How to remove buildup from color treated hair

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How to SAFELY Remove Dirt/ Buildup from Braids/Twists

858 411 views | 28 May. 2016









Thank you for letting us skip very thoughtful

Lola Lola

Dats so horrible...

Sharon Brown

Too much talking

Fairy Law

My hair dreaded up smh. I’ll be removing my braids today

Nikki P

This video is a prime example of when ppl like to hear themselves talk. ?Fresh. ?

M. ella

so this is why when i take my braids out and i just start coming out the buildup in my hair i loose a handful of hair smh and im already baldheaded


You helped save me half a head. Thank you!


Dam girl! get to the point and STOP yapping about EVERYTHING. over 5 min of wasted time? finally 5:20

jeanell brownlee

Sis u just saved my life.i left braids up for lil over 3 months and the build up lol i thought was dreads .omg thanks for sharing this video .very helpful. I was literally freaking out!?


I like your eyebrows

gab g

was more than half of the video introducing and talking ?? really helpful❤

Makayla bartholomew

Video starts at 5:10
Thought you'd know in advance! Great video though. Helped me a lot


I’m bout to take these braids out this weekend, I’ve had these braids in for 3 months and I’m tired of it phew

Neshea Brown

Wow taking the built up dirt out of my hair and my daughters hair really helped thanks

Sheambitious29 Lachelle

Did she REALLY just TALK THE first 4-5 min about NOTHING!!!!!!


I've been ripping my hair all this time; that's why when I take it out I have a full head of hair, but after a wash it back short.

Shiro Kimotho

There's just too much unnecessary jibrish I just got tired and just moved to another video even though I really wanted the info?

Nikki Paul

Wow she got attitude lol but love the hair

Attisa Adiki

This helped me so much. I thought there was no hope for my hair. Thanks so much!!!

Clarisse Manishimwe

Thank you, this was helpful ✌?

;-Pimmy 〈3

I clicked on this and was so surprised cause we went thru the same thing ? i don’t really do hair and it took me three days to do my faux locs too? I had all the same problems

Tee Mone

I just untwist hair then wash my hair 5-6 times. Then comb. Am I wrong?

Pink Lemonade

What can I use in the water instead of Apple cider vinegar?

Lexi Green

How do you get out while you still have twist?

Tymia Rutherford

Great video with amazing tips I never knew of!! ????

Maggie Gitu

Thank you for sharing this. I'm glad I watched it before detangling, which I have postponed till tomorrow when I can get some ACV

Sophia Moore



Omg I hate when YouTubers do this less talking and more presentation please!!

mayaun the virgo

Who else got triggered when she said "and if your not rude" it's not our fault that we wanna get to wtf the video was supposed to be about instead of listening to your opinion on a hairstyle ‼️ honestly the actual topic was only like 2 minutes like wtf girl what was you wasting our time for?

Monique Jordan

Please stop talking so much, but thanks...


hey i’m a mixed guy and my build up in my twists aren’t budging and they’re being a bitch even with apple cidar . any help?

Dele Smith

Super helpful! About to take out my daughter's braids after two months and I'm not looking forward to it lol. Also, anybody who's disgusted by a little dirt and grease buildup needs to get their life!

Ivy FreeMan

You can look at hair and tell whether or not it’s shedding and from my experience it’s not shedding them knots rip your hair out when you comb them...

Di Wi

Hey thanks for the video.
Just wanted to say that maybe your neighbors aren’t rude just completely unaware/oblivious to the fact that you can hear every sound they make through the cheap paper thin walls your landlord is too trifling and sorry to sound-proof. I have the same problem but remember that it’s not your neighbor’s fault (unless you’ve told them it’s loud & explicitly asked that they try and be quieter if possible since y’all landlord is disrespectful & they completely disregarded you) get mad at your building owner ??
ETA I am prolly going to the city on they ass. That is always an option.


I am rude! I skipped to 5:13. I think what you should be grateful for is that we took time to come give you views lover!!

Queen LeLe

I’m about to remove my Senegalese twists soon and I really needed this video .

Gamma Crush

Oh my goodness ... Are you pregnant???

Rosa Williams

Thank you I needed this.


Build up is painful af ??????? i had to shave my head several times ?thanks

Je' Je'

Big S/O to the comment section!! lmao I knew I could rely on someone to give me the time the video actually starts after skipping alot lol

Sandra Namuyomba

Thank you so much build up it has always been a nightmare & to my hair but thanks to you that nightmare is over I'm so happy ??that's how I've always been losing my after taking the braids out and combing through the hair it's so heartbreaking when the whole floor is covered with ur own hair ??? but not anymore God bless u ??

C McKinney

Try Ambunu for your wash and go, 100% Natural cleanser, excellent way to detangle. Superior Moisturization, perfect curl activator. Ambunu 1 product. You can get a sample. This is a true game changer. ​​@t​

Kyprijah Parker

That’s how a lot of my hair came out ???

PePe Willington

I usually just wash my hair when i take out my braids??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Tee Mone

I thought I'm the only one getting builds up on my hair. used to feel hella weird untwisting my hair. Now I know it's normal. Thank you ❤

Badmama Jamma

Thank you for this video

스테파니 Stephanie 조셉

Does anyone know what the build up/ gunk/ dirt is made out of?

Makaylliah Harrigan

at first it wasn't working for me . but then i followed through with the process and its working ! that you SOO much.

Jasmine Playz

I so needed this I just took out my braids and woo wee

Dayo Benson

Hi! this is really useful thank you! I want to relax my hair, can i do this right after using the apple cider vinegar or should i rinse it out first? thanks!

Zoey Kiritu

I skipped to 5.20

Carolyn Lee

This doesn't work???, lies

Ty Pereira

Why everyone talk so MUCH every video is 10 to 20 min.. To remove build up.. NEVERMIND.




Thank you! Just took my braids out and lost a lot of hair ? but now I’ll know for next time

Chanel Diaz

About to try this right now! I saw those knots and got worried lol I hope this works, fingers crossed ??

Aundrea Williams

Detangler and a detangling brush does the trick to. I like aunt Jackie's knot today

Nissi O'Brien

So you're telling me it takes like 30 seconds to get it out using this method , while I spent DAYS trying to rip the build up off????
Btw thank you this is so helpful! ???

Itzyofav precious

0:47-0:51 her mood changed ❤??

Caramel_ blend

Thank you for this and it was VERY helpful ?????

Kazi Kawa

Thanks for the skip time ok but I will listen to your story coz I don’t wanna be rude

Dr Pepsi


Julia Lia

You talked a bit too much in the beginning...

Coco Lyn

Great video u blunt I like that I’m the same way .... you did a great job just took my braids out today . You have a new subbie

C McKinney

Get Ambunu direct www.africanambunu.com delivered in 3-4 days in USA A must after braids, weaves or twists.

Ayee Ii

I got box braids for the first time but I keep getting bumps on my scalp idk what to do

Jeremy King

This is very helpful.

forever_nici palmer

Your pretty

Marcelle Rowe

you talked shit for 5 minutes before I found out this video was not helpful, ugliass

Sarah Evad

I love your work


I so skipped but that doesn't make me rude. If the title says one thing nobody wants to click it and hear the video talking about something else. #Get to the point!


Wayyyyyyy too much talking sis!!!

Sophia Moore


Gamma Crush

Yeah no thanks, I'll just wash my hair! ?

Heaven Sent Legna

Too much chatting....all of 5 +mins.

Julisa B

How people have this much buildup is beyond me. Wash your hair in braids ladies. Its not impossible and it's not hard to do. Even washing your hair in a weave is possible. This type of build up is .....

Maryam Jean

You’re so pretty! Did you do a video for your skin regime? I love it!

Janiyah heaven


Payton Holston

this helped me so much thank you!

Onawu Pickett

I usually used a water bottle and comb but nvm thx for helping

Izsoyonnie Forever

How are you being rude if you skip time. Your title says how to remove build up not what you like and don’t like. You should have made 2 videos.


Starts at 5:15

Good Day

God bless you

Christiana Lomo

You talk too much Sis, had to keep skipping ??‍♀️

dee pharrow

You so pretty




thank u I needed this

rebecca huxtable

This girl is acc so sweet?❤️


skip to 5:10 if you in a rush ???

Heaven and Hope

? no wash



Aja Patrick

this is the most educational video on youtube????. this is my ONLY method after braids. THANK YOU!

Angel Browne

Super helpful ?

Kiara R

This helped a lot. Thank you

Gamma Crush

Why not just wash your hair?


Bruh you took 5+ mins........just to get to the actual video


um does anyone know if this works with actual vinegar

misha Kandorozu

The talking its so annoying, how about you make talking abit short and start with the action

Melisa E

Pls just go straight to the point

Maria Ramirez

Ugh, thank you!!! I’m taking my box braids out this week and I’ve had them on for almost a month lol I’m so ready

Barry Price

These 14mins are getting out of hand

How to remove buildup from color treated hair

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14 582 views | 23 Feb. 2019

I love life, I love the

I love life, I love the beauty world, I love video and pictures, I love fashion and I freakin love everyone!!! xoxo

Melissa Lithila

Baking soda mixed with shampoo removes over toned hair /purple shampoo buildup also

Laura Gonzalez

Is TIFF’s hair full color or foils?

Miss Viking

Or you could just do a hair mask with 25 percent lemon juice or vinegar (I prefer vinegar) from 1 to 2 hrs and you will get amazing lift of any buildup PLUS healthy shine and perfect no damage 100 hair integrity.

Grammy Tap Dancing by Sharamay Ritter

You must have strong hair I’d be bald


I so love the pink result! Awesome technique girl!

How to remove buildup from color treated hair

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