hate than love! May he finally rest in Peace!

Honey Baby

He was too pure for this place...Mike we are sorry:(

Boya Mitrovic

I’m sure Vitiligo would look great on MJ, so great that would become a fashion. MJ always!

Judy Anders

I'm glad this was posted and we can hear Michael Jackson jus self speak for himself.

Ms Kym

Beauty is on the inside not the outside ! There's a beautiful model that has the same thing! I've seen and heard her and she seems to be very nice.

doreen ugo

He always told the Truth, Buh those against Him always Paid the Damn Media to Twist it.

Mark McIntyre

Why did he have all of the nose jobs,surgery on his chin,cheeks ,and eyes. That had nothing to do with the disease. Never understood this. Nothing against this.

Gia kap

my father has this disease and i’m so proud of michael for staying strong

Meliah Minus

Michael is like a angel inside...he doesnt deserve this treatment from people who are evil and are not going to appriciate him. He was born to change the world! He is a special person and if id meet him i wouldnt hesitate to touch him. If your gonna disrespect him, go get a life. #respectMJ

fatima zahra

despite what they said and what they say about you, we will always love you ?❤, thank you for sharing this video ❤?

Sandra Dixon

This teaches alot. During this time with the pandemic I have also learned that autoimmune diseases, which Vittilligo is one of, seem to be experienced in clusters of diseases, which makes sense since someone with an autoimmune disease has a very poor immune system. There are confirmed reports since Michael's death, that he also had Lupis which is also another autoimmune disease that can cause other problems like Vitiligo and sun sensitivity. This poor immunity would also explain the masks now wouldn't it. Every where he went he was being called a freak but think about it now. Whenever he wore a mask where was he? What was he doing? Going all over the world with his shotty immune system, amongst crowds closed in together with everyone trying to get up close and touch him, hug him, kiss him, shake his hand. He didn't hide inside instead. And this was how we treated him. He never came right out and explained to the world that he had two auto immune conditions. So how were suppose to know? Well..guess what..We WEREN'T suppose to know. It was his PERSONAL medical history and he didn't have to talk about it with anyone. We should just not have judged what we didn't know!

Analyn Daguman

I love him so much Michael jackson.i want to see him in person but how he died..mhhhmm rip..

Tatie Cardie

We love youuu Michael

Juliana Faye Poral

I believe you mike!! I love you! ❤️


“Nobody has ever made music like my son and no one ever will”
Joe Jackson

Oral Ogarro

My uncle had it.

Nalukuba Fatuma

L wish we have more people like you that can let the public know the truth about this man and regain his respect back

Cornelia Davies

This world is so cruel no matter the truth haters will still will not accept the fact even when he was proven innocent for not being a pedo some people still cannot accept it, they will always find faults, even if he hadn't lighten his skin there will be people who will try to mock him cause he had vitiligo, it so sad

Rose Joseph

My love

Marisol Reniedo

My love my luvs my life charms??❤?????❤❤❤

Pamela D. Frank

Excellent job, simply excellent. Keep up the good work.

Kala Rmity

Each time they try to destroy him my love 4 him grows by 1000%


Bleaching creams won't make you that white they'll lighten your skin, people with vitiligo are snow white. |I have hyperpigmentation which is the opposite I've tried everything but I can't even out my skin tone, I hate it I feel ashamed.

Prinkle Joy Billones

I believe in him. Because of him, black people were welcomed by white people. Please stop false allegations of Micheal because he's innocent! and Micheal will not do the molestion of the child, because when he is a child he has never experienced childhood. Spread love not hate! ? We miss you, Micheal! ✨

Anita Flynn

My sweet man. Bless you Michael xx

Rose Joseph

But still i Love u micheal i dont care black or white micheal is micheal

Estrellapilar Yotrasyerbas

Era un alma inmensa, un mensajero de la paz... entre todos lo mataron.

Valerie Fernandez

I really dont care whatever they say about him,i dont believe them anyway coz the media are all liars. It doesnt matter if he's black or white,i love everything about him. He's the most kind,humanitarian,sexy,incredibly handsome,and loving person that i've ever known..i love him with all my heart and soul.

Aalayla Malone

I love you Michael Jackson ? your an legend to our black history #veryproudtobeblack ✊??

It’s Yohni Here

Michael did not bleach his skin he had a disease called vitiligo that he could not control and it runs in his dads side of the family just accept the fact that he was still a Black African American .

Charlotte Tien

It's a really good video,amazing!
So that more people can know the truth.I was wondering if I could put this video on Weibo(Kind of social media like Twitter)let more people know that Michael didn't bleaching his skin. I'll cite the source of the video.Thank you!

Gilda Hawthornthwaite

I love MJ I don’t care if his skin changed. He has a big heart.

emily dagadou

Since you become a star people think you belong to them , they just can say to themselves his a worker like everyone in this world with his private life .

Maria do Rosário Leal

He was so beautiful because of his soul ? doesn't matter if you're black or white ? MJ FOREVER ?

Adrienne Faith

I think among the Jackson siblings, Michael did suffered the most -- he was ridiculed by his own father because of his nose, he is not good enough for his father that no matter how exceptional is his performance he wasn't even commended, and Michael all the days of his life longed for that love and approval from his father. And then he is the one who had this skin disorder called vitiligo which is permanent. I myself believed and amazed how Michael was so obsessed to whiten his skin until this 2020 that I've got the time to study and follow his life and music.
It's very true that you have no right to judge a person, if you do not know anything, if you do not walked in his shoes that most of the people in his times and until today are doing. Most people can I say that are obsessed with their judgements, as if they were they were the judge themselves crucifying someone without trials. And even if there were trials, became too skeptics to believe in the innocence of a person. This world is too pathetic!!! Many people are too judgemental while ignoring their own rottenness!!!
Amidst all that the crazy things people think and did to him, Michael Jackson just continued to be a sincere, sweet, caring, gentle and helpful individual who wanted all his mission with the poor, sick and needy children and people of the world be materialized.. At least he died his life was not a waste but a blessing to many. We will forever thank our God for lending us this awesome soul. And we pray that all people in this world may be inspired and plant seeds of kindness and compassion just like what Michael did. He is not perfect, yes and so are we. Loving you forever and thank you very much our King of Pop ❤Michael Jackson!!!

Taneisha Henry

this hurts alot how the media treated him

Laura Francen

Poor poor Genius ?❤️

Maureen B

Poor Michael. He also needed to constantly redo his nose because of the scarring that happened because of his Lupus disease. His surgeon said that it never healed when he had it done when he was 21. He had no choice and he hated it. He just wanted to have it done because his father and brothers always laugh at him and tease him for having big nose. That one surgery caused him a lot.

Moulima Dutta

I don't know...I really don't know...how could I thank more for this video...Michael had VITILIGO and he is INNOCENT. Period.


I would have done like Mj, it doesn't make him white anyway. I think it's very hard to deal with. We can't imagine.


He had a Skin disorder


I thought he got it from when his hair got caught on fire during the pepsi commercial

Chelle Owen

I love u Michael I never hate u I love u taught me lot in my life♥️❤️?

Libhongo Mashologu

his beautiful the way he is
even tho I am saying this 11 years later


America will forever be judged by the world for what they did to Michael Jackson.


Media is the real illuminati

Sandra Llewellyn

I always believe mj

Robert Riley

" M.J. shouldn't of tried 2 explain himself, because the public and media are going 2 believe whatever they want 2 , no matter what he told them anyway. When A woman wear's make up on A daily basis, and men ( of show business) puts on make up, 2 enhance their looks, or 2 hide the make up whatever the case may be, (and in some cases 2 much) the world says wow, she beautiful. Once the make up comes off, the woman, person looks extremely different. The cover girl, and other make up companies etc... is A billion dollar empire. Women of all ages, uses these products. Even colorful contacts, getting ur hair done, extensions, etc... No one speaks on those topics, 2 enhance 1s looks. My point is so what, I think we all would change something about ourselves if we could, or had the resources. Rather it's ur weight what do people do now, have the surgery 2 what, make you thinner, extension in ur hair, colorful contacts, anything other then A person was born with. At the end of the day it's all 2 enhance 1s looks. I don't think it's anything wrong with it. My point is when M.J. did something 2 himself the world blew it up. People do things daily 2 them selves, everyday and it's accepted, that wasn't fair. 2 me M.J., shouldn't of allowed the world into his world, because once he did that, his world crumbled, also M.J., should of allowed the media and the people say whatever they wanted 2. Really, this video is once again, something that the media put together. Also the media are asking people about what M.J.s l, intentions, really. (In A court of law object, would of been stated, that would be considered speculating.) Once again, does it matter if M.J. lighten his skin or not?. What about the people who'll sit /lay in the sun 2 get darker, media where is the video of degrading, those men and women."?

Milet De Jesus

Miss you mj...you're a great ..great man...that's all...

phat girl #2

My oldest sister has it she has like small spots I don't have though she's brown skin with little spots

Bella M Walker

It doesnt matter I'll always love MJ. The only reason I watched it was to see him again and listen to his voice..

Pritika Roy

I will say first, Every human being has more to live like his own, What was the color of his body It doesn't matter to me , I just value staying in it Humanity, I respect her Qualifications, I have endless respect in his heart, I love the whole human being, I am eternally grateful for his accomplishments, A man of soft and simple heart like MJ? I have never seen this in my life, And I will not obey anything , He can hurt someone,??The opposite has happened, Everyone hit him, Mentally to him again and again Has been tortured,? And that's why the man We lost so quickly,?Injustice with him, And for whom so much has been done I hate them,??? God will judge them,?? God knows everything, They lied,?? Against himIt's all a conspiracy, To destroy him Totally, just only money, and MJ much more successful, reach man,
He was innocent and will be innocent forever,?Most importantly Talk about her, People like him and hearts like him The people of this world will no longer have it, He was a gift from God??, And seeing her so disrespectful God brought MJ? back to Himself , Because this world not deserves Michael Jackson ?I will always respect him, Endless love forever, And me to do it No one can stop it?????????????????????

Asmaa Squad !!

I love you Michael baby and if I could bring u back I would do everything I could u were a legend baby I wish I was your family too ??????

Hilola Ra

Michael was the first who exposed this problem of many others to the world. Do he did good for those who suffered the disease, and people now treat it in totally other way. We people should be thankful to Michael for that too. He was God's precious gift to the world...


We all know that the media would do or make up or dig up any story to bring any controversy on any superstar... Its their job. If they dont do that, they'll just sit in their office table doing nothing. What an awful excuse for a job tbh.

Jace Johnson

Michael definitely had vitiligo and tried to cover it for years with makeup and heavy foundation. BUT I think in later years he bleached to even out the skin. People with vitiligo rarely turn full white. Usually they have white spots but I've never seen someone turn head to toe white.

Gale Miller

Sad ? ????

Majiftar Amandla

I wish everyone can see this video cause still in 2020 people still thinks he wanted to be white

Mary Ann Swanson

He always had to defend himself against bigots and ignorance. And he did it with such dignity, truth, honor.

Janaína Gomez

My family members have vitiligo ,and cannot go in the sun at all my nephew is 13 now and hes case is very bad is spreading really fast on hes face hands and knees . Thank god he has a lot of support and people at hes school dont bully him. Also my father uncle cousins have it too.


It's too late for that they hurted him the destroyed his career and here's everyone protesting bc of how racist the world has become I laughed when i saw * no one deserves to be treated bad bc of their skin colour * but here we are now

Diør Diør

Mike said “asked God that,that don’t have anything to do with me” ???

Hema Dear

No one accused Elvis Presley of child molesting although he apparently invited young underage girls to his bedroom, imagine MJ doing all what Elvis did. Oh my God. They have tried their best to ruin him because he was “non - white”. Poor kid suffered hiding behind vitiligo. Worked hard to become someone. May be in a perfect world, we all can be who we are.

Maria Elisa Nidea

it doesnt matter if you're black or white... i will forever be a huge fan of Michael Jackson my 1st love ever... You are not alone... i am here with you.. tho ur far away i am here to stay.. Maling Davao City Philippines

Margaret Pritchard

He was a great man and not just for his music, it was the message he stood for. People really didn't see all he did and stood for. He just wanted people to all get along and love our fellow man and woman. The world was a better place when he was with us. I just want to thank him for all he did and tried to do for the whole world. RIP MJ

Wunmi Oke

they tried all they can to bring this lengend down

Darryl Johnson

What a beautiful soul to be born in a evil world he was just too special for us.

Donna Andrea Dioneda

People are just envy, because even he has vitiligo he is still looking good

Fanny Bass

He had to go go through so much!

HD hd

I don’t care what color is Michael’s skin!!!!!! I don’t care how many plastics surgeries he has!!!!! What I care about is his great personality.., his humanity...!!!! His absolutely incredible talent !!!!! He is the best entertainer that ever lived!!!! Michael made history!!! Michael is LOVE!!!!! Michael is pure angel!!!! Michael is the King of Pop.....and he deserved RESPECT for all the great things that he have done to the world!!!!! Love you Michael forever!!!!!
MJ innocent!!!✌?❤️

Club Culture

i still stand with michael ....

Betty GM

Michael Jackson was and still is a big deal around the globe. People, medias want to make money and they know MJ's name can easily make money for them. Please we have to leave him alone. He is and always will be a black man.

Vanee Lee

He did not bleach his skin

Fatou Jatta

I don't care about his looks he is just perfect...i love you mj forever???

emily richards

'I just look in the mirror I know I'm black' ????love him

Skin bleaching cream target

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Skin Bleaching Cream - The Best Bleaching Skin Cream Review

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Skin Bleaching Cream

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Whitening cream for African Americans normally consist of nature based items. Typically human skin color ranges from black to colorless and the very best part is everyone employs whitening to enhancement of his/her looks. Fair people are thought about gorgeous conventionally. Every person longs for to look fine and elegant with a bright appearance however it is always suggested to know the active ingredients before purchasing any sort of product.

There are numerous whitening creams readily available in the market and every cream guarantees to diminish skin discoloration and dark spots. Mainly people pick up wrong creams and pills, which as a result makes them susceptible to different skin issues. Some people additionally carry out laser treatments for rejuvenating their skin, which can be exceptionally unsafe for them in the long run. Typically African American exhibitions a darker skin tone, which can be quickly changed. Many celebrities such as Beyonce, Oprah and Halle Berry are African Americans however they showcase a reasonably lighter complexion. It is suggested pick the right lightening cream for an impressive transformation.

Staying out in the sun is extremely tempting and interesting; nevertheless, over exposure to the UV rays of the sun can be hazardous to your skin. Not only does it increase free radicals in your body however it also increases melanin production, therefore making your skin darker. "skin bleaching cream"

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I would encourage that you stay away from severe chemicals and try to find a skin bleaching cream that contains efficient natural whitening brokers like Extrapone Nutgrass; this ingredient is understood to gently whiten the skin without triggering irritability. It ares proven to prevent irritability since it was at first developed as an anti-irritant prior to its whitening properties were uncovered.

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Cordova Chris D

You are able to brighten your own skin with the proper diet and natural home remedies, it's simpler and even more effective compared to any typical treatment. And you will no longer need to be concerned about the negative effects.

Tanya Clothier

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Chitaranjan Dev

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U Gamer

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Janis Frank

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Can you find any of these things in walmart?

Skin bleaching cream target

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Facial Hair Bleach Cream Demo/Review | Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach Kit, Extra Strength

29 295 views | 8 Aug. 2018

Bleaching my facial hair

Bleaching my facial hair in this video for all of you to enjoy watching! lol If you struggle with dark facial hair, then this video might be for you, lol. I've been using the Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach kit for quite some time and I quite enjoy it!

This video is NOT SPONSORED! ALL opinions are my own!

Find me online:




2nd YouTube channel: "Oakes Home & Family" at:


Facebook updates: fb.me/OakesHomeAndFamily

3rd YouTube channel: Retired Disney Princess




Also see: www.love2hope.com

Bambi Gold

I’m thinking about getting this because I’m tired of removing the hair from my lip and it seems like it’s getting thicker

Asma Zainab

This was my first time doing this and some of my face hair got light because when i look closly to mirror i didnt see black hair and some of them didn't turn light can i i use bleach 2 days in week

alona sharon

I am guessing you are middle eastern as am I. I have dark hair in the same places. You should consider permanent removal. I have had permanent removal on almost my entire face and only still deal with hair on temples and forehead. The best thing to do is get it waxed. The texture of your skin will be amazing and your makeup will be amazing and skin brighter.

Bannoona Alsuw

Does hair grow dark after like 1 or 2 months?

Annie N

Your makeup doesn’t match your skin tone it looks light grey

fatima sardon

Using it and it is burning me and itching SO MUCH


where did you get the cute spa headband?


I love how it works but the itch is the worst part!


This was my second time buying this and the second time the activator has spoiled in-between uses. Nowhere on the product does it warn that you have to keep the activator bottle in like a ziploc or something. I stored it in a cool dry place but when I went to use it for a second time, it had liquefied, rendering the entire product useless. So it's now been TWICE that I've bought this, to only be able to use it once, each time. Waste of money. Terrible product. Do not buy!

Princess Ellaine

can someone gave me this

Molly Flora

I may have to try this, does it burn at all?