Is it bad to sleep with a bra

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Is it bad to sleep with a bra?

187 views | 28 Jun. 2019

Is it bad to sleep with a

Is it bad to sleep with a bra?

May 15, 2019

Sleeping in a bra will not make a girl’s breasts perkier or prevent them from getting saggy. And it will not stop breasts from growing or cause breast cancer. Some women want to wear a bra to bed because it feels more comfortable for them. Your best bet is to choose a lightweight bra without underwire.


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Is it bad to sleep with a bra

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Wearing BRA , good or bad? Daisy Saran || Daisy Hospital.

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This is for all the women

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Nizaroobi Suhaif

பால் குடுக்கும் பெண்கள் போடலாமா

Satish Prakash

Nonsense, nature's design never fails. Doing house hold work strengthens pectoral and shoulder delt muscles. Controlled energy intake limits fat in the body and breasts are made of fat. Eating vegetables rich food keeps skin young. Stopping sugar intake delays skin shrinkage. She is advertising fake things against our culture. For tropical country it gives discomfort and skin related problems.Wearing it is a choice, never a mandate.

Rajeswari Ramachandra

Thank you Mam

Radhika Prakaash


Abanti's kitchen

Please give English subtitles


Mam na 12 yearla erunthu bra podura but en Brest romba yerangi eruku Enna panrathu

vanitha joseph

What a beautiful explanation... Thank you so much maam...


Mikavum nandri MAM

Sathya Sathya

Mam na bra pottum back pain and neck pain irunthute iruku
Ethanalanu koncham sollunga mam plzzz

Sufiya sulthana

Romba romba usefulla irundhuchu mam thank u so much mam and romba cute a pesureenga mam so sweet ????thank u very much romba nal indha confution irundhuchu and yar kita kekanumnu theriyama irundhuchu but neenga romba azhaga clear panitinga once again thank u so much mam ???

Aruna L


Senthil KUMAR

Mam enakku mrg aagi oru papa irukka avalukku 2 and half age aayiruchu bt innum breast feed niruthala en breast thalarndhu thoonguna maari irukku bt cotton bra correct size pota romba tiet ah un comfortable ah feelagudhu so na baniyan cloth bra correct size use panna enakku comfortable ah irukku bt breast thoongura maari dha irukku en breast size 36 mam give me a solution mam ?????

Fathima Maryam

nega sonnadu 100% correct medom anda pathippu enakku neraiywe irukku

P Vinothini

Thanks madam

Senga Ashok

Thanks you mam

Princess Priyanka Lifestyle

Na conceive ha iruken ma. Ipo use panna nenjerichal athigama iruku wt can I do ma

soruba's samayal

மிகவும் பயனுள்ள தகவல்கள் ?

Jebaraj Rai

Thank you medam

Leema Rose

Mom. Na heart operation pani na thu la errunthu bra pota heart vali kuthu. Muchu vida kastama eruku. Yana pandra thu

subasini thayaharan

True madam

Ammu Magi

Very useful information for us madam thank u so much

vishnu priya

Thanking you...U share us like a mother ??...it's very useful.. வாழ்க வளமுடன்....

Selva Kumar

மிக்க நன்றி அம்மா

Diya Diya

Thank so much mam

Shobha Prakash

Very beautifully presented. Never heard a talk like this. God bless you.


Very useful

Husni Hasan

Mam vagina la itching Enna solutions plz solluga

Satha Sivam K

Thanks mam usefull video

abrime ammu


Manoj kasi

Night poda koodaadhaa?

Gayatri C


Salim Salim

Thank you so much mam for good information ??

Heera Basha


Jaya Jaya

Thank you mam.

Salamon Raja


Ayyanar darshan1992 Darshan

Medam enaku oru kuzhunthai pirathuruchi en marpakangal thalanthuruchi ithu eppati sari seyvathu medam pis video potunga medam

Nusra Rifdhy

Tx a lot maarbaham sirisaha enna seyyanum I'm girl

Designed for Perfection

இது சிறிய விஷயம் இல்லை ரொம்பவே பெரிய விஷயம் நல்லா சொன்னீர்கள் அதி அற்புதமான கருத்து ???


Very useful message,,

Surya Mohan

Super amma... Thanks..

Ammu Bala


Jeevi raj

Nenga sonna Ella problem enakku irukku mam enmela podalama age 36 mam

Art ideas

Thanku mam

Kalaiyarsi Kalaiyarasi

Thanks ma for your kindly speech

Thangaraj G

Thank you madam very useful message

Nizaroobi Suhaif

அதுக்கு என்ன காரணம்

K.sudha Sudha99941

Thank you mam for the very useful information

Madhan D

Good evening amma

Lavanya Karthikeyan

Feeding pannum pothu podalama sister

Kiruthga R

thanks amma

aisha sayed

Mam breast size epdi mam reduce pandrathu, ethunala enaku romba back pain varuthu, en mam ipde iruku, plz

Kaanges Thivi

Alakaana payanulla pathivu medam.

Durgadevi -

Mam enaku Oru side chest perusa iruku oru side chinna tha iruku mam.. ethuku ena pandrathu mam..

gayu sagee

Tq sooo much mam

vishnu priya

I had a problem of last three yrs...now only i hv a solution...thanking u...

Yasir Yasirmohamed

Hi,mam....nenga sonna 1st and 2nd pblm enaku irukku mam athuku ena pannalam

Shobna Sukumar

She's telling wrong information.wearing bra will constrict blood circulation and cause complications.

Sheik Junaith


Mariammal Duraipandi

Super mam Nice Talk

Logesh S

அருமையான தகவ‌ல் மா நன்றி ?


Madam wrk ku day time potu poitu ngt sleeping time la podama erukalama?

Thangalakshmi S

Thank you mam

Hema malini

Thank you madam?

amirjai sri ram amir

Super Medam?


Thanks mam..?

Pragathi Karthikeyan

Nandri amma valka valamuden

Nizaroobi Suhaif

நா குழந்தை பெற்று எடுத்த உடன் கொஞ்சம் நாள் அப்பறம் எனக்கு நெஞ்சு வலிகுது

rekha e

Romba நன்றி அம்மா..............

Praba Haridass

There are lots of articles published with regards to tight wired bras and risk of cancer breast. I think this topics needs full detailed health information. Can’t agree with most of the explanation

akila rajasekaran62

Na daily kum poduran thoongum pothu podunum aha

lavanya laya

Thank u soo much mam.... valuable and important message mam...I am a new mother of a child mam...I had soo much of pain in my back...I don't know the reason...but now I got the reason.. nice and must needed video mam...

Pe tchiammal Petchiammali

Very very thankful mam

Divya laksh

Useful mam thankyou

Senthil Pavi

Thank you so much mam

Kumar Kumar

Hii mam enakku age 25 akuthu enakku marpagam rompaaa loosa erukuthu mam enna panrathu ples sollunga mam?

Jani Selvaraj

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Bena Asharf

Thank you so much mam God bless you?

sakthi sakthi

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007Hema priya

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Jothi Kattur


Grace Pandiammal

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Chi Tra

Thank you so much mam very useful information

My Vidios


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kavitha kavitha

Naa apauvama bra poduvan

Bindhu Nandakumar

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Roops Channel


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Vivek Tiger

feeding timela podalama madam

Geetha C

Thank you madam..

Nathiya Murugesan

Thanks mam

jemima karsha jemima karsha

Thank you mam good information

sri Sowndarya

Mam ennaku baby piranthu 8 month aguthu ipo feed pannadrathu Nala na bra podurathu illa ....na ipo irunthu podalama


Thank u ma'am

meenu meenu

Mam na ketkura kelviku ninga pathil soluringala ila vara yarna soluranga sis boy's name la varuthu sis

Sri Charan

அற்புதமா பேசுறீங்கம்மா. நன்றி?

Akshaya Magesh

Thanks amma

Shimi Shimi

Thank you mam

Arulmozhi Premkumar

Thank u madam