Old woman or young woman

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One old woman would come to the museum every day and spent hours staring at this painting

35 537 views | 9 Feb. 2021

#wiseparable #oldlady

#wiseparable #oldlady #artistlovestory

Today’s animated story may seem a little unusual to you. Because it’s not just a sad story; it will show you how wisdom and experience can help you overcome even the greatest misfortunes.

Every day one elderly stranger came to the museum; she could spend hours staring at the same painting every time. The museum staff got used to her and even started making light-hearted jokes about the old woman’s attachment to the masterpiece.

Soon even visitors started to give the crazy old woman weird looks, and some even wouldn’t let their children come near the painting. On one of such days a businessman approached the old woman; he was a prominent local. He started asking her questions about the painting to find out why she kept looking at it so intently.

The old woman told her story, and it shocked the rich man and others so much that they just stood there with their mouths agape… Do you want to find out what was the story that she told them? Then watch the video till the end and you’ll know!

Baby princess

First pin plz

Ben Paul

Guy: This is a museum, not a cafeteria for poor people!

Me: And it's also not a 5-star hotel for rich snobby people!

Teckie vlogs

I can't stand disrespectful to anyone....always learn to respect everyone u meet.,be kind ,u never know when the tables turn on you....Just be kind

Fun fact guy

That surprise me so much the gay couple

Sujalatha MDRT

The old woman paintingni story i like...others im not sure.

elean c

I was surprised that it took so long for someone to recognize the picture was that old lady. The blue eyes and the ring was a giveaway. So sad the painter had a broken heart and died. She lost her love. But at least she was by his side.
Sometimes parents can be so judgemental and causes hindrance and heartbreak. Money is not everything. True love can overcome anything.

Moumita Shil

Will you please make a video on my story? please please please

Enkelejda Laze

In this short life we must follow our feelings, hear our heart and never let the beloved people go even they are poor or reach.

Neera Malhan

Very very Emotional?

Becky Kennedy

I knew the old woman was the one in the painting the minute I saw her ring.,

delia lopez

It was a charity event for the homeless and none of the rich people that was at the event wanted the old lady there , did they not know what charity event they was in.

Lorilia Koester

Don't show me that 2 men it make me sick

Ринат Долгов


Robert Koch!

I bet the next time she walked into that museum she was treated like royalty. The story never tells us how she got so poor since she came from a rich family?

kaprice branch


Terry Bardy

I don't know what happened to the old lady!!! Could you Please Finish The Story!!??


Is that guy gay?

Don92 Inspire

I remember the last time there's one shopkeeper and the ganster try to chase me out of the shop, thought my parents or cousins waiting for me and refuse to welcome me, so I got pissed and scold the shopkeeper that I never come back again. So when I last time got repeat primary 6 I was haywire and when 1 year later I did not want to step into the shop. So the shopkeeper saw me like a dummy and I always pretend that I lost my voice and noded without saying anything. So when the worker gave my things back and want me to forgive me, so I told him that I change my mind that I want to be outside instead of going in, so I prefer to look at the shop and happy to be outside, no worries and prefer to sun tanned myself. This is the same as mine.


Cherish your loved ones, always remember bigotry is the true poison on humanity.

And don't forget to report the useless pornbots like Ринат Долгов and Leonid Burtanev.

Leonid Burtanev


Marita Unosson

In my world every people is eqal poor or rich . But many people think they better than others because they are rich .
But I don’t think happiness and love
Is better for you are rich.
When the young woman and the man
In the Museum Understand Who The Old Woman Was
Think about the story they have heard
about the painting . Happiness and Love Is Not Perment . You Must Remember To Always Show Your Love For Each Other
To Talk Or Give Each Other Small Gifts
That Is Beautiful ❤️

Don92 Inspire

If I'm a chief commander, I would stop all my people from chasing the old woman or old man out of the museum. I would let them in

Jonathan Hamilton Jr

Wow. In times like this, It's always important to let those you love know that they are important to you and that you love them. Don't wait till it's too late to express how you feel because you might not get that chance again.

Varshashree iyemperumal

The same content nowadays

Juha Yoo

hello, I love your videos, can u do a video of that a sister hates her brother


I didn't expect to see a same-sex couple at the end, but now I feel even some pride in the video and its creator, that he was not afraid of homophobe haters. Yet, no one should never judge a person without knowing his history. Each story of a person is different from another, because only by looking at a man once, you can not say that he lost his mother, who died in childbirth, and now lives side by side with his father, who is constantly at work. (this is example). You just have no rights to say or think of that. (also, sorry for possible mistakes, my first language is not English).

TeenBarbieNinjaGirl Mazyck



the woman regretted for wat she had done

sonic blue

So many highclass people judge, backstebbing and looking down on poor people. Highclass people who just never understand. Rich and poor people are human being and love is the most powerful feeling.

gamemaster bear

Im guessing that is her in the painting as a young girl

Robert Koch!

let me guess, the painting was done of her maybe 60 or so years ago?

Eugene Lau

This senior citizen wanted to see the museum exhibits but was judged by everyone the moment she stepped inside. this isn't how community members behave!!!!!

Slippery Soap1047

Nice storyline, and great work!


sodom for me no no....

Mou Karmakar

Very emotional ??


Never judge someone until you really get to know them and their story.

Spiritual Nexus

Nice, fhe guy turn out to be gay

Kerry Gligorovic

Once again I'm going to keep saying this about each version of the Never judge someone story that people should never judge someone from their appearence until you get to know them or at least asked them because you might be end up with huge suprise as those people who worked at the Museum found out. Beside art museum isn't just for rich people to visit even common people can still come in to enjoy seeing all those masterpiece works by the greatest artist. I also learn in this moral of the story about appeciate being with the people you loved and never take them for granted otherwise you may regret it for the rest of your live like that old woman who told those people the story behind the painting.

Robert Koch!

A tad contrived that he died because he did not eat or drink for 3 days. He was young and healthy.

Adediwura Gold

I can't believe this is lgbqt story!!!!!!!

Riona Chakraborty

I like the fact that they have highlighted the other guy being gay and that love can come in any form .

Robert Koch!

If this is based on a true story I wonder if the painting in real life was a nude as they often were but was clothed in this cartoon?

Satan _Of_ The_East

Yuk. What was that 'gay' scene??????


Wait ,did the man who is a business man is a gay!?
He said a man honey!!!!

Old woman or young woman

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Old woman or young woman

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old woman vs young woman sex/ segregation was good?

207 views | 7 Feb. 2021

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Kimaria Howard-Lewis

Not oriental. Lol that ain't it, fam lmao

Kimaria Howard-Lewis

? ? ? "don't disrespect me, Bruh" Lmao

Kimaria Howard-Lewis

Not cramp up! Lmaooooo

Kimaria Howard-Lewis

You just wanna fight lmao

Ess Irving


alisha frazier


Ess Irving