Laser hair removal procedure

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Laser Hair Removal

15 711 views | 2 Aug. 2011

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You have heard those commercials on the radio for laser hair removal and wondered what's involved. You are in luck because this during this virtual procedure you will be able to find out exactly how this non-invasive cosmetic procedure uses a laser to destroy hair follicles to keep them from growing again. In this interactive procedure you use our laser to treat the target area so that there is no regrowth. You will also learn about laser hair removal recovery and the number of treatments that may be required to achieve the desired result. Let's get started!

emma mcminn

i like the sounds this vid makes lmao

96 Neko

I want my back, face, armpit and legs but it will costs too much >.<

Udoy Sonker Roy

Hey, are you familiar with "HAIRator"? Just do a Google search. On their website I discovered a good and painfree hair removal alternative that requires no waxing, shaving or other outdated methods. Actually, this specific solution has even been presented in Vogue. This made it easier for Anna to have enduring very soft skin. It may work for you also...

emma mcminn

"time to zap some folicales"

Taylor Knight

My friend had her underarms done now I'm thinking about getting mine done too

Devani Renee Ortman

I normally shave my legs 3 days a week

Katherine Chopra

Amazing treatment...........